Guest posting is exactly as it sounds – you post a blog or an article as a guest on someone else’s website or they posting one on yours.

Guest posting is highly effective for search engine optimisation and for creating high-quality content marketing which is easy to find for your target audience but guest posting is not:

  • a quick fix to spike search engine results or
  • a shortcut to growing website traffic

Guest posting takes time, energy, and effort. It’s not easy and there will be many dead ends you’ll face. However, if you do put the time, the effort, and the energy in, the rewards can be substantial – “business changing” even.

A central pillar of any content marketing strategy is the creation of content which interests and engages potential and existing clients as well as sharing information and insight with them they find of genuine value.

With guest posting, your focus should be the same with the goal being (other than the accumulation of links from other sites to help you rank higher on Google) to impress the readers on other websites enough to click through to your website.

So, what are the four main benefits to guest posting?

1. Guest posting increases awareness of your company and its products & services

By being seen on a website your target audience trusts and visits regularly, you will be introducing your company and its products and services to consumers and business decision makers who may have been previously unaware of your existence.

First exposure to your company on this type of platform, more likely than not surrounded by competitors whose names your target audience knows, improves the level of awareness of your company and it presents your company as an equal in many ways to better-known names in your sector.

Use guest posting to share your knowledge and insights and to give readers information they can use. This is also a real opportunity to educate potential customers on exactly what your company offers and to present information on how you’ve helped potential customers overcome problems or exploit opportunities in the past.

Try not to go over old ground – try to think of presenting the information you want to share from a new angle. Keep your writing engaging, jargon-free, and structured so that you don’t lose the reader half-way through.

With guest blogging, visual aids help so make sure that your blog or article includes your company’s logo and any other recognisable assets. This then gives you a better chance of being remembered and recognised by a potential customer in the future.

2. It strengthens your backlink profile

Guest posting strengthens the backlink profile to your website.

A backlink profile is the collection of websites which link back to your website. It can contain links from authoritative sites, social media platforms, Quora, and more.

This is an over-simplification but the more links you have back to your website, the more Google attributes relevance, credibility, and authority to your website. And the more relevance, credibility, and authority Google attributes to your website, every page on it receives an incremental boost pushing it slowly up the search engine results page.

Even a single backlink from a website with a high Google authority rating can have a significant and positive effect on your search engine rankings.

The effects are long-lasting too – that’s why it’s so hard to dislodge the websites finishing at the top of Google.

3. Wider exposure to your target audience

By writing an interesting, high-quality blog post which appears on a third-party website of relevance and interest to your target consumer or business decision makers, you should experience a jump in visitors to your website.

The one rule here, is that it needs to be captured on a relevant site.

If your guest post appears on a relevant site, this jump in visitors should lead to a temporary boost in the number of sales and enquiries you receive.

If you have to pay to place a guest post on another website (as you more often than not will), you should target those with the highest number of relevant visitors to increase your chance of making a return on your investment.

You need sometimes to look beyond the traditional ways in which a website is ranked like Domain Rating, Trust Flow, etc. Despite Google’s best efforts, they can be easily manipulated still.

Instead, consider whether this is the type of site you want your company to be associated with. If you find it hard to navigate, the chances are that so will other readers. Does it contain a lot of annoying adverts? Is the website easy to use?

Also, is it regularly updated. Sites whose content is rarely updated rarely gain a following. Does it feel like this website is still alive?

If you can, use any external links to your website to point to a keyword or phrase you’re targeting for maximum benefit. Also, please make sure that the webpage people land on is easy to navigate, quick loading, and that it asks the visitor to do something like buy something, make an enquiry, and so on.

4. Guest posting grows social media follower counts

Social media is a key part of any successful content marketing strategy.

Guest posting increases the amount of coverage your company receives if the site you’re posting on shares a link to your blog or article on its social media accounts.

The more “shareable” and valuable an article, the wider the audience which will see it and you’ll have the opportunity to add new followers.

If you are able to blog for a website whose Google higher authority is higher than yours, you can expect to gain more followers as long as the content you create is high quality, relevant, actionable, and engaging.

You may wish to include your by-line on the site you’re posting on links which, when clicked, subscribe the reader to your social media accounts.

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