Inbound and outbound marketing
Showcase your products/services
Written in plain English
Elegant, minimalist design
Consistent with company branding
Sole purpose to generate leads

Working with our brochure copywriter and brochure designer

We offer our clients an all-in, one-stop brochure writing and design service to help generate more enquiries and close more sales.

You’ll be working with:

  • one of our professional content writers who creates the engaging, compelling, benefits-led, sales-driven text used in your brochure and
  • an experienced designer who produces the beautiful visuals for your brochure compliant with your company branding guidelines.

The brochures we design drive both responses and sales by:

  1. detailing the key benefits of your products and services,
  2. demonstrating the value that your products and services add to your clients’ lives and business,
  3. using statistics, case studies, and other data to prove the claims we make for your products and services, and
  4. ending with a strong call to action (the part of the brochure where you prompt a reader to contact you).

We use plain English – and no jargon – so there’s no room for confusion.

From the start, we know that the work we’re creating for you has to help you and your colleagues hit sales targets and achieve your company’s wider commercial goals.

How our service works

At the outset, we present to you a number of different brochure content ideas.

Our brochure copywriter will then create the text at which point we’ll seek feedback and changes from you.

Once you’re happy with the content at the end of the drafting process, we’ll then present a selection of company brochure design suggestions for you to choose from.

When you’ve made your choice, we’ll join the design and copy together, later presenting you with a first final draft.

We keep on working on the final draft until you say that you’re happy and that we’ve completed the work to your satisfaction.

How to order our brochure design and writing service

To find out more about our brochure writing service, please contact us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Our approach to designing and writing a marketing brochure for your compay

Are brochures still effective in marketing?

Investing in brochure writing and designing may not feel like it should be a priority in an online world.

If that’s how you feel, we’d respectfully ask you to think again.

In the modern world, we are bombarded by digital adverts on a daily basis.

Research has shown that 62% of people mute or flick through TV ads and over 70% actively dislike pop-up adverts online.

Even though we live in a digital era, brochures still work very well as part of your wider approach to marketing.

After reading a brochure, 48% of consumers will:

  • buy your product or service,
  • visit your premises, or
  • simply ask for more information.

79% of people hang on to a brochure to read it later and many actually pass brochures onto friends.

The three main advantages on investing in a brochure of series of brochures for your business are that:

  • they are budget-friendly,
  • they contain the most relevant and the most important information about your products and services in a limited space, and
  • you can distribute them to your customers in a number of different ways – whether that’s by post, displayed on your reception desk or by handing them out at trade shows.

Brochure questions and answers

If your brochures are already working well, that’s great.

But how do you know they couldn’t perform even better?

The brochures we produce are successfully used by clients to reach new customers, to increase sales, and to encourage customer interaction – we’d be happy to review your current portfolio and advise on how we can help you do this.

Remember too that wording is more important than design in a brochure.

More Than Words writes sales copy for a wide variety of different types of marketing campaigns for companies selling in or to the UK.

Does your current supplier pay as much attention to wording as they should?

People are getting sick of skipping YouTube ads and studies have shown that people directly avoid looking at online advertisements.

A brochure is a tangible piece of marketing which a customer can hold in their hands, study at their leisure, and use to contact you in their own time.

These features are valuable, appreciated by the people who have your brochure, and often underestimated by marketeers.

There are many ways to use brochures in the marketing campaigns you run.

You can pop one in every online order, flyer them in city centres, hand them out at industry events, or use them in a postal campaign.

You can use brochures for the launch of a new product or business, a promotional offer, or simply to raise awareness of your company.

We discuss this with you during your consultation and advise the best way to produce a return on investment from your brochure.

We work hard to produce a professional brochure that stands out from the rest.

Cheaply produced and poorly designed & written leaflets run the risk of being thrown in the bin but our designs are carefully written and designed to minimise this risk.


Many of our clients like to brainstorm ideas with us – we will almost certainly have the industry knowledge to advise on what will work best for your business – and then create it for you.

Yes. The writing and design of a brochure takes place over a number of different stages until the final version is produced.

At each stage, we share with you what we have produced and we seek your feedback on what you like and what you want to change.

We do not consider our work for you complete until you have signed it off.

Call us on 0330 010 3495, click here to email us, or you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

What are the elements of a good brochure?

Designing a successful brochure starts with knowing:

  • what it is you want to sell,
  • who you want to sell to, and
  • what you’re prepared to offer to bring forward a future client’s purchasing decision.

Every job we take on is unique.

We start each project from the ground up – this means no working from a brochure template.

Creating a brochure should start with your target buyer in mind.

What do your products or services offer them?

Which desire do your products or services satisfy, which problems do they solve, or which opportunities do they unlock?

We write to highlight the positives but we also address any worries or doubts a potential customer might have.

By doing that, we remove any obstacles currently stopping a future customer from making an enquiry or buying your products or services.

Contact us for more information on our brochure writing and design service

Brochures are a cost-effective way of raising awareness of both your business and its products and services.

We can create a one-off brochure for your business to support a promotional deal or we can design a “shopfront” brochure to inform potential clients of who you are and what you do.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our copywriting services team by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There’s plenty of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk from North Shields Metro station.

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Find out more about our brochure writing and design service

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    Brochure writing – interesting links and more information

    Brochures are a traditional form of marketing but they are by no means old-fashioned.

    Creative brochures can range from booklets to cut-outs and pop-ups – or you can use a leaflet to get a message to customers quickly.

    For you to read a bit more about the power of a successful brochure, we’ve put together a list of five third-party website articles for your review.

    They talk about how brochures can be designed and used to increase your sales, raise awareness of your products, and build relationships with clients.

    We have our own method of brochure writing and design here at More Than Words but many of our techniques are similar to the ones taken by these industry experts:

    To speak with one of our product description copywriting account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email by clicking here.