Your job description is your first and often only opportunity to connect with potential candidates. But how can you successfully engage the right candidate?

This article will guide you through key points to consider when creating your job description – following our advice could make all the difference.

It’s not an essay – be concise

First impressions are made in a split second yet last a lifetime. So, when a potential candidate looks at your job description to find an essay – they may infer that the job on offer is complicated or tedious.

Similarly, the right candidate may be discouraged from applying for your job vacancy because of time restrictions. You should remember that potential candidates are applying to a handful of other jobs at the same time.

Each job application could take 30 minutes each, so if your job description takes 10 minutes to read on top of that many won’t even consider going through the application process.

A good job description uses meaningful words organised into bullet points or short sentences. If a sentence doesn’t add to the meaning or introduce a new concept it probably shouldn’t be there.

Eliminate all mystery

An ambiguous job title or description should also be avoided. Non-traditional job titles may seem like a fun idea however a scenario like this is likely to attract the wrong type of candidate and may reflect badly on your company’s reputation.

Your job description should also avoid any jargon as this could cause confusion around the job responsibilities and discourage talented candidates.

The right candidate may already know the meaning behind a specialist term, but you shouldn’t leave this to chance. If they are the right fit with your company, there is nothing stopping them from picking up new terms and phrases once they start the job.

Selling your company (not in the literal sense)

The process of finding the right candidate isn’t one sided – you’ve got to give them a compelling reason why your company is the best choice for them.

While potential candidates are competing against one another to be chosen for the job, your company is essentially doing the same thing. Candidates may have applied to ten different companies that all offer attractive benefits.

You must make your company and job offer stand out, but how? In your job description you should list the benefits of working for you.

Let us guide you through an example. In this scenario a company that sells conservatories is looking for a business administrator. This company decides to offer a 35% discount on all conservatories after 6 months working at the company to become more attractive.

However, your company doesn’t have to offer discounts or freebies to gain the attention of your ideal candidate. Your company may not be in the position to offer something for nothing – but that doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt its positive attributes.

You can list any awards the company has won, describe the positive work environment or briefly outline company values instead.

Hire a copywriter

Writing a good job description is no easy task – it requires time, energy and skilful writing.

However, if your company currently has a vacancy it could mean that work is busier than ever. Many companies find themselves in this scenario but how do they escape that difficult situation?

They hire a copywriter, just like so many others that have already done so. We are a team of professional writers that create great work. When you work with us we save your precious time and energy, so you can focus it into your business.

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