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Copywriters are the 21st century’s lead generators and deal closers

Why invest in copywriting services for your company?

In the digital era, copywriters are the people responsible for making sure that your company and its products and services are easy for customers to find online.

It’s more than just being found though.

The content your copywriter creates must also inform, educate, and persuade your target audience enough to enquire about or buy your products and services.

Further down on this page, we cover in much greater depth our philosophy on what makes great copywriting and great copywriters.

But, if you’re in a hurry, here are our services and what they’re intended to do at a glance…

Copywriting which is easily-found online and which sells to your website visitors

Article writing – Google highly ranks websites with substantial online libraries of high-quality articles and blogs. They’re also great at capturing customer details and generating leads and sales.

Product descriptions – never settle for using manufacturers’ descriptions on your website because they were written to sell to retailers like you, not the end user. Inject life, fun, your brand voice, and urgency into your product descriptions.

Website copywriting – high-quality, SEO-optimised website copy is not for finishing high up on search engine results pages. The best website copywriting also results in much greater volumes of online sales and leads for your company.

Copywriting designed to be shared online by email, social media, or messaging apps

Case study writing – before a sale is made, particularly a high-ticket or complex sale, business decision makers and consumers are nervous. Address those fears directly with a case study showing potential customers how your products and services have solved similar issues and challenges faced by your clients.

E-book writing service – ideal for low-ticket, less complex products and services (particularly to the consumer sector), educate, entertain, and persuade customers with an in-depth e-book. We can help you distribute it online too.

White paper writer – very successful in gathering contact details at the start of the sales process and converting clients at the point of making a decision, we write and distribute white papers for complex sales, high-ticket sales, and SaaS/subscription services.

Copywriting to take visitors to your website

Native advertising – is the most successful type of online advertising producing results far in excess of banner and display ads. We create response-provoking and engaging native advertising campaigns for our clients.

Press release writing – let us write and distribute newsworthy copy to the printed and online publications most likely to be valued, regularly read, and respected by your target customer base.

Copywriting to keep existing customer loyal and spending and to warm prospects up

Email newsletters – our copywriters create the wording you need to generate significant returns from email newsletters, marketing’s most-underestimated lead and sales generation tool

Copywriting for direct marketing campaigns

Email copywriting – sales-driven text on an elegant email design for your bought-in B2B email marketing lists

Sales letter writing – the text to use on your postal marketing campaigns to win business from existing and potential customers

Brochure writing – design and copy for brochures to hand out in retail premises, send out to clients, and for use in exhibitions

Telesales scripts – a fresh approach to selling your products and services with brand new opening, objection handling, and closing scripts & structures

Find out more about our copywriting services

Would you like to speak with one of our content marketing account managers about copywriting for your business?

We would welcome the opportunity to find out more about your company, its products and services, and to see how we can help you achieve your commercial goals over the next 12 to 24 months.

To find out more, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

The More Than Words difference

Using copywriting services to get more visitors to and leads & sales from your website

Companies now need to take advantage of the most important sales and marketing trend among both business decision makers and consumers in recent years.

What is that trend? It’s an almost complete change in the way we behave prior to making a purchase.

We’ve turned away from asking questions about the products and services we’re interested in to qualified professionals.

Now we turn to Google to provide us with answers to the questions we have.

And companies’ main line of defence against that change is to invest in copywriting and content marketing so that their website is the website on which potential customers find the answers they’re seeking.

Why we trust professionals less than ever at the outset

When you want to find out the answer to an accounting question or you’re investigating whether now is the right time to invest in a new boiler for your home, you’re now far more likely to go to Google first than you are to call a professional.

That’s because you might be worried that you’ll be subject to a sales pitch if you call a professional.

You might be stuck on the phone with that person for a long time.

Answering your question might be the professional’s secondary aim while making a sale or booking an appointment is their first.

The professional you speak to also knows far more than you do.

You worry that they might recommend a product or service you don’t actually need and that they might overcharge you at the same time.

Take advantage of the fact that business decision-makers and consumers now see Google as the great leveller

…with effective SEO copywriting.

Anyone can educate him or herself on any imaginable product or service by searching for the answers he or she wants on the internet – it’s the greatest information resource in human history.

To access it, all you need to do is to log on to the web on your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Everything you need to know is a few seconds away.

People believe that what they find on the internet gives you them the edge.

They believe, rightly or wrongly that, what they find online gives them:

  • much of the knowledge and many of the insights a professional has.
  • the ability to sniff out if what a professional is telling you might be wrong.
  • a strong indication of what they think you should charge for your products and services.

How do you turn this to your advantage?

By making sure that the information they find the information they’re looking for on your company’s website.

By doing that, your company becomes a valued source of information for prospective customers on their buying journey.

You’re providing prospective customers with reliable, accurate, and up-to-date knowledge – therefore, yours will become a trustworthy company in the minds of prospective clients.

You’re giving them the information they need to be confident when speaking to you – and it’s your company’s contact details which are displayed on the page they’re reading.

Each time they get the information they want from your website, that’s another opportunity to sell your company and your products and services.

And, eventually, it’s your company they’re going to call when they’re close to the point of purchase.

This is how content marketing works and why it delivers such strong, regular leads to the companies investing in it.

How your company benefits from working with a professional copywriting services team

Give your company a competitive advantage by making sure that the information you’re sharing is seen as many times as possible on a potential customer’s buying journey.

Recently published research strongly suggests that a potential customer needs to see your company seven times before they contact you or buy from you.

And the most signficant of these “touches” seem to be online touches.

By partnering with More Than Words’ copywriters, you make sure that…

  • your website is found by searchers much more easily,
  • when a visitor finds your website, they get the quality information they want pertinent to the search terms they entered into Google, and
  • potential customers consider your business as more credible, more capable of doing the job, and as charging very reasonable rates.

We offer a number of different web-based copywriting service packages, the four most popular of which are listed below.

We also offer blog writing and article rewriting services.

Website copywriting services

Copywriting services for online marketing, downloadables, and shareables

There are other ways to make it easy for your prospective customers to find your company online.

To do this, you need to use a wider range of outreach digital marketing strategies – talk to us about this when you call.

One highly successful approach is by demonstrating your ability to understand and deliver the bespoke outcomes individual clients want with a well-written case study.

Case studies are stories where the reader is on a journey with one of your existing clients.

They show how your current client identified an opportunity or recognised a problem within their company.

They then show how your products/services, your way of working, and your creativity overcame that problem.

Case studies can be hosted on your website or they can be turned into downloadable PDFs to promote via social media marketing, email newsletters, or email marketing.

White papers have long played a significant role in the promotion of higher-ticket, more complex products and services including SaaS.

E-books, a “light” version of white papers, are a proven marketing solution for lower-cost and less complex products and services.

Both e-books and white papers are effective marketing tools helping your company to capture the contact details of prospective new clients online.

Press releases have tremendous reach and they allow your company and its products and services to be seen by far more potential customers than most other marketing methods.

News and information about your company will appear in the publications and on the websites read and respected by the markets you’re targeting.

Online new articles also link back to your website which results in higher search engine rankings for your website – “inbound links” are an important ranking signal for Google.

Please ask us about our digital and social media agency services when you get in touch with us.

Marketing copywriting services for outbound and direct marketing campaigns

There are many other marketing channels available to you which offer your companies the chance to successfully capture and keep existing and potential clients’ attention and interest.

Email marketing is the most effective form of direct marketing, according to the UK Data and Marketing Association.

We have decades of collective experience in creating:

  • email copywriting for lists you buy in and
  • email newsletter copy which you distribute to your existing clients and to potential clients who have left their details with you but not bought from you yet.

Don’t forget that we also sell an accurate, up-to-date B2B email database, a school email address list, and public sector email addresses.

If you want the data but you also want us to write and design your emails as well as manage the distribution, we offer a comprehensive managed B2B email marketing campaign service, managed school email marketing campaigns, and managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector.

Postal mail still produces great returns even as volumes have reduced significantly in the last decade – ask about our sales letter writing service.

Likewise, brochure handouts remain a successful way to gather prospective client details in retail premises, on the road, and at trade shows – ask us about our brochure writing and design service.

If you have your own telesales team and you feel that the way your reps approach clients needs refreshing, we offer a telesales script writing service.

More Than Words also has its own outsourced telemarketing department – please ask us for more information about this service when you get in touch.

Questions we're asked the most about copywriting

In an era when everything seems globalised, local content becomes more and more important.

As much as we love our American cousins, Britons don’t respond as well to traditional American sales approaches which mix artificial time-constrained offers with hyperbole.

As much as we marvel at the low prices offered by Chinese manufacturers, their promotional material and instruction manuals often make no sense to native British English speakers.

Britain is a great marketplace to operate in.

As native Brits ourselves, we’re acutely attuned to what sounds right and what sounds wrong to British ears.

We understand the sales approaches which are most likely to work and the sales approaches most likely to be dismissed.

We provide copywriting for London companies and copywriting for Manchester companies – in fact, we provide copywriting for UK companies wherever they’re based.

And we provide copywriting for overseas businesses wanting a UK voice when selling to British businesses and consumers.

Marketing is changing.

While traditional outbound marketing like telesales and email marketing still performs well, real returns are also being made by companies investing in online content.

Most people first find your company online.

And what they see first about you is the content you’ve produced – the written and visual material on your website and on your social media channels first.

To complicate matters further, the way people are finding your content is changing too.

If you’re an accountant, ten times more people search for “IR35 rules” than they search for “IR35 accountant”.

People aren’t searching for companies anymore – they’re searching for answers.

We research what your clients are searching for and we create world-class, SEO-optimised content to allow you to be easily found by clients whichever stage of the buying cycle they’re at.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing (sometimes called inbound marketing) allows your customers to find the information they’re searching for when and where they need it in a way they appreciate and understand.

They find your answer and then you tell them that you can help them on the same page.

Your website visitor gets the result they want and you reach someone you’d never have reached before ready to interact with you.

Content marketing is done best by copywriters who understand what Google wants so that your answer is placed as high as possible on search results.

The copywriters at More Than Words carry out a significant amount of research in finding out what it is that your potential clients want to know when we first take you on as a client.

Constant, sustained, high-quality copywriting gets you noticed by the people and the companies you can help and you can sell to.

And the more high-quality content on your website, the higher every other page on your website is valued by Google.

Yes. Here at More Than Words, we think of content marketing like the long sale.

You might capture someone’s attention months before they’re ready to make a purchase.

Content marketing gives you the opportunity to capture a prospect’s details and keep in touch with them with email newsletters or on social media.

There’ll always be a place for direct marketing though.

With direct marketing, you choose the target audience, you contact them with a compelling sales message, and you attempt to close the sale.

With direct marketing, clients are working to your timescale.

Direct marketing still drives significant revenues to the companies to invest in it.

More Than Words’ copywriters have decades of experience in writing engaging, compelling, response-provoking direct marketing copy for sales letters, email newsletters, email marketing campaigns, brochures, and telesales teams.

In fact, we have dedicated email marketing and telemarketing teams you can work with at More Than Words.

Most of the copywriting work we produce is created in-house by full-time employees of More Than Words.

We do also work with a freelance copywriter network we’ve built over the last three years.

Each contractor providing us with freelance copywriting services is usually first tested on creating content for More Than Words.

Based upon the quality of that work, we then will then broaden the range of work we offer depending on their interests, skills, and experience.

For example, we work with one particular fintech copywriter who has a speciality in Open Banking topics.

No matter which colleague or freelancer works on your content, an in-house copy checker proofs the work prior to it being sent for approval to a client for linguistic and topical accuracy and suitability.

More Than Words is one of the UK’s first fully integrated online and offline marketing companies and this allows our clients to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by both newer and established routes to market.

We create:

  • Online content – whatever your content needs for your website and social media platforms now and in the future, put More Than Words to work with the assurance that we create the highest-quality, most engaging, sales collateral
  • Existing customers and prospects – let us unlock the value hidden in your customer and prospect databases by sending a regular email newsletter full of offers, information, insights, and the opportunity to get in touch with you
  • Email marketing – distribute your content and your sales message to the businesses, schools, and public sector organisations you want to reach with our comprehensive database of GDPR-compliant business decision maker emails
  • Telemarketing – let us enter into two-way conversations with business decision makers, schools, and public sector procurers about your products and services to generate enquiries, book appointments, and gather market intelligence

Think of online marketing like the long sale.

You might capture someone’s attention months before they’re ready to make a purchase.

Online content marketing gives you the opportunity to capture a prospect’s details and keep in touch with them with email newsletters or on social media.

There’ll always be a place for direct marketing though.

With direct marketing, you choose the target audience, you contact them with a compelling sales message, and you attempt to close the sale.

With direct marketing, clients are working much more to your timescale.

Direct marketing still drives significant revenues to the companies using it.

More Than Words’ copywriters have decades of experience in writing engaging, compelling, response-provoking direct marketing copy for sales letters, email newsletters, email marketing campaigns, brochures, and telesales teams.

What people are reading about you right now is either helping or harming your lead generation and your sales and marketing teams.

As company owners and decision makers increasingly recognise this fact, they are turning to copywriting agencies like More Than Words.

64% of B2B companies use copywriting teams agencies to give their company its written voice. It’s so important to get right that they’d rather outsource it to experts than do it in-house.

59% of B2B companies believe that expertly-copywritten blogs, articles, and web pages are the most valuable marketing channel available to them.

74.2% of companies using agencies like More Than Words believe that the content their outsourced copywriters produce has increased the quality and the quantity of the leads their sales teams are following up.

More Than Words produces the highest-quality, commercially-focused written content for our clients to use online and offline.

Why clients should rejoice that professional, commercially-minded copywriters are in it for the money first and the satisfaction second – it’s their guarantee of a first-class outcome

The copywriting services team here at More Than Words make no bones about it – they like money.

They like earning it – as much of it as possible.

They arguably like it even more when a client gets in touch with them to let them know that…

  • the article they wrote,
  • the product description they created, or
  • the email newsletter they composed

…made them lots of money.

Satisfaction is only possible for a copy writer when it’s been preceded by the money.

That’s because client satisfaction, a happy customer, begets extra work – a version of what Jeff Bezos would call a virtuous circle.

Copywriting is the next big money making opportunity for marketing professionals.

However, the important thing for copy writing clients to know and remember is that, in this industry, reputation is everything.

And those corporate copywriters whose output lacks that little bit of extra magic required to persuade and convince readers are found out fast and quickly dispatched by the market.

What our copywriters pride themselves on and how that aligns perfectly with your commercial goals

The best commercial copywriters value two things more than their ability to create beautiful prose.

They are:

  • a true understanding of their clients’ products and services and
  • a even deeper understanding of what motivates business decision-makers and consumers to buy their clients’ products and services and what puts them off.

It’s this knowledge which gives our copy writers an important and necessary psychological and emotional insight into the minds and hearts of the audiences you’re targeting.

This insight gives a copywriter what they need to turn interesting but otherwise unremarkable copy about a product or service into compelling, engaging, and persuasive copy which feels like it was specifically written for the person reading it.

People are still people – even if they’re at your website

If, through the words on a screen or on a piece of paper, a business decision maker or consumer genuinely believes that you understand them and the issues they face, then a connection between you is born.

It’s the same connection which happens if you and a visiting rep, a telesales professional, or a shop assistant seem to hit it off when you’re speaking.

There just seems to be something which binds you to that other person – a commonality, a shared experience.

And it’s this unquantifiable and often unexplainable phenomenon which means that you’ll more than likely buy from that person, even if what they’re charging is a little bit more.

More Than Words’ copywriting agency team figure who they’re writing for and what motivates them before they sit down at a keyboard.

With this knowedge, they attempt to make that important connection on a computer screen through writing.

And it’s this which makes us different as a company.

Google is still Google – and that’s the elephant in the room

Gaining the interest of and making a connection with prospective and existing customers is just half the story online though.

We’ve got to capture the attention of Google.

But we’ve got to do so in a very different way to the way we connect to visitors to your website.

So, your More Than Words’ copywriter is actually writing two pieces of copy at once when they’re working for you.

That’s because there’s no commercial value to you or likely return on your investment if what they’ve created for you isn’t seen by another living soul.

Embedded within each piece of online work our copywriter completes for you is a keyword-rich billboard for Google.

This billboard highlights the keywords, off-page descriptions, linking, prose structure, and more which Google wants to see to satisfy it that this is an informative article deserving of a high ranking.

Google’s role – its self-expressed reason for being – is to take people to the information they’re searching for as fast as possible.

More Than Words’ professional copywriting services team use…

  • their knowledge of your products and services,
  • their linguistic ability to create work of the highest quality, and
  • their understanding of search engine algorithms

…to give Google all of the reasons it needs to rank your content as high as possible.

Using our copywriting services team to sell more products and services

Creating content for the web which connects with your audiences and which Google ranks highly is lucrative.

That’s because, over time, the very best website content creates a funnel of regular, consistent, high-quality leads which your sales teams can take advantage of on a daily basis.

More Than Words business tipif you’re thinking about selling your company in a few years’ time, plough as much investment as you can into your website as possible. That’s because your website may actually end up being worth more than your company!

But there’s also a lot of money out there for clients who want to be more proactive and take the bull by the horns.

Email marketing is very responsive and so is telemarketing.

Not only do we write copy for email and compose full telesales scripts for clients, we also have our own in-house email marketing and telemarketing teams.

Creating a copywriting plan for your company

There’s more demand for copywriting than ever.

That’s because of the Internet and because of the countless number of ways the Internet offers to get your message in front of your target audiences.

An investment in the right copy agency – one which understands the commercial imperative of your making a return on your investment – will pay dividends in the short-, medium-, and long-term.

How much will it cost?

Copywriting services prices depend:

  • on the type of content created,
  • the level of research required,
  • the technical ability and experience of the writer,
  • the total volume of work booked in at one time, and
  • the length of each piece.

The best place to start planning a copywriting and content marketing strategy for your company is to speak with one of our team.

Let us know about what you want for your website, your other marketing channels, and your revenue targets in now and in the future.

We’ll then create a bespoke proposal for you fully costed and with no obligation.

Contact us about copywriting for your company

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form – our content writing services team will audit your current website, blog, and other marketing materials for free.

We’ll then come back to you with a costed and worked plan to help you achieve the results you want.

Our copywriting services team is available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There is plenty of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk from North Shields Metro station.

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    Copywriting – interesting links and more information

    The highest quality written content delivered by commercially-focused copywriting increases the number of enquiries you receive, the size of your email subscriber list, and orders from existing and brand new clients.

    If you want to do more research on copywriting and the techniques behind them before you get in touch with us, we’ve put together what we believe are the six most informative articles on third-party websites for you to review:

    To find out more about our copywriting services, please click here to email us or call us on 0330 010 3495.