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Over £1.05bn in sales of conservatories are made every 12 months in Britain…

…but who’s getting all the conservatory leads?

Conservatory marketing has always been difficult.

It’s one of the more expensive types of property improvement a homeowner can invest in.

As a result, prospects are much more likely to get multiple quotes before going ahead with a particular installer.

This is a growing market though and there’s money to be made.

Recent statistics prove that the conservatories people are ordering are getting bigger and they’re spending more money on them.

That bodes well for your company and the industry as a whole.

To understand how people buy conservatories, we’ve got to understand how they use the Internet now

The strong likelihood is that, even before they’ve selected the particular installers they want to get a quote from, a homeowner has been thinking about getting a conservatory for a long time.

They’re going to be spending so much money on their conservatory that they’re going to make absolutely sure that they know as much about conservatories as possible before they get on the phone to you or leave their contact details for you to follow up.

To get that knowledge, they turn to Google.

What sort of information will they search for online?

  • They’ll research the style of conservatory they want.
  • They’ll research the materials they’d like their conservatory to be made of.
  • They’ll even research whether they want a dwarf wall or not.
  • They’ll read about what they should do to keep their future conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer.

Between the time of first realising they want a conservatory and contacting potential installers, they might have read 20, 30, 50 or even more articles online.

When you go to a prospect’s house to give a quote, they now know more than ever before (or they think they do)

There is a major online battle currently underway between the big national conservatory installers and the conservatory lead generation companies.

The prize they’re all competing for is to finish as high as possible on the first page of Google.

So how does a smaller local conservatory installer possibly compete against the very sizeable marketing budgets of big national suppliers and lead generation companies?

By playing them at their own game.

You can do that because you have a distinct advantage – you’re local.

Winning more and better conservatory leads with your own online content

Google loves local.

Remember that Google sees its job as delivering the most useful information possible as quickly to searchers as possible.

That’s why, when you search for conservatories on Google, there are a lot of local results included in with the links to the national companies and to conservatory lead generation companies.

That’s despite the fact that the national companies and the conservatory lead generation companies have spent untold sums of money on content for their website.

So the good news is that you’re not competing online against the big players – your main competition is actually local.

And the way to make sure that your website finishes higher than your local competitors’ is by building a better website than they have.

But what is “better” in Google’s view?

Your website needs to provide the very best and most comprehensive information about conservatories and conservatory roofs possible in your area.

This is where our copywriters come in.

Our conservatory leads services

Homeowners looking for a new conservatory, more often than not, start their search on the internet.

We reseach for you the keywords, search terms, and questions which homeowners type into Google when they want to find the information they’re interested in about conservatories.

When we’ve completed our research, we’ll send you a full and detailed content plan showing you which topics we should write articles about for your website.

We suggest uploading 2-3 articles a week for an agreed period of time.

That’ll give your website a real chance to climb very high up the search engine rankings.

Every time you upload a new article, Google notices and, if it’s of the right quality, it assigns more authority and credibility to your site.

That means that the rankings of your website and every page on it improve incrementally with each new article.

We may also suggest in our content plan that we rewrite some of the pages already on your website to make it easy for homeowners to find.

The beneficial effects of building your own online library of high-quality, SEO-optimised conservatory blogs last for months and years too after you’ve uploaded them to your site.

It’s not like pay-per-click search engine advertising where the traffic and the leads stop the minute you stop spending.

Find out more about how to generate your own conservatory leads from your website

Please get in touch with us to let us know more about your company and the conservatories it installs, the markets you target, where in the UK you can service, and the goals you have for your website in the next year or two.

We look forward to finding out more about you and presenting you with a content plan which will deliver you the significant extra website traffic and high-quality leads you want.

To contact us, please call 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

Generating your own conservatory leads direct from homeowners

What do homeowners search for when they’re interested in a new conservatory?

What do the big national suppliers and lead generation companies do to finish on page one of Google?

They create massive libraries of high-quality, engaging, response-driven blogs and articles.

These articles answer every conceivable question asked by homeowners as they get closer to making the decision to invest in a conservatory.

Their initial questions will generally be on budget – how much does a conservatory cost?

The next set of questions will be about the type of conservatory they can install for their budget.

As time goes on, the picture in the prospect’s mind becomes clearer of the conservatory they’ll soon be sitting in.

With that clearer image, they’ll ask more detailed questions about the conservatory they can see in their mind’s eye – questions about:

  • the material it’s made from,
  • the type of glass used,
  • what type of blinds they could buy,
  • whether they need planning permission and so on.

Sharing this information freely and generously is responsible for the thousands of leads generated every week by national installers and lead gen firms.

It’s information people want and these types of articles receive millions of clicks a month collectively from British homeowners.

People trust companies whose high-quality articles and blogs give them the answers they want

It takes between 8 and 13 exposures to a company before trust really starts to build in a prospective customer’s mind.

During that time, your prospect is getting gradually closer to the point when they’re ready to contact someone.

The companies they’re most likely decide to contact for a quote are those companies which have helped them the most on their buying journey – the companies which have given them the detailed answers they were looking for during their search.

It’s our job to make sure that yours is one of those companies.

Why you’ve got a better chance of winning more conservatory leads than the big nationals

You have a significant trump card in your favour which gives your firm an advantage in the race to win high quality conservatory leads over the big national suppliers and lead generation companies you compete against.

You’re local – you serve a defined geographic region.

If yours is a Glaswegian conservatory installation firm with helpful and SEO-optimised blogs on your website, Google will be much more inclined to link to your website if a Glasgow homeowner is searching for information on conservatories.

That’s because Google sees its role as providing its searchers with the most relevant and usable information.

Google knows that it’s more preferable for most homeowners to work with a conservatory installation company whose premises are closer to them than on the other side of the country.

That’s your big advantage and it’s an advantage we help you exploit.

Conservatory leads online - FAQ

We have created an extensive number of articles on all types of conservatories including:

  • Victorian conservatory blogs/articles
  • Edwardian conservatory blogs/articles
  • Edwardian gable conservatory blogs/articles
  • Lean-to conservatory blogs/articles
  • Georgian conservatory blogs/articles
  • P, L, T or U-shaped conservatory blogs/articles
  • Orangery blogs/articles
  • Off the wall conservatory blogs/articles

In addition to that, we’ve written on the framing materials used on conservatories, the type of glass, the production process, and so on.

When a homeowner is in the process of gathering information prior to contacting a company, articles of these types of great for building awareness in your company as well as for including images of work you’ve already successfully completed.

The decision to purchase a conservatory will often come after months of research by a homeowner into budgets, styles, financing options, and so on.

The articles we create are based upon the questions you tell us which your customers come to you with the most and by researching what questions people are asking on Google.

The most popular questions about conservatories asked by search engine users lately have been:

  • does a conservatory need planning permission?
  • does a conservatory add value?
  • how much does a conservatory cost?
  • when does a conservatory become an extension?
  • does conservatory roof insulation work?
  • do conservatory roof blinds work?
  • which conservatory roof is best?
  • why is my conservatory so cold?
  • can a conservatory be used as a bedroom?
  • how deep should conservatory footings be?
  • are conservatory worth the money?
  • should you plaster conservatory walls?

With a significant and expensive purchase like a conservatory, being seen to provide generous, informative, plain English answers is the best way to build up trust and credibility in your company.

Yours should be the company they see at the start of the process and all the way along.

We have written extensively on conservatory roofs – more recent work includes:

  • lean to conservatory roof replacement blogs/articles,
  • Edwardian conservatory roof replacement blogs/articles,
  • Victorian conservatory roof replacement blogs/articles,
  • Georgian conservatory roof replacement blogs/articles,
  • gable-fronted conservatory roof replacement blogs/articles,
  • double-hipped conservatory roof replacement blogs/articles,
  • lantern conservatory roof replacement blogs/articles,
  • standard tiled conservatory roof replacement blogs/articles, and
  • Supalite tiled conservatory roof replacements.

Given the very high standards of conservatory construction in the last 10-15 years, we understand that, despite the market for new conservatories still growing, many homeowners are choosing roof replacements to refresh what their current conservatory instead.

Use blogs, articles, and downloads to share the information you know throughout the consideration and deliberation process a homeowner goes through.

This will almost certainly ensure that yours is one of the company’s they call when a homeowner decides it’s time to go ahead.

As with new conservatories, homeowners use the Internet to find out as many answers as possible so that, when it’s time to choose potential suppliers to quote them, they have a fair idea of what options are available to them within their budget.

The most popular questions about conservatory roof replacements asked by search engine users lately have been:

  • conservatory roof replacement cost
  • conservatory roof replacement panels
  • conservatory roof replacement glass
  • conservatory roof replacement options
  • conservatory flat roof replacement
  • conservatory roof replacement DIY
  • fibreglass conservatory roof replacement
  • conservatory roof replacement building regulations
  • how much does a conservatory roof replacement cost
  • conservatory roof replacement before and after
  • conservatory roof replacement from polycarbonate to insulated

As well as explaining in as much detail and as clearly as possible about conservatory roofs, use the blogs, articles, and downloads we create for you to showcase recent work you’ve done for other homeowners.

When we write blogs, articles, web pages, and downloadables for you, we’re writing for two audiences – first for your prospects and visitors and second for Google.

There are actually two separate pieces of work contained within one piece of content.

Google must be able to understand what your pages are about and which areas you can service. The primary way of doing this is through the use of “keywords”.

Keywords are words and phrases that Google expects to see on a blog, article, or web page about a particular topic.

We research which keywords we need to include before we start writing an article or blog.

We’re happy to share this research with you.

Those keywords are hidden within the article but in a way so that it’s natural-sounding, plain British English.

The articles themselves are written:

  • to engage with readers,
  • to give them the information they need when they want it,
  • to build up your company credibility, and
  • to link to the relevant product pages on your website.

We always invite the reader to get in touch with you on every page – either by leaving their contact details for follow-up or by leaving their email address so that you can send them newsletters.

For any content we write for you to deliver a return on investment, it must be ranked highly by Google and it must be appreciated by the people who read it.

Whatever we create for you, there needs to be a clear voice which comes through – the voice of your company.

Your branding – like your logo, colour palette, and font choice – is a type of visual language prospects use to easily identify you.

However, the words on the screen or on the page are your linguistic branding – the voice someone hears when they’re reading something in their head rather than out loud.

We want your company to come across strongly as being committed to doing business the right way, to be interested only in supplying the very best products, to have a first-class after-sales support service, and to be value for money.

Every word and every sentence in a piece we produce for you is tested – does it justify its inclusion?

Does that word help the customer understand what we’re trying to tell them or does it not?

Is this sentence going to add to the confidence they have in your business knowing that they may be spending £10,000 or more with you?

The voice of your company is of significant importance in turning interested visitor into a high-quality lead and it’s the aspect of all the work we do for clients we pay the greatest attention to.

If you find that pay-per-click works for you, you should continue to use it but it’s getting more expensive as more competitors enter the market.

Likewise, if you purchase new enquiries from a conservatory lead generation company and you can make money from it, we would advise you to continue with that.

What makes…

  • building your own library of high-quality, SEO-optimised articles and blogs or
  • investing in a Google-friendly new website or a website rewrite

…is that they keep on producing a return even after you’ve stopped spending money on them.

Every new article or improved webpage you add to your site adds to its authority and relevance in Google’s eyes as well as the off-page techniques we use.

And you benefit from this investment for years to come – it’s not like paying per click or paying per lead which, when you stop spending money on it, the clicks and the leads dry up.

Building your conservatory and conservatory roof lead generation system delivers a significant return on investment month after month for years to come even if you occasionally pause uploading new articles.

Product pages are different from blogs and articles – the product pages are the pages on your website which describe the different types of conservatory you offer.

If someone is specifically search for a “Victorian conservatory”, this is the page we want them to find on your site and we’ll have linked to that page extensively across the blogs and articles we’ve written for your website.

Whereas blogs and articles are written primarily to be informative and brand building (while at the same time asking the reader to leave their details), the product pages are a lot more sales-driven in nature.

Product pages extensively cover each of the benefits that a particular type of conservatory offers including listing the benefits of each customisable element (like material used, type of glass, approach to heating and cooling, and so on).

Product pages tend to be viewed the most when a prospect is very close to getting in touch with a supplier so we use these pages to really try to sell an appointment with your company.

Building a social media audience is difficult and it requires patience.

The most successful social media campaigns involve an element of paid-for advertising, particularly on Facebook.

Unlike in previous years, Facebook is a lot more selective about the non-paid-for messages it puts into people’s timelines

However, at the end of it, you may have thousands of people following your firm who will see what you’re offering and examples of your work appearing in their newsfeed.

We can create leaflets, brochures, sales letters, and other printed materials for your conservatory company.

Please get in touch with us to let us know what you have in mind.

Yes – this is one of the questions customers ask us the most because they know that we’ve probably written about a particular subject they want us to write many different times.

Every article we produce for you is 100% original and, prior to sending it to you for review, we use CopyScape to check that there is no unintentional plagiarism in the content we create for you.

You’re in full control at all times over your content – both the topics we write about and the actual work itself.

We send all content over to you for your approval and we’ll keep on amending and refining it until you’re completely happy with the result.

We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team to create marketing and promotional materials for your website, for social media and dark social, and for offline use.

To find out more, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email by clicking here.

When we work for you, we use your local presence to your advantage

Just as we do for the big national suppliers and lead generation companies, we create your own library of high-quality, Google-optimised content answering the questions which prospects ask the most.

We’ll let you know if we think any or all of the current pages on your site should also be re-written so that search engines can find it more easily and rank it more highly.

Each article, blog, or webpage re-write we do for you emphasises the areas you serve so that Google is clear on exactly where you operate.

It then knows much better which searchers it should show your website to.

Backing that up are a number of what are known as “offsite SEO techniques” which we use to further boost your site’s authority and credibility in Google’s eyes.

Social media marketing is also becoming an important way of generating high-quality leads within a defined area.

Let us take the time needed to build up your social media following and to create materials for your online supporters which they can download and share with others.

Get in touch to create your own online conservatory leads generation plan

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve for your conservatory business in the coming twelve to twenty-four months.

If you also sell windows, we can create an online marketing and content creation plan to generate double glazing leads too.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our home improvements lead generation team by clicking here.

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Find out more about our conservatory leads service

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