A marketing agency with one step in the future and one step in the present

We are a team of marketers and sales professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines who have come together to offer clients a new type of joined-up marketing service.

As consumers and business decision makers, we’re moving towards a digital epoch.

Marketing has always been dynamic – ask any of the More Than Words’ team members.

But, in the 10 years to come, we believe that the ways in which companies connect with their target audiences will be almost unrecognisable from the way they connected a decade ago.

Facing the future

We’re seeing a shift from traditional direct marketing where you find and approach your customers to a world where your customers research you and your products and services before they get in touch with you.

This process is underway already and COVID-19 accelerated the momentum of that trend significantly.

To succeed now, your company has to to:

  • make its website as findable as possible by your target audiences,
  • provide clients with content on your website about your products and services which directly answer their questions in full and in plain English,
  • seed content about your products and services on the websites and platforms your target markets visit and respect, and
  • be ready to interact and engage whenever and on whichever platforms your existing and prospective clients prefer.

This is content marketing – and it’s your company’s best opportunity to protect itself against an inevitable trend.

The websites finishing in the top 10 results on a Google page are the websites which receive by far and away the most sales and the most enquiries.

Remember when the internet promised us an age of limitless competition?

The opposite is true.

Our reliance on Google to provide us with the information we want and our reluctance to visit page 2 of the search results means that, in the future, only the companies whose websites finish in the top 10 Google results will survive and prosper.

Our role is to get your company ready for this future.

Making the most of the present

But it’s not as simple as that.

The vast majority of our clients think that our vision of the future is probably correct.

However, for them and for us, it’s all a little bit passive.

Content marketing works really well but it’s all on the customers’ terms.

You’re waiting for them to get in touch with you.

As more and more companies devote larger proportions of their promotion and advertising budgets to content marketing, many of them are moving away from direct marketing.

Email marketing and telemarketing are generating record returns for our clients.

Most of us at More Than Words have been involved in outbound marketing since the 1990s and we haven’t seen results like we’re getting now for 15 years.

There are less cold emails being sent and less cold calls being made than in previous years.

Responses to both have jumped and, for every £1 spent:

  • email marketing generates an 4,200% return and
  • telemarketing generates an 1,100% return.

You take control of who you contact, when you contact them, and what you offer them.

Use your immediate returns from direct marketing to reinvest in content marketing for the future.

This is who More Than Words is and this is what we do.

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Our approach

We’re straight talking and honest and we like our clients to be straight talking and honest.

We believe the future is both inbound and outbound and we’re here to help our clients make the most from both.

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Our team

More Than Words’ growing team comes from a mixture of outbound marketing, inbound marketing, technical, and programming background.

We’re working on this section of the website at the moment so please keep coming back as we upload more staff profiles.

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Our compliance with CAP Code requirements

We believe that advertising, when legal, decent, honest, and truthful, benefits society by connecting purchasers and businesses leading to transactions mutually beneficial to both parties.

More Than Words uses a number of different methods to ensure that the advertising we carry out for ourselves and for our clients is fair, accurate, and trustworthy. To do this, we apply the CAP Code test to each campaign as well as the DMA Code of Practice.

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