Getting to know someone takes time, energy, and it can be full of surprises, not all of them pleasant. Getting to know someone online is even harder.

We all take subtle cues from one another in real life from body language to the tone of someone’s voice. Translating these cues and presenting them as words and images on an internet page is very difficult.

On many occasions, when someone visits your site, you’re working from a base line of zero trust and it’s what’s on your website, on 3rd party websites, and on social media about your company which clients use to determine whether they begin to trust you enough to spend money from you.

People buy from people and, no matter how many advances technology takes in the future, selling through a screen will still present obstacles because of the lack of two-way human interaction.

It’s difficult for a company to make a true personal connection with their customers when their business is primarily conducted online.

One way to do this, especially at the bottom of the sales funnel when the decision to purchase is imminent or close, is by adding an  ‘About us’ page or section to your website.

What are the benefits of an ‘about us’ page?

When potential clients is evaluating how much trust they have in your company and its products and services, they are looking for what sets you apart positively from your competition.

Clients are more likely to visit your ‘About Us’ page when they are shortlisting the companies they are considering doing business with.

With your “About Us” page or section, you need to give potential clients the reasons to trust you and for them to believe that you’re capable of doing what you claim.

This applies as much to B2C companies and it does to B2B companies.

On this part of your website, you need to share:

  • who you are and where you’ve come from,
  • what you’re passionate about as a business,
  • what makes you different to your competitors,
  • your mission to help clients solve a problem, satisfy a need or desire, or exploit an opportunity, and
  • what you do as a business to help your clients achieve their goals.

“About Us” pages and the wild Internet

The internet is a vast and often unregulated marketplace where rights of recourse and redress are often limited if things go wrong.

Clients’ suspicions are at a heightened state of awareness anyway when they’re online and you need to take the opportunity when they’re at your website (or reading about you on 3rd party websites or on social media) to convince readers that you are a reputable, credible company with a real-world presence.

A well-written and well-designed ‘about us’ page offers the reassurance clients need as they come to the point of purchase.

“About us” pages are often also gateways to other credibility-building parts of your website like testimonials, case studies, descriptions of guarantees, knowledge bases, how-to videos, white papers, and more.

A successful ‘about us’ page should do the following things:

Tell your story

Use this opportunity to tell your readers exactly who you are and why you started this business.

People like to read and are reassured by corporate back stories and it’s a rare chance to create an emotional connect emotionally with potential clients. For example, in the history part of your page or sector, cover whether you set up your company after working for someone else or whether you have always had an entrepreneurial streak?

Larger companies may wish to focus on their CEO’s career path as well as providing a selection of staff profiles of employees at board level and below.

Tell your story through your own experience and tell the stories of those responsible for delivering satisfaction to clients.

Make use of video

Consider making a short film about your head office and key staff members to showcase your company culture. Doing so will also support any corporate social responsibility programs you’re running.

Alternatively, you could create a montage to include an interview with your CEO alongside customer testimonials.

This would be an online showreel for your company, its people, and the results you collectively deliver and a chance to impress potential clients with a broad overview of your business.

A strong call-to-action

What do you want your customers to do after reading about you? Whether it’s visiting your online shop, making a sales enquiry, downloading your free e-book, subscribing to your email newsletter, or following you on social media, be sure to make this easy as possible for them.

As with the other pages on your website, this may be the first and only time they visit your site so do everything you can to encourage immediate contact or to persuade them to leave their details with you so that you can stay in touch

At what point to customer’s look at the ‘about us’ page?

The ‘about us’ page is often a deciding factor used in the moment before a potential customer chooses to convert into a buyer or user or your product.

Clients visit About Us page(s) for reassurance before:

  • making a purchase
  • requesting further information or a call back from your sales team
  • downloading an e-book or set of white pages
  • signing up for your email newsletter

What makes an unforgettable ‘about us’ page?

To create a persuasive and engaging ‘About Us’ page which generates sales and/or strong customer leads, you need to:

  • describe the personality of your business
  • demonstrate your understanding of why it’s important to your clients that their problem be overcome, an opportunity be unlocked, or a satisfied urged
  • show how your products and services can meet clients’ goals
  • include (links to) customer testimonials and case studies
  • if yours is the type of product which lends itself to statistical analysis, provide data which proves that what you sell addresses your clients’ needs

For maximum impact, your “About Us” page or pages should be:

  • informative – be sure only to include details, history, and information of the highest value to someone at or near the point of decision,
  • useful – help clients understand your company and what makes it different as well as a short summary of what makes you different,
  • easy to find – your “About Us” (home)page should be clearly visible on your website at all times,,
  • point to other credibility-resources – you should then use your “About Us” (home)page to link to other sections which provide clients with reassurance about doing business with you from testimonials to case studies to video content and more.

How to write your ‘about us’ page for SEO

Think about your ‘About Us’ page as an internal homepage for information about your company and how it interacts with the outside world.

You should provide links to your mission statement, blog, web shop, media coverage, and customer testimonials from your ‘About Us’ page.

On far too many websites, the ‘About Us’ page is an afterthought which adds little or no value. And would you want to work with a company which couldn’t sell itself and what makes it different?

More Than Words’ copywriters and content marketing team can plan, create, and upload a compelling “About Us” section for your website which gives potential clients the information they need on your company, its history, the people who work for you, and the way it does business.

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