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What has made content marketing so popular?

By using a content marketing agency, your company can take advantage of one of the most important trends in marketing to develop for 50 years.

What is that trend?

Rather than picking up the phone and speaking with a professional, prospective clients now search on Google first to find out more information about products and services they’re interested in.

And it works very well both for prospective clients and for companies who have invested in easy-to-find, SEO-optimised, response-provoking online content.

It doesn’t work so well however for companies whose websites rank poorly on Google’s search engine results pages though.

What is content marketing?

And how does it help your company adapt to this shift in the way that business decision makers and consumers behave?

Examples of content marketing you need to invest in for your company include but are certainly not limited to:

  • articles and blog posts answering the very specific questions potential clients have on their buying journey,
  • original product and service descriptions which speak directly to your target customers instead of reusing manufacturers’ descriptions like most of your competitors do,
  • downloadable content about your products and services which can be shared by email, social media, and messaging apps, and
  • appearing on 3rd party websites likely to be visited by the type of company owners and consumers who buy your product.

The impact of content marketing

Prior to the internet, most companies focused their sales and marketing efforts to find people near the point of purchase.

At the time, that made sense but it doesn’t anymore.

Content marketing captures potential customers’ attentions at different points of their “buying journey”.

Some potential customers may have just realised that they need what you sell and they’ll use the internet to find answers to their preliminary questions about your products and services.

For those at a more advanced stage of their journey, they’ll now use the internet for deeper research into potential suppliers and variations on the products or services they might be interested in.

And the remainder are at the point of purchase waiting to be exposed to some piece of information which will help them make their mind up.

Content marketing success rate

The companies which get this and truly understand this shift in behaviour are positioning themselves to win a much greater market share now and in the future.

And they will win because, most of the time, potential customers on their buying journeys will only click on links they see on the first page of Google.

The best place to hide a dead body is on Page 2 of Google.

You need to invest in content which finishes on Page 1 on Google where clients can find you, no matter where they are on their buying journey.

For example, if a potential client has only just realised that they need your products or services, your online content must:

  • answer the questions they have in a detailed, trustworthy, plain English way,
  • build trust in your company through the quality of the information you’re sharing freely, and
  • give your company the chance to capture that person’s details so you can stay in touch via an email newsletter, social media, or other channel.

Wherever a buyer is on their journey, they need to find your website, subscribe to your email newsletter, and follow you on social media.

And when a person or business owner finally reaches the point of decision, they’ll remember the companies whose information has been of use to them on the buying journey.

To make sure that your company and its products and services are easily found by all prospective future customers, you have to invest in the highest-quality, SEO-optimised, best-distributed, sales-driven content to beat your competitors.

And this is the content marketing service we deliver to clients.

We have dozens of plain English, in-depth articles on content marketing on our website which:

  • draws serious amounts of traffic to the More Than Words website,
  • encourages a lot of potential clients to subscribe to our email newsletter, and
  • delivers us new followers every day on social media.

And when we’re selling content marketing to our clients, we use ourselves as an example of how it works.

Our approach to content marketing

We offer five different content marketing services to our clients.

On each of the pages linked below, you can find out more about the individual aspects of each of those services.

However, since content marketing is unique to each company, we think it’d be a better use of your time to just give us a call.

Let’s discuss what we need to do for your company to ensure that your potential clients can find your content easily wherever they are on their buying journey.

Prior to beginning work for any content marketing client, we research:

  • your company, its history, and its ethos,
  • the products and services you offer to clients,
  • positive aspects of your products and services which lead to sales,
  • negative aspects of your products and services which could prevent a sale,
  • how you support customers after they’ve spent money with you,
  • the competitors in your sector who are doing very well with their content marketing, and
  • your marketplace in general and its approach to content marketing.

Following our research, we then create a broad content marketing plan to present to your company which we believe offers you the best chance of being seen ahead of your main competitors on the internet, on social media, and via email newsletters.

Our five content marketing services

Brand strategy agency services – our brand strategy team gives your company an engaging, compelling, and stand-out personality so that it’s easier to be found and to connect with more profitable existing and potential clients online.

Content strategy agency services – we work on the creation, publication, and distribution of engaging, persuasive, plain English sales and marketing collateral for clients for maximum engagement and visibility.

Content distribution agency services – our marketing team develops an offline and digital content distribution plan so that your important sales message is seen in the places your target audiences are looking.

SEO techniques – find out how we use the very latest “white hat” SEO techniques to ensure your current or future website and every page on it finishes much higher on Google’s search engine results pages

Website design – More Than Words’ leading SEO-trained sales copywriters, talented designers, and experienced programmers team up to create state-of-the-art, elegantly designed, and response-provoking sites which drive valuable extra traffic, leads, and sales to our clients.

Find out more

The plan we create for you will, more likely than not, need to include three or more of the services listed above for maximum effectiveness.

Content marketing delivers significant returns in the short- and long-run and it’s well worth the investment.

To get it right though, the solution we create for your company must be unique to you, to the products and services you sell, and to the audiences you serve.

To find out more about our content marketing services for clients, please give us a call on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

Our five approaches to content marketing

The power of a content marketing plan

The standard content marketing definition is:

the strategic creation of content which informs and educates your target audience about your products and services whether they are a day or a year away from making a purchase decision.

To be the most effective, your content must first be easily found on your website, on social media, and on other platforms.

As potential customers move from being vaguely aware that they might need your products or services to the point where they’re deciding which supplier to purchase it from, they must see your company multiple times on their journey.

The content they see must be high-quality, informative, and actionable.

Your future customer must feel as if they have learned something from every piece of your content they’ve been exposed to.

And each time they are exposed to your high-quality content, trust in your company and what it does builds.

Trust is now more important than ever

Trust underpins most selling and it is particularly significant when selling to businesses.

Each time a business decision maker comes into contact with your content, you need to take the opportunity to collect their email address so that you can send them email newsletters or so that they follow you on social media.

At the same time, you need to invite direct contact with your company and this invitation will usually be accepted by those who are close to the point of making a decision.

Your content marketing strategy will both:

    • deliver immediate leads to your sales team and
    • incubate and grow prospects’ interest over time in your products and services.

This will create a brand new sales channel for your company which delivers strong, regular, and qualified leads over the longer term.

The success you enjoy with a well-planned and -executed content marketing plan

Content marketing is proven to increase web traffic – 7.8x more traffic to be exact.

This in turn leads to over 3x as many leads and, subsequently, a significant increase in your volume of sales.

We offer a full range of SEO content marketing services from article writing and email newsletter campaigns to website re-designing and social media management.

Whether you want…

  • help with writing regular blog posts to promote via your website or
  • a full content marketing strategy developed from start to finish – and put into action,

…our team of SEO copywriters, marketers, and web designers would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Each business needs a unique content marketing plan

We spend time getting to know everything about your business, its clients, its products and services, and its competitors so that the plan we develop for you:

  • consistently boosts visitor numbers to your website,
  • builds email newsletter subscriber numbers and social media followers,
  • means that you’re found on 3rd party websites and platforms trusted by your target audiences, and
  • persuades business decision makers and consumers ready to buy from you to purchase online or to leave their details with you for you to follow up.

Whatever online success means to you, we’ll work out a way to get your company there.

Our work is always 100% original, thoroughly researched, and created by professional, native English-speaking copywriters, campaign planners, and SEO technicians.

Adapting to the new buying cycle for business decision makers and consumers

Why is content marketing important?

Today’s business decision makers and consumers now need much more than generic advertising to get them engaged and responsive – they’re bored of traditional adverts.

78% of us prefer getting to know a company and their products and services through content like high-quality articles and blogs rather than via traditional unsolicited sales pitches.

Our content strategy tools offer your business the opportunity to connect with new and existing customers in the ways that they prefer.

What we create for you gives your future clients the clear information they want where and when they want it.

The information we provide for them leads to an informed buying choice and it builds the trust and confidence they have in your company.

This makes their overall experience with your business much more enjoyable, stress-free and easy meaning that they are much more likely to buy your products and services.

How to do content marketing with More Than Words

The best content marketing agency approach combines:

  • the production of 100% original content to answer prospective customers’ questions openly, honestly, and in plain English and
  • effective and targeted distribution of your content – making it as visible as possible to the companies and people most likely to buy from you.

There is no “content marketing vs social media marketing” or “content marketing vs website blog” discussion any more.

Your content must be everywhere where a potential client is likely to find it whether that be a blog or on social media.

Driving results for our clients’ businesses

We are a B2C and B2B content marketing agency which specialises in the creation of SEO-friendly content for clients at all stages of their buying journeys.

The approach we take to your content marketing campaign is unique to your company.

First, we have an in-depth conversation with you about your company and what your specific commercial, marketing, and sales goals are now and over the next 12-24 months.

We use your buyer persona documents (or we can create buyer persona documents for you) to gain a much clearer view of who your different customers are and why they need your products and services.

The content we create for you address both:

  • buyers’ pain points (the things which stop them from buying from you) and
  • buyers’ wants and desires (the reasons they do want to buy from you).

By using this approach, your content is personal – it feels like it was written for your existing and potential customers.

This ensures that the information you’re providing is highly rated and trusted by your prospective clients and that your company leaves a positive and lasting impression in buyers’ minds.

The type of content we create includes original, professionally designed SEO-friendly blogs, articles, white papers, social media posts, email follow-ups, and more.

Each piece of content fits into your overall content marketing strategy.

Alternatively, if you already have your own strategy but you and your colleagues don’t have enough time to create the content for it, our content marketing agency writers and designers will create ad-hoc pieces for you as and when you need them. Please call us for more information.

The More Than Words difference

88% of B2B companies use content marketing.

It has enjoyed significant growth in the past few years and the data proves that it works and that it provides a solid return on investment.

We want to see your business succeed and we know from experience that content marketing is the future in the digital era.

Using original content to connect with your target audience increases customer engagement with your company by up to over 400%.

We design and implement creative content-driven campaigns which provide a trackable return on your investment measured by:

  • a powerful brand which connects well with the outside world,
  • increased favourable awareness of your company and its products and services,
  • a higher amount of quality website traffic,
  • more email newsletter subscribers,
  • increased numbers of relevant followers on social media,
  • the downloading and sharing of compelling written and graphical material, and finally,
  • more sales.

Get in touch with our content marketing agency team

High-quality content is one of the top two most important factors used by Google to rank your website.

The quality of your company’s website and the content on it directly affects your level of sales.

The higher your website finishes on search engine rankings pages, the higher your annual revenues.

Combine that with effective online distribution across the wider Internet and there’ll be no limit to your ability to reach your target markets.

By using a content marketing agency like More Than Words, you have access to a team of experienced and results-driven professionals who create engaging, high-ranking, response-generating content for your website and beyond.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form below and speak to one of our account managers about the range of content marketing services we offer.

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Find out more about our content marketing service

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    Content marketing – interesting links and more information

    We have put together a reading list for further information for prospective clients who may be new to content marketing and who wish to carry out further investigation of their own into the advantages and disadvantages of content marketing.

    These are articles written by other industry leaders which introduce and explain content marketing and will help you gain a further understanding of the process and benefits:

    To speak with us about developing a full SEO content marketing strategy or to use our content marketing services for B2B or B2C businesses, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us for more information and support.

    Our services include, but are not limited to, the following industries and sectors:

    • Estate agency content marketing
    • Financial content marketing
    • Fashion boutique content marketing
    • Health and well-being content marketing
    • Social media content marketing services

    Chat to us today about how a content marketing strategy can help your business. If you decide on a 6-month plan with us, we will do a full website SEO audit on your current website for free – and then show you how we can improve it.