If you’re looking for new ways to finance your business’s launch or growth the quality of your investment presentation can make or break your pitch.

Whether you’re heading to a business plan competition, business angel group meeting, or a one-to-one proposal, you need to be able to persuade potential investors that your company deserves their attention.

Using a PowerPoint presentation alongside your proposal is the perfect tool for keeping your pitch on track and flowing flawlessly. It allows you to not only explain your ideas but to convey them visually; giving you the focus you need to exude poise and confidence the whole time.

So how do you ensure your investment presentations live up to purpose? And how can you ensure your potential investors remain engaged enough throughout your pitch?

By using us – that’s how! The More Than Words team will show you how to create an investment presentation to put your business ahead of the competition and get that all-important funding you need.

What should be in your investment presentation delivery?

A presentation is only ever as good as its content. The only way you’re going to keep your audience engaged is by wording it in such a way that holds their attention.

Of course, colour schemes and transitions have their place but the only bullet-proof way to ensure your potential investors stay hooked is by being bold in your words.

Establish your vision of a better future to grab their attention right away. Once you know they’re listening you’ll need to keep working to make sure you hold them through the entirety of your speech.

One way to do this is by telling a story. You can present all of the stats and figures you like but nothing captures the imagination of investors like storytelling.

Walk them through your history; perhaps there was a problem you noticed people were having and so your business was born to resolve it. This needs to be detailed and incredibly descriptive to allow your audience to relive the journey with you.

You should also be as concrete as possible when it comes to your evidence. Is there proof that people were dealing with said problem you aim to fix? How can you be sure your solution works? Be sure to bring up any compelling and relevant evidence you can get your hands on.

How long should investment presentations be?

You will no doubt have a lot you want your potential investors to know about. While your enthusiasm will be noted, if you ramble on about how great your company is people will just switch off. Instead you need to communicate with outstanding levels of efficiency.

On average your investment presentation should only last for between ten and fifteen slides and your prepared comments should take no more than twenty minutes to deliver. You can leave all the little, less important details for your Questions and Answers session after. Save your prime slide retail for the information that’ll hook your investors in.

What must you include in your investment presentation?

As mentioned, you only really need ten to fifteen slides in your investment presentation. We’re going to share the first few slides you’ll need to include in your presentation to secure the funding you’re looking for and the questions to ask yourself when creating them.

Slide One: What is your business value?

This slide needs only a single sentence describing who you are and what value you provide to your customers. Keep it short and sweet, perhaps even following Twitter’s 140 character guideline to make sure you get right to the point.

Slide Two: What problem do you solve?

If you can’t show investors that your business is the answer to a customer’s needs then you’re going to have a hard time convincing them you’re worth investing in.

Use this slide to talk about the problem at hand, who experiences it, and perhaps touch on existing solutions on the market. This is the perfect opportunity to tell a relatable story that shows your investors customers are desperate for a product or service like yours.

Make this as real as possible to help them understand that your business is necessary.

Slide Three: Who are your customers?

Here you get the chance to expand on the previous slide: who is having the problem you solve? Let investors know who your ideal customer is and how many of them there are.

You should have a good idea of the total market size and where your company places within it. This is where your statistics will come in incredibly useful to prove to investors that you’ve done your research.

Careful not to fall into the trap of suggesting the market is larger than it actually is. Investors prefer a niche and reachable market, so try to be specific as possible about who your target customer segments are.

Slide Four: What can your product or service do?

Finally, you have reached your platform to pin your product as the solution. Describe exactly how your customers can use your company to address the problems you outlined earlier.

Keeping your investment pitch in this format helps you tell a story which, supported by your research and statistics, proves to investors that your business is a wise investment.

Your investment presentation

Your remaining slides will need to cover your revenue model, i.e. how you plan on making money, and proof that customers are demanding your product. If you are not yet trading and do not have an existing customer base then letters of intent to purchase or invoices prove there are willing customers out there.

You will also need to present your marketing and sales strategy, compare this with your competition, and iron out other details such as the team you’ll be working with.

Your later slides should show your financial details including sales forecasts, profit and loss statements, and your cashflow forecasts for at least the next three years.

As with any kind of sales copy, you will need to end on a strong call to action. For investment presentations, this is where you actually ask for the money.

Potential investors will need to know exactly how much money you are looking for and what the funds will be spent on. Are you looking to upgrade your machinery to improve processes, or hire more sales staff to increase your output?

If you already have some investors onboard you can focus on the reasons they chose to invest in your business.

We can help

If you have a meeting booked with a high-profile investor it is your one chance to sell your business proposal. While exciting, this puts a lot of pressure on your investment presentation to bring them round.

Here at More Than Words, we’re the experts on creating investment presentations that put your company in the best possible light.

We’ll cover everything from writing compelling copy for your slides, preparing your speaker notes to engage your audience, designing attractive presentations that reflect your brand, and we can even create graphics from your own data to support your presentation.

Our investment presentations copywriting service

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