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A cybersecurity white paper (like those used by Kaspersky, Cyber Security Hub, Info Security Group, NCSC, Alert Logic, and Talk Talk Business) is a highly effective tool used by sales and marketing tool used to to generate new leads and to persuade clients to sign up to your services.

The mean spend for each business on outsourced cyber security is £5,100 per annum with medium sized business spending £25,100.

Cyber security is an important service which many companies try to delay spending money on however because it’s not immediately apparent to many leaders within businesses how it either makes or saves them money.

This is one of the hardest objections to overcome when you’re planning how to sell cybersecurity services to potential clients.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a downloadable, long-form piece of content normally in the form of a PDF.

Generally, white papers have a minimum of 3,000 words however many of them stretch to 10,000 words and beyond.

White papers are informative and in-depth – they’re used to demonstrate the knowledge, insight, and experience of your company and its services.

60% of marketers selling high-ticket and complex purchases like cybersecurity service use white papers.

These marketers believe that they are “extremely valuable” or “valuable” to the lead generation and sales process.

On complex and technical sales, white papers are often used to fill information gaps in decision makers’ knowledge as they seek to:

  • assure themselves that the investment is necessary and
  • decide which company to spend the money with.

The white papers which generate the greatest number of leads and close the most deals address their audiences directly including their aspirations and their pain points.

We help clients distribute their white papers to their target audiences using a variety of approaches including:

Our cybersecurity white paper writing service

Prior to starting work on your white paper, we’ll need to know what your commercial goals are for it, specifically the cybersecurity services you want to promote and the decision makers you want to promote them to.

Once we know that, we’ll discuss the content you want to feature in your white paper including the conclusions you want it to draw and how we arrive at those conclusions.

Following our consultation, we’ll present you with a draft content skeleton including chapter structure and the content we propose for each chapter.

We keep on amending the draft based upon your feedback, criticisms, and insights until you are happy to proceed.

When the structure is agreed, we then start creating your white paper.

Creating your white paper

The general structure of a cyber security insights report that we’d produce for you would likely have this chapter arrangement:

1. Subject-specific, engaging headline

The more a white paper’s title can address a specific cybersecurity issue or problem and how you would provide a working solution to it, the more likely it is that your audience will download it.

2. Introduction explaining importance of the information contained in the white paper

In less than 500 words, we explain to the reader:

  • what’s in the white paper,
  • the nature of the problem the solution we’re presenting will solve,
  • the consequences if the problem is not tackled, and
  • the operational and financial rewards of purchasing the solution we’re presenting.

3. Cyber security white paper background

The background should give readers an introduction to cyber security (including a short history on how the problem your solution addresses arises) and the dire consequences of a successful cyber security attack.

To make it more real to the reader, we attempt to find examples of successful attacks which have affected their industry and/or their competitors.

4. Examination of potential solutions

In the next section, we show readers the solution (or combination of solutions) which your company can deploy to provide clients with more robust cybersecurity.

We include a discussion of the pros and cons of each solution with information derived from your company’s experience and experiences reported on third-party high-quality high domain authority sites.

5. Cyber security white paper conclusion

We conclude your cyber security white paper with a summary of the findings contained with in together with an invitation for the reader to contact your company to discuss their specific situation and their requirements.

6. References at end

At the end of the white paper, we cite all external resources used in the white paper. We’re happy to work to the citation format you require.

Drafting and sign-off

From the outset, we provide you with a timescale with milestones for your white paper and, during the process, we will release individual chapters and sections to you for review.

We strongly encourage interaction during the various phases of drafting of your white paper content and for the individual chapters within it.

Can you help me distribute the white paper to target decision makers?

As part of our cybersecurity white paper package, we promote and distribute your company’s new white paper to the target audiences you’ve identified using a combination of:

  • email marketing to customers, prospects, and subscribers
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • landing page creation
  • LinkedIn promotion
  • presentation slides to be used by your sales staff
  • press releases
  • Quora promotion
  • related articles to your blog or newsfeed
  • social media posts creation and scheduling

We’ll create a marketing plan for you whose aim is to connect individually with as many target decision makers as possible encouraging them to download your white paper in exchange for their name, company name, and contact details.

White paper rate card

The cost of your white paper depends on:

  • the length of the piece we’re writing for you,
  • the level of research required,
  • the number of different output formats for your white paper, and
  • the complexity of your distribution campaign.

Our pricing policy is to keep our costs to clients as low as possible to minimise the impact on the profit you make from the white paper writing and distribution service we provide you with.

Find out more

To speak with one of our account managers about creating a cybersecurity white paper for your company and distributing it to decision makers in your target sectors, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Cybersecurity white papers – the four main sales and marketing benefits

Use a white paper to explain to clients what’s involved in becoming cybersecure and the benefits to them

Becoming cyberresilient for any company or organisation is complex.

That complexity often arises from the fact that most solutions involve both:

  • the installation and roll-out of new technology,
  • staff training on how to use the technology, and
  • general staff training on cybersecurity threats and how to spot them.

There are often multiple leaders and influencers within a business or organisation taking part in the decision-making process.

For a successful cyber security strategy within a company to be successful, cybersecurity must become part of that company’s culture.

Perhaps unique to outsourced cyber security, the rolling out of a cyber security strategy can breed complacency within a company and its staff.

That’s because they assume that the issue has been settled once and for all because they were all trained and because they got new technology in.

For decision-makers and influencers involved in the process of awarding a contract to a cybersecurity firm, we make certain that, in your white paper, we explain that the process of making a company or organisation cybersecure is ongoing.

How to use the white paper during the sales and marketing process

The white papers we write for cyber security providers are first used to generate new leads.

Following the download of a white paper from your website or via an email marketing or social media marketing campaign, the most important thing for your team to do is to follow up the lead.

Your cyber security white paper will show how the solutions you offer can be adapted to a client’s specific needs and it will demonstrate your credibility and experience.

At this point, there is a real benefit to using your initial contact with a firm to find out who within the company is involved in the decision, their level of influence, and their specific knowledge base or insights.

Cybersecurity white paper - FAQ

There are seven main types of cyber security report/white paper we write for clients, including:

1. General cyber security report

An outline of the importance of cyberresilience for cyber security companies targeting the SME market in general (often using a listicle structure like “top 10 cyber security threats)

2. Cyber security industry report

A specific white paper for a particular sector (legal, healthcare, financial, and so on)

3. Report on cyber security practices

A more generic type of white paper educating readers on current cybercriminal techniques (with particular reference to social engineering attacks)

4. Cyber security threat report

A report describing each type of cyber security threat but with the emphasis on the types of attacks growing in frequency.

5. Cyber security trends report

We generally write these types of report once a year for companies who want an updated version of a previous report with examples and links to more modern attacks and sources.

6. Cyber security strategy

Detailing proven and emerging techniques for companies and organisations to protect themselves against cyber security attacks through technological investment and in training against social engineering cyber security attacks

7. Technical cyber security

Covering firewall security, network security, general IT security, data security, VPN security, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments

Using the same research, we can produce two or more variations on a base cyber security report for you if you wish to have specific reports for specific sectors or decision makers.

Prior to writing the white paper, we agree on the topics to be included with it together with gaining a full understanding of the services you want to promote in the piece.

We then agree the contents, the narrative structure of your white paper, and finally the conclusions you wish us to draw in the piece.

Although we’re very experienced in writing cyber security white papers and articles for specific audiences, we want to understand your specific target audiences to better appreciate the buyers we’re writing for and their motivations for investing (and not investing) in cybersecurity.

We also want to understand the type of organisation they work for, their position(s) within the organisation, who they answer to, exactly what they want to resolve, and what would stop them from making a purchase.

As part of our research and planning, we look for multiple different non-competing sources to quote from and link to.

Although your white paper is about sharing your knowledge and experience with your target audience, sourcing other high-credibility white papers lends added reputational import to your own piece.

In addition to the wording of the piece, we also produce your white paper’s PDF to a business-quality finish using the latest design software.

If you have brand guidelines, please send them over.

If you don’t, we can replicate your company’s style using the fonts, colour, and logo on your website and other promotional literature.

As part of our service, we write and design materials for your sales and marketing team to use online, by email, and via social media to promote your white paper.

Our aim is to direct them to your site so that they leave their details prior to downloading your white paper so that you can follow up.

Let us improve your existing white paper to take account of:

  • new cyber security developments,
  • changes to legislation,
  • new services or amendments to existing services, and
  • the new cyber security landscape.

For extra impact, we’ll wrap it in a new and clean design to emphasise its freshness.

Have a cyber security white paper you’re not happy with?

Want our opinion on its design, narrative structure, persuasiveness, referencing, and structure?

Let our copywriters analyse your white paper in its existing format and then come back to you with suggestions on improvement.

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