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Our range of commercial financial services marketing campaigns

More Than Words is an established and experienced financial marketing agency with one foot in the virtual world and one foot in the real world.

Despite being a traditionally conservative industry, we’ve seen a concerted move by lenders and brokers to diversify their commercial financial services marketing activities.

While the traditional methods of direct marketing still work really well, there is now a fierce online battle to win the commercial finance lead generation war.

Lenders and brokers are increasingly investing in:

  • developing their websites to achieve the highest possible search engine rankings and
  • building libraries of easily-found, high-quality, Google-optimised articles answering the questions about commercial mortgages and commercial finance products as they approach the time of making a decision.

Find out more about our services on this page or by clicking on the links below taking you to information about our specific financial marketing products.

Then get in touch with us so that we can create a bespoke marketing plan for your firm.

Our online marketing strategies for financial services firms targeting commercial borrowers

Commercial finance leads – we build online collections of the highest quality blogs and articles which generate a stream of consistent and high quality commercial finance leads. This service is ideal for lenders & brokers wishing to break dependence on lead gen firms and PPC.

Commercial mortgage leads – we create the most engaging, informative, and easy-to-find online and downloadable content to create a brand new stream of regular and high-quality commercial mortgage leads

Finance website design – we design, write, and host top-ranking, SEO-optimised, reader-engaging, response-provoking, easy-to-navigate websites for commercial lenders and brokers wanting to generate high-quality enquiries online

Social media for financial services firms – investing time in social media will build a vast and responsive audience for your firm and its commercial financial products among clients, brokers, and introducers

Direct marketing for commercial lenders and brokers

Email marketing for financial services – we’ll design, write, and broadcast a year-long email campaign to the decision makers you choose from our constantly-updated, accurate, and GDPR-compliant database of 350,000 companies

Telemarketing for financial services – build a strong, two-way, direct relationship with thousands of business owners, commercial borrowers, and property developers you select with our telemarketing for financial services companies package

Creating a bespoke financial marketing plan for your firm

Our job is to make your company and its financial products as visible and attractive to your target markets as possible.

We’re able to deliver quick wins with direct marketing and long-term wins with our online content creators and our web design service.

But which mix of our services is right for your firm?

Contact us and let us know as much about your firm, your target audience, and the financial products you offer your clients.

We’ll then put together a full marketing plan designed to make your financial products and your company brand the easiest-to-find and most respected in the sector.

Find out more

To take advantage of the latest commercial financial services marketing trends, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or email us by clicking here.

Web-based commercial finance marketing services

Direct marketing services for commercial lenders and brokers

Web-based inbound marketing strategies for financial services firms targeting the commercial sector

How do clients find your company and its commercial mortgages and commercial financial products with web-based inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing requires a lot of time and effort however, when compared with all other forms of marketing, it has the greatest chance of developing into a long-term high-quality lead generation channel.

The inbound marketing services we offer to commercial lending and mortgage providers are:

The three most successful types of online financial services marketing campaigns are:

1. A fully-optimised website with a library of high-quality articles on your financial products

A handful of commercial lenders and brokers regularly create and upload long-form articles for their websites.

Each article is designed to answer a specific question that a potential future customer has in detail and in plain English.

After a while, these libraries of content greatly lift the search engine rankings of these lenders’ and brokers’ websites and every page on them.

A potential borrower is now able to find detailed answers to the top 50 or 100 questions they’re likely to ask from the handful of different lenders and brokers who have invested heavily in online content.

Whenever a visitor is on one of these pages, the lender or broker invites them to get in touch by leaving their details on the contact form.

Just in case the visitor is not ready to buy yet, the lender or the broker will often invite the visitor to leave their email address and stay in touch with them that way.

2. An active presence on social media

The greatest value of social media for commercial finance companies is in building a substantial network of followers who have an interest in commercial lending or mortgage products.

Every day, you communicate with these followers by posting useful and actionable content.

Sometimes, the messages are short posts – other times, you offer free downloadable content, infographics, or video feeds.

Lenders often use social media to build their network of brokers and introducers.

3. Appearing on 3rd party websites respected and trusted by your target markets

In addition to writing high quality articles for your own website, we approach other websites on your behalf and we ask them if we can write an article for their readers containing a link back to a specific page on your website.

For example, we would write an in-depth and plain English article on portfolio finance.

That article would be posted on a 3rd party website and it would link back to the portfolio finance product page on your website.

Posting on other companies’ website – also known as guest posting:

  • is inexpensive and easy to arrange,
  • can introduce you, your company, and its products to a much wider audience, and
  • helps to improve the search engine rankings of your website, specifically the page you link back to.

The value of inbound marketing for commercial finance firms

Inbound marketing allows you to build up over time an audience of hundreds and later thousands of future potential commercial customers.

These prospective clients trust you and your company because of the quality of the information and insights they’re exposed to:

  • when searching online,
  • when they receive email newsletters from you, and
  • when they see your posts on social media.

When they’re at or near the point of searching for commecial finance, they’re far more likely to turn to you and your company because of the credibility you’ve built up in their minds.

They’ll actively choose you because you have demonstrated your experience and your knowledge to them.

They feel confident that you are the person and yours is the company to do the job well for them.

Over time and as long as you continue to add to your online library of articles and manage your social media presence, you should expect the number of positive enquiries which turn into sales lead to increase month by month.

Outbound marketing for commercial lending and mortgages

More Than Words offers two forms of outbound marketing for commercial lending and mortgage lenders and brokers:

1. Email marketing for financial services companies

Select your own target audience from a GDPR-compliant email database of over 350,000 decision makers.

Over 12 campaigns, build up your brand awareness and your industry authority among this group of potential clients selected by you.

You can also add on your existing database of clients and direct enquirers to each broadcast.

2. Telemarketing for financial services companies

We can either make follow-up phone calls to the decision-makers on your email database or we can select an entirely different subset of potential clients from our UK B2B database

Different types of marketing reach different audiences

Many of the decision makers you contact via email marketing may not be reachable on social media and vice versa.

All companies, including commercial finance lenders and brokers, should use as many different routes to market as they can.

Outbound marketing is more expensive than inbound marketing however the results from outbound marketing are much more controllable and predictable in the short term compared with inbound marketing.

Because we send 12 advertisements for you over the course of the year with our email marketing service, we can build up recipients’ confidence in you and what you do in much the same way as we do with our inbound marketing campaigns.

However, with outbound marketing, you control when and where the message is seen unlike with inbound marketing which is dependent on clients’ behaviours and the algorithms used on Google and on social media platforms.

Get in touch with our commercial financial marketing team

Each commercial finance and mortgage broker we work with has:

  • their own particular products they wish to sell more of and
  • their own target audiences they wish to have a larger market presence in.

Whatever you want for your firm, please get in touch with us as soon as you can to speak to one of our commercial finance marketing team.

Once we have listened to you and once we fully understand what you want for your business in the coming year, we will put together a costed and structured plan to achieve that.

Our pricing strategy is to keep costs as feasibly low as possible so that the return you do make on your inbound and outbound marketing is as great as possible.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our commercial financial marketing agency team by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There’s lots of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk away from North Shields Metro station.

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Find out more about our commercial financial marketing services

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    Financial marketing – interesting links and more information

    Commercial lending and mortgages is a particularly competitive business sector and, as more and more lenders and brokers enter the market, standing out is becoming more and more difficult.

    If you have relied, like many, on traditional marketing techniques to reach an audience, we would strongly encourage you to keep on doing so if it’s still profitable for you. However, we would certainly encourage you to try the new forms of inbound marketing and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by email marketing for finance companies.

    If many of these techniques are new to you and you’d like to do some further reading before you get in touch with us, we’ve compiled five of the best articles on financial services marketing and advertising from third party websites below:

    To discuss your ideas and where you’d like your business to go over the next 12 months, we’d really appreciate it if you called us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us at One of our experienced account managers will talk you through our services to help you decide whether they are relevant for you.