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Invest in high-quality, regular online content to generate more and better commercial finance leads

Do you want to develop a consistent and reliable long-term source of high-quality commercial finance leads from your website?

The best and most financial sustainable way to achieve this is to invest in specialist content marketing for commercial financial services firms.

Content marketing is the production and distribution of easy-to-find, Google-optimised high-quality articles and downloads for your potential customers whether they’re:

  • becoming aware of a potential need for commercial finance,
  • investigating the types of commercial finance most suitable for their circumstances, and
  • at or near the point of making first contact with a lender or a broker to make an application.

Why the need to invest in content marketing is so urgent

There are more businesses than ever before in the UK – businesses of all sizes across multiple different sectors each with their own very specific financial needs.

Industry sources tell us that the vast majority of initial approaches to commercial lenders and brokers are now made online.

In one way, that’s great.

Your website and the advent of online document signature platforms means that you can now offer your commercial financial products to the whole of the UK without needing a branch or agent network.

But the problem is that there are thousands of lenders and brokers competing to finish in the top 10 ranking spots on Google’s search engine results pages.

If your company isn’t being found by borrowers when they’re looking for information because you’re not in one of those top 10 spots, the internet actually risks making your firm invisible.

Our commercial finance lead content marketing service

Our commercial finance lead generation service is designed to make sure that:

  • it’s your website which potential borrowers find when are looking for information on the types of product you offer,
  • the content on your website is of the highest quality and that it answers borrowers’ questions in a way which adds credibility to your company brand, and
  • potential borrowers, when they’re at your site, either submit a full enquiry, give you their contact details to join your email newsletter service, or follow you on social media.

We’ll create a library of the highest quality content covering every aspect of the financial products you offer.

That library of content will bring visitors to your website for months and years to come even if you stop investing in brand new articles for a while.

This is unlike pay per click – while PPC does take you to the top of search engine results pages, the visitors and leads it generates stop when you stop spending.

Find out more

We’d appreciate the opportunity to get to know you, your firm, the products you’re interested in selling the most, and your target markets.

To speak with one of our account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

The major benefits when using a financial copywriter to promote commercial finance products

The major challenge facing commercial lenders and brokers in today’s marketplace

Competition to provide commercial finance has never been more intense.

There are three choices available to you all of which will generate more high-quality sales leads from the internet for your company.

Your three choices are to:

  1. pay to feature at the top of Google’s search engine results pages for your chosen products,
  2. pay a lead generation firm to pass you enquiries, or
  3. continually invest in a rich and constantly-updated library of SEO-optimised, valuable, actionable, and understandable articles and blogs for your website.

We’d recommend the third option.

The third option will absolutely deliver your company much higher levels of quality traffic to your website over the long term.

How these seven companies created an online edge for themselves

The following six websites have done just that and they finish very highly on Google as a result:

These six companies write and upload new high-quality, long-form articles for their websites every week.

But each article your competitors upload to their websites should not be viewed as articles on their own.

In fact, every new blog post uploaded to one of your competitors’ websites actually improves Google’s rating of that website’s overall authority, credibility, and relevance.

Every time Google improves its assessment of how authoritative, credible, and relevant a website is, it reward the website.

The reward is that the website and every page on it will finish in higher positions on Google’s search engine results pages.

And these effects last for years.

So much so that, if your competitor writes and uploads a quality, actionable, and authoritative article on invoice factoring to their website today, that article will still attract website visitors and generate leads for months and years to come into the future.

Giving your website a competitive advantage

We offer years of experience in writing articles and producing leading content marketing material for commercial lenders and brokers.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to write authoritatively and persuasively on, among other products:

  • cash flow finance,
  • business cash advances,
  • invoice finance,
  • asset based lending,
  • education finance,
  • hire purchase & finance,
  • invoice factoring and invoice discounting,
  • pension-led funding,
  • bridging finance,
  • crowdfunding, and
  • peer to peer funding.

To speak with one of our account managers about creating SEO-optimised and high-quality content for your website, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

22,200 British web users search for the term “business finance” a month

Your competitors whose websites have no comprehensive collections of online content pay Google lots of money so that their website ranks as highly as possible when potential borrowers use search terms like “business finance”.

Their advert will appear at the very top of the search results.

That’s good but it costs money.

Every time a potential borrower clicks on this advert, your competitor will be paying over £15.00 for the privilege.

3,600 web users search for “small business finance” every month.

Each company paying to rank at the top of those search results will pay more than £26.00 for a click.

You can always measure the ferocity of competition within a particular sector by how much companies are willing to pay to attract website visitors.

What commercial finance lenders and brokers are paying now for each click is way in excess of most other B2B sectors.

Most lenders and brokers come to us because pay per click is too expensive to allow them to compete effectively any more.

Generating commercial finance leads for lenders and brokers

Although many of our clients will offer a wide range of different commercial financial services to their customers, most want to focus our attention on creating content for their more profitable products first.

For each of the products you want to sell more of, we will create a content marketing plan based upon how directors find information based upon the specific questions they ask Google.

We then focus on building libraries of high-quality, SEO-optimised articles and blogs for your website.

The tone of voice used in each piece should be conversational yet professional.

Your readers will be in no doubt of your knowledge, experience, and professional.

But they will also feel like you’re someone they’d enjoy working with and someone who would understand them.

Every word must justify its place.

There must be no fluff or filler.

Your target clients’ lives will likely be time-pressured so we must provide them with the information they want without using jargon.

Everything must be fully and simply explained so that they have the confidence to phone/email you and not be worried about feeling bamboozled.

Articles will generally be at least 1,500 words in length making careful use of sub-headlines allowing visitors to “skim-read” before they choose to read the article in full.

Articles will often be even longer on more complicated topics – they will be as long as they need to be to get the major points across but no longer.


We believe that graphics, charts, and imagery greatly enhance the readability of any work we create for you and help the reader on their path of understanding.

Graphics, charts, and imagery also present us with additional search engine optimisation opportunities and we will provide all key SEO information with each graphic, chart, or image.

You might wish to consider using one of our white paper writers to create a series of downloadable long-form (5,000+ words) pieces for you.

White papers are very successful for collecting contact information from potential clients via your site and on social media.

More Than Words’ commercial finance copywriters have years of experience in writing engaging, insightful, search-engine-friendly, and response-generating copy on the following products:

  • Cash flow finance articles
  • Business cash advance articles
  • Bridging loan articles
  • Invoice finance articles
  • Asset based lending articles
  • Education finance articles
  • Hire purchase & finance articles
  • Invoice factoring and invoice discounting articles
  • Pension-led funding articles
  • Crowdfunding articles
  • Peer to peer articles

You should consider the creation of libraries of high-ranking content for your website as a longer-term project.

One – or even ten – articles written and posted every now and then won’t make a great deal of difference to how high your website finishes in searches.

You should think of your content marketing strategy in the time frame of at least six months.

Aim for two articles a week to give yourself the best chance of achieving the highest and longest-lasting return on investment.

Yes. One of our account managers will find out as much about you and your company to understand your longer-term personal and professional goals for your business when you first speak to them.

We’ll then create a content marketing plan with you.

The goal of the plan is to ensure that your company and its commercial financial products are easily found online by directors and that we address and answer the questions they have.

Although having a library of well-written, SEO-optimised articles answering the questions borrowers most frequently ask always has a very positive effect on lead generation, you may wish to consider overhauling your entire website at the same time.

When you contact us, please let us know your current website address.

We’ll carry out an optimisation report on it to highlight what you’re currently doing well and where improvements should be made.

You are also in full control of the production of the content for your business.

We actively welcome and encourage feedback and criticism for clients on everything from the tone of voice we use on your pieces to the content and the structure of the content.

All of the articles we produce for you are completely original.

For your piece of mind, every article (at all stages of production) are verified for complete originality using CopyScape.

We need to understand as much about you and your company as possible before we can start working for you.

To start the conversation, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us at

Then we’ll create a bespoke content marketing package designed to help you achieve your company’s commercial targets now and in the future.

Create a stream of high-quality commercial finance leads by taking advantage of the ways directors search for information

We’ve seen already that tens of thousands of British directors search each month for generic terms like “business finance” and “small business finance.”

More niche terms like “pension-led funding” and “business cash advance” attract hundreds of visitors a month.

But not every director looking for finance for their business uses precise search terms like these.

Tens of thousands every month look for answers by asking full or partial questions instead.

People now prefer to ask Google a question than pick up a phone to a potential lender or broker to get the information they need.

And that’s exactly what the companies behind the sites we listed above understand really well.

People want answers to their questions now.

Then later, they then might look for a lender or a broker to help them.

The best position for your company to be in is to be the company which:

  • provides a searcher with an answer they fully understand and
  • demonstrates that you can provide the solutions they’re seeking.

You win both battles at the same time with just one great article.

For example, there are thousands of searches each month for these “business finance”-related questions:

  • “how can finance business partners add value”
  • “can a business finance a vehicle”
  • “business finance without personal guarantee”
  • “business finance for vans”
  • “business finance plan template”
  • “business finance lease calculator”
  • “how to finance business purchase”

If you offer invoice factoring, people search for terms like these…

  • “is invoice factoring a loan”
  • “how factoring and invoice discounting work”
  • “is invoice factoring halal”
  • “invoice factoring with recourse”
  • “invoice factoring for construction companies”
  • “invoice factoring for staffing companies”
  • “invoice factoring versus debt factoring”

You need as many articles answering as many questions as possible to create a long-term source of regular commercial finance leads without paying Google every time for a clickthrough.

The surprising thing is that competition for these search terms is low because many of your commercial rivals mistakenly focus all of their marketing firepower on the terms like “small business finance”.

They should be focusing much more on winning the online battle for terms like “merchant cash advance no credit check”.

This term is searched for around 100 times a month with each paid-for click costing more than £21 a time.

But the competition to finish top for the non-paid-for natural search results for “merchant cash advance no credit check” is actually quite low.

We write and upload the highest-quality, SEO-optimised articles on “merchant cash advance no credit check” and on similar topics.

By making this investment now, you save your company £1,000s on pay per click costs now and in the future.

Pay per click wipes the profit out of many deals

Just using pay per click advertising, your marketing budget will likely run into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds every year if you don’t put a cap on it.

Instead, for the price you’d pay for a handful of clicks, More Than Words’ financial marketing team will create the highest quality articles for your website which are:

  • written in plain English designed to be understood by all,
  • constructed in such a way that Google ranks it as being of the highest quality, and
  • persuasive and containing a strong call to action encouraging immediate contact with you from a prospective borrower.

To get more visitors and leads to your website, you could invest in pay per click marketing.

Or you could invest in the creation of a library of well-written, SEO-friendly articles which you only have to pay for once but which will continue to deliver the highest quality commercial finance leads to your firm for the months and years ahead.

Speak to our commercial finance leads team

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    Commercial finance leads – interesting links and more information

    There are superb examples of companies already using high quality articles in their inbound marketing and content marketing to win high positions on popular searches.

    In addition to answering the real-world questions that directors and board members have about commercial finance, these articles contain strong prompts for the reader to get in touch or to leave their details.

    If you’re busy planning an inbound or content marketing strategy for your commercial finance companies, we’ve compiled a list of relevant and interesting articles on the subject provided by third-party websites.

    Much of what you’ll read on these websites echoes strongly More Than Words’ approach to generating additional web traffic and more strong leads for commercial finance companies.

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