Lead with a must-open subject line
Include a compelling preview text
Open with grabby headline
Engage with compelling body copy
Provoke response with a call-to-action
Plan up to 24 emails in advance

Generating the greatest returns on your bought-in B2B email lists

For the most responsive B2B email campaigns you run using bought-in lists, you need two things. First, an accurate database. Second, sales-driven, benefits-led, responsive-provoking email copywriting.

We should know.

We have our own in-house email marketing service and the people working on that team consistently come up with the most creative copy for our clients’ campaigns.

And we can do the same for you.

B2B email marketing is a marathon, not a sprint

When you buy in email data from a list broker or owner, you need to make sure that you have the right to use the data for 12 months.

With each email campaign you send over the course of a year:

  • you benefit from increasing levels of confidence and trust in your company among the decision makers you’re contacting and
  • your target audience understands better your full range of products and services with each new campaign.

These two factors lead greater numbers of high-quality, closeable leads month after month.

The best way to make the most money from email marketing, in our experience, is to use both a “telling” and “selling” approach over the course of your twelve emails.

If all you ever do is pitch with every contact you make, your open rates and click through rates will go down over time.

You have to give these decision makers an extra reason to open your email other than the promise of a deal.

For this, you need email sequence copywriting.

With email sequence pitching, you vary the content of each message with a view to both:

  • driving leads and enquiries over the course of the year and
  • building up your company’s credibility, authority, and trustworthiness by providing quality information of interest to your target audience.

Our email copywriting service

Let us know who is on the database you’ve bought and the products and services you want to sell to them.

When you speak with us, please tell us what your commercial objectives for your email marketing campaign are.

We’ll then research what you’re selling, your company and its history, and the marketplace you operate in.

After we have finished our research, we’ll then present to you a 12-month plan showing the content of the messages we propose you send to recipients.

In many cases, we recommend that you also invest in downloadable content (like an e-book, white paper, product description sheet, and so on) which you would then use on your campaigns to generate more leads.

Ordering from us

We charge for email copywriting on a piece-by-piece basis.

The more email copy you order from us, the lower the unit cost we charge.

We do offer email copywriting services for solo emails (one-off email campaigns) however the unit costs on these are higher because we still have to undertake research as part of our service.

Find out more

To speak with one of our account managers about email copywriting and email sequence copywriting, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

If you want to purchase email databases, please ask about our B2B email database, our school email address list, and our public sector email addresses database when you call.

Please note that our email copywriting and email sequence copywriting services are included as standard on the managed B2B email marketing campaign we offer, on our managed school email marketing campaigns, and on our email marketing campaigns to the public sector.

The four most successful techniques we use in email marketing copywriting

Work with an experienced email copywriting services team to generate maximum responsiveness from your bought-in B2B lists

B2B email marketing still produces great returns.

Remember all the worry over GDPR?

It seems a long time ago now but its introduction had a significant effect.

The amount of email traffic sent to…

  • businesses,
  • the education sector, and
  • the public sector

…went down significantly after it became law.

And it’s never recovered.

The problem is that so many people don’t actually understand what the GDPR laws mean and how to comply with them.

They’re not emailing prospects when they actually have every legal right to do so.

Remember when email marketing was the big thing and everyone predicted the death of postal marketing?

Not many business know that, as postal volumes went down following the adoption of email marketing, postal response rates actually went up significantly.

And exactly the same thing is happening now with email marketing because there aren’t as many emails being sent as there used to be.

We’re here to help you take full advantage of it.

How we write email campaigns that convert

Businesses like free things.

They appreciate the companies which give them free things.

Particularly if that free thing helps them do better at work and look better in front of their colleagues.

Plan out over the course of 12 months two or three free downloads to educate recipients and build loyalty towards your company.

Business buyers like discounts too.

They appreciate the companies which give them discounted goods and services.

Particularly if those discounted goods and services save their company or organisation money and it makes the buyer look good personally.

Let us help you time those discounts and sell them well and sell them hard by email.

To build up your company’s credibility and its brand, you need to be seen by clients on your bought-in list for 12 months.

We plan out the campaigns and the structure right at the start but there’s enough flexibility in our service to take the odd change of plan on the way to maximising sales.

Pre-sale buyers’ remorse affects all sales staff.

Prospective clients are not answering your reps’ calls anymore despite the fact the client promised they’d do business.

By addressing and overcoming pain points in your email copy, you can give the confidence prospective buyers need to have prior to purchase.

You know that snippet of writing underneath the sender name in Outlook or to the right in Gmail?

That’s preview text and it’s actually extra selling space.

We believe it’s a second subject line – a second chance to sell the contents of the email – so we make full use of the 35-140 characters available.

You might have what is otherwise a compelling 250-word email which sells your product or service really well.

But you’re in danger of losing recipients’ attentions with a word or phrase devoid of meaning like “synergy” or a phrase like “paradigm shift” on the sixth paragraph.

Where you use jargon, you should always explain it in no more than a sentence.

Companies are happier to buy when they are clear what something does for them.

Business decision-makers are under a lot of pressure to spend money wisely so use the language in your email to tell a story which they can see themselves being part of.

By around the third or fourth email, you’ll notice that some recipients interact with you more than others.

There are real benefits to be had at this point for writing different emails to recipients based upon their levels of responsiveness.

You’ll notice this page is full of headlines and sub-headlines.

That’s because we think you’re more likely to skim it first and then decide if you want to read more based on those headlines.

This approach is particularly effective on emails too.

There is one fine town in Yorkshire with a sequence of four letters within its name which means it nearly always gets blocked by spam filters.

We write your emails to work in conjunction with spam filters to make sure the maximum number get delivered.

If you have children and you take them into an ice cream parlour with 16 different varieties for them to choose from, you know how racked by indecision they become.

People buying for businesses, schools, or their public sector organisation are exactly the same.

Keep the number of product or service options on your email to an absolute minimum.

Certain sofa manufacturers here in Britain seem to be locked in a cycle of never-ending sales.

The strange thing is that, 30 years after the tactic was first used, it still works.

You should not use urgency on every email but, on some, you should offer a discount or another form of incentive to speed the sale along.

A discount can go a long way to cementing ongoing customer loyalty and tempting clients away from competitors.

Yes. We’re here to help businesses sell to British consumers and British decision makers.

British English has a number of different features and oddities which make it unique from every other form of English in the world.

And because we’re all British English native speakers, we know what they are.

Some of our favourite work is for overseas countries.

Just because we’re all native British English speakers doesn’t mean we’re closed off to clients in the rest of the world.

When companies bring amazing products and services to our country, we want to help you sell them.


It’s a founding belief of the business that everyone who pays us money deserves 100% original, engaging, properly-thought-out content which makes you sound great.

What we create must convey your uniqueness as a business and makes companies want to buy things from you.

Use our email copywriting professionals to generate strong leads from your bought-in lists

Email marketing campaign response rates go through the roof once your brand becomes familiar to recipients.

And the quickest way to achieve familiarity is to be seen multiple times.

This is a part of a two-step process called the “buying cycle”.

First, the more a business decision maker sees you, the more they begin to trust you.

Second, different companies and organisations are ready to buy at different times.

If your company is known and trusted just at the point a decision maker is ready to make a decision, you’ve got a distinct competitive advantage.

Sequencing 12 emails with an email copywriting professional over the course of the year will often deliver you a £42 or more return on every £1 you spend.

Contact us to find out:

  • how to master email marketing,
  • what your readers want to see, and
  • what you need to offer them so that they respond.

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