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Free your site of unimaginative manufacturer product descriptions which engage and excite no-one

When visitors land on the pages on your site containing your product descriptions, statistics tell us that they’ll only actually view 16% of your page.

And it’s a battle to get them to your website in the first place.

You may have started to advertise your products with one or more of the major platforms.

This is good but the problem is that, every time someone clicks through to have a look, you pay Google, Amazon, or eBay for the privilege.

These pay-per-click visitors eat into your profit margins.

Woese than that, when you stop advertising, the visitors stop.

There is a way however to attract new customers over the long term without having to pay the giant search engines and online platforms for every click.

And that’s by investing in 100% original, Google-optimised, sales-driven product description copywriting.

Our product description copywriting service

Our SEO-trained sales copywriters create completely unique, SEO-friendly product descriptions for your site and for any online platforms where your company has a presence.

With each product or service we write about, we’ll supply you with the keywords (primary and long tail) we’ve included in the copy for your records.

These keywords are an important part of the reason why your rewritten and revamped product and service description pages will rank so highly .

Please send us over a sample of the products you wish to sell and we’ll get back to you to let you know:

  • how long each article should be as a minimum,
  • the general structure of each description we’d write for your site, and
  • the tone of voice we’ll use in your descriptions.

Ordering product descriptions from More Than Words

We charge for each product description we write for you.

The more product descriptions you’d like us to write for you, the lower the unit cost will be.

We can normally begin work on writing your product descriptions within a few days of receiving your confirmation that you wish to proceed and your payment.

Find out more

To speak with one of our account managers about creating completely original, buyer-focused, benefits-led copywriting for your products and services, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or email us by clicking here.

Four key steps to turn visitors into customers with product description writing

SEO-friendly product descriptions which connect with potential customers

There are two important steps your copywriters take when they’re planning how to increase the conversion rate on the e-commerce sites they work on.

For the first step, they include in the text they write a hidden code which Google needs to see on every product and service you have for sale.

What that hidden code tells Google, the other search engines, and the major online shopping platforms is the information they need to know to index each product and service correctly.

The better that hidden code is written, the higher your product page will appear when people searching for information and comparing prices.

Getting people to your product page is important but remember that no sale has been made yet.

This is where the second step comes in.

Your website needs well-written, engaging, personal, benefits-led, and throughly creative product descriptions to tell your potential customers what makes each product and service you offer great and why they should buy from you.

In your description, you must understand and address:

  • why someone would want your product or service, and
  • what’s stopping them from doing buying it now.

Each product or service description on your site should tell your visitors a story in which:

  • they can see themselves and
  • you demonstrate the value and satisfaction that your product or service will deliver to them post-purchase.

Our 8-step approach to creating high-ranking product descriptions which sell to your customers

Many of your visitors will not have the time to view all of your product pages or to read all of your product descriptions unless you give them the justification to read on.

However, through the use of headlines, sub-headlines, lists of benefits, and pictures, we can interest them enough to make the decision to spend the time they need to read the whole page and to understand what you’re offering.

Buyers may only be on the page for a few seconds.

We make the most of that time with the use of emotive power words that sell.

Our words convince readers that the product or service you’re offering is impressive, exciting, and value for money.

We show them how your product or service will help them personally or help their business.

When looking for your product, visitors will see your page title and meta description on the search engine results page.

That’s your first opportunity to grab buyer attention.

With each product we provide full meta information provided for each description.

There will be up to eight (sometimes more) keyword search terms related to your specific product.

We do the research on these keywords (including long tail keywords) to fully optimise your metas (the text accompanying pictures of your product) and your product description.

More optimistion equals more visitors.

Even when a buyer lands on your page and they like your product, they’ll have objections relating to price, style, size, lack of awareness of your brand.

For each product, we will write to address the objections or obstacles stopping a sale from taking place – this is sometimes called buyer resistance.

A product description which really engages with customers and persuades them to buy must pack an emotional punch.

That punch is delivered through describing benefits which buyers really relate to and by giving them the details they need to make up their mind.

The closer we can make the story to the situation of a customer, the more you’ll sell.

We do research into your company, into your audience, and into the market you operate in – full due diligence.

We want to see your proposition from every angle so that we’re best able to capture the extravalue that buyers need to see to buy.

Some products can sell really well using one or two sentence descriptions. Others require more in-depth descriptions.

We can help you run split A/B tests on any products you want, particularly your best sellers.

There is no short cut to creating great product descriptions that convert

Please don’t use your suppliers’ descriptions – everyone else is using them and your suppliers wrote that text to sell to retailers like you and not to your end users.

Copying product descriptions from your suppliers also confuses Google.

If you and one hundred of your competitors are using the same descriptions, how does it choose which to list on page 1?

You might be tempted to use a product description generator or an online store description generator.

Google doesn’t like them though and they don’t grab visitors’ attention and make them want to buy when they’re at your site.

Product description templates can be useful to give you a general structure for your copy but they often limit the room for creative manoeuvre available to your writer.

When writing descriptions, examples our copywriters use to base their work on may include your competitors’ descriptions.

This is because these descriptions already rank at or near the top of Google.

Competitors of yours whose products and services rank highly in search results right now will be using a vivid, SEO-friendly mix of emotive writing led by benefits using power words that sell.

It’s time for you to start competing against them.

Work with experienced production description copywriters whose content drives sales – from carpets to picnic tables

Your customers are worth more than a copy-and-paste of your manufacturer’s description.

They want to feel valued and that you understand them.

If your product descriptions don’t demonstrate the extra value you add over and above your competitors, then it’s a price war between you and them.

No-one wins in a price war.

Online shoppers want authenticity more than ever before.

And there’s nothing more authentic than talking to them directly through your product descriptions and demonstrating to them that you absolutely love and are proud of the products you sell.

Find out more about our product description writing service

First, we’ll get far more visitors to your website with SEO-optimised, high quality product descriptions.

Second, the copy we create will either:

  • generate immediate online sales or
  • persuade visitors to send you their contact details for your sales team to follow up.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you. We have lots of different sample product descriptions we can send you so you can get a better idea of our approach to this type of work.

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    Product descriptions – interesting links and more information

    Writing great product descriptions not only improves your chances of closing the deal or getting their contact details when they’re on your site, it makes your whole website more valuable to Google.

    Google only exists to provide the best search results for its users and the way to place your products as highly as possible on the site is to give Google exactly what they want.

    If you’re considering refreshing the product descriptions on your website or you want to find out more on how great product descriptions can increase traffic and sales, we’ve compiled a list of seven articles for you to read up more on the subject below:

    Our copywriters particularly enjoy writing product descriptions for clients and we’d love the opportunity to find out how we can help you.

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