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Win additional sales from clients
Clients appreciate regular contact
Canvass opinions, share updates
Segment your list – get more niche
Follow up opens & clickthroughs

Creating email newsletters your clients & prospects enjoy and look forward to

An email newsletter is an email you send regularly to your clients and prospects containing:

  • changes to legislation which may affect recipients’ lives or businesses
  • opportunities which recipients may not be aware of
  • the thoughts, opinions, and observations you have about your sector which may be of interest to recipients
  • information on your new and existing products and services, and
  • general news about your company.

More Than Words dictionary – your “prospects” are the people and the companies which have previously been in touch with you but where no purchase has yet been made.

For many companies, their primary sales and marketing focus is on finding brand new clients and persuading them to purchase their products and services.

However, many companies significantly underestimate the sales values and volumes available for them to unlock within their existing customer database.

And while your prospects have not yet bought from your company, they have engaged with you before – this is important.

By emailing your prospects once a month, you build on their existing knowledge of your company and it’s an opportunity to remind them of:

  • your credibility and authority in your sector and
  • the products and services you can offer them.

We would always recommend that you continue your ongoing drive to find brand new customers.

But, the cost of sale is five times higher finding new customers to buy from you than selling to existing ones.

So there is a strong business case for diverting a fraction of your marketing expenditure into regular email newsletter communication with the decision makers on your customer and prospect database.

Our email newsletter writing service

Prior to contacting us, you should commit your company to at least 12 email newsletters to your clients and prospects.

Although many companies send email newsletters monthly, we recommend sending them fortnightly.

Our switch from monthly to fortnightly has led to an improvement in sales from existing customers and only a fractionally higher unsubscribe rate.

When you contact us, please tell us as much as possible about:

  • what your revenue and sales goals are from using email newsletters,
  • your business and its history,
  • the products and services you sell and why your clients buy them,
  • the marketplace you operate in,
  • the products and services you want to sell the most (not necessarily always the product or service you sell the most of), and
  • your clients’ average order value.

Using this information, we then create a plan for what the contents of your first 12 emails should be.

In nearly all cases, we recommend that, in addition to investing in the content from us, we create additional downloadable and shareable content to encourage further interaction with your campaigns.

You can use the same downloadable and shareable content on social media and other marketing channels to achieve a greater return on your investment – we will show you how.

Ordering from us

We have three levels of service we offer to email newsletter writing clients:

  1. Email newsletter writing only,
  2. Email newsletter writing plus email design, and
  3. Managed email newsletter service – we design and write your email newsletters, send them to your clients and prospects, then send you a campaign report showing you how each individual client and prospect interacted with your newsletter.

For Service 3, the information and statistics shown on each report are as follows:

  • who opened your email and how many times they opened your email,
  • who clicked through to your website from your email and how many times they clicked through, and
  • who requested not to receive any further information (the unsubscribes)

Many of our email newsletter and email marketing clients enjoy even greater success on their campaigns by following up with the recipients who opened and clicked through the most – please ask us when you call how you can do this for your company.

We’ll provide you with a price once we know which level of service you require and according to the content plan we suggest to you.

Find out more

To speak with one of our account managers about launching an email newsletter campaign for your business, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or email us by clicking here.

Four key approaches for creating a successful email newsletter service to clients & prospects

8% of businesses make more than half of their sales from email marketing

In fact, when done right, email marketing to your existing clients, lapsed clients, and prospects can be responsible for generating more than 30% of a company’s online revenues.

90% of customers state that they prefer to receive updates from a company or supplier via an email newsletter with only 10% choosing Facebook.

And one in five of us read every email newsletter they receive to see if there’s an offer in there.

The right newsletter content strategy for your client base and prospects will lead to a significant increase in the volume and value of sales for your business.

The value of your customers…to someone else

If anyone were to approach you right now and offer to buy your business, you can safely bet that they’ll want to know two things before nearly anything else.

First, how many customer email addresses do you have?

Second, how many prospect email addresses do you have?

Why? It’s because, in the week after they’d bought you out, they’d start regular campaigns to both to increase turnover.

In the right hands, a new owner might be able to double or treble your turnover by sending email newsletters to and by calling up your customers.

We believe you should take advantage of this opportunity right now.

Creating successful email newsletter sequences

Important developments within your company? New talent, new department?

Use your email newsletter to let clients and prospects know just how this will benefit them.

Have you added a new product or service which will add significant value to your clients’ businesses?

Give clients and prospects the basic outline and encourage direct contact with you.

Email newsletters offer additional sale and upsale opportunities to your company.

Certain months of the year are always slower than others.

Even out the turnover between months by incentivising customers to bring a buying decision forward by offering a special, time-limited discount.

Has a customer told you just how much they appreciate the goods or services you provide them with?

Turn it into a mini-case study by email precisely describing the specific service or benefit and exactly how it has benefited your customer.

Do you have knowledge or insight on a recent development in the industry which could make a commercial difference to the businesses of your clients?

If you do and if you can describe how it will affect them, inform them, advise them, and invite contact.

Have the regulations affecting your clients changed so much so that it will affect the way they run their businesses?

Or do you know of a forthcoming change?

Demonstrate your knowledge of the sector and let clients knowing that you’re thinking of them with a news update and outline the implications of these changes.

Do your best to encourage and invite interaction between you and your clients and subscribers every time you contact them.

Remember that different people are ready to buy at different times.

If someone emails you back saying that the time suggested was inconvenient, contact them straight away with alternatives.

If your sector is notable for its use of jargon, help demystify that jargon by including a definition of an industry term in each newsletter.

Answer the questions subscribers might be afraid to ask for fear of potential embarrassment.

Never take full attention for granted from customers and subscribers.

Use headlines, sub-headlines, and white space to break up the message so that it can be skim-read first and saved for follow-up later.

If you are active on social media, encourage customers and prospects to follow you on social media.

However, only do this if you are genuinely active on social media otherwise it’s counterproductive.

You’re at the crossroads of hundreds or even thousands of business customers and subscribers.

Could you pass help and advice messages through your email newsletter to encourage a feeling of community and to present potential new business opportunities?

Regular contact by email gives your company the opportunity to establish your company voice.

People buy people first so make sure that your personality comes across in every email and that every email is full of interesting and actionable information of genuine use to your recipients.

Email newsletters are highly valued by B2B marketers

83% of pro B2B marketers use a regular email newsletter to sell more goods and services to:

  • the same people and companies who have bought from them before as well as
  • to those who have left their details but who are yet to buy.

Depending on their customer base, some companies send emails once a month, others once a week, others send daily email newsletters.

The best email newsletter are those newsletters sent to you by companies which you learn something from and which make you an offer.

Companies using email newsletters in the right way generate significant and predictable revenue from customers and prospects week after week and month after month.

However, among companies at large, use of email newsletters is actually quite rare.

And this will also be the case with your competitors as well so you should take advantage of the opportunities on offer by launching an email newsletter campaign before they do.

Might customers actually be offended that you’re not in regular touch by email newsletter?

The very high levels of business generated by email newsletter marketing may actually be a reaction to the fact that so few companies use this proven marketing approach.

Some customers might think that, once you’ve got their money, you don’t really care anymore.

Of course, that could not be further from the truth.

However it’s the lack of follow-up and the lack of customer expectation management which means that valuable extra revenue from your existing customers is largely missing.

That’s not meant to sound critical of your business.

We know how hard it is to run a company.

But you’re missing out.

Customers may spend more money with companies sending them newsletters because, at last, someone is remembering that they actually exist.

It is possible to unlock massive value from your existing customers without having to put a day aside to write each email newsletter.

You can let us do it for you as part of an ongoing lead generation plan.

Find out more about More Than Words’ email newsletter service

For a monthly subscription, More Than Words will, together with you, plan a series of email newsletters to your entire database or to individual groups you identify as having potential.

Email newsletters breathe life and vitality back into your company in the minds of customers and subscribers.

Through a better and deeper knowledge of…

  • your company,
  • your products/services, and
  • your customers

…let us help you realise the value of your biggest unrealised asset – your customer and contact database – which others would pay massive amounts of money for.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

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