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Compelling, engaging, credibility-building e-books your target audience will appreciate and react to

Let the More Than Words e-book writing service team work with you to significantly drive up the number of…

  • new visitors,
  • new email subscribers,
  • new social media followers,
  • new enquiries, and
  • new sales to your company

…by creating an e-book which resonates and connects with your target customers.

Your e-book does not require the people who read it to be experts in your products or services.

In fact, the readers who get the most from your e-book will tend to be lay readers with an interest in what you sell and a desire to find out more.

E-books showcase your confidence, capability, and depth of knowledge using an approachable and personal tone of voice.

They demonstrate your company’s credibility and your ability to provide your customers with what they want.

Our e-book writing services

Please let us know what you want us to write about when you contact us together with information on the audiences you’re targeting.

We would also appreciate knowing whether you intend to…

  • give the e-book away as part of a promotional campaign or
  • sell it online

…as this affects the style your e-book ghostwriter will adopt for the project.

Once we feel we have the full scope of what it is you want to achieve, we’ll come back with a suggested table of contents for your consideration.

Once we have agreed a content plan for your e-book with you, we’ll then send you a quote for your consideration.

More Than Words note – the authorship of your e-book is credited to the company or individual placing the order or any person specific by you.

Our e-book promotion and distribution service

In addition to and designing, we can develop a marketing plan with you to promote your book to the consumers and business decision makers most likely to have an interest in your product or service.

We can assist you with:

There is an additonal charge for our e-book promotion and distribution service.

Get an e-book written and distributed by More Than Words

The price charged for an e-book project depends on:

  • the complexity of the subject matter,
  • the target number of words, and
  • any promotional activities you wish us to carry out for you.

The price will remain fixed although we reserve the right to unilaterally alter the quote if, during the writing of the e-book, there is significant deviation required from the agreed table of contents meaning that extra research and writer time is required

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Four key approaches to creating a successful e-book

The marketing potential e-books offer to your business

Writing and distributing a high-quality, plain English e-book is one of the most successful content marketing strategies.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a longer-term strategy to build ongoing and valuable customer relationships through the creation of marketing materials which are easy to find and easy to share with others.

Successful current content marketing techniques includes creating brand new material to be found online such as blogs, articles, videos, social media posts, email newsletters, and so on.

Content is designed to be easily found and shared

E-books meet both main content marketing criteria.

An e-book offers your company the opportunity to go into depth about the value you add to your clients’ lives and businesses.

Ebook content marketing is feels more ‘real’ and ‘authentic’.

It offers great value for the reader, your potential customer, because an e-book is a significant step above a standard email newsletter or blog post.

The popularity of downloadable eBooks is growing as businesses recognise the commercial benefits of sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm on their products and services with information-hungry target clients.

E-books are a superb lead generation tool

Trust and authority is everything in today’s marketplace where you can find others’ reviews of your company with a quick search.

E-books provide a highly effect way of engaging customers with your brand and it allows reader to begin the process of building trust in your company and its products and services.

How do e-books generate leads and sales?

They’re often used during the awareness stage – that’s the point at which someone is beginning to realise that they or their business has a need for your products or services.

Properly-promoted e-books are a way to capture these awareness-stage potential customers’ attention their details.

Your company benefits by being the firm which provides future clients with the information, detail, and insight they’re searching for.

Many e-books are offered by companies as a download in exchange for personal or professional contact information.

Once you have a reader’s personal details, you can stay in touch with them via a regular email newsletter so that, when the time comes to choose a supplier, you have the advantage of your brand being a trusted brand.

Ask your account manager about how to incorporate your e-book into your current marketing activities when you enquire about our e-book writing service.

E-book - FAQ

E-books are far less formal than white papers – white papers are traditionally used for complex B2B sales.

E-books also tend to be used much earlier on in the buying cycle.

They are suitable for less complex, lower-tickets items than white papers.

Ideally, the professional e-book writer you work with should have, like each of the e-book ghostwriters working at More Than Words, experience in writing white papers and a career history in front-line sales and marketing.

Your e-book can be about anything you want it to be about.

It’s always best to treat the creation of an e-book as a commercial project.

You should let your e-book ghostwriter know from the start what you want to achieve commercially from the project.

So, at all points, you should be thinking about ‘how is this e-book going to make my business money?’

Aim for an e-book which understands, likes, and wants to serve its audience.

And remember that the marketing of your e-book is just as important as its creation.

E-books not only drive new enquiries but they convert those enquiries into orders.

E-books are lighter versions of white papers so there’s not the need to source as much.

However, people still appreciate it when you back up what you say with facts, proof, references, and so on.

It gives you extra credibility and makes you sound knowledgeable about your subject matter.

Keywords and keyword selection are important for any e-book.

That’s because the e-book itself will often be reused and repurposed both to promote the e-book itself and your wider business.

How can you repurpose an e-book?

One successful way is to ask your e-book ghostwriting services provider to make each chapter at least 1,500 pages long so that they can later be slightly amended to be turned into traffic-generating blogs and articles.

The more Google-friendly your e-book, the more Google-friendly the marketing materials that you may create from it later on.

As well as writing your e-book, we can design it in a number of different formats too. We can also use your images and royalty-free images in your e-book.

There is an additional charge for each format we convert your e-book into.

When we start your project, we want to understand your average buyer as best as possible so we can write in a style that they enjoy and appreciate.

The more your readers can see themselves or their business in your e-book, the greater the engagement they will have with it.

An e-book, like all other marketing activities you perform, should address the hopes, fears, anxieties, and pain points of its readers.

Before we start writing your e-book, we plan out the contents in coordination with you including:

  • the introduction,
  • the chapters,
  • the tone of voice,
  • the conclusion, and
  • how we encourage them to get in touch with you.

When we’ve agreed your e-book’s outline, we’ll then present you with a series of milestones – key progress points – for your project so that you can be sure that we’re on track for completion.

Please note that, while revisions to the above are possible once work has commenced, we reserve the right to charge extra for substantial revisions to an agreed content plan.

Yes. There are millions of e-books for sale.

You can sell your e-book on a variety of different platforms. Please let us know prior to designing your e-book that you want to sell it to clients.

At each milestone stage, we’ll send you what we’ve done so far so you can provide review and feedback to us.

Except in circumstances agreed prior with your account manager or your copywriter, we will not continue with work on the project until you have given us your full feedback at each milestone stage.

We won’t consider the project complete until you sign off the final draft.

Yes. Other than any quotes we take from 3rd party sources (which will be referenced), the copy in your e-book will be 100% unique.

Working with the More Than Words e-book writing service team

Our top e-book writers will enjoy getting to know you, your business, and your marketplace.

They’re very friendly, talented, and approachable but please be in no doubt that they are commercial copywriters first and foremost.

Commercial copywriters focus on delivering customers a return on your money.

They do that by understanding your target audience and what motivates them.

The brand voice we use in your e-book makes you and your company their friend – it’s human contact.

And the knowledge inside your company we include in your e-book makes you their advisor and guide.

Our e-book writing service

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    E-book writing service – interesting links and more information

    Enquiries and web visitors appreciate the e-books written by companies – it demonstrates both a commitment to sharing knowledge and to customer support.

    Often, the thing which stops a web visitor becoming an enquirer is a lack of knowledge – it’s similar to how nervous someone who wants to buy a second-hand vehicle but who knows nothing about cars feels when they’re speaking with a dealer.

    E-books and content marketing level the playing field for the reader.

    You enlighten the visitor and you give them the information and the insight they need to speak confidently with you about what they want.

    We’ve put together a list of seven articles written by third parties which explore the benefits of incorporating downloadable e-books into your content marketing strategy:

    To speak to us and one of our in-house professional book writers for hire, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us for more information and support.