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Attract, persuade, and retain clients with engaging, actionable, and information-rich email marketing articles

Creating your own library of high-quality, information-rich, plain English email marketing blogs and articles will deliver your company a distinct advantage in this ultra-competitive marketplace.

It will separate your company, its practices, its experience, and the results you get for clients from those less reputable competitors operating out of their own bedroom.

Email marketing is one of the hardest professional services to sell to other business – in fact, most forms of marketing are very difficult to sell.

The reason?

When a business’s sales dip, marketing is one of the first costs to be jettisoned.

When revenue is good, directors and decision-makers often get complacent because the money’s rolling in and they don’t feel that they need to invest in marketing.

Finding clients at that sweet point when they’re thinking about spending money on marketing is difficult.

But when they are, they normally look to the internet first to provide them with the information they want.

Using blog posts to find clients ready to invest in email marketing

When an email marketing campaign provider or data reseller is approaching potential customers, their rep is not just trying to sell one thing – they’re having to make multiple sales at once.

They have to sell:

  • the need for marketing in the first place
  • the choice of email marketing as a route to market
  • how accurate, up-to-date, and compliant your database is
  • if you also run client campaigns, why your designers, copy writers, and dispatch team are the best

Decision makers interested in email marketing use Google to find this information out for themselves before getting in touch with a supplier.

Your goal should be to make sure that it’s your website from which they’re getting the information they want.

An email marketing news blog introduces an extra sales channel to your company

What email bloggers do, with each email marketing blog post they write and upload, is increase the value, credibility, and authority of your entire website in Google’s eyes.

The effect of regularly uploading blog posts and articles is cumulative.

Within a short space of time, your website and every page on it climbs higher on the search engine results pages.

There is now a much higher chance that the decision makers looking online for information on email marketing will be getting informative, interesting, and actionable information from your website.

Make sure that every article they read on your site educates and informs these decision makers about the return on investment delivered by regularly email marketing clients, prospects, and to recipients on bought-in lists.

And view every visit as an opportunity to ask your potential customer to:

  • get in touch with you straight away for a quote,
  • sign up to your email newsletter so that you can stay in touch with them, and
  • follow you and your company on social media so they’re repeatedly exposed to your company name and your marketing services.

Our email marketing blogs writing service

Get in touch with us to tell us about your email marketing services and your target audiences.

We’ll create a library of high-quality content for your website based upon the search terms and the keywords your prospective clients use to search for information.

Let us create a series of impactful and response-focused blogs and articles to generate traffic from decision makers with the responsibility and the budget to purchase your email marketing services.

And as the quantity of the articles and blogs on your site increases, you create a brand new marketing channel for your company delivering you and your sales team a constant and regular stream of high quality and closeable leads.

Find out more

We’d welcome the opportunity to find out more about your agency, the types of email marketing you offer, and your commercial goals in investing in a blog.

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Answer prospective clients' questions with high-quality, Google-optimised email marketing blog posts

Selling email marketing over the phone has become a lot more difficult since GDPR

For many companies in the sector, the first six months after GDPR was tough.

Double opted-in sole traders and partnerships dropped off suppliers’ databases more than halving the number of email addresses available.

In a volume-driven industry like email marketing, prices per 1,000 had to go much higher in an attempt to keep invoice levels as close to pre-GDPR levels as possible.

Companies which rely on expensive outbound telemarketing teams to sell campaigns suffered in particular as their potential clients held off spending for months afraid that running campaigns might breach GDPR rules.

Clients still tell us that it’s much harder to proactively sell email marketing than it was before and turnover has suffered as a result.

And we agree – it is a lot harder.

How to make the case for email marketing post-GDPR

Email marketing will not be replaced by other forms of marketing for years to come.

Counterintuitively, GDPR has been a good news story for companies in the sector.

Why? It’s because:

  • the turmoil in the market for the six months after the introduction of GDPR removed many of the weaker operators from the market meaning that it’s now less competitive and
  • clients tell us that, although it’s tougher to sell than it was before, customers are coming back to the market

According to the UK DMA:

  • email marketing produces a better return on investment for clients than it did pre-GPDR (£42 return for every £1 invested compared to £32 for the previous year) for both B2B and B2C marketing
  • open rates and clickthroughs have increased in the last 12 months
  • spam complaints are down
  • nine in ten marketers now view email marketing as their key strategic channel

Why content-based inbound marketing works so effectively for email marketing providers

The importance and effectiveness of inbound marketing, sometimes called content marketing, has risen greatly in the last five years.

If you are actively considering adding a library of email marketing blogs and articles to your website, you already recognise this fact.

Modern marketing theory suggests, with a lot of statistics to back it up, that potential clients need to read 3-5 articles and to see your company name up to 13 times before they will pick up the phone or email you for a quote.

Longer and in-depth articles (like the articles we produce) generate 9 times as many leads as short articles.

Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 62% less.

Content is your company’s longer-term marketing strategy

A content marketing channel is actually more of a reactive marketing channel.

Content marketing is about the long game.

It’s about…

  • building trust,
  • building an audience, and
  • answering the questions clients

…as they approach the point of decision.

Content marketing, including email marketing articles, achieves these three aims.

It ensures that your company is in pole position when the time to make a decision is near.

Use blogs to sell email marketing as a proactive promotional channel that brings decision-making forward

Email marketing is different.

Email a list of 1,000 prospects and up to 40 of the recipients will either:

  • be in the market for your products and services already or
  • bring forward a purchasing decision because your email gave them a prompt.

Each month, up to another 40 each month on an email list will move into the right part of the buying cycle as the 40 from the previous month move out.

Content marketing relies on the client making something a priority themselves.

Email marketing’s power and immediacy gives your company the ability to make your product or service a priority for potential clients.

With monthly email marketing, your client’s reputation and credibility builds up strongly within their target audience as does their awareness of your client’s brand.

Recieving an email can bring a decision forward in time – great for sales teams.

And this is its greatest strength and the point which we’ll continually push in the articles we write for you.

You have a simple and attractive proposition to tell your clients

This is the real story to tell about email marketing.

It’s becoming even more responsive than ever before and it moves control of the sale process back to your client.

Email marketing plus content marketing plus your other promotional channels = total marketing coverage reaching as many decision makers as possible.

Email marketing articles FAQ

We’ll write answers to the questions that web users are asking about email marketing.

The term “email marketing” is searched for around 5,500 times a month.

But there are 168 other questions that web users ask about email marketing are searched for nearly 13,000 times.

Competition among these 168 other terms is much lower and it’s much easier to achieve a higher ranking.

We’ll build credibility and authority with those 168 articles first.

Each new article we write upload increases the authority and credibility Google associates with your site.

In other words, the more we upload, the more your website and each page on it benefits.

And that includes the target “email marketing” page on your site.

Of course, we’re always very happy to write articles based on the topics you give us.

Frequently asked questions and search terms used online for “email marketing” include…

  • “average attention span for email”
  • “benefits of targeted email marketing”
  • “disadvantages of email marketing”
  • “email marketing and analytics”
  • “email marketing benefits”
  • “email marketing best practice”
  • “email marketing services”
  • “email marketing strategy”
  • “email marketing templates”
  • “email marketing tips”
  • “email marketing to generate leads”
  • “email marketing tutorials”
  • “five benefits of email”
  • “how can email marketing boost sales of a business”
  • “how to do email marketing”
  • “types of email marketing”
  • “what email marketing response rate”
  • “what is email marketing strategy”
  • “will GDPR kill email marketing

We tend to concentrate on these types of keywords, keyphrases, and questions when planning a blog schedule for clients.

Because people now search for information on a topic before they contact a company which can help them, we will be free, generous, and transparent with the information we include in our articles.

As email marketing experts ourselves, we appreciate that the long-term value in marketing clients can be significant.

So, we want to use every article to portray your company, its professionalism, its experience, and its positive attitude to customers to encourage contact or email newsletter sign-up.

There are a number of different factors in an email marketing article which Google look for and rank highly.

Each article we write will be between 1,500 and 2,000 words long – most top 10 search engine search results are of a similar length.

In order to keep visitors on the page for longer in an era of skim reading, we break up the text into short sentences, short paragraphs, and descriptive sub-headlines telling the reader what’s in each section.

Within a few seconds, visitors will have a strong idea of the value of what’s contained in the article and then, because it’s so relevant to what they’re looking to find out, they will start from the top and read the article thoroughly.

Using images in an article increases the number of times it is viewed by 94%.

This is because the use of images is generally pleasing to readers and that images reduce the likelihood of confusion in what’s in an article.

We will design a portfolio of up to 20 different templates for use in your articles so that we can provide visual variety for your readers and clients.

Our designers are used to working with brand guidelines so, if your company uses them, please send them over so that we can keep the appearance of the images we design consistent with your company’s branding.

Nothing we write for you is “signed-off” until you’ve told us that you’re happy with it.

We always want to hear client feedback and criticism – feedback and criticism means that we understand exactly what we have to do to produce the work you want.

In addition, every email marketing article we write for you is 100% original – even if we’ve written about the topic you want us to write about before for another client.

Google strongly punishes unoriginal content (even if accidentally done) so we make sure that your article is 100% original by checking it on CopyScape.

There is no conflict of interest.

More Than Words offers B2B, education, and public sector marketing databases and campaign services to our clients. It accounts for around 10% of our total business.

We offer email marketing to clients to help clients distribute the content we write from them to their target audiences.

As you will know yourself, many marketing clients like to work with one supplier who provides everything to them.

In addition, the market for email marketing here in the UK is enormous and there’s plenty of room for everyone.

To contact us, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

You’ll speak with one of our experienced account managers who will get to know you, your company, and your commercial goals for the next 12 months.

We’ll then put together a content marketing and distribution plan which we believe will give you the best chance of success.

Sharing the true story about email marketing through articles on your website

In the UK every month, around 24,000 business owners search the internet for information about email marketing using a combination of 686 keywords and 168 questions.

The way people search has changed.

People now search for answers before they search for suppliers.

They like to do their own investigation into a product or a service before contacting any company which can help them.

The same is true for email marketing.

A number of email marketing companies have invested heavily in content marketing so that, when searchers are asking questions, it’s their websites which now provide them with the answers they’re looking for.

Invest in email marketing blogs to make sure it’s your website these potential clients are visiting.

If the client is ready to buy now, they’ll contact you.

If they’re not quite ready yet, then they’ll subscribe to your email newsletter so that they continue to receive information from you until the point that they’re ready to proceed.

In our opinion, there are nine standout B2C and B2B email marketing blogs online at the moment:

At the moment, these companies are benefiting from hundreds of thousands of unique page impressions every month from clients interested in email marketing.

Investing in blogs vs investing in pay per click

Best of all, these nine companies don’t have to pay for this traffic.

If you were to advertise your email marketing service on Google AdWords, the average cost per click would be around £15.

2% conversion from pay per click is considered as high and, if you achieved that, this would mean that you need to pay for 50 clickthrough to win one sale.

50 times £15 per click is a customer acquisition cost of £750.

That’s a high cost for each new client.

And with pay per click advertising, the clicks from it stop coming as soon as you stop spending money on the campaign.

With article writing, you pay for each article once and there’s no more to pay.

The long term benefits of investing in email marketing blogs

New, high-quality content is uploaded very regularly to each of the nine email marketing blogs we highlighted above.

Each new blog adds cumulatively to the value of all the other pages on your site.

You’ll find that, after posting content for six or more months, that your older blogs will deliver more leads and sales to you than your newer blogs because the value of those older blogs in Google’s eyes has increased in the meantime.

So, unlike pay per click advertising, blogs continue to deliver additional traffic and extra sales leads for months and after they were uploaded to your site, even if you pause your investment in blogging for an extended period.

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More Than Words’ email marketing service is unique in the fact that the people writing your blog articles come from an email marketing background.

We understand both the unique advantages of email marketing and the unique obstacles clients put in your way when you’re trying to sell to them.

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    Email marketing articles – interesting links and more information

    Email marketing is tough to sell – it always has been and, despite its increasing effectiveness, volumes have not returned yet for many clients to pre-GDPR levels.

    Continue to use email marketing and telemarketing as your routes to market.

    Add content marketing and inbound marketing to connect with and convert people who your email marketing and telemarketing isn’t reaching.

    We’ve compiled a list of five great articles from third parties containing further tips and advice on how to sell email marketing:

    To speak with us about building a high-quality library of SEO-friendly articles which convert visitors into strong enquiries, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.