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Company philosophies and content marketing

What does your business do? Who are your customers? What do they want from you? These are the questions that your business must answer when constructing a content marketing strategy to ensure that every piece of content you create is working towards a common goal. If you don’t know why you are creating content and what your audience will gain from it then neither will they.

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Product Comparisons And Content Marketing

In the 1970’s Pepsi was able to gain ground over the better-known brand when they launched the “Pepsi Challenge”, a blind taste test that saw consumers consistently rate Pepsi as better-tasting than Coke. What Pepsi so successfully achieved with the Pepsi Challenge was a form of product comparison (or comparative advertising). Product comparisons are important in successful content marketing campaigns so how should you use them?

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Copywriting for photographers and content writing for photographers’ websites

As with all other sectors, the text on your website has become the primary location of battle between you and your competitors. Hence the continued rise of copywriting for photographers to gain an advantage. Find out how sometimes 1,000 words can be worth more than a picture on your website.

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Vendor/Supplier Comparisons and Content Marketing

If you are looking to gain a competitive edge over your biggest rivals, then you need to perform an in-depth competitive analysis and use these results to improve your own products and services as well as your content and direct marketing strategies.

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B2B Freebies Turn Many Decision Makers’ Heads

Much of the effectiveness of B2B freebies in content marketing comes down to reciprocity. Reciprocity is one of the six scientifically-verified principles of persuasion and is based on the idea that humans feel obliged to return a kindness or favour given first by another person. This works in social situations but is also a proven marketing tactic.

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How email newsletters take customers quicker through their buying journey

According to Content Marketing Institute, 83% of B2B marketers use email newsletters as part of their content marketing strategy. Email newsletters are important for those who prefer to take more control of their marketing as it allows you to deliver targeted content to your audience and generate leads and sales. But what makes the best email newsletters so successful?

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The Main Advantages of Content Marketing

Among the benefits of content marketing, businesses experience higher rankings on search engines, increased referral traffic, enhanced customer loyalty, lower overall marketing costs, versatility, and flexibility. In this article, we examine the commercial reasons for creating and maintaining a content marketing campaign for your company.

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What is offline content marketing?

When the world is going digital, it is natural for businesses to go along with it. But there are significant benefits to bringing some of your marketing offline. An offline marketing strategy helps businesses to expand on their online success, thereby increasing their return on investment.

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Making Your Content Marketing Shareable

The expertise, insights, knowledge, and expertise of your staff, particularly the management team, are important selling points which differentiate your company from its competitors. And there are strong commercial arguments to spending time and money creating pages and content which edify and promote your senior leaders and your staff in general from both sales and recruitment perspectives.

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