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Business case studies spotlight the extra mile you go for clients

To generate additional strong and actionable leads for your sales team to work on, speak to our business case study writing team.

What is a business case study?

A business case study is a summary of the journey one of your clients took from when they first realised they needed what you sell to the point of buying your products and services and beyond.

Business case studies are particularly useful for selling specialist products and services which require some form of adaptation for each individual client.

Business case studies are one of the most persuasive promotional tools and they can be used by both:

  • your marketing team to generate leads and
  • your sales team to help close deals.

Are business case studies useful?

Yes. Because, in today’s marketplace, two of the initial steps many of your target clients take when they’re considering a future purchase are:

  • searching for online reviews about your company and
  • asking others for their experiences of dealing with you.

9 out of 10 decision makers now regularly check out online reviews or social media before making purchasing from a company.

70% remember remember the story you shared about your customer’s experience and their journey with you.

Online research is a valuable tool for prospective clients as it helps them avoid costly mistakes further down the line, especially in the B2B space.

Case studies offer verifiable proof to sometimes uncertain and worried decision makers that:

  • what you are selling is high quality & reliable and
  • your company can be trusted to deliver the desired result.

Our business case study writing service

When you contact us, we’ll ask you for the names and contact details for the clients whose experiences you wish to convert into business case studies.

The case studies we write generally include four sections.

The first part, the overview, contains:

  • a positive description and review of your client’s business,
  • introduction of the situation your client was trying to resolve (either to save money or to make more money), and
  • introduction of key principals involved at your company and the client’s business.

The second section, the challenge, contains:

  • a fuller description of what was stopping the client saving money or making more money,
  • a comparison to other companies in their sector which have overcome this problem and the competitive advantage they benefit from as a result, and
  • a description of the lost productivity or revenue that failure to overcome this issue was causing.

The third section, the problem solving, contains:

  • how you and your colleagues approached the problem and the various solutions you came up with,
  • presentation of those solutions to the client,
  • the solution your client bought and how you made that solution bespoke to your client, and
  • a description of how the solution you delivered resolved the client’s original issue.

The final section, the outcome, contains:

  • quotes from your client on the improvements your product or service has brought to their company now that they have been using it for a while and
  • a summary from you about how your company managed to service this client’s bespoke needs.

We can produce case studies in:

  • HTML format – for inclusion on your general website
  • PDF format – enabling your marketing and sales staff to email copies of a case study to a potential client as well as making sharing via social media and messaging apps easy
  • Landing page format – a specific page linked to by pay per click marketing inviting visitors to leave their details to download the PDF version of the case study

We can also arrange for interviews to be filmed at your office and your clients’ office for the creation of an online video for an extra charge.

Find out more

To speak with one of our account managers about ordering one or a series of case studies for your company, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

How we approach case study writing to deliver maximum return on your investment

What value does business case study writing bring to businesses? How do case studies increase sales?

Business case study writing has, in the last five years, become increasingly central to many companies’ sales and marketing activities.

This is particularly so for firms in the B2B space.

But why do case studies convert such a high percentage of prospects into customers?

There’s nothing like the buzz you get from knowing you’ve genuinely helped a customer out.

What you’ve done might save a company significant sums of money by helping them to be more efficient or helped a consumer’s dream come true.

Whatever it was, writing a case study about it for others to read adds considerable value to your company and its products and services in the minds of your prospective customers.

Case studies remove one of the major barriers preventing a sale to a customer

Case studies allow your satisfied customer to share with the rest of the world just what your company contributed to their business or their life and the added value your products and services delivered.

Doubts about working with a new company or purchasing a new product or service can be removed when a potential customer can:

  • relate to the experiences of one of your existing clients and
  • see how your involvement made the difference required.

Case study sections – piecing the story together

When we’re creating a business case study for your company, your customer actually does a lot of the hard work for you as they collaborate with the copywriter in charge of your project.

Your case study creator builds a story around your client’s experience with your company by recalling how you got your client from a place they didn’t want to be in to the place where they actually wanted to be.

Studies has shown that 88% of purchasers trust reviews from colleagues, friends, or family members before making a buying decision.

And case studies have been demonstrated to be as nearly as effective as testimonials.

The elements of a good case study

The most successful case study writing professionals describe in plain English:

  • the problem your customer was experiencing and how it affected them,
  • how you helped them solve the problem through dialogue and greater understanding of their situation, and
  • the benefits they are experiencing as a result now that their issues have been rectified.

Business case studies are a showcase:

  • for your expertise,
  • for your diligence in finding out what your client wants,
  • for your attention to detail, and
  • demonstrating how your solution has provided the client with the outcome they want.

Case study writing for your business - frequently asked questions

You can but do you want to? Do you have the time to?

Our content marketers and copywriters are, like you, commercially driven with an extensive background in sales (many of them were reps and telesales staff before becoming copywriters).

Let them do the research, conduct the interviews, structure the piece, and research the market to create a compelling piece of sales copy across multiple media for you.

All we need you to get from you to start off with is a brief idea of the time you spent with your client:

  • finding out what their problem was,
  • how you came up with the solution to overcome that problem, and
  • what happened once your solution was deployed.

When we have that, we start drafting the piece, sending both you and your client a copy of what we’ve done for you both to check.

When everyone is happy with the first draft, we then speak to your customer to get them to help us with the extra details we need to tell the story well.

In most cases, we speak to your customer no more than twice. They are, of course, involved in the signing off the piece as are you.

Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 clients research a product online before they buy.

Consumers and business decision-makers value case studies highly – if they read a positive case study and they can see themselves and their current situation in that case study, a potential client is more likely to choose you.

It’s important that any work we produce for you is exactly as you want it. Your case study goes through a number of stages at which we actively seek your feedback.

If, on completion of any of the stages or the complete first draft, you’re not happy, please contact your account manager and we’ll continue working on your case study until you feel that the work is ready to sign off.

This is entirely up to you but the more case studies the better, especially if they show clients how you adapted your approach to satisfy individual customers in each case.

We are happy to discuss pricing options with you and. depending on the quantity of overall services you require us to work on, we would certainly entertain any proposals you have.

They should be as long as they need to be to successfully tell the story.

The need to include information about your customer and the problem or opportunity they were contending with and a step by step guide of how you helped them to overcome the problem or exploit the opportunity.

We can discuss the length of your case study during our consultation.

Simply call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us. If you like, you can fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Helping potential clients find your case studies

You should ensure that your case studies are as easy to find online as possible.

A link on your home page helps visitors find your collection of case studies immediately.

After reading just one case study, a potential client will much better understand:

  • the products and services you offer and
  • how you can adapt them to individual clients’ needs.

You should also send a link to each business case study to the people and companies receiving your email newsletter.

You could also post a link to your case study on social media or base a social media advertising campaign around it for much wider and more targeted distribution.

Case studies are also useful when repackaged as PDFs – your reps can use them as sales collateral which they can send out to the clients they’re trying to persuade to go ahead with their order.

When you get in touch with us, ask us about the most efficient ways to distribute your case study to potential clients.

Get in touch with us about our business case study writing service

Business case studies are remarkably powerful tools in persuading a potential client that your products and services and the way your company operates are:

  • customisable to each individual clients’ needs and
  • superior to your competitors.

And this is more important than ever for B2B customers particularly on high-ticket or operationally-sensitive products and services.

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    Case study writing – interesting links and more information

    Case studies can form an important part of your overall current marketing strategy and they’re particularly well suited to content marketing campaigns. 

    For your information and research, we have compiled a list of informative articles third-party websites discussing the benefits of case studies and what the characteristics of the most successful case studies are.

    Although we have our own style of writing here at More Than Words, we deploy in our own work for our clients many similar techniques as these other industry experts:

    To speak with one of our case study copy writing professionals, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.