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Pitching your services through digital marketing blogs

Our digital marketing blogger team has more than 100 years of collective experience between them selling marketing services to clients – they’re the perfect people to write high-converting marketing blogs for your website.

More Than Words’ core business is still selling marketing services and it is just as hard as it ever was…perhaps even harder.

But why?

If a company’s sales have fallen, marketing is often one of the first expenses decision makers cut back on even though marketing is one of the few business strategies they have available to them which can arrest that decline and turn it around.

If a business is doing very well, then the view may be that there is no need to invest in marketing because plenty of money is coming in.

If measured financially, there seems to be a very narrow set of circumstances in which a decision maker may be open to purchasing marketing services.

It can be very tough out there.

No wonder it’s sometimes hard to sell marketing

But if you’re pitching clients purely on a return on investment basis (as important as that is), you’re missing a trick.

Sustained spending on your marketing services gives your clients much more control over their own destiny.

It offers predictability over the flow of fresh leads and this is a very strong selling point, often underrated by companies selling marketing services.

The most successful companies keep investing in ongoing marketing.

Marketing is not medicine to be taken by a company when something’s gone wrong.

Marketing is food which sustains a company and which provides it with the energy and interaction it needs to make sales.

In all your marketing – direct and web-based – this message needs to come over clearly and in a way which makes sense to your target audience.

Our approach to creating top-performing marketing blogs for our clients

We offer four different blogging services for our marketing agency clients.

Creating and uploading high quality, SEO-optimised articles and blogs for your website:

  • increases its perceived credibility and authority to Google resulting in higher rankings,
  • answers the questions potential clients are searching for answers on about your marketing services,
  • gives you the chance to promote the quality of your services,
  • allows you to capture potential client’s contact details for your email newsletters and promotes your social media channel when they’re on your site, and
  • persuades prospective clients to make an enquiry if they’re at or near the point of purchase.

Later on this page, we go into real depth about how this type of marketing works and the types of leads it delivers.

If you’re short on time and you just want to find out about the blogs we write, please click on the links below.

Email marketing blogs – attract, persuade, and retain email marketing clients with engaging, actionable, and information-rich articles

Telemarketing blogs – our copywriters, all with telesales and telesales management experience, write insightful and response-provoking blogs to demonstrate the results which can still be achieved with telemarketing

Social media blogs – overcome the challenge of showing the true commercial value of social media to potential clients with information-rich, Google-friendly, sales-driven blog posts

Digital marketing blogs – we write articles and blogs on the subjects of SEO, search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, SMS marketing, and more

Marketing blogs – rate card

Please get in touch with us to let us know more about your agency’s marketing services and its specialisms.

We’ll then create a content plan for you based upon:

  • the exact questions and search terms used by people searching for your services,
  • the marketing services you want to sell more of,
  • the benefits and advantages of your services to your target audience,
  • overcoming any potential doubts and fears a client might have about using your services, and
  • demonstrating that your agency is focused completely on generating a large return on investment for its clients.

We look forward to your feedback on our plan and to your general input into the process.

Following discussion between us, we’ll then agree on a final content plan for your company.

We charge for every piece written however our unit price goes down when clients commit to larger orders.

The charge per piece is based upon the amount of research needed and the length of the article.

Find out more about our marketing blogs writing service

To speak with one of our account managers about creating or updating a marketing blog for your website, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

Marketing ideas for marketing agencies – our services

Reaching marketing decision makers today

The most successful marketing companies generate leads and sales every day using two types of advertising:

Some of your potential clients might only be reachable by phone or email – they may rarely use the internet and completely forego social media.

Other potential clients may hate being approached by cold email or phone – they’d prefer to get to know a potential supplier by:

  • finding out about them online,
  • subscribing to their email newsletter, or
  • following them on social media.

The traditional outbound direct marketing techniques you might be using now will continue to work and to work well for years to come.

But, if you’re in the industry, you’ll probably be working harder for each lead and each sale than you’ve done before.

The hard closing and selling of old days does not work as well as it used to.

So, how to sell your marketing services in the future?

It’s by continuing what you’re doing now but by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by web-based, inbound marketing techniques.

What is inbound marketing and how does it work for marketing companies?

If you already know what inbound marketing is, please feel free to skip down to the next sub-headline.

We’ve written this part for our visitors whose businesses and marketing activities are centred around finding new work with outbound marketing approaches like telesales and email marketing.

Inbound marketing is a more passive form of marketing which relies on your message, your products, and your content being found by potential clients at all stages of their buying journeys.

Make sure you’re there throughout a prospect’s buying journey

Each time a potential clients come into contact with your online content is called a “touchpoint”.

It can take up to 8 touchpoints before a potential client makes direct contact with you.

This may involve reading up to 3-5 blog article posts.

It may involve receiving email newsletters from you and seeing your posts on LinkedIn.

Inbound marketing is based around the idea of a sales funnel.

At the “top” of your funnel are people searching for answers to a specific problem or question like “how can I use email marketing to sell more?”.

Once they have the bare information they need on a topic, they then research the topic further by asking questions like “where can I buy an email database?” or “how does GDPR affect email marketing?”.

With each marketing touch, a potential client gains the information they need to understand which of your marketing products would suit their purposes best and it gives the confidence they need to have a detailed conversation with your rep.

Inbound marketing takes advantage of the fact that more and more potential clients tend to search for answers before they search for suppliers.

Other inbound strategies you can use successfully

Successful inbound marketing uses a number of different approaches including:

  • the writing of the highest-quality, SEO-optimised, informative and actionable marketing blogs and articles giving potential clients the answers they seek in plain English,
  • distribution of those articles on social media and via company email newsletters (which users have signed up to receive as opposed to opted-out, bought-in data),
  • the use of email newsletters regularly to existing customers and to enquirers who have not yet bought from you,
  • pay-per-click advertising (like Google Ads),
  • social media advertising (like on Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on),
  • guest posting on other websites likely to be visited by your target audience, and
  • redesign of your website to be as SEO-friendly and device-responsive as possible.

The key to being successful with inbound marketing involves:

  • making sure that your content can be easily found by prospective clients,
  • taking every opportunity to capture their details so you can send them your email newsletters or encouraging them to follow you on social media if they’re not ready to proceed just yet, and
  • encouraging them to contact you directly when they’re at or very close to the point of purchase.

When done correctly, inbound marketing delivers a steady stream of high-quality leads from self-qualified potential clients who know what they want to achieve from your marketing services.

Making your website the centre of your inbound lead generation strategy

An important long-term benefit of investing in content marketing is to your website and how highly it’s ranked by Google.

By consistently posting articles of the highest quality which inform, educate, and engage readers, Google assigns your website with highest credibility and authority scores.

The result of these higher scores is that your website and every page on it will finish much incrementally higher on search engine ranking pages every time you upload a new article.

Before we start work on your articles, we’ll create a detailed content plan to ensure that:

  • you’re answering the questions your potential customers are actually searching for and
  • your website has the highest chance of finishing near or at the top of Google’s search engine results pages.

We build for your website a substantial library comprising the best-written, most engaging, and most search-engine-friendly articles for any company in your sector.

Marketing blogs and articles to help you sell your marketing services – get in touch

Marketing is changing and it’s changing faster than ever.

We know – our team have been involved in helping other companies market their products and services to businesses, schools, and the public sector for decades collectively.

And we know that selling direct marketing, although profitable, is getting harder despite the impressive returns you can generate for your clients.

We understand that, for many of you, you see the potential in this type of marketing but you don’t have the time to do it or your skills lie elsewhere.

Work with More Than Words on your:

  • marketing articles,
  • copywriting for your marketing website,
  • email newsletter copy,
  • sharable downloads,
  • social media and PPC campaigns,
  • guest posting, and
  • more

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know about your agency, the marketing services you offer to clients, and the commercial and sales goals you have for your agency in the coming year or two.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our marketing blogs team by clicking here.

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    Marketing blogs – interesting links and more information

    As we mentioned earlier on this page, you should aggressively and confidently embrace every marketing channel for your marketing company. We would appreciate the opportunity of working with you on your inbound marketing, content marketing, SEO, website marketing, and social media marketing.

    We are an experienced and tough team of marketers who still love the industry. Marketing is a multi-billion pound industry in the UK and there is plenty of room for everyone. That’s why we’re happy to work with companies who offer similar services to ours – in our opinion, more competitors competing with each other increases the pool of customers for us all to fish from.

    There are some really interesting and engaging articles on other websites with advice, tips, and anecdotes on better marketing for marketing companies. We hope that they inspire you – they inspired us – and we share many of the philosophies and ways of doing business described in them:

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