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Better home improvements lead generation from your own website

For many companies offering home improvements, lead generation has always been a challenge.

Today, millions of home improvement jobs are booked annually by homeowners and landlords after searching the internet.

That’s because so many homeowners and landlords now go online first for the information they want to know on home improvements rather than pick up the phone to a specialist.

And this change in behaviour has caught many home improvements companies off-guard.

Internet search versus phone call to a specialist

If you want to know why your boiler is making a particular rattling sound, there are dozens of websites available which can give you the answer you’re looking for free of charge straight away.

It might not be the right answer all the time however.

So why look it up online first then rather than ask an expert?

There are two reasons and they are that:

  1. people want to feel like they have a base of knowledge about why their boiler might be rattling so they can tell if the installer is telling them the truth or not (in the same way as people who aren’t confident about cars do online research before buying a new one or servicing their existing one) and
  2. people don’t want to be pitched over the phone and feel pressured into making an appointment in exchange to an answer for their question.

These fears are baseless but these fears still persist.

How to get leads as a contractor from your website

Want to stop buying home improvement leads and create a lead channel of your own instead?

If you do, then you need to consider improving your website as the first step in creating that channel.

Other than delivering a constant stream of free high quality enquiries, the main benefit of having your own lead channel is that none of your competitors will have the leads you’ve generate – they’ll all be yours.

To get regular and free high quality enquiries from your website, you need to:

  • improve the quality of the copy you currently on it describing in detail each of the services you offer and
  • add a library of content designed to answer all the questions that potential customers have about your services when they’re searching online.

This is exactly how lead generation companies get as many enquiries as they do.

During a customer’s buying journey, they find high-quality, clear, and concise content answering the questions they have about a particular home improvement service on these lead generation companies’ websites.

They come across this content time after time on their journey and they appreciate it because it’s this content which is providing them with accurate, useful, and understandable information they want in plain English.

To achieve the same result for your company, we’ve got to make sure that it’s your website which is found on potential clients’ information hunts instead.

And we have a range of marketing service which can do just that.

Website content marketing for specific trades

Boiler leads – work with some of the UK’s most experienced online boiler article copywriters and website marketing experts to reduce your reliance on lead gen companies and pay per click advertising

Conservatory leads – investing in your company’s own conservatory leads channel online will create a constant stream of installation opportunities you don’t have to pay for and where you’re not in competition for each sale

Double glazing leads – building your company’s online own double glazing leads channel will reduce your client acquisition costs and your dependence on pay-per-click and home improvement lead gen firms

Solar panel leads – our copywriters, designers, and online campaign planners will develop your company its own solar panel leads generation channel so that you can free yourself from PPC and lead gen company costs

Website copy, design, and build

Home improvement website design – order a brand new, Google-optimised, engaging, and lead-generating home improvement website design for your business and benefit from much higher traffic and enquiry conversion levels

General home improvement marketing service

Home improvement marketing – use a mixture of online and offline home improvement marketing to create a constant stream of strong enquiries where you’re not always competing with other companies for the business

Find out more

Please contact us to let us know about your business, what you sell, and where you sell and we’ll create a marketing plan for your business.

For more information, please call one of our account managers on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Home improvement leads UK – our six main services

Home improvements lead generation companies take advantage of the fact that potential customers are more reluctant to pick up the phone than ever before

The internet provides homeowners and landlords with protection from the often relentless marketing and sales tactics that were so common in the home improvement industry in the 1990s and 2000s.

A fear has become implanted in people’s minds that, if they pick up the phone to a double glazing supplier and ask questions about new windows, doors, or conservatories, the person on the other end of the line will apply extreme pressure on them to book an appointment straight away.

And, when the sales rep arrives for the appointment, they’ll sit there in that prospect’s house for 4 hours until they’ve got the signature.

The internet frees people of these fears.

We know that those hard-selling days are, in the main, long gone now but they have left a lasting impression which is still around today.

What advantage does your company have against the national players and the pay per sale home improvements lead generation companies?

Home improvement lead generation companies have built very successful businesses around the fact that:

  • the Internet gives consumers the information they want and need straight away and
  • the Internet doesn’t try to force you into making an appointment with it when you use it

For your home improvement company to compete on a level playing field, you’ve got to play the lead generation companies at their own game.

You’ll need to spend a higher percentage of your marketing and advertising budget on online content every month for the foreseeable future.

You will, of course, be competing against much bigger competitors with enormous budgets and against the home improvement lead generation companies.

Should you be worried?


That’s because you have a natural advantage over them – you serve a specific geographical region.

Your competitors and the lead generation companies are currently trying to finish high in the search rankings all over the UK.

They do a very good job of it but they have a problem.

Google’s job – what it does so well – is to connect people to information and businesses which it believes will be most useful to them.

That’s why, if you search for a boiler installer when you’re searching in Newcastle, the results you get are for Newcastle installers, not installers in Southampton.

Google’s local focus is your big advantage.

But how do you make the most of it?

5 ways to develop your own home improvements lead generation channel

1. Redevelop your existing website

Let us redevelop your existing website to make your current pages much easier for customers in the areas you serve to find on Google.

Our commercially-focused, results-driven copywriters have significant experience in writing the highest quality online content for home improvement companies.

When we re-write your existing pages, we write them in such a way that:

  • Google is absolutely sure of your location and the areas in which you need to be ranked the highest
  • your website describes each of the services you offer in depth and in plain English,
  • each visitor appreciates your credibility and your company’s experience, and
  • every page on your site prompts them to call you or to leave their contact details.

2. Build a new SEO-optimised, responsive website

Alternatively, we can design, write, and build your website from scratch so that it:

  • contains the most effective, customer-focused, response-generating sales copy,
  • establishes in visitors’ minds how experienced you are and how credible your firm is,
  • has been written and structured specifically for Google to award your company with the highest rankings,
  • benefits from intuitive navigation so visitors know how to get the information they want quickly, and
  • looks professional and attractive on all devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet)

3. Build an online library of engaging, compelling, plain English, high-quality content

Let us develop an online library of quality content specifically optimised so that Google can find it easily and it knows which parts of the country you serve.

We’ll write the very best, most convincing, response-driven blogs, articles, and e-books.

This growing collection of content means that your website and all of the pages on it climb even higher up the search engine rankings locally.

Better still, we’ll create content around the questions your potential clients are actually asking.

Having a substantial collection of engaging, informative, and accurate content on your website not only means a higher search engine position but it also means that you gain the trust of the visitors who read it.

Content builds credibility.

It’s the exact same model as used by the lead generation companies and they generate 10,000s of leads every week with this exact strategy.

4. Create shareable and downloadable material

Home improvement companies have recently begun to build large followings on social media platforms (including on LinkedIn which is better for selling to businesses).

This is an effective and future-facing approach because the influence of these platforms continues to grow and grow.

We use a mixture of advice, insight, and sales-driven posts and articles to build up your online following.

With every piece of content we create, we attempt to attract as many of your followers as possible to your website where they can leave their contact details with you for follow-up.

We create downloadable and shareable materials to be distributed via:

5. Attractive, convincing offline content

Our designers and copywriters create elegant, credibility-building, sales-driven leaflets and brochures for home improvement companies.

These materials can be used when a rep is on an appointment or it can be posted through letterboxes or displayed in your showrooms.

Creating a home improvements lead generation channel for your business which you control

If you’re a glazier and you’re being offered high quality window leads for sale from a firm you trust, you should continue to buy them – likewise double glazing sales leads and conservatory leads.

Builders should continue to buy construction leads if they can make money from them.

Solar lead generation is tough – there’s a lot of competition in this sector – so if your supplier has a track record of selling you quality solar leads, please continue to work with them.

The best lead generation companies still deliver a lot of value to home improvement companies.

As sales professionals ourselves, we would never advise that you abandon a marketing strategy which is working for you.

However, at the same time, we recommend that you approach the market in as many different ways as possible.

If you own the method of marketing and you’re in control of it, you gain more certainty over your company’s future income and your cost of acquiring a new customer goes down.

Find out more about the DIY home improvements lead generation service from More Than Words

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Tell us what you want – whether it’s window and door leads, conservatory roof leads, or kitchen leads, we look forward to working with you to generate your own exclusive online home improvements leads channel where you’re not competing against three or four local rivals every time.

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    Home improvements leads UK – interesting links and more information

    Many home improvement companies have not yet benefited from the opportunities that internet and social media bring because it’s very easy and cost-effective to buy enquiries and appointments from lead generation firms.

    While we would strongly encourage you to continue purchasing leads if you like the company(ies) you’re buying from and you feel that the quality of their leads is high enough, we would also encourage you to spend the next few months investing in your online presence so that you have a reliable sales and marketing channel of your own.

    We’ve complied six links from other experts online about the advantages of investing in your own online presence. We hope you find them helpful and informative.

    To discuss building your own online marketing channel, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or email us by clicking here.

    We would welcome the opportunity to find out more about your company and your goals for the next 12-24 months.