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The internet has changed marketing and the way that marketing companies interact with existing and potential customers forever. Many agencies have chosen to invest in digital marketing blogs and articles to take advantage of that change.

For people in the marketing industry, being involved in such a dynamic and constantly-evolving industry is exciting and full of challenges.

One of those challenges is being able to explain what the different types of digital marketing are and how they all interact with each other.

Greater customer understanding of what each type of digital marketing offers gives your clients a greater view of the possibilities presented to them.

And that’s what we do here at More Than Words.

Our digital marketing blogs cover all major types of online and mobile marketing approaches including:

The opportunities offered by investing in digital marketing blogs

The internet has changed the way in which business decision makers place orders for their companies.

Now, prospective purchasers are far more likely to carry out online research into a particular product or service and into the companies supplying them before they actually make an enquiry.

Every business decision makers understands the potential of marketing and the returns possible by investing in it.

However, marketing can be very technical and complicated.

Your prospective clients will now often carry out a great deal of their own research before making an enquiry because they want to understand what each type of digital marketing does and the value it offers.

The way you increase your agency’s chances of hearing from these decision makers is by making sure that it’s your information they find when they’re researching.

You do this by creating a library of high-quality, SEO-optimised articles based around the search terms, questions, and keywords your target audience uses when they’re looking for information.

Take advantage of the rise of content marketing

This technique is called content marketing – and more and more digital marketing companies are investing in it.

Other than giving your company the best chance of being one of the companies selected by a decision maker when they’re ready to purchase, there are other significant benefits to investing in content marketing.

First, when a potential client is reading your articles, you get to control the positive message about content marketing.

Second, we write an article covering a prospect’s question about digital marketing and it’s your company’s opinion which we provide as the answer.

Third, the more articles you upload to your site, the more authority, relevance, and credibility Google associates with your website.

The effect is cumulative meaning that every new article you upload benefits the search engine rankings of both your website as a whole and each page on it.

With pay per click, when you stop spending, the extra traffic and the extra leads stop.

With article-based content marketing, the positive effects last for months or years after you pause or stop your spending.

Our digital marketing blogs writing service

Our copywriters will create a content marketing plan specific to your company.

Your content plan will contain all the digital marketing topics we propose to write for you based upon the search terms, the questions, and the keywords used by your target market when searching for the specific services you want to promote.

They’ll then create content for you which:

  • tells the stories (backed up with statistics where possible) about digital marketing and the value digital marketing delivers to your clients.
  • build readers’ trust in your brand and their perception of your company’s credibility through the sharing high-quality, accurate, and reliable information on your website
  • encourages visitors to follow you on social media or join your email newsletter service so you can stay in touch with them if they’re not at the point of purchase yet, and
  • encourages visitors at or near the point of investing in digital marketing to contact you straight away for a quote.

Find out more

Get in touch with us to let us know about the digital marketing services, the types of clients you wish to attract, and your goals for your business over the coming 12 to 24 months.

We’d appreciate the opportunity of writing the highest-quality, SEO-optimised articles for your agency which will:

  • be easy for your target audience to find and
  • educate them on the value and opportunities your services delivers.

To find out more, please contact one of our account managers on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

The commercial benefits of investing in a library of digital marketing articles for your site

An inbound, content-led marketing strategy to find new clients and new opportunities

The clients who use our digital marketing blog writing service do so as a key and integral part of their inbound and content-led marketing strategy.

Most of our clients specialise in the provision of a handful of specialist digital marketing services delivered to specific business sectors.

When done properly, content-led inbound marketing allows your digital marketing agency to be found much more easily by clients.

The content we created is written in a language and a tone they understand and appreciate.

But what do we write about and how do we help you ensure that you’re seen?

Digital marketing blog topics – what do potential customers search for first?

When a potential client is first investigating digital marketing for their company, they generally search for more generic information to give them a clearer background and a better overall understanding of what’s available to them.

Tens of thousands of searches related to “internet marketing” and “digital marketing” are carried out by British decision-makers every month.

Some of the more frequently asked questions online include…

  • “digital marketing can enhance the value of products”
  • “digital marketing to b2b”
  • “digital marketing to promote business”
  • “digital marketing vs offline marketing”
  • “how can digital marketing improve business”
  • “how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing”
  • “internet marketing advantages”
  • “internet marketing and digital marketing”
  • “internet marketing basics”
  • “internet marketing definition”
  • “internet marketing examples”
  • “internet marketing for small business owners”
  • “internet marketing strategy”
  • “internet marketing techniques”
  • “internet marketing tools”
  • “what are digital marketing platforms”
  • “what are digital marketing strategies”
  • “what digital marketing tools to use and when”
  • “what is a internet marketing plan”
  • “when to do digital marketing”

You should have a separate blog post answering each question in detail on your website.

The greater the number of verifiable and linked facts and figures you can give to support your answer, the greater the confidence the reader will have in digital marketing.

How potential customers search for information once they have a basic understanding of the types of digital marketing they’re interested in

Once a searcher has a deeper understanding of the types of digital marketing they believe will benefit their business the most, they then make their searches more specific to the types of digital marketing they’re particularly interested in.

For example, if you offer pay per click advertising management services, the questions potential customers are asking online the most are:

  • “how does ppc marketing work”
  • “how to learn ppc marketing”
  • “what is ppc marketing campaign”
  • “is ppc inbound marketing”
  • “what is ppc digital marketing”
  • “what is seo ppc marketing”
  • “why use ppc marketing”
  • “ppc marketing for beginners”
  • “ppc marketing for events”
  • “ppc affiliate marketing for beginners”
  • “marketing challenges for ppc”
  • “ppc marketing landing page”

Potential clients will also be asking questions about PPC for their specific industry – looking for as much information as they possibly can to help them on their decision making journey.

In addition to deeper information on PPC in general and PPC information relevant to their sector, they will also search for “PPC versus (another form of marketing)”.

Uploading high-quality, SEO-optimised digital marketing blogs offering helpful advice, tips, insight, and education on the subjects your potential clients are asking is a quick and cost-effective way of reaching decision makers with budgets who are hungry for information.

Getting into the mind of your audience provides you with the topics you need to write about

When you work with us, we’ll build detailed buyer persona profiles as we create a content plan for your digital marketing agency covering the next 6 to 12 months together .

The topics we write for our digital marketing agencies specifically address their potential clients’:

  • current and desired level of knowledge,
  • need to understand how digital marketing produces a return, and
  • pain points – what is stopping them from making an investment or getting in touch with you for more information?

Each digital marketing blog we write will be SEO-optimised, in-depth but in plain English.

People will read your articles at different points of the buying cycle.

If they’re coming close to making a decision, we want them to get in touch with you now.

If they are still in the investigation and discovery phase, we want the article to motivate them to join your email newsletter service or follow you on social media.

If they do this, you benefit from your company being exposed to these decision makers repeatedly and regularly as they approach the point in time when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Why investing in articles saves money and reduces costs in the long term compared to pay per click advertising

The nine best digital marketing blogs successfully driving tens of thousands of visitors to agencies’ websites and generating valuable new enquiries for them are:

Pay per click advertising is a very useful tool for many digital marketing agencies and it is certainly another option for you to consider for finishing in top spot online.

However, with many clickthroughs priced at £10.00 or more, customer acquisition costs can be very high.

While we would strongly urge all customers to invest in multiple different approaches to market, the best and most profitable long-term return on your investment will be through content marketing.

Investing in regular high-quality content marketing like the nine firms whose blogs we’ve just linked to will continue to produce results for years to come with no need to pay Google for visitors.

That’s because having a library of high-quality, relevant, researched, and action-orientated articles improves your website’s search engine rankings for months and years to come.

Get in touch to discuss an SEO-geared content plan for your digital marketing and its website now.

Digital marketing articles FAQ

After your call with our copywriting account manager during which s/he will find out more about your company and what you want to achieve, we’ll then send you a bespoke content plan for your company which we believe gives you the best chance of reaching the commercial targets you set for us.

The content we’ll propose to write for you will be a mixture of pillar articles and long-form articles describing in plain English and in depths the products you want to promote.

We’ll suggest the titles and topics of each article we’ll write about for you.

Your feedback on and input into the plan is very welcome so please let us know your thoughts and any additions or changes you’d like to make to it.

We use a number of different “white-hat SEO” techniques to give the articles we write for you the very best chance of achieving a high page one ranking on Google.

In addition to an attention-grabbing headline and meta description (that’s the information you see on Google about a page and what’s on it), we also write standard articles to a length of 1,500-2,000 words – that’s the average length of first page ranking articles on Google.

We thoroughly research the keywords (short and long tail) for each article and, prior to sending them to you for approval, we run them through various different analytical software platforms to check the content we’ve written for you against the articles which are already ranking top on the topic we’re writing about.

We also try to include external links to high authority sites – approximately 1 every 300 words depending on the number of suitable links.

We supply you with branded images for each of the articles we write for you.

To provide visual variety to your audience and to your readers, we design up to 20 different branded templates for use on the articles we write for you.

If you have existing brand guidelines, please send them over and we’ll incorporate those into your templates.

Alternatively, if you don’t have them, we’ll make sure that the templates look as if they naturally belong on your site by using your logo and the same colours and fonts.

Images, charts, and graphics do a great job of telling a story and articles with images get far greater more views and full read-throughs than articles without.

We will also provide recommended “alt” tags for your web designer to use when posting the articles on your website for more effective SEO.

We have an in-house team of copy writing experts, graphic designers, UX experts, and SEO techniques specialists ready to work on your new digital marketing website.

We’ll design and write everything for you including your product pages, your credibility pages, your home page, and your content page.

We’ll also provide you with a 6-12 month content marketing schedule after your site has gone live so that we can push each page and the articles we write for you as close to the top positions on page one of Google as possible.

When you get in touch, please let our account manager know that you’d like to talk about a new digital marketing website for your company.

What other copywriting services do you offer digital marketing companies?

In addition to article writing and the building of new digital marketing company websites, we provide a wide range of other copywriting services for clients in the sector.

White papers work very well in attracting new followers, building email subscriber databases, and generating new leads. White papers are attractive and informative PDF files containing 3,000 words or more.

We’re also able to plan social media marketing campaigns including the production of downloadable content like white papers in lead funnels.

Please also ask us about a B2B email marketing campaign, email newsletters, and sales letters.

We’re happy to keep on working on all the content we produce for you until you’re completely happy with it and ready to sign it off.

When we start working together, there are likely to be more revisions than at later stages as our copywriters understand exactly the tone of voice you want to be used in your content.

In addition, each article or piece of content we produce for you is 100% original – for your peace of mind, every article is run through the CopyScape system prior to being sent to you.

Please get in touch to speak with one of our copywriting account managers.

Share with them as much information as you can about your company, what you do, and the particular products or niches you wish to promote.

To contact us, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Working with our experienced and commercially-focused writers

The More Than Words’ team of copywriters have gained extensive experience in planning and executive digital marketing campaigns for clients throughout their careers.

Our copywriters have a deep interest in and knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing which they are ready to share with your readers, subscribers, and followers.

You will find just how commercially-driven we are and how motivated we are to generate a return on your investment when you work with us .

Every piece of content we produce for you will be of the very highest quality and it has to give you the highest chance of making your money back and more as quickly as possible.

Please get in touch and ask for samples of our work.

Let us find out as much about your digital marketing agency as possible, specifically the services you specialise in.

When we do that, we put together a plan to take you to engaged and interested new audiences ready to be convinced into making an investment in digital marketing with the right company.

Contact us for more information on digital marketing blogs

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    The top digital marketing blogs include a wide range of information covering the various different channels to clients. They’ll include the types of articles you’d expect to see on internet marketing blogs and content marketing blogs.

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