Direct marketing is as lucrative as it is difficult to get right. What does that mean? Poorly written marketing copy is the biggest reason why so many sales opportunities are lost.

But your direct marketing copy doesn’t have to fall short, just read our article to learn the four easy ways that you can significantly improve your sales writing.

Decide what type of marketing copy you should create

Before you pick up your pen and paper, you’ll need to decide which type of direct marketing copy you want to create. Do you want to produce sales letters, flyers or magazine inserts?

Even with the dominance of online marketing, sales letters continue to successfully capture the interest of their reader and consistently sell their products.

However, this type of direct marketing copy isn’t restricted to physical letters that come through your letter box. While the number of sales letters delivered to your doorstep may have decreased over the last decade, you probably see multiple sales letters every day. This is because emails and website landing pages use the same sales letter format in their text.

Whichever type of direct marketing you choose to produce, you should make every piece of copy feel personal to the reader, but how? By using pronouns, your reader will feel as though you are talking directly to them and as a result will feel more inclined to follow your call to action.

Write for your target audience

Before you start to write your copy, you should find out who your target audience is and what it is that really captures their attention. To do this, your business should consider creating and distributing surveys, polls and other forms of market research to collect this important data.

Once you know who you’re writing for, you’re already halfway there. It’s so important to know who your target audience is because then you can adjust the tone, formality and vocabulary in your marketing copy. The target audience for trainers don’t want to be addressed in the same way that a businessperson looking for an accountant will want to be spoken to.

If you don’t consider your target audience and choose to write for the general population instead, you put your product at serious risk of being dismissed by everyone.

And on that point, don’t write for a hostile reader. While it would be great if your marketing copy could change the minds of customers that don’t typically like your product, that type of audience is unlikely to even notice your sales pitch. Instead, you should focus on the clients that are most receptive to the idea of buying your product.

Start strong and get straight to the point

Why should the reader give you their hard-earned money? If you give your most compelling reason for purchasing your product in the headline, you will entice your target audience to read on.

While you don’t want to “clickbait” your reader by using attention grabbing headlines that turn out to be dishonest at best, you need to make your product sound as great as you truthfully can.

Decisions are made in a matter of seconds and your reader is no exception. Within seconds of glancing over your marketing copy, your audience will have made up their mind whether they will take the time to read it or not. Sales letters don’t need an elaborate introduction, just jump into what makes your product the best on the market straight away.

Don’t forget the call to action

It doesn’t matter if your marketing copy was the best sales piece ever written, if there’s no call to action then your great writing won’t materialise into a sale. Your call to action should be a strong command to make your reader contact your sales team or buy your product on the spot.

To do this, you should create a sense of urgency by using verbs that suggest a high level of urgency, as if your service is in short supply and selling fast. Words such as “now”, “buy”, “immediately” and “call” could create the desired effect that you are after.

Your call to action should be straightforward, lack any ambiguity and make your reader know exactly who they can call or do to buy whatever it is that your selling. Speaking of a good call to action….

Hire a copywriter

A copywriter is a professional writer that can successfully write to inform and persuade your target audience. Creating marketing copy can take up hours of your precious time – that’s time that could have been better spent elsewhere.

But even after spending tedious hours writing copy, it’s unlikely that it will be as concise, informative and well written as a copywriter’s work.

We understand that outsourcing can be scary, after all how could a stranger know enough about your product or service well enough to write about it? Our team of copywriters take the time to get to know your product and understand what target audience you want to attract.

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