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Benefit from higher Google rankings with the most up-to-date and best SEO practices

Search engines are clever and, for your website to have the greatest opportunity of finishing higher on Google’s results pages than your competitors’ websites, it needs to use the very latest SEO techniques.

Why do you need SEO?

If you want to be in pole position on Google – or on any other search engine – you need to consistently upload new accurate, engaging, SEO-optimised, and jargon-free webpages, product descriptions, and blogs.

You also need to make sure that your website:

  • conforms to current standards (including off page SEO techniques)
  • loads quickly,
  • is keyword rich,
  • is easily navigable, and
  • is linked to by lots of other sites which Google ranks highly.

SEO is not keyword stuffing, hiding text and links, and other “black hat” SEO techniques – please avoid companies continuing to advocate these practices.

By optimising your website so that as many search engines and directories as possible recognise the quality and depth of your content, you are much more likely to feature highly when potential clients are searching for information and suppliers of your products and services.

It’s better to be ambitious and target first position on page one of Google with any organic search tactics you use as the number 1 spot gets over 31% of clicks.

Our goals for your site

When you outsource your SEO strategy to More Than Words, we address in detail all of the aspects needed to secure a high ranking for your website and for each page on it.

We do this by:

  • making sure your website is fully optimised so that, when Google crawls it, it knows that the content it finds is relevant and useful,
  • using external linking to high-ranking sites to quickly build up the credibility of the copy on your site in Google’s eyes,
  • replacing the current pages on your site with optimised copy boosted by comprehensive internal linking to help Google better understand the structure,
  • finding websites Google already ranks highly and asking them to link to your website, and
  • making sure that all of your content is written using SEO copywriters with experience of selling – this means all of your main site pages, your blog posts and articles, and the product descriptions on your site.

The types of SEO techniques we use

Implementing a full SEO strategy – including the use of important on page SEO techniques – will greatly improve your website’s Google rankings.

This higher ranking increases both the amount of quality leads and the revenue delivered by your website when it’s combined with the high-quality, response-provoking, engaging, benefits-led sales copy we create.

We’re able to manage your business’s full SEO strategy including but not limited to:

  • website re-writing,
  • the production of SEO-friendly webpages,
  • articles and blogs, and
  • downloads and shareables.

These techniques work cohesively together to:

  • deliver more visitors to your site,
  • showcase your products and services and their distinct advantages,
  • tell the story of you and your company,
  • make sales to visitors in the market right now,
  • allow you to collect contact details for email newsletters for people not yet ready to buy,
  • build your follower base on social media, and
  • promote your company as trustworthy to its desired audience.

Occasionally, performing this work may need that we need to completely rebuild, redesign, and rewrite your website from scratch.

If this is the case for your company, we will advice you of this when you get in touch.

Find out more

Let us know more about your company, its products and services, and the role you want your website to play in your company’s future.

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Take advantage of the latest SEO techniques in digital marketing

Black hat, white hat?

SEO black hat techniques like keyword stuffing or article spinning are violations of Google’s rules on best practice.

Using these techniques may briefly increase your ranking on search engine results pages but this result won’t last for long.

Worse still, these strategies risk damaging your brand and they should be avoided at all costs.

That’s why, of course, we never use such approaches when we’re working for our clients.

Optimising your website with the right SEO-friendly tactics so that Google ranks it highly takes a lot of time and effort but it’s worth it.

It’s fiddly, complicated, and occasionally even counter-intuitive.

It never quite happens as fast as you want when you use the legitimate “white hat” techniques like we do.

But when the results come, your company benefits from them for the months and years to come.

It’s worth the investment because more organic traffic (when a customer finds your site through a search engine without you having to pay for the click through) means more revenue.

Over 67% of customers engage only with the top 5 organic or natural search results on Google.

They usually ignore the lower ranking sites completely as well as the paid-for ads at the top.

So now you know that you’re in a battle with every other company for those top positions.

But when you rank highly, you benefit from much greater traffic to your site.

And, every time a new visitor clicks through to your website from Google, that’s a potential lead.

How we use effective SEO techniques in digital marketing

You want your website to be easily found by your target customers when they need you.

If someone has a question about the types of products and services you offer and they use Google to find the answer, your website should be one of the first they find.

And when they find it, what they see on your website should help them solve the problem or answer the question they have.

The importance of keeping a visitor at your site

SEO-friendly website copywriting keeps visitors at your site by connecting with them through quality content.

However a reader has found your website, they need to see as soon as your web page loads that it contains the information they’re looking for.

If you’re not quick (and we’re talking a matter of seconds here), then they’ll likely leave your site.

Now we’ve got their attention, we need them to:

  • understand the benefits of your products and services almost straight away and
  • appreciate how your products and services will improve the quality of their lives or the operations and profitability of their businesses.

The copy on the page should be in plain English – clear and concise copy.

Clear and concise copy which is focused on the benefits your products and services deliver to the customer means that a sale becomes more likely.

Clear and concise copy allows your customers to see that your company is authentic and trustworthy.

And when what’s on your website answers directly the questions of someone interested in your product and service, you keep visitors’ attention for a much longer time.

Writing for Google as well as the reader

We use plain English we use to grab and keep a visitors’ attention and focus.

At the same time, we also provide Google with what it wants on the page so that it can index your content correctly and award it a high ranking.

A professional SEO copywriter does this without affecting the readability of content to your potential customer.

They also future-proof their work as much as possible.

For example, more and more people are now using voice search – this is an additional ranking factor in SEO we’ve now started to incorporate in the work we do for clients.

One out of every five queries on Google are conducted by voice search.

Making sure your website is equipped to handle the very different search requests made by voice will keep you ahead of your competitors.

SEO techniques and tools - FAQ

SEO must form a significant part of any marketing strategy for any company in today’s economy, no matter what the sector.

That’s because consumers and business decision makers now use the internet more than ever before to fact-find on the products and services they want as well as purchasing them.

And Google is the most widely used website in the world.

Where you rank on Google may make the difference between:

  • working hard to make not very much and
  • not working hard to make a lot of money.

Done right, your website will produce a constant stream of enquiries, sales, and high quality leads but Google needs to see you before that happens.

SEO is not your only option.

The other option is pay-per-click which guarantees you a prominent position in search engine results.

The problem is that each click costs money and, as soon as you stop your PPC campaign, the clickthroughs stop as well as the leads which result from them.

By investing in SEO, you spend the money once and you don’t pay for a single click.

Better still, the positive benefits of SEO last long after you have invested in it.

SEO places your company in prime position to help customers when they need it most without fear of being outbid for clicks by your competitors.

We only use legitimate on page SEO techniques and off page SEO techniques to get your site ranking highly on Google.

All of the techniques we use conform completely to the terms and conditions of all major search engines – Google included.

On-page SEO refers to the search engine optimisation technique you use and control on your own site.

Off page SEO refer to factors beyond your control like links to an article on your site from a third-party website.

Yes. Mobile use now accounts for about half of all internet traffic.

This means it’s particularly important to make sure that our SEO strategy for your company takes account of visitors using handheld devices to find and you’re your site.

We only use current and proven “white hat” mobile SEO techniques.

We create mobile-friendly websites and we optimise the content and structure on the websites we design for clients so that it’s ultra-accessible for anyone using a smartphone.

We have helped companies from a wide range of industries from air conditioning businesses to luxury jewellery companies and many in between.

The More Than Words team includes experienced design, copywriting, and programming professionals who have previously worked across different sectors.

You should consider SEO as a longer-term investment.

It may take up to six months or more to see a significant increase in the amount of traffic to your website and resulting leads and sales from that traffic.

Yes. Please give us a call and we can talk about your current strategy and how we might be able to help improve it.

Call us on 0330 010 3495 or email us.

Or, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will be back in touch with you.

Your website is less visible without the latest SEO techniques

If your website doesn’t incorporate the latest SEO techniques, you company runs the very real risk of not being noticed by Google.

You may have unique products and services but, if there’s very little chance of your website being found, you’re not going to make any sales.

Without benefits-led SEO-friendly content, your text may also sound unnatural and stilted particularly if the copywriter you’re using is trying to shoehorn the right amount and type of keywords into the prose.

This result will be poorly-written text which lacks clarity.

And a lack of clarity means that:

  • trust is harder to win
  • it’s harder for the visitor to see the quality of your products and services, and
  • sales & enquiries don’t follow as a result.

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