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Promote your commercial finance products and commercial mortgages by email

Specialist email marketing for financial services firms allows you to communicate directly with just the decision makers you choose including business owners, developers, property investors, and landlords.

We create and execute 12-month email marketing campaigns for commercial finance lenders and brokers wanting to promote one or more of the following products:

  • cash flow finance,
  • business cash advances,
  • invoice finance,
  • asset based lending,
  • education finance,
  • hire purchase & finance,
  • invoice factoring and invoice discounting,
  • pension-led funding,
  • crowdfunding, and
  • peer to peer funding.

For commercial mortgage lenders and brokers, we’re also experienced in producing engaging, compelling email marketing campaigns selling:

  • owner-occupier mortgages,
  • commercial investment mortgages,
  • semi-commercial mortgages,
  • commercial property development finance,
  • residential buy-to-let finance,
  • portfolio finance,
  • bridging loans,
  • auction finance, and
  • mezzanine finance.

Email marketing for financial services – the database we use

In conjunction with our media partners, we maintain a comprehensive, constantly updated, and GDPR-compliant B2B marketing database containing over 350,000 decision maker addresses.

Commercial finance and mortgage lenders and brokers can select the decision makers they target by:

  • business activity,
  • geographical location,
  • company size (either number of staff or turnover), and
  • areas of purchasing responsibility.

When you speak with your account manager, share with them the types of decision maker you want to target and the products you want to introduce to them.

By being as precise as you can with your targets, you reduce the overall cost of your email marketing campaign giving you the opportunity to make an even higher return on your investment with us.

Our 12-month email marketing package

We send 12 emails to your target audience over the year and, with our marketing package, you recieve:

  • 12 email advertisements – created by More Than Words’ in-house sales copywriters and designers (you have full control over what goes out)
  • 12 email campaigns – we’re responsible for sending your email advertisements direct to clients’ inboxes
  • 12 campaign reports, one for each broadcast, showing how the decision makers we’re targeting interacted with your email, and
  • a full copy of the email database we use on your campaign (ideal if you want your marketing and sales team to run telemarketing and postal marketing campaigns to your targets).

We’ll notify you within 30 minutes of any direct enquiries and questions we receive from one of your targets after they’ve recieved your email.

On your campaign report, you’ll see:

  • which recipients opened your email and how many times they opened it.
  • which recipients clicked through to your website from your email and how many times they clicked through, and
  • which recipients have unsubscribed (who no longer wish to receive emails from you).

Your account manager will show you how to use the open and clickthrough information contained on your report to generate further enquiries from your target decision makers.

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Email marketing for financial services firms offers you a way to communicate directly with decision makers you choose.

To speak with one of our account managers about email marketing for financial services firms, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us.

When you phone, please also ask us about our telemarketing campaigns for commercial financial services companies.

Email marketing for commercial finance companies – the benefits

Email marketing appeals to the impulsiveness in all business people and property developers

Being self-employed – being a director.

It requires a completely different mindset to working for someone else.

Every day is a risk and, as directors and business owners become more experienced at being in charge, they learn to trust their own instincts more.

In many ways, many of the impulsive characteristics we display as consumers often cross over into our business decision-making.

If a business owner has decided that they want to…

  • embark on a period of expansion,
  • buy in new equipment or machinery, or
  • purchase their premises from their landlord

…and they get an email from you showing that you can help fund their plans, they may act upon it now even if they weren’t intending to do anything about it for a little while yet.

A year-long email marketing campaign builds confidence in you and self-confidence in the borrower

We’ll run 12 email campaigns for you, once a month, and each email we send is intended to:

  • build trust and credibility in your brand and experience,
  • demonstrate the range of financial services and solutions you offer, and
  • show that, when you’re representing a client, nothing stops you from achieving the end result.

The emails we send for you aim to remove the three major obstacles in the way of a borrower getting in touch with you:

  • they’re worried their application will be rejected,
  • they’re worried that the repayments may be too high,
  • they don’t know the first thing about you – what if you mess it up?

Over the course of 12 emails, the directors and developers in the markets you want a greater presence in will see how your company is able to deliver on its promises quickly, efficiently, and well.

You’ll probably see little or no response to your first two emails.

That’s completely normal but you need to persist.

It’s from the third email where you’ll begin to see significant increases in the number of:

  • prospective borrowers opening your emails,
  • clickthroughs to your website, and
  • direct enquiries by phone, email, and via your website’s contact form.

Over those 12 emails, we’ll tell your target audience a compelling story about your company in which they can also see themselves achieving the results they want in partnership with you.

And we’ll make sure that, throughout the entire email sequence, the products you want to sell the most are the ones which are promoted the most and in the most convincing way possible.

Email marketing for financial services companies – help finding, convincing, and converting commercial borrowers

As a promotional channel, email marketing for finance companies has grown significantly in popularity in recent years.

It’s used extensively by both commercial lenders and brokers.

What has its effect been?

There will be thousands of commercial borrowers who have changed the broker and lender they work with based upon the contents of a powerful email message they’ve received.

Likewise, there will be thousands more first-time commercial borrowers who were persuaded to go ahead with a project they had in mind or to borrow money after they received an email prompting them to take action.

The best commercial finance emails get straight to the point. They plug major gaps in borrowers’ knoweldge.

Commercial finance emails answer the three most pertinent questions in borrowers’ minds:

  1. “Would someone really lend me the money to buy these offices?”
  2. “Is there a company which would finance this new equipment for me?”
  3. “The bank won’t lend me money to expand so who else would?”

Email marketing for B2B financial services companies (B2B commercial finance and mortgages - important points

At all stages of your campaign, all current best practices standards are adhered to by More Than Words and we use them on your campaign.

The source data comes from a established member of the Data and Marketing Association – one of the UK’s most highly respected trade bodies.

We use our own trusted servers for your broadcast.

We include all required legal information at the bottom of your email including the unsubscription mechanism.

The “From” name and subject line are clear and accurate – no attempt to mislead to encourage opens is used on any client campaign.

When dealing with financial services, consistency in branding is key.

When recipients choose to open email, the design of your email will faithfully replicate the font, colours, and logo used in your corporate branding.

When someone clicks through to your website from your email, your email must look like your website.

Your email will be fully “responsive” meaning that it will look superb whether received on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Yes. We’re happy to show you prior to purchase example emails sent out for clients in your sector.

In fact, when we start planning each of the twelve emails that we’ll transmit for you, we’ll send you a number of example emails to look at.

The style, wording, and structure of these example emails will be in the style, wording, and structure we’d like to use across your entire campaign.

Please feel free to change and amend as much as you like until you feel that you’d be happy with approach.

We’ll then draft the 12 emails around your exact preferred approach.

Many companies using email clients (apps like Outlook) or web-based platforms (like Gmail) choose to not allow images to be received by email – they will only allow text-based emails.

To overcome this, we write two versions of each email – one for graphical display and one for text only.

To ensure that the right version appears in front of a potential client, we use the MIME format of email.

For graphical emails, the design is written to be “responsive” – that is to change its appearance to suit the device the email is being opened and read on.

Yes. On the third day after each email broadcast is sent out on your behalf, we send you a full report in Microsoft Excel format.

Each report shows you:

  • the contact details of recipients who opened your email
  • how many times they opened your email
  • the contact details of those who clicked through to your website.

We recieve all incoming mail from your campaign and, if we receive a direct response or enquiry from a recipient, we will contact you within 30 minutes.

If we are also sending to your own list, we can separate your report into two – one showing our list and the other showing yours.

More Than Words ensures GDPR compliance and handles the management of unsubscribers from your campaigns.

When you speak with us, ask us about combining your email marketing campaigns with our specialist telemarketing for financial services companies packages.

We can phone each of the recipients on either the database we provide to you, your own contact database, or yours.

On each call, we can do a mixture of information gathering, brand awareness generation, and appointment making.

Before we start on each campaign for a client, we work out with you exactly what it is you want to achieve.

Which sectors do you want to break into?

Which financial products do you want to lead on?

And it’s from this information that we put together a bespoke and targeted campaign for your company.

To speak with one of our account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us at

Success rates when we’re email marketing for financial services clients

Concerned about GDPR? Concerned that GDPR will prevent you from making a return on your company’s investment?

Following the introduction, the number of B2B email marketing campaigns fell in the UK.

Although they are starting to recover slightly, volume is still significantly down on pre-May 2018 levels.

All databases used by More Than Words on your outbound email marketing campaigns are fully GDPR-compliant.

We only source data from established providers and each provider we work with is a member of the UK Data and Marketing Association (DMA).

In their latest report, the DMA reported a £43 average return for every £1 spent on email marketing – a significant increase over the previous year.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and tell us which of your financial products you want to sell and to which companies in the next twelve months.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our commercial financial marketing team us by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There’s lots of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk away from North Shields Metro station.

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    Email marketing for financial services companies – interesting links and more information

    Many lenders and brokers are successfully using email marketing for finance companies here in the UK right now – post-GDPR.

    If you are considering this for your company but you’d like to do a bit more research on the subject before you get in touch with us, we’ve put together a list of four articles on email marketing for finance companies that we think will provide you with important and relevant information below:

    When you’re ready to speak with us, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.