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We’ve written enough cybersecurity blogs to know that, unlike what firms told DCMS in a recent survey, four out of five companies are wrong.

What are they wrong about?

The decision makers within these companies believe that they have enough knowledgeable people within their organisations dealing with cyber security to be able to manage the risks.

While business owners should be applauded for their awareness of cyber security issues, their belief in the ability of their existing staff to protect them against all threats is most likely completely misguided.

The biggest problems that directors needing cyber security face…

Many of these business owners believe that cyber security is all about putting up enough technological barriers to stop.

They may have a specific IT manager within their company or they may consider their own IT knowledge to be sufficient.

The problem is that human error is still the top cyber security risk for most organisations.

As a result, the highest degree of protection against cybercrime can only be achieved through a mix of the technological and training.

Both are needed for the successful introduction and maintenance of a culture of cyber security within a business or organisation.

The problem is that many company directors don’t find this out until it’s too late…

Why your company needs to upload high-quality cybersecurity blogs and articles frequently to your website

When a cyber attack occurs which show a director their company’s vulnerability, they’ll search the internet to find the answers to the problems they’re dealing with.

When devising a strategy on how to sell cybersecurity to potential clients, it’s best to create an easily-findable library of high-quality cybersecurity blogs and articles for your website on topics which answer decision makers’ questions.

To many in the industry, selling cyber security is like trying to sell a burglar alarm – few people buy them until they’ve been burgled.

Google is asked 198 different questions by its users every month about cyber security, 234 questions about phishing, and 255 questions about ransomware.

Added together, search phrases asking specific questions about cyber security far outnumber the number of times the term “cyber security” on its own is searched for.

This tells you that people want to find answers before they want to find a provider to help them.

They’d prefer to deal with the problem themselves but, as you know, that’s not always going to be possible for them.

The best way to be make your cyber security consultancy the first company distressed and worried directors contact is to for them find the information they’re looking for on your website.

And on each article they read that we create for you, we’ll end it with a strong call to action to contact you straight away.

Our cybersecurity blogs writing service

Our experienced cybersecurity copywriters will build a library of the highest-quality, SEO-optimised blogs and articles for your website with the aim of:

  • generating much greater traffic to your website from the companies and organisations you target,
  • building the reputation of your company and its brand with content which is accurate, helpful, trustworthy, actionable, and in plain English
  • making the most of visits from decision makers not ready to buy yet by helping you to capture their contact details so that you can stay in touch with them via email newsletter and social media, and
  • encouraging decision makers and influencers near or at the point of purchase to contact you straight away.

The cybersecurity articles we write will be based on:

  • the services you indicate to us that you want to sell more of and
  • keyword research into the content potential clients are searching for when they’re looking for information on cybersecurity.

The regular production and uploading of articles and blogs increases the credibility and authority Google subscribes to your website.

This creates a virtuous circle.

Every new article we write for you helps to lift your website and every page on it further up search engine rankings.

This effect is long lasting meaning that, even if you pause or stop ordering blogs and articles for your site for a little while, you continue to receive greater numbers of visitors and enquiries.

This is not like pay per click advertising where the visitors and enquiries stop the moment you pause or stop a campaign.

Find out more

We’d really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your company and its cyber security services, your target markets, and your sales and revenue targets for the coming year or two.

To speak with one of our account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Four key benefits of ordering cybersecurity blogs and articles for your company

Our copywriters create the best cybersecurity blogs across a range of subjects

Our copywriters write both technical and plain English articles covering a wide range of cyber security topics for the specific audiences that you’re seeking to target.

General articles on the importance of cyber security

Cyber security news and insights uploaded to your website not only provides readers with information of relevance and interest.

General cyber security articles also reinforce the content of your website as being related to cyber security services for search engines.

They also provide great internal linking opportunities – that’s where the article links to a particular service page on your website explaining one of your services is more detail.

Cybersecurity technology articles

Although most cyber security breaches are caused by a lack of knowledge by members of staff confronted with a specific situation, you can use your blog to explain how certain cyber security attacks work and how technology can stop them.

Cybersecurity compliance articles

Cyber security compliance requirements and cyber security standards continually change as the threat evolves.

You can use your articles to discuss the various different approaches to cyber security and the advantages & disadvantages of each – from Cyber Essentials, ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002, NERC, NIST, ISO 15408, and ANSI/ISA 62443.

Cybersecurity attacks articles (cyber security and crime articles)

You may wish to include a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly cyber security attack article detailing both cyber attacks which were successfully dealt with and those which weren’t.

Cyber security attack articles can be used to detail to readers how the attacks happened and why they either succeeded or failed.

Bank cybersecurity blogs (including finance and insurance cyber security articles)

Banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies are particularly prone to cyberattack because of the value of the personal and financial information they hold on their customers as individuals and their businesses.

As financial services companies continue their rapid migration online, these types of article are among the most popular because they keep readers up to date with rapidly changing customer behaviour, regulatory standards, and internal structures of businesses in this sector.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month articles

Every October, the UK takes part in European Cyber Security Month.

During the month, various events and initiatives are run to

  • promote individual and corporate cyber security and
  • provide resources to individuals and corporates to protect themselves with a focus on best practice and education.

We can plan and time Cyber Security Awareness Month articles around the main events and initiatives of the month to raise awareness of your website and the services you offer.

Cybersecurity strategy articles

Cyber security strategy within organisations encompasses culture, technology, training, ongoing analysis and threat reduction, and more.

Demonstrate to your potential clients how you’ve approached customers’ specific cyber security needs by outlining the nature of the problems faced and how you overcame them.

Healthcare cybersecurity blogs

Companies in the healthcare, social care, and social work sectors are the second biggest spenders on cyber security in the UK.

These sectors, traditionally low spenders on IT and cyber security services, now recognise the importance of protecting their patient’s data.

In addition, the introduction of IoT items into hospital and medical machinery has made investment in cyber security much more urgent.

Legal cybersecurity blogs

As with healthcare, investment into IT and cyber security was low until recently in the legal sector.

The information held by solicitors’ practices and barristers’ chambers is particularly valuable as they must also protect commercial customers’ IP and trade secrets as well as clients’ personal details.

There has also been many successful conveyancing fraud crimes committed against solicitors and their clients

We have written extensively for cyber security companies specialising in working with the legal profession.

GDPR and cyber security articles

GDPR not only introduced new practices when dealing with personal data.

It also introduced much higher standards on how that data must be protected through organisational and technological measures and on the management of risk.

Cyber security articles specifically created for your target audience

Let us know as much as you can about your cyber security services and your target audience.

We’ll research the questions they ask and the information they’re most likely to search for so that we can start building a library of articles for them.

Working with our cybersecurity bloggers FAQ

Added together, searches asking specific questions about cyber security outnumber how many times the term “cyber security” on its own is searched for.

This tells you that people want to find answers and understand more before they want to find a provider to help them.

They’d prefer to deal with the problem themselves but, as you know, that’s not always going to be possible for them.

Give potential clients the information they’re looking for and invite them to call or email you on each articles using a strong call to action at the bottom.

Over 100,000 decision makers search for information on cyber security each month.

If your company buys traffic through Google Ads pay per click service, you’ll be paying up to £8.00 for each visitor.

Frequently asked questions online about cyber security include…

  • “will cyber-insurance improve network security”
  • “why cyber security awareness training”
  • “how cyber security can be improved”
  • “cyber security for small business”
  • “what cyber security can prevent”
  • “cyber security for legal and accountancy professionals”
  • “cyber security vs network security”

Informative, interesting, and engaging articles written to the highest standards and SEO optimised will find inquisitive and interested buyers wanting to understand more about cyber security.

The articles we write for your company answer decision makers’ specific questions – these articles are particularly relevant, they are of more interest, and they will be better appreciated by your target customers.

Someone who suspects that their company might have been the victim of a phishing attack is also unlikely to search for a cyber security provider first.

They’re more likely going to want to know about how they work so they can make a judgement about whether their company has been the victim of an attack or not.

More than 35,000 searches are made each month in the UK on phishing-related topics, the questions most commonly asked being:

  • “what does phishing mean?”
  • “what are phishing attacks?”
  • “what does phishing mean in computer terms?2
  • “phishing how to prevent”
  • “what is phishing definition?”
  • “is phishing malware?”
  • “what’s phishing email?”
  • “how are phishing attacks carried out?
  • “how are phishing attacks used for identity theft?”
  • “do phishing scams work on iPhone?”
  • “phishing do’s and don’ts?”

How could articles about “phishing” or an “SQL injection” draw in new leads, enquiries, and email newsletter subscribers for your company?

Cyber security articles give your company the chance to explain in terms understood by technical and non-technical readers everything they need to know about:

  • certain types of attack,
  • how to prevent them in the future, and
  • how, if they contracted your company, you would protect them as part of a wider cyber security strategy.

Google appreciates regularly-updated blogs.

Google particularly appreciates very well-written blogs which capture readers’ attention of certain lengths featuring certain characteristics – this is SEO optimisation.

Google and the other major search engines visit your website far more frequently if you upload blogs regularly to your site.

For the highest quality articles, you’re much more likely to benefit from other websites linking to your articles – this is a particularly important SEO signal.

As time goes by, your company website’s “domain authority” and relevance ranking increases.

This means that every page on your website benefits from another boost with each new blog post or article.

The cyber security providers most visible on search engines achieve the rankings they do by producing between 1 and 5 high quality articles a week specifically designed to answer searchers’ questions.

Once they have paid for a blog, it’s paid for.

You don’t need to keep paying for it like you do with a Google Ads campaign.

Having your own, 100% original library of SEO-optimised, high-quality, engaging, comprehensible, and actionable cyber security articles delivers more leads and it increases the value of your website to your business.

And did you know that how well optimised and updated a website is now actually increases the price a business is sold at when it’s taken to market?

Other than the quality of our writing and our ability to place high-relevance, engaging, and response-driving articles highly on Google, the real value our service delivers is our content plan.

The content plan is a comprehensive list of pillar articles and standard articles designed to draw traffic from your target audience on the subjects they want help with.

Each of the pages we create includes relevant internal links to help Google fully understand the content on your site and to push your “product pages” (the pages you describe your services on) as high as possible in search engine ranking pages.

We understand that one of the reasons why IT and cyber security services are often difficult to sell is that, quite often, the people making the decisions have very limited IT knowledge.

Many of them often have IT managers or directors but they may struggle to understand sometimes what their IT manager or director is trying to tell them.

All of our articles for non-IT specialists are written in plain English with an emphasis on the commercial value of cyber security, specifically the prevention of catastrophic attacks which could leave them open to ICO fines, legal action, and reputational damage.

For IT managers and other important influencers, we still write articles in plain English and we describe the commercial opportunities that cyberresilience brings to an organisation.

However, we are more technical in the articles we write for IT directors and managers.

Our aim is to convince this audience that your level of technological knowledge and ability is very high and applicable to their organisation.

When an IT manager or director is speaking to his or her non-IT director or company owner, we want them to be able to feel confidence in recommending your services.

Without this confidence, any recommendation will come with caveats because, understandably, the IT manager or director will be concerned that, if the decision goes wrong, they will be blamed.

We use a number of different “white-hat” techniques to optimise your articles to rank highly on Google including:

  • article length – we write articles of 1,500-2,000 words long, the preferred length for web pages ranking highly on page one. Every word in an article we write for you has to earn its place – we do not extend articles by using filler copy which adds little or no meaning to a piece.
  • external linking – we link to third-party sources of high authority
  • keyword inclusion – both short- and long-tail keywords (without keyword stuffing)
  • breaking up text – we use short sentences, paragraphs, and sub-headlines to make your copy skim readable. We want to show the value in the article so that skim readers go back to the top of the page and read the article in full

We provide at least two articles with each article we write for you.

Graphics, charts, and imagery enhance the readability of the content we write for you and they help the reader understand what we’re writing about more.

Graphics, charts, and imagery provide further search engine optimisation opportunities – each image we provide you with includes all key SEO information including meta tags (your web designer will know what these are).

When we start writing for a client, we produce up to 20 different image templates based upon your company brand’s colours, font, and logo. If you have a brand guidelines document, please send it over to us.

Our cybersecurity copywriters have years of experience in writing response-generating, search-engine friendly, insightful, and engaging copy:

  • for businesses and organisation leaders with a low understand of IT and cyber security and
  • for technically-literate IT managers and directors who appreciate the importance and urgency of cyber-resilience.

First, please speak to one of our account managers.

Once we understand exactly what it is that you want to achieve with your cybersecurity blogs and articles, we’ll come up with a content plan.

Your content plan will contain a bespoke mixture of the following types articles for your business:

  • Articles on the importance of cyber security
  • Cyber security technology articles
  • Cyber security compliance articles
  • Cyber security attacks articles
  • Bank cyber security articles
  • Cyber security awareness month articles
  • Cyber security strategy articles
  • Cyber security and crime articles
  • Healthcare cyber security articles
  • Legal cyber security articles
  • GDPR and cyber security articles

You’re in charge of all the content we produce for your business.

We want feedback and criticism from all of our clients on all aspects of our article writing service including tone of voice, language, and structure.

No piece is considered as complete until you’ve signed it off.

In addition, every article our copywriters produce is completely original, even if we have written about the topic before.

Each article we present you with is verified as being 100% new and original using the CopyScape plagiarism detection service.

The articles and content we produce for you can be re-used and re-purposed an indefinite number of times for greater return on investment and to appeal to different audiences.

Some of the methods we would recommend you choose include:

  • LinkedIn is the best platform for content-sharing so link to it from the platform
  • Group related blog content together with connecting prose to create a downloadable guide for clients
  • Re-use parts of your blog to answer users’ questions on Quora – SEO’s new powerful tool
  • Use the main selling points in the blogs we create for you in PowerPoint presentations when pitching to clients

We are able to help you with all of the above – please get in touch.

To contact us, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us at cybersecurity-blogs@morethanwordsuk.co.uk.

When you get in touch, you’ll speak with one of our account managers.

They’ll ask you about the range of IT and cyber security services you provide and the audiences you target.

Within a day or two, we’ll come back with a plan to deliver you the new traffic and leads from the companies and organisations you want to hear from.

Get in touch with us about building a library of high-quality, SEO-friendly cyber security blogs for your company

Contact us today for a bespoke cybersecurity blog content plan and topic suggestions.

When we speak with you, our account manager will seek to understand your immediate and longer-term goals for your business.

They’ll then present you with a content marketing strategy giving your company the best opportunity of being found by decision-makers and influencers who are aware that they need to invest in cyberresilience but who are unclear about how to introduce it to their organisation or business.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday. Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve over the next 12 months for your cyber security services.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

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    Cybersecurity blogs and article writing service – interesting links and more information

    If you are considering adding a blog to your cyber security site, the returns in the medium and long term are likely to be substantial providing more leads for your sales team and a much lower cost per customer acquisition.

    In our opinion, some of the best cyber security blogs available for readers in the UK are currently:

    To start building a substantial library of search-engine-friendly, engaging, and actionable articles to give your practice a competitive edge, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.