Highlights Seller Opportunities
Showcases untapped profitability
Descibes potential cost savings
Address sellers’ main concerns
Written to provoke quick response
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Quality information memorandums to help you sell businesses and sign up new clients

An increasing number of business transfer agents and M&A consultancies are using a professional information memorandum writer to give them a competitive edge.

The best business information memorandums help our clients achieve the following two goals:

  1. they generate deeper interest in a business once the NDA has been signed by a potential buyer and
  2. they persuade sell-side clients to choose your company as their broker because of their professionalism and the quality of presentation.

To find out more about what we include in our business information memorandums, please read below.

Our business information memorandum writing service

What’s in our standard information memorandums?

Executive summary

  • A 250-300 word summary of the history of the business including information on areas for short-term improvement within the business
  • Mini-graphs showing turnover, net profit, and EBIT
  • 8 key facts any buyer needs to know

Company, customers, and marketplace

  • Description of target clientele
  • Customer analysis
  • Product and service differentiation
  • Company’s underlying strength in its proposition
  • Repeat business and customer loyalty

Sales and marketing information

  • Breakdown of sale numbers (including turnover, average turnover/profit per sale, customer retention levels, capacity indicator)
  • Online presence (website, PPC, social media, apps)
  • How a company receives sales enquiries
  • How an enquiry is handled when received
  • Currently underexploited opportunities

How the company is run

  • Organogram
  • Supply chain and fulfilment
  • Day to day operation of the company (particular emphasis is paid here to demonstrating, when correct, that a company does not rely on its shareholding directors for revenue)

Financial reports

  • Table showing three years’ turnover, GP, GP margin, and EBIT
  • Three year balance sheet
  • Graphs showing the above

Key selling points

On the key selling points page, there are 10 specific points made grouped around the following themes:

  • Time established and reputation in the market
  • Cashflows into the business and EBIT
  • Marketing opportunities to take advantage of straight away
  • Readiness for expansion if required
  • Internal efficiency and opportunities to improve

SWOT analysis

  • Detailed analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for a new buyer with an emphasis on the strengths and opportunities.

On handover – the most important information to know

  • A list of up to 12 points to demonstrate to a new owner that cash flows they can expect after the point of handover and a series of quick steps which can be taken to increase turnover and profitability

Final opinion

  • List of five types of company where there would be an advantage in purchasing the business
  • A short re-cap of the main selling points of the business
  • Call to action

Find out more

We’d appreciate the opportunity to review your current information memorandums and share your feedback and opinions on them with you.

To contact one of our account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions

The information memorandum is not written to celebrate the past achievements of your client and your client’s business.

When purchasing a new business, a buyer is risking a sum of money which, if the purchase does not work out, may threaten their current standard of living or put undue financial pressure on their existing businesses.

While we spotlight the current state of the business, our job is to show them where additional value can be created so that whatever price they pay for the business now can be considered as a purchase at discount on future potential value.

In addition to the information memorandum, we will present you with marketing materials designed for use on your website and on business listings websites.

The marketing materials will highlight the main points and opportunities from the information memorandum – the points most likely to make a visitor to your website or to the listings sites request an NDA from you.

An information memorandum is most successful when what they’ve read and remembered from the short sentences, paragraphs, and bullet points intrigues them enough to pick it up again and go through the document line by line.

If they do that, then this is a business that they might be seriously interested in.

When they read through the information memorandum for a second or third time, that interest must deepen and a process of self-persuasion must start to take place.

When that happens, a phone call to the broker to arrange a meeting is often, buyer-schedule-dependent, little more than 24 hours away.

We use charts, tables, and imagery in our information memorandums as sales aid to highlight the current and future potential of the business.

When writing an information memorandum, every word has to justify its place within the document because, for potential buyers, time is often short.

The use of charts, tables, and images can assist and underline the important points we’re making about your client’s business.

We need key financial information from your client’s accountant for the last three complete corporate financial years.

We specifically need information on turnover levels, cost of sales, GP, overheads and administration, fixed assets, current assets, net current assets, capital and reserves, and shareholder funds over the last three years.

We have prepared an Excel spreadsheet that should take your client’s accountant no more than 15 minutes to provide the information we need to produce the information memorandum.

More often than not, yes.

We will need to speak to your client to better understand the story we need to tell to a potential buyer about the current and future prospects of the business.

Part of our questioning will be to discover from your client where they believe untapped value in the business is and why they haven’t realised that value.

Our copywriters are very skilled at dealing with business owners who are preparing their company for sale – we will not ruin the deal for you nor will we upset your customer.

We are happy to present ourselves on the phone and by email as a representative of your company.

You are our client so ultimately it is you who decides whether the information memorandum and the marketing materials has been completed to your satisfaction.

However, from our experience in doing this, your client is far more invested in the contents of the information memorandum and marketing material than their broker because this is essentially a written and graphical representation of a personal and professional achievement.

When we speak, let us work on creating a system which is acceptable to you, us, and your client about when work is signed off.

We are happy to present ourselves on the phone and by email as a representative of your company.

To contact us, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Please send us across examples of your current marketing materials and information memorandums.

We’ll then come back to you with our suggestions on ways you can change your marketing materials and information management to convert enquiries into leads and to turn buyer information requests into negotiations with your client.

Using our information memorandums to keep prospective buyers engaged

The information memorandums created for your customers are produced by one of our in-house copywriters under the supervision of one of our directors.

The director in charge of the business broker marketing department has worked on dozens of different information memorandums over the last three years for business transfer agents.

His particular interest in working with business brokers and M&A consultants comes as a direct result of the experience in buying and selling businesses he has accumulated in his career.

Our director sold his old company in 2015.

He advices a number of clients privately on acquisitions and merger opportunities so he has seen how buying and selling business works from both sides of the table.

Working on information memorandums is something we genuinely enjoy as a company and we look forward to hearing from you.

The right information memorandums makes a buyer more keen to progress the deal

We create meticulously-written business information memorandums packed full of information a buyer wants to hear after they’ve signed the NDA.

These documents makes a significant and positive different to:

  • the number of clients you get to sign up for your service,
  • the speed with which an enquiry turns into a negotiation, and
  • the enthusiasm of the buyer for the negotiations.

The businesses you’re selling are something of great potential worth and value to a buyer.

The way it is presented to a buyer must underline, highlight, and justify that worth and value.

Our business information memorandums look very professional making using of minimalist and elegant design structures so that the design never overpowers the message.

Does the marketing material you have now do enough to persuade clients to choose your firm?

When you visit a potential client currently considering which broker they choose to sell the business they have spent years building up, you no doubt already have beautifully-designed and well-written printed marketing collateral you take to demonstrate the professionalism of your company.

If you don’t go out to meet them and instead you do everything over the phone and by email as an increasing number of brokers are doing now, your digital marketing collateral will probably look great too.

For those customers who ask to see copies of your information memorandums so that they can get an idea of how you sell your clients’ businesses, does what you present to them now answer the following three questions well enough?

  1. Does it tell a story from start to finish?
  2. Is the text legible and readable?
  3. Does it look and read like a serious business document?

If, when you answer those questions to yourself, there is any doubt in your mind about the quality of the information memorandums you use when pitching for new clients, then you need to do better.

The work of a professional information memorandum writer will persuade a client to choose you over another broker

Your information memorandum writer should be at the front and the centre of your sales approach.

If the quality of the information memorandums you show to clients currently doesn’t persuade enough them to choose your firm to take their businesses to market, the chances are that they don’t do a good enough job in persuading enough prospective purchasers to pursue their interest any further either.

In most cases, and with the greatest respect to our broker clients, the information memorandums they used before switching to our service were simply not good enough.

And it’s easy to understand why.

Business brokers are some of the most accomplished salespeople we’ve ever met.

Business brokers are great salespeople – they’re not graphic designers and they’re not copywriters.

A business broker’s job is to find prospects to buy their clients’ businesses.

That’s a hard enough job without spending the day or two needed to design and write a 12-15 page information memorandum.

Let us do that and free up your time to sell more of your clients’ companies.

Speak to our information memorandum writer direct

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Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and send us samples of your current business information memorandums and the supporting marketing material you use.

We’ll let you know where we think you’re doing well and give you suggestions on how to improve. Don’t forget to ask for samples of information memorandums we’ve published in the past.

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