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What’s the best way to create your own online channel of closeable online boiler leads for your company?

It’s by constantly adding to a library of very high-quality, informative, and useful articles on your website which answer all of the questions your potential customers have about boilers.

The way homeowners and landlords look for boiler installers has changed in the last 10 years.

If they’re looking for a new boiler for their property or their current one is on the blink and showing signs of age, they generally don’t pick up the phone to speak to an installer first any more.

Instead, they head to Google and ask it questions they would have been asking you.

And it’s at these times when your company needs to be found first.

Why create an online boiler guide for your website?

The best way to ensure that your website is found by homeowners, landlords, and business owners is to create your own boiler guide online.

How do you do that?

You research all the questions, search terms, and keywords which your customers use when they’re looking for information on boilers.

Then you write high-quality, optimised blogs so that Google:

  • can easily find and index them and
  • displays your blog posts in the highest possible place on its search results pages when potential clients in the areas you serve are seeking information and help.

The effect of doing this regularly is cumulative.

Every time you upload a new article to your site, Google views your website as more authoratitive, relevant, and credible.

This means that your website and every page on it incrementally benefits from higher search engine placement.

This makes it different from pay per click advertising or using a lead generation firm where, if you stop spending money, the leads stop coming.

By taking this approach instead, your website will still rank highly for months and years if you pause or stop investing in new content.

Find out more on using blogs and articles to generate more boiler leads

We’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about creating the online marketing content your website needs.

We want to give your company the very best chance of being seen first by potential customers looking to invest in a new boiler.

We work with…

  • smaller boiler installation companies,
  • national suppliers, and
  • boiler lead generation services

…to provide them with the content they need to be found when homeowners, landlords, and business owners are searching online for information on boilers and boiler installations.

To find out more, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

Four reasons to choose More Than Words to promote boiler sales and installation online

What’s actually stopping a customer picking up the phone to you?

People don’t like not knowing things, especially when money’s involved.

People don’t want to sound like they know nothing when they speak to a boiler installer.

The average boiler in the UK costs around £1,050 and installation can be £1,000 or more on top of that.

They don’t want to sound stupid talking about something so expensive to someone who has a vested interest in selling them that expensive item.

That nagging worry in the back of a homeowner’s or landlord’s head is that they’ll get an installer around to look at their boiler and they’ll be:

  • told they need a new boiler when a simple repair job will do or
  • quoted a price but they won’t know whether that quote is reasonable or not.

The fear of being overcharged or missold to is significant

In the back of a prospect’s mind is a big suspicion that their boiler could actually be fixed but the installer wants the bigger sale instead.

It’s the same feeling that many people have when they take their car to a garage for repair.

It’s unfair but that’s the way that millions of boiler customers feel – and you can’t really fight against that.

So, what’s the best way to respond to this change in the market and to address people’s fears?

It’s to create your own extensive library of high-quality, Google-friendly articles about boilers for your website

When you invest in content, two things happen:

  • your website has a much greater chance of being seen by potential customers searching for information and
  • the potential customers who read your articles develop trust and belief in your company because you’re telling them the truth – you’re telling it like it is.

And any homeowner or landlord wants someone they trust to come around rather than someone they’ve never heard of before.

How do customers behave in the hours or days before they contact a boiler expert?

Across the home improvement sector in general, people hesitate to pick up the phone to speak to experts first.

Part of the reason is that they don’t want to ask a question or two for fear that they’ll end up being pitched for and pressured into making an appointment.

That’s only half the story though.

Homeowners and landlords don’t actually mind being pitched over the phone or face to face when they trust the person who is pitching them.

But to get to that point where they trust you, it can take up to 8 exposures to your company and its content.

That sounds like a lot but it’s not that many in reality.

Those 8 exposures might be happen when they’re looking for information on;

  • boiler code errors to see if they have to get an engineer out
  • information about the Gas Safe registration scheme
  • what type of boiler they need
  • how large their boiler’s output should be
  • average costs for the type of boiler they need
  • average installation costs
  • how long it takes to install a boiler,
  • and more

How does a prospect decide who to call after they’ve searched online for the information they need?

By the time they’ve done their due diligence into boilers, prices, and installers, a prospect may have visited 20 or more different pages across various different sites.

From each of the sites they’ve visited, they’ll have become more confident about their own knowledge about boilers.

They’ll believe that they’ll be able to better spot if an installer is trying to pull a fast one on price or trying to sell them a boiler they don’t need.

The companies they choose to contact will almost certainly be the companies which have shared the most information with them on their journey so far.

But how do you put your company in pole position to receive the calls or emails from prospective customers which then become the strongest and most closeable boiler job leads?

The advantage local firms have over their national rivals in generating new boiler leads

To finish higher on the search engine rankings than the big installers and the lead generation companies, you need to:

  • produce better content and share it on your website, on social media, and by email and
  • make maximum advantage of the fact you serve a local area

Start building up your library of content on boilers first with informative and SEO-optimised articles and blog posts.

Share as much information as you can on each blog post – even if it turns into a very long article.

Make sure that each and every article and blog post gives potential customers the information they need and a chance to build trust in your firm.

Encourage them to leave their contact details whether for immediate follow-up or to join your email newsletter (we can set one up for you if you like).

Create downloadables like PDFs which you can share over social media and which you can send to the recipients on your email newsletter database – this is becoming an increasingly important way of generating leads.

Online is where most of the battles for high-quality boiler leads are already being won.

And we’d like to do the work for you.

But before you get in touch with us, why do we recommend that you avoid pay per click campaigns like Google Ads?

Better quality and more boiler leads with content marketing

We write articles to answer the exact questions your potential customers are asking online.

For example, the questions below are searched for 940 times a month in the UK:

  • How much is a new boiler fitted?
  • How much is a new boiler from British Gas?
  • What happens when a new boiler is fitted?
  • How much does a new boiler cost?
  • Can I get a new boiler for free?
  • What does a new boiler cost?
  • Will a new boiler make house warmer?
  • Are new boilers more efficient?
  • Is a new boiler an allowable expense?
  • Is a new boiler a capital improvement?

Some of these questions you might not think are relevant – we understand that.

However, the way that big companies and the lead generation firms get such high rankings is that they produce a constantly-updated library of content for potential customers to find.

Every article they upload adds to Google’s perception of the site’s value.

So every upload automatically increases the value of every other page and article on your site.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

When we put together a content plan for you, we examine your local (or national) competition to see which of their pages gets the most visits and traction.

We also find overlooked keywords and questions which no-one is currently really competing over.

This, along with one or two other factors, is the way to get your website ranked highly by Google and other search engines.

There are a number of different approaches we use however the main approach is to produce quality content for our customers.

Quality content delivers high search engine rankings and higher conversions from the people who visit your website.

The articles, blogs, web pages, and other content we produce for you will be based around “keywords” – keywords are the words Google expects to see on a page about a particular topic.

The more keywords and associated keywords (sometimes called long-tail keywords) placed in the text (within reason), the better as long as it does not affect the readability for potential customers.

People also tend to skim read. Think about this page.

It has been broken up into little sections with lots of headlines.

We assume most visitors are going to skim read a page.

We use the headlines above the little sections so that the reader can justify to themselves spending an extra minute or two reading and appreciating the content.

We take the same approach when writing for you.

You should expect to invest in at least one article a week for at least six months before you start to see results.

In some cases, particularly if your website has been up for a long time, we may be able to do it in a shorter time.

Please be aware that this is an investment in your business which, unlike pay per click adverts, will deliver traffic, leads, and sales to your boiler installation business for years to come.

Your company will come across as a friendly, approachable company whose staff are experienced in and committed to what they do – installing the very best boilers and providing after-care of the highest quality.

People buy people first – and people take a lot from the way you come across on your website.

One of the major barriers stopping people calling your boiler installation firm (and other boiler installation firms) is a lack of knowledge on both boilers and on who you are.

By being generous with your knowledge, by sharing what you know, and by telling your story in a way that can be understood easily, you become a company they trust.

For articles and blogs, we generally recommend writing between 1,500 and 2,000 words – that’s about a 3-4 minute read.

This is widely considered among copywriters and SEO experts as the ideal length for a high, first-page finish on Google.

Worried someone might not spend that long on your page? You’re partially right.

When someone is at the beginning of the process of making a decision to buy a new boiler, they’ll generally skit on and off web pages.

Remember though that the briefest visit to your website is one of the 8 marketing touches you need prior to a customer contacting you – you do win but a little later.

You win later when the customer is more resolved that they have to get their boiler fixed or repaired.

Then they are hungry for information.

At this point, they do everything they can to educate themselves so that they don’t make a bad decision and they don’t pay too much whatever decision they take.

This is just the time your content needs to be seen – it’s the start of the trust-building process.

Yes – we’re even able to include on your website for extra SEO effect discontinued boilers going back over 10-15 years.

Each page you add with quality, reliable information adds to the value Google perceives your website as having.

Downloadables are PDFs and other types of material which can be shared online on social media apps or on messaging apps like WhatsApp.

They’re platform-neutral meaning that if someone sent another person a downloadable from an iPhone and the other person had an Android phone or Windows computer, they would be able to see the content as intended.

An example of a downloadable you could share via social media or from your website might be a short guide on how to determine whether your boiler just needs repairing or whether it needs replacing with a new one.

Millions of people in the UK and tens of thousands of people local to you have this very conservation each year when their boilers start malfunctioning.

They’ll share their concerns and frustrations with friends and family members who will often try to help by finding them the information.

People do share on Facebook or Twitter and, although they don’t share as much as they used to, it’s important to give them something of value that they can distribute among interested friends and family members.

84% of sharing done online is now done through something called “dark social” media – messaging apps like WhatsApp.

We share more material we see on our mobile phones than we see on desktop and laptop computers.

People only really share something commercial in nature with someone they know via a messaging app when they know it’s of interest to the recipient whereas what people share on public social media tends to be more personal.

In addition to articles, blogs, and website design, we create e-books, brochures, email newsletters, take charge of social media marketing campaigns, and more.

Let us know which marketing and promotional material you want us to work on for your boiler installation company and we’ll let you know if we can do it.

Every piece of content we produce for you is done via a drafting process.

In other words, before we start work, we get an idea from you about what you want to see on the content.

We then produce it and send it to you for review.

After that, an article or other piece of content goes back and forth between us until you’re happy with the outcome.

We don’t consider any work as “signed off” until you tell us that it is.

In addition, everything we produce is 100% original and we run everything through CopyScape prior to presenting it to you.

To order new content from More Than Words for your boiler installation company, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

You’ll be put through to one of our account managers who will find out as much about your firm as possible and the commercial goals you have for the coming year.

Once we know about you, we’ll then come back to you with a plan to deliver the outcomes you want.

Why installers should think twice about a pay per click campaign to find boiler leads

If you already have a website, why not just pay Google to send you leads?

Google Ads – they’re the adverts you see at the top of Google whenever you enter a search term.

For new boilers, the cost is £7.68 per click.

For “boiler installation”, it’s £8.28 per click.

And that’s just for a click.

The average conversion ratio from click through to sale is 3.48% – in other words, you have to pay for 28.74 clicks before you’re contacted by a prospect who actually turns into a customer.

That means a cost per sale of £220.69 for “new boiler” and £237.94 for “boiler installation”.

So, if you use Google Ads to generate business, Google will effectively earn a commission of between £220.69 and £237.94 on every boiler you install.

The big companies and the lead generation companies know this.

That’s why rarely (if ever) touch Google Ads.

There are two reasons for this – first, the cost and, second, it’s not permanent.

The minute you stop spending money on Google Ads, your well of leads and sales from that source runs dry.

How to get leads from Google for free*

What is Google’s primary role?

Google’s primary role is to deliver what it considers is the most accurate and helpful information to its users.

The big installers and boiler lead generators spend so much money on creating the highest-quality content because it keeps on producing lead after lead like clockwork.

They’re creating content which Google recognises as being the most helpful and the most accurate.

And, as a result, Google rewards them for it with very high search engine results page rankings.

And that’s what we write for our clients.

We write for the big installers to help them generate exclusive gas boiler leads as well as finance boiler leads.

We write for the lead generation companies to generate the most closeable plumbing and heating leads.

It’s content which we’ve written for our clients which gets them the lead and they don’t have to pay Google for a single click.

And we’re offering your company the exact same service.

* “free” means without paying Google for every click through to your website.

Boiler leads wanted?

Then our best advice is to add a content-driven lead generation system to your website.

We know boilers.

Not as well as you know them but we know enough to write about them confidently so that both Google and your potential customers appreciate what you’ve put on your website for them.

On all aspects of…

  • boiler marketing,
  • boiler article and blog production,
  • boiler download creation and more

…we’d appreciate the opportunity to find out more about you, your company, and how we might work together in the future to create a constant stream of heating leads for your firm.

How to get in touch with More Than Words

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve for your boiler installation business in the coming twelve to twenty-four months.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our home improvements lead generation team by clicking here.

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