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How to get much greater numbers of visitors to your website and make money from them

To benefit from substantially higher volumes of sales and enquiries from your existing website, it needs to have the very latest Google-compliant SEO on every page.

We’re now in the digital age.

The harder your website is to find on Google, the harder it is for your target audiences to find you and your products and services.

This has a direct effect on your business’s performance.

That’s because 65% of internet users only click on the five sites they see at the top of a search results page.

Your website needs to feature as highly as possible on search engine results pages to be seen by those internet users.

In addition, the text on your website needs to inform, educate, and persuade to give your company the best chance of selling to as many visitors as possible.

The text also needs to build your company’s credibility and authority and it needs to demonstrate the quality of the products and services you offer.

It’s pointless spending money on winning extra traffic if that traffic doesn’t convert into extra revenue over and above what you’re making now.

Our SEO copywriters and marketing planners will:

  • make your website a lot more visible to your target clients when they’re searching for information on your products and services and
  • persuade your visitors to spend money with you or leave their contact details for your sales team to follow up.

Our SEO copywriting service

We’ll rewrite some or all of the pages on your website, depending on your preference, to optimise them for Google and for the other search engines.

This not only includes the actual copy used on each page.

We’ll also optimise your meta titles and descriptions, external linking, internal linking, and so on – these are important Google ranking factors.

More Than Words note – depending on when your website was last fully refreshed or built, we may recommend that you would get better results by investing in a new website design as well as in our SEO copywriting content service.

When you use our SEO copywriting service, we’ll initially research:

  • your company,
  • your products and services,
  • why your clients buy (and don’t buy) your products and services,
  • what questions they ask about your products and services when they’re on their buying journey,
  • the after-sales support clients expect or want from companies in your sector, and
  • the wider marketplace including your competitors.

In addition to presenting you with a list of the pages we believe you should refresh, we’ll also present you with a “content map”.

On your content map will be a suggested bank of article and blog topics which we want to create and upload to your refreshed or new site.

By investing in your own online library of content, you:

  • give your website and all the pages on it an even greater chance of ranking very highly and
  • provide your potential clients with easily-findable, high-ranking, and valuable information they need about your company and your products and services.

After we’ve submitted our suggestions to you, we look forward to receiving your feedback and, between us, agreeing on the work you want us to do for you.

Ordering SEO copywriting

We charge a per-page fee for both your rewritten pages and for the articles and blogs we recommend.

Please note that the more pages and articles you order from us, the lower the unit cost of each.

If we recommend that your entire website is redesigned in addition to the provision of rewritten content and the articles/blogs, we’ll quote you for that separately.

Find out more

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SEO copywriting – four key elements

Why SEO copywriting is so difficult

SEO copywriting is much more than creating text for websites containing a certain number of keywords or phrases.

SEO copywriters use a combination of…

  • keywords (both prime and “long tail”)
  • external and internal linking,
  • page structure,
  • sub-headlines, and
  • target phrases

…in such a way that it sounds natural and appealing to your potential clients.

Behind those words however is a hidden code imperceptible to your potential clients giving Google the information it needs to index and rank each page on your website highly.

It’s complicated, occasionally counter-intuitive, and often needs substantial post-draft editing to get it right.

The old tricks like content copying or keyword stuffing haven’t worked for year.

Google’s algorithms are highly complex and they pick up on these so-called “black hat” techniques immediately.

When they discover the use of “black hat” techniques, they penalise you by downgrading your website to such an extent that barely anyone will ever see your site when they’re looking for information on your products and services.

More Than Words note – all SEO work we perform for you conforms to and complies with Google’s best practices.

Think of SEO copywriting services like this

SEO copywriters use language in a highly specialised way to share important and relevant information with a potential customer and with Google – at the same time.

Google first has to understand what’s on a page and then determine the quality of the content it’s found.

The more relevant and the greater the quality of the content, the higher it will rank.

For Google, high-quality content is one of the two most important factors they consider when deciding where to rank a website.

But we’re not selling to Google – we’re selling to end users.

A higher ranking won’t increase the number of enquiries or sales made via your website if what visitors are reading isn’t any good.

The text your human visitors read must be compelling, engaging, and it must provoke a positive and immediate response.

So buried within the text on a page created using SEO techniques is a message to Google which your clients never spot.

The skill of an SEO copywriter is to be able to convince both Google and your visitors that yours is a quality company offering the best products and services to its customers.

SEO copywriting – important information

We do. Even if you only require one piece of copy, we do the keyword research necessary to achieve the best result.

We can also provide you with a full SEO content marketing plan and we’ll share our research and analysis with you if you like.

Let us know about any one-off pieces of SEO copywriting you might need too as well as the commercial and sales goals you have for your company and your website when you get in touch with us.

You can if you like but we have a team of experienced SEO copywriters waiting to both:

  • optimise your current pages and
  • add new ones to build up a library of content on your site.

Let us do our research first and then come up with solutions based upon our findings for your market sector and for your products and services.

You, of course, have final veto over all the work done for you.

We can do anything from product descriptions to article writing.

All of the work we produce is SEO friendly and thoroughly researched.

Yes! Without SEO-optimised content, your website will fail to rank on Google.

Failure to rank highly on Google results on your company missing out on leads and therefore customers and profits.

Over 60% of marketers rate SEO as their number one priority and copywriting is a vital element of that strategy.

We would be happy to have a look at your current website’s content and discuss how we can help you.

We always include a healthy number of external links to improve Google ranking.

As a general rule, for an article of 2,000 words we would have approximately up to 10 external links to high domain authority websites.

Content marketing and SEO takes time.

It can take anything between 6 and 12 months to really see a significant return on investment.

However, as momentum builds, we continuously analyse data like the number of visits your website is getting, how long visitors stay for, and how many buy or leave their contact details to measure progress.

We keep you informed once a month about your website’s performance

We work with companies from a very wide range of industries including…

  • specialised building services providers
  • luxury jewellery companies
  • health and wellbeing facilities
  • travel companies

…and everything in between.

Outsourcing to a team of professional copywriters means that you’re more likely to achieve the results you want.

We do everything from keyword research to the creation of content which is appreciated and understood both by visitors and by Google.

Outsourcing to an SEO copywriter leaves you more time to do what you’re best at (and probably prefer doing anyway) – running your business.

We never plagiarise others’ work.

We run every piece of content through CopyScape – the leading plagiarism software – before sending back to you for approval.

Our work is always 100% original.

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”.

Drop us a line on 0330 010 3495, click here to email us, or you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch.

Creating sales-driven, Google-friendly copy for our clients

Before we start writing for you, we carry out thorough research into the type of content which appeals to purchasers of your products and services.

We create content which is appealing enough for them to:

  • buy from you straight away,
  • leave an enquiry for your sales team to follow up,
  • sign up to your email newsletter service, or
  • follow you on social media.

If we’re writing a page about a product or service you’re selling, we discover which keywords Google expects to see on that page before we start work.

We also look at competitor’s sites to see what you’re against.

To ensure the highest rankings possible for your website and every page on it, the copy we create for you has to be better than anything your competitors have uploaded.

The importance of story telling

To have the best chance of finishing in the top 5 search positions, current statistics show that the pages, blogs, and articles on your website should be around 2,000 words or more.

The more you tell, the more you sell.

We never use jargon or industry language because we know your clients need to understand your products or services fully.

We tell a story your customers can relate to and see themselves as starring in.

Writing about the good and the bad

Whenever someone visits your site, there are a handful of reasons in their mind stopping them from buying from you today.

These are their “pain points” – a form of pre-purchase buyers’ remorse.

For the SEO copywriting on your website to have the best chance of making a sale or generating an enquiry, it must address the doubts and fears preventing a purchase or preventing a client from getting in touch with you.

By the time the reader has reached the end of the page, the copy we’ve created for you will have…

  • excited them,
  • educated them,
  • put their mind at rest,

…and we end each page or article by telling your visitor why now is the optimal time to buy from you or to make contact with you.

It’s at this point we ask them to do just that.

That’s because great SEO copywriting is as much sales copywriting as anything else.

Contact us about SEO copywriting

The best SEO copywriting gives your website the greatest chance of being the website your target customers find when they’re actively looking information about the products and services you sell.

And when they’re at your site, it’s the quality of the copy we create for you which really drives sales and two-way interaction with prospective customers.

When writing for your website, our SEO copywriter balances the:

  • technical (data-driven statistics like keyword analysis) with the
  • personal – persuasive, powerful, customer-centred, brand-compliant writing with strong calls-to-action.

SEO copywriting increases your brand awareness and and the number of new sales and leads from your website.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our copywriting services team by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There’s plenty of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk from North Shields Metro station.

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    SEO copywriter – interesting links and more information

    To give you a wider view of the important of SEO copywriting, we have compiled a list of five useful articles from third-party websites.

    These articles go into detail about SEO copywriting, why it’s important, the best way to do it, and how audiences interact with quality copy.

    We have our own unique formula to writing successful SEO copy but we share many of the techniques we use with the following industry leaders:

    To speak with one of our product description copywriting account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.