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Commercially-focused, conversion-driven articles for your website

Our article writing team creates SEO-optimised content of the highest quality which makes our clients’ products and services much more visible online when their potential customers are searching for information.

Companies need to invest more in their websites than ever before.

That’s because 93% of customer journeys now start on a search engine.

90.1% of customers use Google to start researching a product or a service they’re interested in.

There are other search engines but the search engine battle you need to win the most is on Google.

The compelling sales argument behind investing in online articles

You could pay for your website to feature at the top of Google with their paid-for Ads programme.

Not only is it very expensive but 80% of users ignore online adverts.

Worse still, as soon as you stop spending money on Google Ads, leads from and visits to your website dry up almost instantly.

What’s the most successful strategy for getting the highest possible ranking for your website and all the pages on it for the long term?

The answer is to invest in an online library of the most well-written highly-relevant, search-engine-friendly articles.

What are the best article writing topics for your company?

Your company will make the greatest gains by investing in articles which answer the questions which online searchers are actually asking to find out what they need to know about your products and services.

The best article writing format is long-form – 1,500 words or more.

These articles go into every possible detail about your products and services which your potential customers want to know.

They describe what customers like about your products and services as well as addressing what might put them off from making a purchase.

When you invest in creating your own library of high-quality, SEO-optimised, customer-centred articles, the number of clients visiting your website climbs substantially as both Google and your visitors recognise the credibility and the authority of the content you’ve uploaded.

And, because you’ve freely shared important information which has clearly, concisely, and directly answered your potential clients’ questions and concerns:

  • the quality and the quantity of the leads you receive from your website greatly increases meaning a better chance of your sales team securing more and higher-value orders from online enquiries or
  • more immediate sales if you run an e-commerce-orientated business.

Our article writing service

With our article writing services, we research before we put pen to paper:

  • the products and services you offer,
  • the extra value which your range of products and services adds to businesses or to an individual’s life,
  • what stops someone from purchasing or making an enquiry – their “pain points”,
  • your company, its story, and its position in the wider market, and
  • your competitors’ online marketing activities.

When we have concluded our research, we’ll share with you which articles we want to write for you and why.

We’ll show you why the commercial value of each piece we want to write for your company.

We’ll also let you know where we believe your competitors are doing really well and draw up a plan of action to directly take them on.

Ordering our service

Once you’ve given us your feedback as well as sharing with us any articles you’d like us to write for you, we’ll send you a finalised content plan with you together with a quote.

The more articles you commit to, the more competitive the unit cost.

Find out more

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The six steps we follow to ensure more customers find your site and convert them into sign-ups, enquiries, and sales

Why longer articles are valuable in brand building and in winning trust from website visitors

When your potential customers are looking online for information, they greatly value finding detailed, reader-friendly, accurate, and actionable articles which answer the questions they have about your company and your products and services.

Google also values these types of in-depth articles particularly.

That’s why the average length of an article finishing on the first page of Google is 1,890 words.

When potential customers are looking for information, your articles should include as much information as possible.

You risk more by leaving things out by having too many things in.

Around half of all potential buyers will need to read up to 5 of your articles before they contact your company.

Buyers, whether personal or representing a company, now want more information before they spend money than ever before.

Regularly posted, high quality articles is key to any successful content marketing strategy.

Why online articles connect better with customers

We write long-form articles of up to 2,000 words (and more if needed) for our clients.

Each article appeals to readers’ head and heart.

Your brand voice is loud and clear in each piece.

Our copywriting team thoroughly research each article we write for you so that it reads like you or one of your colleagues wrote it.

We get rid of all jargon – every reader must fully understand what your article is about from start to finish.

Each article tells a story in which your new or existing customer can clearly see themselves, their problems, and the solutions they require.

And, at the end of every piece, we include a strong call to action to encourage them to purchase immediately or to leave their contact details.

Newspaper article writing and magazine article writing

If you require assistance in writing articles for a newspaper or writing articles for a magazine, please get in touch with us.

Our copywriters have extensive experience in writing for written and online publications and they would welcome the opportunity of working with you.

Frequently asked questions about our article writing service

Every article is extensively researched and the research is linked to in the articles we write for you.

We aim to have up to 10 sources for each 2,000 word article we write for increased credibility and Google-friendliness.

We do the keyword research on each article for you to give the best chance of the highest rankings.

If you commit to our article writing or content management service for more than 6 months, we’ll do a whole website SEO audit for you free.


Once an article has been signed off and assuming your account is up to date, you own all the articles you’ve paid for.

Yes – we encourage that.

We want each piece to be exactly right in your eyes and any help you give us to get there is appreciated.

When working with a new client, it may take 2 or 3 articles before we fully understand your style – the revisions needed thereafter are often a lot less.

We use British English and all articles are written by British English speakers.

As well as sounding native to British readers, British and American English are the most commonly-spoken and -read forms of the language in the world.

We have a substantial volume of sample articles available to view.

Please contact us to request sample articles specific to your line of business.

The answer varies from publication to publication on how to write a compelling news article.

The writing style for a newspaper depends on its core audiences and what interests its core audience.

Many tabloid readers appreciate short interesting articles from the newspapers they read.

However, when considering how to write a broadsheet newspaper article, their audience may appreciate much longer fact-driven pieces of up to 3,000 words.

If your company has been invited to write for a newspaper, you must consider the language and style of the paper when composing your article.

Whatever the publication however, all articles tend to tell a story in 5 steps.

What are the 5 parts of a newspaper article? The headline, the byline (the name of the person who wrote the article), the lead (in essence, the opening paragraph), the body/running text (telling the story), and the conclusion (a summary of everything in the article).

If you have been invited to contribute editorial or advertorial to a printed or online publication and you need assistance making the most from it, please do get in touch.

Our work for clients has appeared in multiple UK and international newspapers and online news sites.

Yes. Writing an article for a magazine is something our copywriters have a lot of experience to offer you.

Please let us know which publication you’re contributing towards, the article length, the topic of the article, and what you want commercially from the article.

Our team have a lot of experience in writing marketing articles for clients, specifically:

Please ask us for more information when you get in touch.

We work with companies from all over the world – Moscow, Singapore, Monaco, and more.

You should strongly consider using us if you want article content written for British audiences using a British perspective, linguistic style, and narrative flow.

We only want to create content of genuine commercial value to you so you get final say on all topics and articles prior to signing them off as complete.

We can suggest articles for you (most clients prefer us to) although we welcome any and all suggestions from you.

You do get to sign off the articles as soon as you’re happy with them – before sign-off, an article is considered to be in draft.

Once you have signed off an article, you have seven further days to ask us to make amendments to those articles.

We understand that, sometimes, there are multiple decision makers involved and that there may be a disagreement of opinions.

If you think you’ll need longer than seven days to provide sign-off, please let us know in advance.

In addition, each article we write for you is passed by CopyScape, the internet’s leading plagiarism detector, before we submit it to you for approval.

Google does not rank highly duplicated content and we absolutely never provide that to clients.

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Creating an online library of high-quality SEO-optimised article writing on topics of interest to your customers

Uploading just one brand new high quality article a day for your website will deliver you a rapid return on your investment.

Having just 21-54 articles on your site boosts traffic by up to 30%.

We’re happy to write just one article for your site but we invite you to think bigger than that.

Every new high quality article we upload increases the value of every other page on your site in Google’s eyes.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Your aim should be to create a library of high-quality content for visitors and for search engines.

Consider article writing as a longer-term investment in your company which also delivers significant short-term wins.

Contact us about article writing for your website

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Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back in touch with you to find out more about you, your business, and your commercial goals for your website.

Ask us for a sample of article writing produced for our clients to understand better the way our writers work.

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    Article writing – interesting links and more information

    Regular high-quality article production and uploading delivers regular and high-quality leads to the companies investing in it.

    Obtaining the greatest return on investment possible depends on posting the very best and most informative articles available online for customers and visitors.

    If you wish to use content marketing (internal link) for your business and you want to know more about its effectiveness, please send us your details for our free guide.

    We have prepared a list of six articles from other thought leaders in the industry for you to read:

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