Sales-driven copywriting
Benefit-driven descriptions
Enhances online credibility
Goal-orientated copywriting
SEO-driven, reader-friendly
Lead copywriter is an ex-rep

A long-term investment in your company’s sales and marketing

The results achieved by website copywriting can vary just as wildly as the results achieved by sales and marketing teams.

For decades, company owners and marketing directors have asked themselves these two questions:

  1. Why is it that you can send two sales reps out on the road with the same product or service and one sells a lot while the other one struggles to sell at all?
  2. Why can you give two telesales agents the same script and one of them books appointments like they’re going out of fashion and the other can’t get past the secretary?

The answer is – words.

And how those words are presented.

Website copywriting is 50% marketing, 50% selling

In most companies:

  • the marketing team’s job is to go out and find companies and individuals interested in your products and services.
  • the sales team’s job is to convert the leads generated by the marketing team into revenue.

If the marketing team doesn’t do its job, the sales team don’t have the opportunity to close as many sales as they could.

If the sales team doesn’t do its job, the company is deprived of revenue and the marketing team gets upset that no commission is flowing their way.

For a company to be at its most profitable, its sales and marketing teams achieve the best results at the same time as each other.

Website writers are both marketers and sellers

When a website copywriter is creating text for your site, it has to be found, understood, and indexed properly by Google.

The higher the quality of the content and the more Google-friendly it is, the more visitors it will bring to your website – this is marketing.

When your visitors arrive at your site, the content on it must either make a sale or persuade the customer to contact you in some way – this is selling.

If your creative copywriter produces content which Google ranks highly but does a bad job of selling, that’s no use to you.

Conversely, if the copy on your site is brilliant sales copy but not optimised for Google, no one will see it and no one will make a purchase.

Again, that’s no use to you.

More Than Words’ website copywriters understand that you must make a long-term and substantial return on the work they do for you.

With every piece they write for you, they’re writing for two audiences – Google and your visitors.

Your More Than Words copywriter is your company’s online marketing and sales team combined.

Our website copywriting service

First, please get in touch with us.

As part of our research, we’ll ask you a series of questions about:

  • your company and its history
  • the products and services you sell
  • what motivates your customers to buy your products and services and what stops them
  • the questions you and your team are asked by customers during the sales process
  • the after-sales support you provide (the features of that support and how long it lasts for), and
  • your competitors and the wider marketplace.

Of course, we’ll also ask you to send us a link to your current website so we can review it if you have one.

Based upon what we find during our research, we’ll offer you one of four different packages:

  1. rewriting of all or some of the pages on your website,
  2. rewriting of all or some of the pages on your website plus a content plan for a library of online articles and blogs,
  3. redesign your entire website if it is particularly old plus rewriting all of the pages and a content plan for a library of online articles and blogs, or
  4. create a brand new website for you if you don’t have one including a content plan for a library of online articles and blogs.

The purpose of the plan we outline to you is to make sure that, after we’ve completed our work:

  • your website and every page on it is highly Google-optimised and likely to rank very highly,
  • the information on your website answers potential clients’ questions whatever stage of the buying journey they’re at and that they can easily find this information,
  • every page on your website tries to capture visitors’ details in some way if they’re not ready to make a purchase or leave their details for follow up yet, and
  • every page on your website persuades a customer to make a purchase or leave their details for follow up if they’re at or very near to the point of purchase.

We welcome any and all feedback to and amendments of the plan we set out for you.

We’ll then consult with you to alter the plan in such a way that you’re happy with it and ready to proceed.

We conform to and comply with all current Google-led website copywriting best practices.

Website copywriting rates

We charge a fee for every webpage and article we write for your site.

You can achieve significant discounts by ordering substantial amounts of content from us.

If we recommend that you allow us to rebuild your current website or to create a brand new website from scratch, we’ll send you a separate quote for that.

Find out more

To speak with one of our account managers about website copywriting for your company, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can email our copywriting services team by clicking here.

Our four-stage approach to successful website copywriting

Why ex-reps who know about SEO make the best website copywriters

Many of the most successful copy writing professionals started out as sales reps.

In fact, former sales reps and telesales professionals have become some of the biggest names in the world of website copywriting.

Contrary to expectations, hiring frustrated novelists or English graduates will often not produce the results you want for your website.

Why is that?

That’s because, despite their mastery of the language, they lack both the understanding of how business works and the psychology of selling.

Frustrated novelists or English graduates might have the skills to make people “feel” things from their writing.

But that’s not enough.

“Is this going to sell my client’s products and services?”

Former sales reps and telesales agents who have become professional copywriters can make people “feel” things from their writing enough to make them do what you want them to do as a result of those feelings.

A great website copywriter thinks:

  • “Which words are getting in the way of the sale?”
  • “Have I made the benefits personal enough to the reader?”
  • “Does my copy really understand why someone might want to buy this product or service and what’s stopping them at the same time?”
  • “Do I need to make the call-to-action stronger?”

A great sales-driven website copywriter cares about the quality and the content of the work they produce.

But they care about the results you get a lot more.

The right words become your online marketing & sales teams

Website copywriting is the direct equivalent of an online sales rep and telemarketer for your company.

In the way a telemarketer finds people and company interested in your product or service, an SEO copywriter ensures that your site is more likely to be found when potential customers are searching for information.

And, in the way a rep builds credibility and closes a sale, successful website copywriting must:

  • describe your products and services in a fair, attractive, and accurate way,
  • show empathy with the reader,
  • demonstrate social proof (for example through testimonials and case studies),
  • showcase authority (to give visitors confidence over your ability to do the work), and
  • explain the benefits of choosing your company over your competitors.

Before we write the web copy for your company, we first discuss it with our in-house sales reps and copywriters.

How would they present it?

What are the major selling points of your products and services?

What are the factors we need to address which may delay a purpose?

What is it about your company which sets it apart from its competitors?

The website copywriting we do for you is a sales- and contact-driven presentation of the best of you.

To make that presentation as effective as possible, we must overcome the difficult questions as well as the easier questions.

Your sales reps and telesales professionals already take your prospects on a linguistic journey removing all words and jargon which stand in the way of comprehension and agreement.

What they deliver is a compelling, clear, and concise journey with the customer as the hero.

Without the customer being at the centre of the story, the experience is matter-of-fact and impersonal – no connection is made.

English degrees are useful and nice to have.

Wide vocabularies are useful and help people wanting to impress at dinner parties and on first dates.

But English degrees and wide vocabularies can be impediments when selling or writing website copy if you’re determined to demonstrate you have one or both.

Great selling is about giving the customer what they want as simply as possible in both words and structure.

One word or one sentence which loses the reader loses the sale.

Never assume any knowledge on the part of the reader and always explain everything.

A sales rep builds up in his or her own mind the backstory of a typical customer through intuition, through experience on the job, and by listening.

All the time, a talented rep is looking for the hook which grabs attention, creates interest, and closes the sale.

Although website copywriting is initially a one-way conversation before a customer gets in touch with you, enquiries and sales improve significantly when we understand;

  • who we’re writing for,
  • what they want,
  • what they’re afraid of, and
  • why having your product or service would satisfy that want.

If someone is interested, even at a surface level initially, the more you tell, the more you sell.

If it takes 2,000 words to sell a complex product or service, that’s how many words it takes and that’s how many we’ll write.

If someone is really interested, give them the information they need to say “yes” and to proceed to either your shopping basket or to leave their details for follow-up.


We’re based in North Shields in Tyne and Wear and all our writers are native British English speakers writing for British consumers and decision makers.

As well as working with British clients, we love working with overseas firms.

Sometimes, the benefits of your product or service are lost because, despite the best efforts of your translation firm, it just doesn’t sound “right.”

If the UK is your target audience, let us write for you in the version of English they feel most comfortable and familiar with.

Yes. You have complete control over the work we do for you.

We will not stop working on your copy until you’re 100% happy with the work and you sign it off.

Better still, you have an additional 7 days after sign-off to request further revisions to your work.

In addition, every word we produce for you (except for any press quotes or manufacturer quotes we use) is 100% original.

This originality is verified by CopyScape before we present it to you for approval.

A sales-driven website copywriter knows that getting more visits is just half the battle

The sales experience on our team is vital to our being able to provide the best website copywriting services to our clients.

Selling is a balance between:

  • providing readers with the motivation they need to make a purchase and
  • recognising and addressing those issues which stop them from making a purchase.

The ability to sell face-to-face or over the phone greatly aids our team when they’re creating website copywriting content or email copywriting content.

But website copywriting requires more than that to be truly effective.

It also needs to meet strict technical requirements to make sure that your company’s website and the individual pages on it rank as high as possible on Google.

Sometimes, clients ask us to write words to help them sell their products and services online at their website.

Other times, the “sale” is capturing prospect details by getting them to phone in to speak to the sales team.

Whatever you’re selling and whatever outcome you want from the visitors to your site, please contact us now to let us know how we can help you.

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    Visitors who respond find in your web copy something they can identify with – something which makes them believe that you are the right person or company to answer their questions and to help them out.

    Every copywriting agency is different – we have our own style guide here at More Than Words.

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