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Straightforward structure
Engaging, professional tone
Attention-grabbing headline
Researched and targeted
Jargon-free plain English

How to write a sales letter which engages & persuades

Do sales letters still work? And what added value does a sales letter copywriter bring to their clients?

On average, direct mail is still up to five times more effective than email marketing.

By using an experienced sales letter copywriter, the return on your campaigns may be even higher than the average.

The anatomy of a sales letter likely to deliver our clients the very highest response rates includes:

  • an attention grabbing headline – the headline sells the content of the rest of the letter,
  • a description of the problems a recipient is facing (lack of efficiency, lower-than-desired profit margins, inability to exploit an opportunity, and so on),
  • an explanation of how your product or service overcomes these problems,
  • a section building your company’s credibility and its ability to deliver the results your clients want even if your product or service needs bespoke adaptation for each client,
  • a guarantee of quality, value for money, and efficacy, and
  • an offer – a reason for a recipient to contact you now and giving them the justification they need to bring a future decision forward in time.

Postal sales letters – when they’re written well – present your firm as authentic & professional and the products & services you offer as well-priced, efficacious, relevant, and value-adding.

The best sales letter in the world will evoke excitement in a readers’ mind about your products and services and instill a compelling urge in them to get in touch with you.

The best marketing sales letters present a strong, well-thought-out proposal worthy of serious consideration over the course of a few minutes.

The best pulling sales letters feel like they were specifically written for each recipient.

They end with a strong call to action which prompt recipients to get in touch.

A well-executed direct mail campaigns will deliver immediate and closeable enquiries for your sales team to deal with.

A well-written sales letter is successful direct marketing in its purest, more commercial, most response-orientated form.

Our sales letter writing service

The most common type of sales letter we write are cold letters.

Cold letters are sent to business decision makers or consumers where there is no prior relationship with your company.

The other types of sales letters we write for clients include:

  • customer winback letters (sometimes called lost customer sales letters),
  • special event sales letters containing invitations (for example, company birthdays, product launches, and so on),
  • holiday-inspired sales letters (which use the holiday in question as an artifical time-constraint to bring in leads or sales before a given holiday date), and
  • “thank you” sales letters containing special offers for existing clients.

For all sales letters, we often recommend the inclusion of one or more additional inserts in the envelope to stimulate further engagement.

We’re able to provide the copy and the design for the letter itself as well as the inserts.

What we charge

We charge a one-off fee for the creation of a sales letter and any accompanying inserts within the envelope.

Included within the fee is the research time we carry out on:

  • your company,
  • its products and services,
  • the reasons why clients buy (and don’t buy) your products and services, and
  • your competitors & the marketplace.

This research is essential in assisting our sales letter copywriters to decide on the approach which is most likely to deliver the results you’re seeking to achieve.

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Two key factors behind the most successful sales letter campaigns

Recent figures show the high level of return enjoyed by sales letters

Businesses are currently prioritising spending on digital marketing over spending on direct mail campaigns.

As a result, the volume of sales letters received by both consumers and business owners has decreased sharply in the last decade.

This drop in volume however has however coincided with a rise in the number of closeable, high-quality responses generated by direct mail campaigns.

Sales letters are currently working really well for clients regardless of whether they’re sent to:

  • recipients who have never heard of your company or to
  • recipients who are already regular clients of yours.

Existing customers who receive direct mail also spend 28% more than those who didn’t receive a letter from you.

The best sales letters reflect your potential clients’ hopes, pain points, and budget

The best sales letters address both potential customers’ pain points and their specific needs – they don’t just tell them what you’re selling in the hope that they will buy it.

The best sales letters engage with your potential customers on a deeper level – personal and/or professional.

The sales letter copywriter working on your campaign creates and then uses buyer personas to understand how your target customer usually behaves.

Buyer personas provide valuable information to our sales letter copywriters on:

  • how your would-be and existing clients prefer to be addressed and
  • how they come to a decision to make a purchase.

Buyer personas allow us to create hard-hitting, engaging sales letters which:

  • directly appeal to the types of consumers and businesses you want to sell to, and
  • prompt them into action.

We can also write a range of alternative sales letters to address the specific needs of your different types of buyers and their circumstances.

For example, if you’re writing to a buyer who might have a tight budget, we can choose more suitable cost presentations and product/service features to help them justify making a purchase now.

Most frequently asked questions about sales letters

Reports show that 4 out of 10 people like getting direct mail.

Not only that, but they tend to hold onto post for around 17 days – whereas the usual lifespan of an email is 2 seconds.

They should be fairly short.

We tend to keep our sales letters to under three sides of A4 – even interested readers don’t usually have time to read anything longer than that.

However, we do appreciate that, sometimes, clients prefer longer letters and we can create those too.

Remember that, most of the time, a sales letter is a marketing tool designed to provoke responses from recipients.

Most sales letters do not actually sell products and services – their commercial value is developing strong leads which your sales team can follow up.

Almost any business sector can benefit from using a sales letter as a part of their marketing campaign.

We work with a variety of industries from home improvement companies to luxury jewellery brands.

As involved as you want to be.

We’re happy to hear any ideas you might have and we’d love to brainstorm ideas for you.

We have a detailed consultation with you first to find out exactly what you want to achieve and we produce sales letters solely focused on delivering those goals.

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A simple, straightforward message written by an experienced sales letter copywriter

A good sales letter is simple.

It doesn’t use long sentences or jargon – what you’re offering is clearly stated.

We assume no prior knowledge on the reader’s behalf so everything is explained step by step.

Simplicity is the key to a successful sales letter so that the reader understands exactly how your product or service will benefit them.

The call to action must be clear and easy to find.

We write concise sales letters – every word and sentence justifies its inclusion by adding meaning, context, and value.

Readers don’t want to trying to decipher long lists of specifications in an endless quest to figure out whether a product or service is interesting or relevant to them.

They want what they want and we deliver that to them with words.

Contacting our sales letter copywriter team

Sales letters are proven to provide a significant return on your investment – 29% to be exact – when done correctly.

We’d love to have the opportunity to work on the copywriting for your business’s sales letters.

We can provide this as part of an all-inclusive content marketing service or as a one-off product.

Each sales letter copywriter at More Than Words carefully composes the letters they write for clients by building a positive case for purchasing your products and services using a mixture of:

  • psychology,
  • buyer personas,
  • facts and figures,
  • research, and
  • the experiences of your other customers.

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    Sales letter copywriter – interesting links and more information

    Well-written marketing letters drive increased sales of your product and services.

    But how much do you know about them?

    If this is a form of advertising which is new to you, you might feel that you need more information to make a decision.

    We’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about writing your sales letter but, if you’re not ready to do that just yet, we have assembled a list of links to third-party websites discussing how effective sales letters are composed and how to make the best use of them.

    We share many writing methods with these industry experts but, of course, we have our own unique techniques too. We hope you find these resources useful:

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