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The commercial case for investing in a business white paper

Work with a More Than Words business white paper writer to create one of the most powerful B2B sales and marketing tools available for companies selling complex or high-ticket products and services and SaaS/subscription services.

What is a white paper?

A business white paper is a long-form document containing in-depth, authoritative, detailed and persuasive content on:

  • a problem or a challenge faced by the types of clients you work with,
  • how your products or services helps clients overcome those problems or challenges, and
  • the added commercial value delivered by your products or services.

They are particularly useful for generating leads and closing sales on products and services which have a direct effect on the overall efficiency and/or profitability of an organisation.

Our white paper writer service

There are three stages to our white paper writing service.

1. Understanding your need for a white paper

When you contact us, we’ll request information from you on the products or services you wish to promote with the white paper.

We’ll ask you about the problems your products or services solve or the opportunities they create for your clients.

We’ll also ask about the financial and operational costs to clients if these issues remain unsolved or opportunities unexploited.

Your white paper will examine in detail the reasons why your products or services are particularly suitable for your clients.

To help us better understand how to write your white paper, it would help us if you could provide us details on competing products and services to yours whose results are less satisfactory so we can compare and contrast them.

Once our research is done, we’ll outline a suggested structure and theme for the white paper together with a table of contents to show the narrative path we recommend.

2. Writing your white paper

White papers focus on the provision of often bespoke solutions to companies.

They do this by thoroughly examining:

  • the causes of particular problems within certain types of organisations and
  • the negative financial and operational consequences which arise because of them.

White papers detail your particular solution to a client’s problems by promoting the benefits of the particular product or service you offer.

Before your white paper copywriter begins work, we thoroughly plan the contents and the structure of the piece.

We agree with you the specific topics that you want to be covered and the products or services that you want to be promoted throughout the text.

Please note that while we are able to change direction to some degree on the structure of the white paper after work has commenced, an extra charge may be made if this creates significant extra work for our copywriters and researchers.

Although it varies between clients, a typical white paper template will contain the following:

  • Objection-handling title – a title indicating to readers that you have a solution to a current issue they may be facing and how you would deliver that solution to them.
  • Abstract and problem statement – a convincing and engaging opening description of the problem, the financial and operational consequences of the problem, and how to overcome it.
  • Background – exploration of the historical causes of the issue in as clear a linguistic way as possible and the manifestations of the issue. There should be heavy use of evidence and/or customer anecdotes in this section.
  • Solution – a persuasive argument on the solution the white paper is promoting based upon evidence and application.
  • Conclusion – a summary of the findings of the white paper.
  • References – collection and citation of all external resources used during the white paper. Multiple citations formats available.

Although a template white paper structure is often useful as a starting point, it is often the case that we will recommend a bespoke structure for your white paper.

3. Drafting, proofing, and sign off

At the outset and in conjunction with you, we will agree on a set of progress milestones for the white paper together with an agreed timescale for delivery of each milestone.

At each milestone stage, we will release the part-drafts for review.

As part of our working agreement, we would ask that you reply to us quickly at each stage so that momentum on the project is not lost.

During the process, we encourage clients to give us full, frank, and honest feedback at each milestone to help ensure that, when the first complete draft is ready, it is as close to the outcome you want as possible.

At the final stage, we perform final proofreads and resource checks before presenting the entire white paper to you for sign off.

Our white paper distribution and promotion service

If you want us to, we will organise and implement a sales and marketing campaign to guarantee maximum exposure of your white paper to the decision makers you’re targeting.

The greater the number of your prospective clients know that you have released a white paper, the greater the number of takers.

We exchange the white paper with your prospective client in return for their contact details so that your sales team can follow up.

The content distribution techniques we may use for you may include but is not limited to:

  • the creation of specific sector-targeted landing pages,
  • Google Ads campaigns,
  • LinkedIn promotion,
  • creation of presentation slides,
  • creation and scheduling of social media posts,
  • paid-for social media campaigns,
  • promotion on Quora,
  • creation of articles for posting to your blog or newsfeed,
  • collateral for email marketing promotion to customers,
  • prospects and subscribers, and
  • press releases.

White paper writer pricing

In determining how much we charge for a white paper, we factor in the level of research and the length of the copy in words.

If you’d like us to promote and market your white paper, there will be an additional charge for this service.

As with all More Than Words’ charging structures, we are aware that the cost of our services will impact on the profitability of your campaign so we endeavour to keep our prices as low as absolutely possible for our clients.

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Drive high-value enquiries and sales with a white paper

How does a white paper fit into your sales and marketing process?

The risks to a business or organisation of choosing the wrong product/service and/or supplier are great.

There will also be a substantial career risk to the person or people involved with making a wrong choice – this is often the most significant factor that sales and marketing teams have to overcome.

White papers start conversations.

They provide evidence of your company’s ability to deliver to a client’s needs and expectations.

They demonstrate the suitability and efficacy of the products and services you offer.

Companies using white papers early in their sales and marketing process do so to obtain decision maker contact details and to understand the decision making chain within the companies and organisations they’re targeting.

Your sales team can also use white papers much later on when a decision is close as a way of differentiating your company and its products and services from your competitors.

Frequently asked questions about white papers

Yes – buyer personas are particularly useful for our white paper writers.

The key questions we ask when creating a white paper are:

  • Who is the buyer?
  • What are their responsibilities?
  • Who do they work with and who are they answerable to?
  • What are their pain points and desired outcomes?

Any and all research or insight you can offer on the above is of great value to us.

Knowing who we’re writing for helps us decide the white paper topics we cover in the work we produce for you.

If you do not currently work with buyer persona documents, we can research this for you and present you with our findings.

We welcome any and all amendments and corrections on our assumptions of your typical buyers based upon your knowledge of your customer base.

Our white paper writers extensively research your company, your market sector, your products and services, your competitors, and your customer base prior to commencing work.

Of particular importance in the creation of white papers is the use of 3rd party, credible sources to back up the assertions you will be making.

During the process of writing, you will be sent drafts at different stages of production.

At each stage, we will ask that you confirm that you are happy with the facts and opinions we are presenting as well as the sources.

The final draft will then be designed (following your corporate guidelines) to a business-quality finish using the latest design software incorporating:

  • corporate-class tables,
  • graphs,
  • images, and
  • other visual materials.

As with the drafting of the text, you will be in full control of the design and appearance of the white paper.

Upon completion, we will then write and design promotional aids to encourage the highest possible number of downloads meaning that the maximum number of client contact details (with GDPR-compliant permission) are collected.

We can improve your current white paper to take account of new market developments, legislative changes, alterations to your product or service line up, and new sector intelligence.

We suggest wrapping an improved white paper in a new design to emphasise its freshness.

Do you have a white paper that you’re currently not happy with?

Would you like our analysis on its current state with regards to structure, referencing, narrative structure, design, or its persuasiveness?

We will analyse the copy in its current format and suggest ways to make it stronger.

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    White paper writer – interesting links and more information

    More Than Words’ in-house team of copy writers have written white papers for companies across a wide range of different sectors including technical white papers.

    Our aim is to illuminate and engage your readers by providing them with the information of value that you want them to know in plain English.

    In complex sales processes or for sales where there may be multiple decision-makers and influencers, white papers offer you an opportunity to establish your company’s credibility – especially when there is a lot at stake for the client.

    We have compiled a list of white paper blog posts showing the value delieverd to sales and marketing teams on these projects below:

    To speak with us about adding real impact to your current content marketing and social media marketing campaigns with a well-written, engaging, thoroughly-researched, and authoritative white paper, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here for more information and support.