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How the largest firms in the UK generate most of their double glazing leads online

With over £5bn a year spent by UK homeowners to improve the windows in their home, competition is intense between installers to secure for themselves the highest quality and most closeable double glazing leads.

Until the advent of the internet, most double glazing companies used to leaflet the areas they served or place adverts in local newspapers when canvassing for new windows and doors quotes.

Some companies grew really large by using telesales and high-pressure in-home sales tactics as epitomised in the recent White Gold series on the BBC.

Times have changed though.

With over 20 million people on the Telephone Preference Service, there often isn’t enough numbers left to call in a local area to build a working telesales team.

Leaflets do work but they don’t seem to pull as many double glazing leads as they once used to.

Now, homeowners use the internet to find out the information they need about double glazing for their property before they actually call a double glazing installer.

And to generate double glazing leads of the quality and in the quantities you want, that’s where you have to focus much more of your advertising budget.

The old ways of selling have created a legacy today’s companies have to overcome.

The legacy of the old hard sales techniques still affects double glazing and triple glazing companies to this day.

There were two reasons why so many sales reps could get away with such high prices in the past:

  • very effective high pressure selling techniques and
  • a lack of knowledge about double glazing on the part of the homeowner.

Think of it like taking your car to a garage if you don’t know anything substantial about how cars actually work.

The reason that so many of us in this position get nervous is that our lack of knowledge means that we have no idea if the repairs we’re being quoted for really need doing.

Even if they do, is the price we’re being quoted too high?

Repairing your car is expensive enough but it’s a lot less expensive than having the windows in your home replaced.

That extra expense raises the stakes for homeowners.

To avoid being stung by salespeople and to make sure that they’re getting value for money, most customers’ journeys now start online as they search for information about double glazing.

Making sure your website is the one potential clients see on their buying journey

Your website currently competes for the very limited number of high search engine ranking places with:

  • local competitors’ websites,
  • national companies’ websites, and
  • lead generation companies’ websites.

You have an advantage though over your national competitors and the lead generation companies.

Your advantage is that you’re a local supplier.

Google’s reason for being is to provide people with the most useful, accurate, relevant, and actionable information in a fraction of a second.

That’s why when you search for double glazing companies in your part of the country, many of the results you’ll see will be either your website and/or your competitors’ website.

So now that you know that your website only has to be better than your local competitors’ websites, how do you achieve that?

Our double glazing content marketing services

The best way to generate extra double glazing leads from your website is to build a library of online content hosted on your website covering on every conceivable topic on windows and doors.

When researching getting new double glazing or doors for their property, homeowners and landlords will ask many different questions of Google.

By examining the questions they ask and the search terms and keywords they use, we know what content we need to create for your online library.

We do all this research for you.

Our copywriters will then create high-quality, SEO-optimised blogs and articles answering all the questions your potential customers are asking online.

Your blogs and articles will be engaging, informative, Google-friendly, and written in plain English and each one will invite the reader to get in touch with you.

If your website keeps appearing when a potential client is searching for information and it’s your website which keeps giving them the information they want in a way that they understand, they’re far more likely to remember your company over your competitors.

Not only will your library of content deliver more leads to your company, it will profoundly change the value Google assigns to it.

Every time we upload a new article to your website, the credibility and the authority of your entire website and every page on it improves.

That extra credibility and authority means that you’ll be seen by far more prospective customers when they’re on their buying journey.

The more your company’s website is seen, the more leads it will receive.

These leads will be all yours too – you won’t have to compete against three or four other installers like you do when you use a lead generation company.

It’s a virtuous circle which rewards you with really high Google rankings for months and years to come even if you temporarily stop your spending money on new blogs and articles.

That makes it totally different to paying for clicks to your website or paying for leads.

As soon as you stop spending on either of those approaches, the extra traffic and the extra leads stop.

Find out more

Get in touch with us to let you know more about your company, your target clients, the areas you work in, and what you want your website to add to your business in the coming 12 to 24 months.

To speak with one of our account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our home improvement leads UK team by clicking here.

Add value to your business and reduce costs by investing in your own online double glazing leads system

How the big firms generate leads for windows and doors quotes

Big double glazing firms and lead generation companies invest significant sums of money in creating large online libraries of Google-optimised, high-quality, engaging, and informative articles.

That’s because the journey a homeowner takes to the point when they’re ready to make a decision to buy can sometimes take months.

In that period of time, they’ll ask the internet lots of different questions about everything to do with double glazing, including but not limired to:

  • what it’s likely to cost,
  • the best type of glass to keep noise from coming in from the outside,
  • how long it takes to install,
  • what finance options are available so they can spread the cost and so on.

To give their websites the best chance of being found, big double glazing firms and lead generation companies create and upload a blog or article answering every single question a prospective customer can think of.

What impact do double glazing blogs and articles have on prospective customers?

The value in creating and uploading articles and blogs which answer prospective buyers’ many questions is that, by doing so, you really build up the level of trust in readers’ minds about the credibility, professionalism, and reliability of your company over time.

A prospective buyer may want to replace their windows in a month’s time or in twelve months’ time.

Over the course of that month or those twelve months, give yourself a competitive advantage by being the company which freely and generously shares in detail the information they want to know.

A prospective buyer may search for 50 or more answers to the questions they have about double glazing as they approach their decision to buy.

Now, companies need to be seen by prospective customers up to 13 times before trust is built and an enquiry is made.

They’ll be much more likely to contact you when they’re ready to go ahead than your competitors because:

  • they’re familiar with your company, its history, and the range of options you offer and
  • they’re happy with the quality of the information you have let the read on your website.

Most-asked customer questions on creating an online double glazing leads generation system

For general double-glazing blogs, the types of articles we’ve written for installers and for lead generation companies include but are not limited to:

  • Advantages of PVC windows
  • How to compare double glazing quotes
  • Best material for double glazing
  • Triple glazing
  • Eco-friendly double glazing
  • Compare double glazing quotes
  • Letting more light into your home
  • What happens to your old windows?
  • Keeping your family safe (child-safe windows)
  • The real cost of cheap home improvements
  • Why people replace windows before putting their home on the market
  • Cleaning tips to help your double glazing last longer
  • When do you need planning consent for double glazing?
  • Is your home ready for winter?
  • How is double glazing energy efficient?
  • How do you know when it’s time to get double glazing?

If you leave your details with us, we’ll send you copies of all the above articles for you to review.

Before we start to write your double-glazing blogs and articles and to plan your website content, we research thoroughly the questions that searchers are asking online as well as getting feedback from you on what your prospects are asking you face to face.

Prospects are much more likely to ask the Internet a question before they ask an installer a question.

When they’re ready to buy, they’ll have done as much due diligence as possible into double-glazing so that they’re sure in their own mind about what’s a good deal and what’s not a good deal.

Your website is much more likely to be found by buyers on their journey by answering the questions they have rather than the questions no-one is asking.

The types of questions people ask on Google about double glazing are:

  • what are double glazed windows?
  • can double glazing be repaired?
  • how double glazing works?
  • should double glazing get condensation on the inside?
  • is double glazing a legal requirement?
  • what double glazing is best?
  • how double glazing is made?
  • does double glazing reduce noise?
  • when to replace double glazing?
  • what is double glazing insulation?
  • does double glazing lose its effectiveness?
  • is double glazing cost effective?

As more and more search is moving over to voice, providing high-quality content answering specific customer questions is key to your information and your company being found.

Yes. These types of articles are really valuable in SEO terms.

Although not many people ask Google questions on them, we’d recommend them for inclusion in your content plan because of the positive effect it has on the search engine rankings for your entire website and every page on it.

Examples of specialist double-glazing articles we’ve written on different types of glass include:

  • annealed float glass
  • tempered toughened glass
  • laminated glass
  • low E glass
  • self-cleaning glass
  • noise control glass
  • fire protection glass
  • decoration glass

Before committing to a large purchase for their home like double-glazing installation and replacement, homeowners are nervous.

They want to gather as much information as possible on double glazing and they want to feel that each article or web page they read adds to their knowledge.

We write in a plain English, friendly, helpful, and inclusive style.

Every word is considered carefully and judged on whether it helps a reader understand what they want to know or not.

Every word and sentence is also considered and judged on whether it will build credibility and authority for your company in prospective customers’ minds.

If they need improving, we’ll let you know.

If they do, we’ll find out which keywords are needed so that Google truly understands what’s on each page and why this is a relevant, helpful, and authoritative page to send searchers to.

We’ll then use our sales writing ability to really sell the benefits of your double-glazing and the benefits of working with your company.

This, together with the confidence they already have in your company because they’ve been exposed to your website multiple times on their journey, means that visitors are far more likely to leave contact details for follow up than they are now.

Yes. If you just want us to re-write your current website pages as well as creating and uploading a library of high-quality articles to improve your search engine rankings, we’d really appreciate the chance to work with you.

Alternatively, you might want us to start from scratch and re-build your entire site so that every part of it is new and optimised for Google.

If you’re not happy with your current website design or usability, please let me know and we’d welcome the opportunity to quote you.

Social media offers double-glazing companies the opportunity to build a network of thousands of followers in the areas they serve.

Each new follower will see examples of your work, read interesting facts about double-glazing, and understand the work you do in the wider community.

Followers will also be able to download guides, books, and factsheets we produce about your company.

Social media marketing for double-glazing firms is growing rapidly both in terms of the numbers of companies doing it and the volume of material they’re posting.

Better still, we make sure that your downloadable books, guides, and factsheets are platform-neutral meaning that people can share them easily on social media or via messaging apps like WhatsApp.

As well as web pages, blogs, and articles, we create email newsletters, brochures, leaflets, e-books, sales-driven product descriptions, and more for clients.

Let us know what types of promotional and marketing material you need for your double-glazing installation company and we’ll let you know if we can do it for you.

Yes. You’re involved in every aspect of the planning and production of content.

Whenever we create new content for you, we send it over to you for amendments and revision.

We don’t stop working on a piece of content until you tell us that you’re happy to sign it off as completed.

In addition, every piece of content we produce for you – whether a website page, blog, article, social media post, brochure, or downloadable – is 100% original.

To ensure there is no unconscious or accidental plagiarism in your piece, we use CopyScape to double check.

Where we use third-party sources to support a point of view or to present a fact in any content we write for you, we always credit the source.

To order double glazing blogs and marketing from More Than Words, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

How can smaller companies compete against big companies and firms offering home improvement leads for sale?

Your competitors, including the firms offering window leads for sale, have invested large sums of money into their blogs and articles because they’re trying to finish at or near the top of search engine rankings all over the UK.

For a search engine optimisation point of view, that’s very difficult.

It’s actually much easier for double glazing firms serving local communities to finish in a high ranking position on Google.

Why? It’s because of the way Google’s algorithm works.

Google’s job is to find the most accurate, relevant, and useful information possible for its searchers.

If you type “double glazing” into Google, the likelihood is that most of the results it returns which are not lead generation sites will be for local companies.

If you’re searching for double glazing in Manchester, you’re unlikely to see any search results for Cardiff double glazing installers.

This means that, along with using other SEO techniques, featuring on the first page of Google search results is a lot easier than it is for national companies and lead gen compaies.

The library of content you have to create still has to be thorough but nowhere near as thorough as the big companies and lead generation firms.

You just have to make sure that your website and the content on it is better than any of your local rivals.

For that, you need an experienced double glazing blogger who knows how to write for Google and how to write to turn visitors into enquirers.

Creating your own double glazing leads channel

We provide online and offline marketing services to the UK’s finest larger and smaller double glazing installers as well as to the leading home improvement lead generation companies.

Our range of services include:

  • creating a library of high-quality, SEO-optimised articles and blogs,
  • rewriting your current website product and credibility pages to really sell your products and your company well,
  • planning and executing double-glazing social media marketing campaigns,
  • creating content which can be shared on social media and on messaging apps, and
  • designing and writing printed material including brochures and flyers.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve for your glazing business in the coming twelve to twenty-four months.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can contact our home improvements lead generation team by clicking here.

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    Double glazing leads – interesting links and more information

    The way Britain buys and sells double glazing has changed.

    For more established companies wanting to move their marketing and sales activities to take advantage of the opportunities offered by website optimisation, blogs and articles, and social media, we have prepared a list of contributions on third-party websites sharing their opinions on the market as it is now:

    We hope you find the pieces interesting and relevant and we hope to get the opportunity to speak with you about working with your double-glazing company in the future.

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