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A commercial mortgage leads channel that you’re in control of

You’ll be aware of the number of established, reputable, and highly-thought-of companies selling commercial mortgage leads to UK lenders and brokers – companies like Trufe, Commercial Finance Leads, and Advisor Leads.

We would never discourage you or any other lender or broker from using these firms.

They all deliver very high-quality leads to their clients but they’re expensive.

You also stop getting leads from them the minute you stop paying for their services.

Using these firms is a short-term answer to a longer-term challenge your company and all other lenders and brokers face.

That challenge is being able:

  • to successfully compete online for the attention of prospective borrowers at all points of their buying journeys and
  • to create a marketing channel your company owns which delivers you the high-quality leads you want.

To do that, you need to do what the commercial mortgage lead generation companies do themselves – invest in content marketing.

Content marketing for commercial mortgage lenders and brokers

We create the highest-quality, SEO-optimised content possible for our commercial mortgage lender and broker clients.

By uploading an extensive library of content on commercial mortgages to your website, the volume of traffic to your website will increase significantly.

Your website will answer fully, in detail, and in plain English every single question commercial mortgage borrowers have.

Each item of content prospective borrowers read on your website will increase your company’s levels of authority and credibility in their minds.

And, with every item of content your potential borrowers are exposed to, we’ll motivate them to make contact with you.

If they have an immediate need, we’ll ask them to send their contact details over to you straight away for your sales team to follow up.

If they’re not ready to make a decision yet, we’ll ask them to:

  1. leave us their email address so you can send a regular email newsletter to them and
  2. follow your company on social media.

If they do one of the above or both, your company will be a constant to them right up until the point they’re ready to get in touch with you.

We’ll create content for your website based upon the keywords and questions potential borrowers actually use when they’re:

  • seeking information on the products you want to sell and
  • shortlisting which lenders and brokers to contact when they’re ready to proceed.

The effect of content marketing on your website is cumulative and long-lasting.

Each new item of content we add to your library increases the authority, credibility, and relevance Google assigns to your website.

And each incremental increase in Google’s assessment of your website’s authority, credibility, and relevance means that your site and every page on it benefits from higher positioning on Google’s search engine results pages.

And, unlike with pay per click advertising or using a lead generation company where the enquiries and leads you receive stop as soon as you stop spending, the benefits of content marketing last for months or years after your investment in it.

Our commercial mortgage lead content marketing service

We’ll present you with a content plan showing you which articles we want to create for your website and why.

On your plan you’ll see an indication of how much extra traffic we believe this will bring you over the course of a month.

We genuinely appreciate your feedback and input and we’ll keep working on the content plan until you’re happy with.

Find out more

Please get in touch with one of our account managers to let us know the commercial mortgage and secured financial products you want to sell the most and who your target audiences are.

To get in touch with us, please call 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

Our commercial mortgage leads services – the benefits

Commercial mortgage lead costs – what does Google currently charge for clickthroughs?

There are 8,100 searches made for the term “commercial mortgage” in the UK every month on Google.

And, if you were using Google Ads campaigns to finish in top spot when someone searched for “commercial mortgages”, each clickthrough to your website would cost you around £7.00.

“Bridging loan” is searched for nearly 50,000 times with a cost per click of over £10.

“Development finance broker” is about the same.

With Google Ads campaigns, clickthroughs to your website stop when you stop spending.

Pay per click advertising delivers no long-term benefits to a company other than the lifetime value of any clients you find via it.

With PPC advertising costs rising as well, those extra costs will increasingly eat into your own profit margins as time goes on for each new client you find.

How the most successful lenders and brokers are generating commercial mortgage leads now and in the future

There is another way – investing in high-quality content for your website and for distribution around the internet.

The results aren’t as immediate as PPC advertising.

However, unlike PPC advertising, high-quality content continues to generate leads for months and years after you stop investing in it.

There are six commercial mortgages and lenders currently using content marketing very effectively:

Each of these companies has created and uploaded, over time, hundreds and thousands of different articles specifically written and structured to capture Google’s attention and to generate leads.

The more high-quality, SEO-friendly content you upload to your website, the higher the cumulative value of this content and, by association, the rest of your website.

You will likely find that the value of each item on content in terms of traffic and lead generation actually increases over time,

In other words, you receive an almost immediate benefit from a piece of content but, in six months’ time, the benefit you receive from it will likely be even greater.

Commercial mortgage marketing through high quality content - FAQ

The content plan will include a series of articles based around the priorities you have agreed with your account manager.

Let’s say that you wanted to push “commercial property development finance”, “residential buy-to-let finance”, and “portfolio finance”.

We would device a mega-article (up to 5,000 words) for each and then, over the course of following months, produce long-form articles (1,500-2,500 words) for your site based upon the search terms which had the highest number of searches but the lowest level of competition.

There are two types of article we would want to write for you – mega-articles and regular articles.

Your initial mega-articles would be up to 5,000 words long – sometimes, they’re even longer.

The mega-articles would answer in the finest detail everything that someone needs to know about a particular product.

It would be the best-written and most complete article on the topic available anywhere.

The regular articles (1,500-2,000 words) would address different questions that potential customers have related to each commercial mortgage product you wanted to arrange the most.

The regular articles link to your mega-article and the mega-article links to the page on your website where users can start their application with you.

Yes. Not only do articles with images get twice as many views as articles without, we also believe that breaking up text with informative and attractive images, charts, and graphs helps the reader understand the topic more.

Images within copy also provide additional opportunities to improve your article’s (and your wider website) optimisation for Google.

We generally aim for at least one image for every 750 to 1,000 words produced. Images, charts, and graphs can be produced within your brand guidelines – simply send us them over so that our designers can work with them.

The tone of voice used in your articles is of significant imporance to successfully getting your message across – that is explaining what a particular type of commercial mortgage is and what the benefits of that commercial mortgage are to a prospective borrower.

The tone of voice in your articles also sets the tone for your later dealings over the phone, by email, and face-to-face with a client.

Even though a client’s first few experiences of your company might be online, people still buy people first.

So, to generate a lead, your visitors need to believe that you’ll go the extra mile for them and that they’ll enjoy dealing with you.

All of our copywriters come from very commercially driven backgrounds.

They understand instinctively that writing SEO-friendly pages is only half of the battle.

Getting 1,000 people to your articles and your website who then do nothing is of no value to you.

For you to win at SEO means that, on as many occasions as possible, an article causes a potential borrower to contact or connect with you.

It also means that, in the potential customer’s mind, they have been so impressed by what they’ve read about you on your website that you have a near clear run from competition at getting the client over the line.

Including writing the highest-quality, response-generating content to produce commercial mortgage refinance leads, our experienced and results-driven copywriters and SEO experts also provide clients with:

  • Owner-occupier commercial mortgages
  • Commercial investment mortgages
  • Semi-commercial property mortgages
  • Commercial property development mortgages
  • Residential buy-to-let mortgages
  • Portfolio finance mortgages
  • Bridging loans
  • Bridging finance mortgage s
  • Auction finance mortgages
  • Mezzanine finance

Whether you provide finance to…

  • developers,
  • farms,
  • garage & garage showrooms,
  • hotels,
  • nursing/care homes,
  • office-based companies,
  • petrol stations,
  • professional practices,
  • public houses,
  • retailers,
  • schools,
  • nurseries, or
  • buy-to-let landlords (whether limited company or not)

…More Than Words creates the detailed and sector-specific content you need to engage, inform, and prompt your website visitors.

In addition to comprehensive, well-written, engaging, and results-driven articles, we also write:

Please get in touch with us to let us know your requirements.

No article is considered signed-off until you’ve told us that you’re 100% happy with it.

We genuinely welcome client feedback and criticism because it means that we produce the type of work you want in every respect throughout your time with us.

Everything we write for each client is completely original – even if we’ve written about the topic you want us to write about before.

Google heavily penalises plagiarism (even accidental) so, to make sure that your article is 100% original, we check it via CopyScape.

Please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

We’ll then create content content based around the particular types of financial product you want to sell more of.

How to get commercial mortgage leads with content marketing

What those six companies whose blogs we’ve linked to have understood is that people look for answers before they look for someone to help them.

People want to feel informed.

People want to feel as if, before they contact an expert, they have a degree of understanding.

They believe that this extra understanding will protect them from being confused by what an expert might say to them.

This need for knowledge has changed the way that people use search engines.

While prospective borrowers still do search for “commercial mortgage” or “commercial mortgage broker”, you’ll miss out on a lot of traffic and enquiries from the directors at the late stage of the decision-making cycle by concentrating your online marketing efforts solely on those terms.

For example, the questions directors, developers, and landlords ask most on Google about commercial mortgages are:

  • “where to get a commercial mortgage”
  • “what are current commercial mortgage rates”
  • “what deposit for commercial mortgage”
  • “can I get a commercial mortgage on a residential property”
  • “can you get 100% commercial mortgage”
  • “commercial mortgage for bed and breakfast”
  • “commercial mortgage broker calculator”
  • “commercial mortgage comparison”

What are they asking about mezzanine finance?

  • “what is mezzanine finance explain with example”
  • “mezzanine finance for residential development”
  • “mezzanine finance vs private equity”
  • “mezzanine loan vs. preferred equity”
  • “mezzanine loan vs second mortgage”

And for bridging finance?

  • “can you get 100% bridging finance”
  • “what does bridging finance mean”
  • “what does bridging finance cost”
  • “what can bridging finance be used for”
  • “bridging finance on pension payout”

The long-term value of answering borrowers’ questions in depth on your website

When posting content designed to directly answer searchers’ questions, what you post should be in plain English, relatable, professional and friendly.

You should explain everything from start to finish in a logical order so that you take the reader of a journey of effortless discovery.

You will expose yourself and your business to (tens of) thousands of additional marketing and selling opportunities every year by creating a library of articles which answer the questions your readers want on the products you want to promote the most.

And, best of all, once your library of content starts to build up, you’re far more likely over time to finish on page 1 with generic search terms like “commercial mortgage” or “commercial mortgage broker”.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Don’t buy leads online – generate them yourselves

You could buy commercial mortgage leads from one of a number of reputable and proven suppliers in what is quite a mature online market now.

And, if this is a strategy which has been successful for you, we would not recommend that you stop.

A good lead from anywhere is a good lead.

However, the very best commercial mortgage leads (including commercial mortgage broker leads) come from those clients who found you without an online intermediary.

You have these clients all to yourself and you won’t necessarily be competing against other lenders and brokers.

Commercial mortgage leads in the UK – how to find them yourself

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve over the next 12 months for your business.

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