100% original articles from scratch
SEO-friendly for higher rankings
Demonstrate expertise & experience
Jargon-free and in plain English
Ideal for your online library of content
British English, no machine spin

The best article rewriter for your company is not a spinbot

If you’ve found our page looking for article rewriting software, article spinning software, or sentence change generator software, we’re sorry.

We’re not involved in any of that.

We’re human rewriters.

Our job is to take the content you admire and want for yourself from your competitors’ websites and make it even better.

Give us a moment to pitch you why human is always better than machine.

How blogs help accountant websites

Our full article rewriting service

We’ll make sure that your website and the articles we rewrite for you are very easy for your prospective customers to find.

Better still, each of your articles will be written by experienced sales copywriters using the latest SEO techniques so that:

  • Google ranks it as highly as possible and
  • visitors buy from you or make an enquiry when they’re at your website.

It’s not just individual articles we’ll improve for you.

If you want, we’ll create a plan to add onto your website a comprehensive library of high-quality, SEO-optimised articles on your products and services.

Our plan will be based on:

  • answering the questions your potential customers are searching for online with separate articles,
  • keyword (primary and long-tail) research and inclusion for easy Google indexing, and
  • the production of engaging, compelling, researched articles written in plain English and with a clear call to action to make a purchase or leave contact details.

This is long-term – it will deliver new visitors, leads, and sales for years to come.

Unlike with article spinning, your content will be of such high quality that it will survive continual Google algorithm updates.

High-quality blogs and articles continue to perform even after you’ve stopped investing in them.

That’s unlike pay per click which stops performing the minute you pause or stop your campaign.

Ordering from us

When we present our content plan to you, we’ll ask you for feedback as well as for your own suggestions on article topics.

Once we agree on the way forward, we’ll send you the final schedule together with costings.

To achieve results the quickest, you should consider uploading at least 2 articles a week to your website.

We charge on a per-article basis and we offer discounts on a per-article basis on larger orders.

Find out more

To find out more about our article rewriting service, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

How to use article re-writing to rank highly on Google

Article rewriting which improves on your competitor’s original

It’s understandable that, if you’ve seen a competitor’s website whose blogs, articles, and selling pages you think are brilliant, you’ll want to work with an article rewriting service to produce something of even better quality for your website.

Your competitor’s website may be getting far more traffic than yours.

And you want that traffic for your company.

After all, you have just as much (if not more) knowledge and insight as your competitor.

The problem is that the highest quality copywriting is actually very difficult to do.

In addition, most business owners never seem to have the time to do it themselves.

If you see something you want on your website though, it’s fine to use it as inspiration – a springboard to inspire you to improve your site.

Your website is your company’s voice.

And it needs a professional and experienced SEO copywriter to make your voice amidst the noise of the internet.

Your website is the first thing that most consumers and decision-makers will see about your company.

And it’s from your website that they’ll make up their mind about you.

The quality of the article writing on your website will determine in readers’ minds:

  • how professional you are,
  • how knowledgeable you are, and
  • whether it’s a wise decision for them to leave their existing supplier to come over to you.

For you to win more traffic than your competitor, your version of any article you want to be rewritten has to be:

  • more informative,
  • more understandable,
  • more helpful, and
  • unmistakably you.

Article rewriting - FAQ

We will rewrite just one article but we strongly advise that you take the opportunity to consider your website in general and how to turn it into a lead generation machine.

Google is highly unlikely to rank just one article rewrite very highly if it believes the rest of your site does not have the quality or quantity of articles it wants to find.

What do the best websites have?

  • Usable, actionable, quality content in abundance.
  • Pages and pages of content – a library of the highest quality content.

In fact, it’s almost as if there is a separate article answering every possible customer question.

We would recommend that you give us the opportunity to look at:

  • your web pages,
  • your product pages, and
  • the way your site links together.

We’ll suggest improvements for your site as a whole and then we’ll suggest a series of websites that we’ll contact to attempt them to persuade to link back to your new content – “backlinks”.

Backlinks are webpages on high quality sites which link to specific articles on your website.

Google ranks the quality of an article by how many sites link to it and by how long users stay on a page reading your content.

It depends on your website but, in most cases, you should budget for six months’ work for the whole project with at least 2 months before your new site is live in its new form.

Whatever you’re spending on sales and marketing at the moment, we recommend that you spend a part of it on article rewriting and website improvement instead for a decent period of time.

We want every piece to read like a subject matter expert wrote it.

But we also re-write articles in an engaging, jargon-free way so that readers get maximum value and your company gains credibility.

If the article you want emulating has 5 links, we’ll aim for 10.

Yes. All of our articles are written exclusively for British audiences using British forms of expression, vernacular, similes, metaphors, and more.

Yes. Often, the main selling points about your products and services can be lost if an article or webpage is not written in British English when pitching a UK audience.

Let our British English native speakers get across what makes your company and its products and services stand out from competitors.

We guarantee to continue working on your piece until you’re happy. We’ll even revise articles free of charge for up to seven days after initial sign-off.

In addition, all articles we write are 100% original and we test all of them via CopyScape prior to sending them over to you for review.

Robots aren’t better than a human-powered article rewriting service – that’s a fact

There are online apps which will take the article you want to replicate and rewrite them automatically for you.

Just search “bad article spinning” or “automated spin rewriter” to find out more.

However, the quality of the output is similar to dual-Google-translates.

If you’ve never heard of a dual-Google-translate, copy and paste four or five paragraphs of the text on this page and translate it into French on Google Translator. Then translate that back into English.

It’s close but it’s not close enough to the form of English which people in the UK use every day.

The choice of words is often jarring to a British English speaker.

Likewise, outsourcing article rewriting to an overseas copywriter is not going to produce the result you want.

That’s because there are hundreds of different forms of English around the world and what sounds good in one part of the world doesn’t quite sound right in another.

The best article rewriter is not a spinbot, article spinner software, or article rewriting software – it’s an experienced human rewriter using British English to market and sell your products and services to UK audiences.

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