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The amount of money invested in business broker marketing by companies in the sector has picked up strongly in recent years.

That’s because there’s more competition than ever to secure the signatures of either sellers, buyers, merger partners, or MBO/MBI teams.

More Than Words has a unique perspective on this.

Our director has experienced both the sell-side and buy-side of the equation.

This is an area he’s genuinely passionate about and in which he has a deep knowledge gained through experience.

We see our role as creating clear channels of marketing communication between you and your target markets.

We want to empower your website visitors with the knowledge they need to be confident enough to pick up the phone to you.

Through our blogs and our websites, we want to give your prospective clients a strong belief in you and the assurance they need that you will represent them well.

And with our information memorandums, we want to be able to help you really show the value in the companies you’re selling to potential buyers.

Our business broker marketing services

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If you’re in a hurry and you want to visit the page of the particular service you’re interested in, please see our short summaries below:

Content which is easily found online and which sells to your website visitors

Business broker blogs – create a library of high-quality and SEO-optimised articles and blogs for your website which answers each of your potential clients’ key questions. Uploading and regularly updating a library of online content also results in your whole website and every page on it finishing much higher on Google’s search engine results pages.

Business broker website – we can either rewrite your existing website or build you a brand new website from scratch. Your new site will provide visitors with credibility-building, response-provoking, and informative Google-friendly content as well as including individual listings pages for each of the businesses you have on your books.

Content for presentation to potential sellers and to potential buyers

Information memorandum writer – an increasing number of business transfer agents and M&A consultancies are using a professional information memorandum writer to give them a competitive edge when signing new sell-side customers up and presenting their clients’ businesses to interested parties post-NDA.

Find out more

We look forward to speaking with you to draw up an online and offline marketing program for your firm.

To speak with one of our account managers about our business broker marketing campaigns, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can contact our niche marketing team by clicking here.

Business broker copywriting – high-quality, search-engine-friendly blogs and articles

Information memorandums

Successful business broker marketing through high-quality, superior content

Each business brokerage we work with has some of the most talented and intuitive salespeople we’ve ever dealt with.

While most salespeople are afraid of price, you’ve made it your business mission to sell companies for the highest price possible with figures sometimes stretching into eight or more figures.

However, many business brokers feel that the abundance of sales ability isn’t matched by an abundance of marketing ability, particularly when canvassing for new clients.

The brokers and advisors we work with often feel that their current website should attract a far greater number of enquiries because of their skillset and what they can offer customers.

They approach us to provide them with the content they need to really engage with buyers, sellers, and other professionals.

How do we bridge that gap?

We create website content to appeal to both sellers and buyers

When we’re creating website content for you or if we’re building your firm a brand new website from scratch, we want both buyers and sellers to appreciate and understand what you offer enough to motivate them to contact you.

Content to create a connection between you and a seller

The life of a business broker is characterised and defined by their ability to bring sometimes disparate and conflicting interests and parties together to make an agreement.

What you do is deal making and selling at the very highest level.

And this explains a part of the reasons why a significant number of business brokers come to us because they feel that their marketing is not working.

Our clients feel that their current marketing doesn’t engage with or gain traction from the sellers they want to represent.

Why is this?

In our opinion, it’s because there is a significant gulf between:

  • your experiences as a business broker and
  • the experience of a business owner selling something they’ve built up for years.

Your experience in making deals in the most pressurised situations is far removed from the experience of most business owners.

They rarely move in the world and in the circles that you do, especially on sub-£5m deals.

What may be just another deal to you (and a small deal at that) is, to the seller, a deal that may change the course of their lives for good or bad for the next ten years or more.

The decision to sell is a momentous one in a business owner’s life.

Sellers want someone representing them who understands their point of view and, through that understanding, someone who can help them through the process to achieve the outcome they want.

Sellers have one-thousand-and-one questions.

Whether we…

…we make sure that all of the answers potential sellers are searching for are found on your site.

We write not only to promote your services but to give sellers the confidence they need to know that you’ll represent them well personally and professionally.

Content to appeal to buy-side clients

Many business brokers are now focusing more attention on attracting buy-side clients because the fee-earning potential from deals done is often greater than the fees earned through standard business transfers.

We create engaging, well-written articles for your website to attract traffic and enquiries from professionals looking:

  • for opportunities with distressed or off-market businesses
  • to engineer a series of mergers between two or more companies with the goal of creating a larger group which will sell later at a much higher price than if the companies in the group were still separate,
  • to help shareholder directors, senior board members, venture capitalists, and funders with MBO/MBI deals, and
  • to provide funding and/or to attract investors for business acquisitions

Business broker marketing which speaks to both sellers and buyers

High-quality, well-written business broker marketing materials create a connection of understanding and a bridge between your firm and the people who want to sell or buy businesses.

Our director has been involved in both the buy-side and sell-side of business transfers since 2015.

He has seen it from both sides of the table.

Having both experienced the highs and lows of selling and buying businesses, our director will make sure that…

  • the website articles we write,
  • the broker websites we design and provide copy for, and
  • the information memorandums and associated marketing materials we produce for you

…are written to appeal stongly to the intended audience.

The content we create answers questions and allays concerns from the perspectives of both parties on either side of a transaction, whether they be:

  • buyer and seller
  • both sides of a potential merger
  • MBI/MBO and vacating directors/owners

Selling a business is a life-changing event.

Most people who sell a business have never sold one before.

Most people are completely ignorant of how complex it is not only to find potential buyers but to navigate a deal from the time of handshake to the Heads of Terms to completion day and the SPA.

Buying a business is equally as fraught.

The sums of money which are exchanged could bankrupt an individual and the other businesses they own if they make the wrong purchase.

Merging might seem like a safer option.

However, it’s very difficult to convince the directors and the board of two or more companies to rationalise some of their own positions for the greater good without receiving massive pay-outs which may jeapordise the financial prospects of the merged entity.

MBIs and MBOs present fantastic opportunities for incoming and outgoing directors and shareholders to make a lot of money.

But, for the departing directors and shareholders, are they getting a high enough consideration for walking away?

For incoming directors and shareholders, are they overpaying for control?

If they overpay for control, then the rewards at time of exit may not be high enough to justify the risk involved, especially with the recent reduction in the lifetime threshold for Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

Make sure yours is the website which is found when all parties are searching for information and for an advantage.

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