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Native advertising – what you need to know about it and how to take advantage of it

What is native advertising?

Think of newspaper and magazine websites you regularly visit.

Think of the social media platforms you regularly go to.

As well as trusting the content you find on these sites, you also like the way the information is laid out on the screen.

And it’s that preference for that style and presentation of content which native advertising exploits.

Native advertising is sponsored content which appears like it’s part of the site it’s being displayed on.

This approach to marketing delivers comparatively and consistently higher returns on investment than banner ads and other traditional visual forms of on-site advertising.

It has become a very popular way of feed readers’ insatiable appetite for content.

Native advertising is one of our fastest growing www.morethanwords.net services for clients because of the demand it serves and the returns it delivers.

Our native advertising for SEO service

More Than Words creates sticky, compelling, and engaging campaigns.

We work with you on everything from headlines, image selection, article content, marketing collateral, and more.

Using an understanding of your audience and its motivations for buying from you, we build full campaigns for our clients including the creation of:

  • content placement recommendation,
  • which promoted listings to target,
  • native ad articles
  • search display ads,
  • in-feed native ads,
  • in-ad with native element campaigns, and
  • general native ad formats

Get in touch with us to let us know the commercial outcomes you want to achieve with your native campaign and we will put together a fully-costed content plan for you.

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Our approach to native advertising

Native ads vs display ads – native advertising trends

Native advertising is bigger than display ads, contact buttons, and all other on-screen marketing approaches all put together.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, seven out of ten web users want to learn about products through content marketing than by traditional adverts.

This preference works strongly to your advantage.

Products and services promoted by native advertising platforms receive more than 50% views than normal display ads and visitors are 18% more likely to buy.

In fact, the buying intent of consumers of native content is even higher.

Companies also use native content and distribution to find customers and win new business on social networks (Facebook in particular) than on any other type of platform.

Those little ads at the top of your Gmail? That’s native advertising as well.

Contact us to put together a content plan to help your companies take full advantage of the opportunity on offer.

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    Native advertising – interesting links and more information

    Native advertising is an important element in any overall content marketing strategy. Native advertising can be used to retarget your existing customers and website visitors and to prick the interest of people at the beginning of their purchasing journey.

    In order to help readers understand more about native advertising, we’ve compiled a list of five articles from third-party websites. These articles discuss what native advertising is, how it works, and how web users interact. Although we have our own method for writing and planning native advertising for clients, we share many techniques in common with these industry experts:

    To speak with one of our account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.