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Does your business broker website do enough to attract visitors and convince them to get in touch with you?

Having an easy-to-find, engaging business broker website not reliant on pay per click advertising and which creates a constant steam of enquiries gives you a significant advantage over your competitors.

M&A is complicated, technical, and time-consuming.

Your website must:

  • convince sell-side and buy-side clients of your experience and ability,
  • persuasively describe the opportunities offered by the businesses you’re taking to market,
  • contain as many case studies as possible showing how you met clients’ needs and expectations, and
  • showcase all of your services including the securing of finance and MBI/MBO consulting.

It must be well-written avoiding, where possible, jargon and there must be a strong call to action on every page encouraging visitors to get in touch.

Our business broker website design service

More Than Words’ team of designers, copywriters, programmers, and SEO experts will create a brand new website for your business containing:

  • pages explaining the services you offer to clients in plain English,
  • content highlighting the experience of your firm and the staff working for it,
  • an online updateable catalogue showcasing the businesses you have for sale, and
  • other updateable content listing businesses wanted and other opportunities.

Your website will be responsive meaning that its elegant and minimalist design will load quickly and look great on all devices including tablets and mobile phones.

Your new website will be structured in such a way that Google can easily index its content and visitors can find the information they want quickly.

Find out more

We’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your new website and your upcoming commerical and revenue targets over the next 12-24 months.

To speak with an account manager, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Investing in a business broker website with More Than Words

Business broker websites – what you need to know

The businesses you’ve been engaged to sell are the star pages of your website.

How well a business is presented on your website determines:

  • how likely you are to receive enquiries about it and
  • how professional and successful your services appear to be in the minds of those who are considering whether they’re going to sell their own business and which broker they’re going to use.

When designing websites for business brokers, we take extra care in the presentation of the businesses you’re selling and we make each business as easy to find on your site as possible

Headline and summary

For the business display page, there will be space for a headline to capture readers’ attention together with space for a short one- or two-paragraph summary to present a business’s unique selling points.


Purchasing a business will be one of the major financial decisions a buyer will ever make.

When searching for targets, readers will want to know as much about the business as possible.

This knowledge will make it more likely that they’ll get in touch with you to sign your NDA so that they can receive the information memorandum.

A lack of transparency, a lack of detail, imprecise wording, or a combination of some or all of these factors actively puts potential buyers off from making contact.

When you speak with us, ask us about writing advertisements for use both on your website and on the major listings platforms.

Carousel of images

Potential purchasers will also want to see as many pictures of the advertised business as possible – a picture still paints a thousand words.

We will create a rolling carousel of images (similar to those you will see on property listings portals) which feature one large display photograph with a bar either to the side or underneath allowing visitors to select other images to replace the initial large display photograph.

Financial information

As much information about the financials of the business should be displayed to give the reader an idea of how turnover and net profit relate to the asking price (if one is shown).

In addition to a simple table showing turnover, net profit, gross profit, and asking price, we can include graphs showing the movement of these figures over up to the previous three years.

If, for whatever reason, your client does not want this level of financial information displayed, we will simply switch of the display so that there is not a box showing multiple displays of “Please enquire” where there would be financial information.

On-page enquiry form

On each business listing page, a fill-in form for the visitor to complete to leave their details if interested will be prominently displayed.

For smartphone users, an icon will be displayed on the screen at all times which, when pressed, will open a mobile-friendly application form.

With your permission, we would want to rewrite the entries for every business currently available for sale on your website so that it conforms with the style, voice, and SEO techniques of your new website.

Our copywriters are commercially-focused and every word in our copy is checked to see whether it helps or hinders the prospect of an enquiry.

We believe that the more you tell, the more you sell.


From the navigation menu at the top of the screen on all pages, the visitor will be able to click or press an option called “Businesses for sale”.

When they press this, they will see a listing of all the businesses for sale together with search options which narrow down the businesses displayed by line of business and geographical location.

We set out in detail on individual pages the breadth of your experience and the completeness of each of your services to build confidence in potential clients.

Off-market businesses and distressed businesses

Many entrepreneurs specialise in either buying healthy businesses which have not been taken to market by their owners or distressed businesses where an injection of cash and internal restructuring can return a company to profitability.

Both are specialised types of purchase which require strong negotiation skills from brokers as well as a wide network of contacts alerting them to opportunities which may not be widely know about.

Merger consultancy

Following the strategy employed by the marketing sector over the past four decades, other business sectors are using mergers to build larger organisations with a view to selling later on when turnover levels are likely to justify higher sales prices.

If your firm offers this service, we would include a page on the site fully explaining the strategy and the benefits mergers bring before sale (higher profit margins, lower fixed costs, lower variable costs) and at sale (greater multiples on EBITDA).

MBI and MBO consultancy

If your brokerage can help initiate, arrange, and complete…

  • MBI deals (new management team backed by outside investors) and/or
  • MBO deals (existing management backed by investors or venture capitalists)

…then we recommend including a page explaining the benefits of both types of deal together with descriptions of the services you (and your partners) offer to get these deals passed (including funding, deal structure, tax planning, valuation, and strategy).

Finance brokering

If your brokerage arranges finance itself or you work with select finance partners to find the funding for details, we’ll set out the types of finance you’re able to arrange so that, when an enquirer calls, they’re only calling you about a service you can fulfil.

Often the least visited pages on any website, the company credibility pages are nearly always viewed and studied by business decision-makers just prior to contacting a company to enquire about their services.

That’s what makes them so important to get right.

Leaders’ page

Linking to your company page and individual profiles on LinkedIn, we would include brief biographies of each leader and senior manager within your brokerage so that, prior to getting in touch with you, prospective clients would understand and appreciate each individual’s and the team’s depth of experience and expertise.

About us page

Your “about us” page is a history of your business up to this point including milestones in your company development.

We include on these pages a heavy emphasis about your continuing commitment to improving your level of service and the quality of outcomes to clients together with a summary of the philosophies and approaches underpinning your services.

Accreditations and partnerships page

For your accreditations and partnerships page, we describe the nature and value of the partnerships you have with other companies (for example, solicitors, accountants, wealth management, independent financial advisors) and how these partnerships help your client before, during, and after the deal.

Examples and case studies from your trading history illustrate your experience and your ability to find the solutions to achieve your clients’ objectives.

As we’re building your site, our copywriters will be in touch to discuss including examples and case studies on these pages.

We’re also happy to interview your satisfied customers and to use the information that your customers share with us on the site.

Selling a business is, for most people, a once-in-a-lifetime event regardless of whether their business struggles to reach £100,000 annual turnover or they have built it up to £5m.

The process of taking a business to market including…

  • drawing up the information memorandum and other marketing materials,
  • finding buyers,
  • negotiating with those buyers,
  • engineering an auction situation,
  • writing up Heads of Terms,
  • engaging solicitors, accountants, and consultants,
  • navigating due diligence,
  • keeping the deal on track as the buyer tries to secure late-term discounts
  • negotiating when payment is made and for how much, and
  • agreeing to and signing the SPA

…will be a complete mystery to most first-time sellers.

The approach we take to writing for sellers is one of reassurance that:

  • it can take up to 2 years for a sale to complete,
  • there are ups and downs to the process, and
  • there will be frustrations and complications along the way.

By managing clients’ expectations from the start, your client will trust you more and be more inclined to trust your judgement.

On any personal journey as important as this for a buyer, many will need to feel as if you are leading the process and guiding them through the unknown.

In contrast to your sell-side clients, buy-side clients interested in off-market opportunities, merger deals, distressed business purchase, and MBI/MBO opportunities are far more likely to come from a more strongly entrepreneurial and professional background.

While we continue to use plain English and we use a natural narrative arc to sharing information, the style of the writing acknowledges the often greater experience of buy-side clients by focusing more on the characteristics of each service you offer and the outcomes you deliver.

Once the page plan is agreed, the copywriters, designers, and programmers start work at roughly the same time on your project.

The designers and programmers will clear the proposed look and navigation of the site with you and, when we have your agreement, we will then start populating each page with text and images.

You are in charge of all the text which appears on your website and we look to you to sign off every page before the designers and programmers start to transfer the text to the website itself.

The design, usability elements, and copy of your website will be unique to you.

When we start working together, we’ll ask you to send us your logo together with any fonts and colours you want us to use on your site.

Your new site will obey your company’s brand guidelines completely.

For the text on each of your pages, we verify their 100% originality by using the online CopyScape plagiarism platform and we send you the results from CopyScape proving originality on each page.

If you’d like us just to redesign and rewrite your website and nothing more, that’s fine.

However, we would strongly suggest that you consider your investment into your website as being in two phases.

The first phase is the production and upload of your new website itself.

The second phase is a 6-12 month plan for articles, blogs, and other content to be posted twice a week to your website.

By doing this, we build on your website a library of search-engine-friendly articles so that, within a few weeks, your website will rank highly on dozens of different popular and related searches.

As well as the copywriting and design for business brokers’ websites, we work produce guides, books, e-books, brochures, sales letters, telemarketing scripts, social media posts and content, and more.

One of our more popular services is the writing of business information memorandums and associated marketing materials for your website and for the business listings websites you advertise on.

If you need additional writing, please let us know when you call and we can work on a plan with you.

To contact us, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Tell us about your brokerage, your history, your areas of specialism and expertise, and what it is that you feel makes you better than any other broker.

Using that information, we’ll come up with a page plan, tone of voice, SEO plan together with timings and costings for you to consider.

Making sure that your website is found

From the time the first part of the coding for the design of your website build has been written, we’re already making sure that your site and the content on it will be easily indexed and correctly classified by Google and by all other search engines.

The investment in your website is an investment in the longer-term future of your business.

When building, designing, and writing your business broker website, our goal is to turn it into a reliable magnet for quality and closeable leads on both the buy-side and sell-side.

Full SEO optimisation

Each page and the internal structure of the website is built to Google’s current specifications for successful search engine optimisation.

Page titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags, sitemaps, and more are submitted for quick and effective Google indexing.

Responsive design – looks great on mobile

With more than half of internet traffic in the UK coming from smartphones and tablets, your business broker website must look right on which device a visitor is accessing it and it must be easy and intuitive to navigate.

Content plan

When your website is uploaded for the first time, this is the beginning of a journey to get the site highly ranked on Google.

We’ll also prepare a content plan of business broker blogs designed to answer the questions that potential clients are looking for and to raise the authority of your site in the eyes of Google.

Investing in a new business broker website

Whether your business brokerage operates in a restricted geographical area or it operates nationally, the websites we design and build for you will mean that you’re found by both sellers and buyers.

More than that, if you agree to a content marketing SEO plan lasting six to twelve months after your website has been launched, the number of sellers and buyers who continue to find you and who leave their contact details with you to follow up will substantially increase.

Investing in a new business broker website will save your company significant money over the medium- to long-term because you can scale back greatly or wholly on the expensive pay per click advertising campaigns you may currently run.

Business broker websites – start the conversation

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