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If content is king, distribution is queen

To successfully compete for clients’ attention on the Internet, effective content distribution is just as important as the highest-quality content.

2 million blog posts are published every day and 99.9% of those blog posts will swiftly disappear into the ether.

To avoid your content experiencing the same fate, it must stand out.

Your content lives – or dies – on what you publish and how you distribute it.

A content distribution strategy focused on maximum exposure means that your company and its products and services will be much more easily found when potential customers are looking for information.

The most effective content distribution plan ensures that what you create and what we create for you will be noticed and acted upon.

Our content distribution framework

We offer two content distribution services to clients.

1. Your own content

We help clients distribute the content they’ve created themselves so that it’s far more likely to be seen by your prospective clients.

Show us the content you have and share with us the types of businesses or consumers you wish to target.

If you have blog content on your website already, we’ll amend it so that it’s better optimised for Google.

We’ll research the websites and platforms your prospective clients are most likely to visit.

For third party websites (like trade publications), we’ll make contact with the site owners to discuss the inclusion of your content on the site.

For distribution on social media, we’ll set the parameters of a paid-for advertising campaign targeting the most suitable audiences.

In most cases, our copywriters and/or designers may have to modify the content you’ve generated for each 3rd party website or social media platform.

For social media advertising, we may also need to create additional online marketing materials to encourage greater interaction with your content from your target audiences.

We may also recommend that you invest in a press release as part of your distribution campaign.

2. New content we create and distribute for you

If you want us to create new content for you and distribute it, our content strategy agency service is more suitable for you.

Content distribution prices

Our content distribution pricing depends on the following:

  • research time required to identify suitable 3rd party sites and social media audiences
  • time spent on contacting and negotiating with 3rd party sites
  • time spent creating and executing your distribution campaign via social media advertising
  • successful placement of content on 3rd party sites (individual sites may also charge a fee for inclusion too)
  • time spent modifying content for specific platforms and for social media
  • time spent on the creation of additional content for online promotion

More Than Words understands that the amount of money you spend on a content distribution campaign will directly impact your level of profitability from the campaign.

It is company policy to price our services as competitively as possible to give your company the opportunity to maximise its return on investment.

Find out more

To speak with an account manager about optimal distribution for your online content, please contact us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our content marketing team at content-distribution@morethanwordsuk.co.uk.

All of our distribution services conform to standard and current content amplification best practices.

Creating an effective content distribution strategy

Don’t get lost in the crowds of content

Why invest in content distribution marketing services?

Because it’s the most successful way of generating the maximum possible return from your investment in content.

We make sure that all of your content is timely, highly-focused, and response-orientated and that it benefits from circulation on the most relevant content distribution platforms.

When you appear on the right 3rd party websites and platforms, the number of quality interactions with your target audience increases substantially maximising your chance of generating additional leads.

Better still, the high-quality, actionable, and engaging content we create for you encourages the people who see it to share your content for even wider exposure.

Timing is important too.

For example, you may have written an interesting blog post and uploaded it to your site.

But if you promote a B2B blog at 9 o’clock at night on social media when your prospective customers only work office hours, it’s unlikely to catch anyone’s attention.

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day and most of it disappears unnoticed.

Our digital distribution strategies mean that your content will be seen by far greater numbers of your prospective clients where and when they want to see it.

How a content distribution partner can help

It can be challenging for business owners to create regular content and to publish that content at the right time and on the right platforms.

With our content distribution service, we:

  • research the type of fresh and exciting content you need to create to better engage with your potential customers based upon the questions, concerns, hopes, and pain points they have about your company and its products and services,
  • create the content for you, and
  • give potential clients the opportunity to discover content they want to read in the places they tend to look for information.

This approach means that your content gets seen.

More Than Words’ copywriters and campaign planners have access to regional, national, and international PR platforms, major media companies, and more.

And, if your company requires more mainstream exposure for its content, we can help you do that.

Content amplification and distribution FAQ

Yes. By 2021, video is set to account for over 80% of all internet traffic so it’s important to include video as a part of your content marketing campaign.

Just like written content, your video content needs to be easily found by prospects on the sites and platforms they regularly use to discover information they’re looking for.

Video content is produced in association with a partner company

We create and distribute a variety of different types of content depending on the products and services you’re offering and on how potential clients find information about your products and services.

The types of content we produce the most for clients includes writing long-form articles, blogs, press release writing, case study presentation, white papers, e-books, and more.

For all types of online content, our SEO copywriters are in charge of the creation of the marketing materials and our marketing team then distributes your content for maximum visibility (when not written for inclusion on your website).

Yes. We can include platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in your content distribution plan.

We recommend that you invest in paid-for advertising campaigns on the specific platforms you want to appear on as this is the only way to guarantee uniform distribution of your content to your targets.

Why is this?

Many of the social networks do not necessarily show all of the content you create in all of your followers’ timelines because they prefer you to spend money on a campaign instead.

To give you a rough estimate of the costs for paid-for social media advertising, It can cost up to £80 for a decent lead on LinkedIn and £50 for content distribution on Facebook.

Twitter offers brands the least amount of engagement on any major social media platform but what it does have going strongly in its favour is the cost of having your adverts seen by existing and potential clients.

Depending on your particular sector, you can reach 5,000 to 10,000 people with your message on Twitter for as little as £20.

We can certainly help.

Please give us a ring and we can work out the best plan of action including the selection of the most suitable content distribution platforms (including paid content distribution with PPC advertising).


This entirely depends on the content you’re creating and what your target audiences want to see.

Depending on the types of customers you wish to connect with, you could consider releasing a weekly email newsletter, 1-5 articles or blogs per week, and daily Instagram posts – but this is something we discuss with you during your consultation.


Content marketing is a longer-term investment.

It usually takes between 6 and 12 months to see substantial results but it is worth it.

We constantly track how your target audience is responding to your content and we make the necessary adjustments to the production and distribution of future content according to how prospects react.


It really does.

Depending on the platform you use and the industry you’re in, what time you publish content affects how many people see it.

The more people that see it, the higher the chance of shares and leads back to your website.

Dark social sharing is when people share website links and downloads through private messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

We encourage the use of highly visible sharing buttons on your content to try and encourage readers to share content in a way we can measure.

Unfortunately however, dark social shares can’t be tracked like email open rates or number of followers.

We recommend that, when you take an inbound email or telephone enquiry, you ask how the potential client obtained your details and keep track of dark social shares in this way.

Call us on 0330 010 3495 or email us to discuss the benefits of content distribution as well as exploring content distribution ideas for your business.

Or you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you.


Our content distribution plan step by step

The content creation and content distribution matrix we create for you:

  • increases your online, website, and social media visibility to potential customers and
  • provides them with the information they need to purchase from you or leave their details for follow-up.

First, we perform thorough research of your target customers to understand their online shopping and information-gathering habits.

What are they looking for and where do they look?

Second, we create a clearly mapped-out calendar of content production and distribution.

We’ll share with you the topics we want to write about as well as including the topics you want us to write about on the calendar.

We’ll also tell you where that content should be placed, whether on your own website, a 3rd party website, or on social media.

Third, we create reader-relevant content – the type of content your existing and potential customers want and expect to see.

For example, if your target buyer likes long reads, we create 2,000+ word articles to keep them engaged.

Alternatively, your customers might prefer weekly shorter blog posts or email newsletters. We can create those too.

All the content we create is SEO-friendly and designed to be shared.

We want your customer to connect strongly with your company via the content we create and we want to make it easy for them to share it with their colleagues or their friends and family.

The sharing of content opens your company up to wider audiences and this broader exposure further increases your chance of generating additional high-quality leads and new sales.

And it’s not just sharing on social media.

Did you know that the majority of content is now shared on “dark social” platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger?

The content we create for you can be shared on those platforms too.

Finally, we regularly assess what’s working and what’s not.

We track engagement rates, SEO ranking, newsletter subscriber sign-ups, and social media follower sign-up.

If something isn’t quite hitting the targets we’d hoped for, we change tack repeatedly until we achieve the desired outcome.

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    As important as that it, many marketers recommend you spent 20% of your time creating your content and a further 80% promoting it.

    Promoting it correctly means that your target audiences can find your content easily when they’re looking for information on your products or services.

    Content distribution is an important element of content marketing for all businesses in the digital era.

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