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Using blogs to demonstrate the returns on investment possible with social media

Social media blogs are a proven way to attract more and higher-quality clients to your website but also to outrank the fly-by-night types operating in the sector.

You know who we mean.

They’re usually one-man-band agencies who tell your prospective clients – “Yes, I’ll do a post a day on all the major social media platforms for you for £99 a month”.

There are thousands of lone wolves offering social media marketing services to clients in the UK for not very much money.

Most of them disappear after a few months because:

  • they have no sales and marketing strategy,
  • they can’t find enough customers to make it pay,
  • they don’t know how to build a client’s audience so most of their posts are effectively made in an echo chamber, and
  • they quickly find that £99 is no sort of return for the effort involved and the heartache customers can cause them

For those who manage to survive, good on them.

However, would you really want to do the social media for £99 a month for a company?

No – we didn’t think so. Too much work, not enough return.

Besides which, the inverse law of sales applies.

The smaller the invoice, the more demanding the customer.

And it’s true – that’s because the customers who can only afford £99 on social media marketing each month are strapped for cash and they really need to make a return on that £99.

Demonstrate the value of your services for clients unsure about the whole social media “thing”

Social media marketing is a complicated mixture of:

  • platform choice,
  • content creation,
  • profile enhancement,
  • finding your desired target audiences, and
  • encouraging decision makers to follow and interact with you, and
  • balancing organic and paid-for campaigning.

And, because it’s complicated, your potential clients will inevitably search for more information on social media marketing via Google.

The quality and the relevance of the articles decision makers read will either persuade or dissuade them about the opportunities offered by social media marketing.

Prospective clients will only pick up the phone to speak to you if they read something on your site which demonstrates the value of social media marketing and your agency’s ability to unlock that value.

So, what content should you create?

Our social media blogs service and how it delivers regular strong leads to clients

When you let us know who your target audience is, we can carry out detailed research to understand better the questions, search terms, and keywords they use when they’re weighing up whether social media marketing is right for their company.

We then use the knowledge we’ve gained to create a library of SEO-optimised, high-quality content specifically designed to be easily found by your target audience when they’re searching.

When our copywriters are creating the articles for you, they have four goals in mind:

  1. to drive significant additional traffic to your website from decision makers with purchasing responsibility within the companies you’re targeting,
  2. to build trust and credibility in your company and its service in the minds of visitors by sharing actionable, accurate, and researched information in an engaging, plain English way,
  3. to persuade visitors not yet ready to proceed to join your email newsletter service or to follow you on social media so that you can continue to communicate with them, and
  4. to persuade decision makers at or near the point of purchase to contact you straight away for more information.

The positive effects on traffic volumes and the number of leads you generate as a result of blogging are cumulative.

Every time you upload a new article, that new article adds to the already growing authority, relevance, and credibility Google ascribes to your website and every page on it.

Even if you pause or stop the upload of blogs for a period of time, your website still benefits from the investment you’ve already made in it for months and years to come.

This is completely opposite to pay per click where, if you stop or pause spending on your campaign, the extra traffic and the leads stop at the same time.

Find out more

Get in touch with us and let us know about your social media marketing services, the types of client you target, the budgets you work to, and what you want for your business in the next 12-24 months.

We look forward to working with you on a content plan targeted to reach the audiences you want to reach with well-written, SEO-friendly, high-quality articles and blogs which truly demonstrate the value you deliver to your clients.

For more information, please call one of our account managers on 0330 010 3495 or email us by clicking here.

Social media marketing articles – the benefits

Our three step social media blogging strategy

Using social media itself to promote social media marketing is a productive way of generating closeable leads on a very frequent basis.

You should stick with that and the other marketing approaches you currently use to find new clients.

Here’s why you should add blogging to your marketing mix.

If yours is a social media marketing management agency which pitches a bit higher than £99 and occupies one or more well-paying commercial niches, then our service is much more likely to work for you.

We achieve success for clients in three steps…

Step 1 – capture attention and build credibility at the earliest stages of investigation

Over 40,000 searches are performed each month in the UK for “social media marketing”.

Tens of thousands of extra searches are made every month for variations on that term.

When directors, business owners, and marketing managers are first searching for information on social media marketing, they tend to use far more general terms so that they can educate themselves on the subject as much as possible.

Frequently asked questions online include…

  • “why social media marketing trends”
  • “is social media marketing or advertising”
  • “how social media marketing works”
  • “what is social media marketing plan”
  • “what does social media marketing agency do”
  • “how social media marketing differs from traditional marketing”
  • “social media marketing is used by marketers to accomplish what”
  • “social media marketing is overrated”

Part two of your blogging strategy – providing searchers with more detailed knowledge such as how to target specific niches and not the whole market

As their interest in the medium increases, they will generally start looking for more specific information on social media marketing for their type of business.

Some of the most popular searches for sector-specific Facebook marketing in the UK are:

  • “facebook marketing for estate agents”
  • “facebook marketing for mortgage brokers”
  • “facebook marketing for massage therapist”
  • “facebook marketing for restaurants”
  • “facebook marketing for photographers”
  • “facebook marketing for nonprofits”
  • “facebook marketing for financial advisors”
  • “facebook marketing for doctors”
  • “facebook marketing for dentists”
  • “facebook marketing for insurance agents”
  • “facebook marketing for amazon fba”
  • “facebook marketing for accountants”
  • “facebook marketing agency for small business”

They will also compare social media platforms against each other and against other types of marketing.

Examples of these types of searches include:

  • “facebook marketing vs google marketing”
  • “facebook marketing vs google adwords”
  • “facebook marketing vs seo”
  • “facebook ads vs influencer marketing”
  • “facebook ads vs email marketing”
  • “social media marketing facebook vs Instagram”
  • “twitter vs facebook marketing advertising”
  • “facebook marketing pros and cons”
  • “facebook vs linkedin marketing”

When we start working together, we’ll agree on the “buyer personas” that we’ll write for.

Buyer personas detail in depth:

  • what a buyer is interested in,
  • what their hopes for social media marketing are,
  • what their pain points are,
  • what are their gaps in knowledge and so on.

You will then receive from us a suggested SEO plan to target and convert just these buyers over the course of the next 6 to 12 months.

The plan will contain all the articles we suggest that we create for your site so that you’re found by your target clients when they need information and with the information they want.

Part three of your blogging strategy – always pitch for contact or for email newsletter subscription

On most occasions, only one in thirty of the people visiting your website and reading your articles will be in the market right now.

On each of the articles we write for you, we prompt customer response with strong calls to action giving visitors reason to call you now.

For the remainder, we want your site to become their go-to site for the information they want as they move closer to making a decision.

Key to that is capturing visitors’ email addresses so that you can send them regular email newsletters to keep your company and its services visible to them.

With blogs, you should always be asking your reader to do something.

Social media marketing articles – clients’ most frequently asked questions

Search engines rank highly well-written and optimised articles of between 1,500 to 2,000 words.

However, every word must earn its place and show its value – there’s no filler in the articles we write for you.

With those 2,000 words, we share valuable information and insights with your audience in plain English.

Each article must add to the reader’s understanding and it must provide them with a strong prompt to get in touch with you or to leave their details for your email newsletter.

To counter the fact that many people tend to skim read articles before deciding whether they want to read them in full, we use a combination of…

  • attention-grabbing sub-headlines,
  • short sentences, and
  • short paragraphs

…to convey the most important points we’re trying to get across.

We want to give them every possible reason to read on.

We also link to external high authority third party websites – a proven technique in building Google’s perception of the authority and credibility of your website and the pages on it.

People visit your site and read the articles we write for you because they either have no or limited knowledge of social media.

The best articles take a reader on a journey (with the reader as hero) with a clear start, middle, and finish.

Everything must be explained in a logical order so that whatever point we’re making or information we’re sharing must fit in to the story we’re telling.

We don’t use jargon however.

When we do have to explain a difficult concept, we’ll explain it in the clearest English possible and let the reader know the jargon term used for what we’re describing to them.

Even though only a small minority of the people reading your articles might be in the market right now for social media marketing, we assume that they’d like to speak with you now so we provide them with reasons to get in touch with you.

We supply you with at least two images for each post we write for you.

There are two important reasons why you should include images in all your articles.

First, images offer the opportunity for us to further optimise the SEO on the page using “alt” tags – we’ll supply you with these when we send the article to you for your approval.

Second, articles with images get 94% more views than articles without.

To provide your site with visual variety in the images, we design up to 20 different templates (using your logo, your colours, and your font) to use on your articles.

We’d really welcome the opportunity to work with you on a new social media marketing website and the associated articles to help your new site to feature as highly in search engine results pages as possible.

Working with you, we’ll plan product pages, credibility-building pages, an SEO schedule for articles, the design, user experience, guest posting schedule and venues, and your website’s hosting.

Post-launch for a recommended period at least 6 and 12 months, the article plan we product for you will be aimed at achieving the highest possible search engine rankings for your brand new social media marketing site as a whole and for individual pages on your site.

Every article we write for you will be 100% new and original. For your reassurance, every article will be interrogated by the CopyScape system.

With every article and with the article plan, you’re in charge of signing off every piece we write and publish for you.

We’ll keep on working on each piece of writing until you sign it off and tell us that you’re happy with it.

To contact us, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

When you get in touch with us, let us know as much about your social media marketing agency as possible, specifically the services you offer and the type of clients you target.

We’ll then devise a plan (with costings) for you on how to generate as much new relevant traffic to your site and convert as many visitors into enquiries as possible.


Social media marketing agencies already benefiting from regular, high-quality blogs

The companies with the best social media marketing blogs currently are:

Each of these companies regularly posts brand new, high-quality content.

That content is specifically written to take advantage of the search terms actually being used by the directors and business owners they’re targeting who are looking for more information on social media marketing.

Even though some of these companies will use pay per click advertising to promote their services, their average cost per customer acquisition is likely to be a lot lower than most of their competitors.

That’s because a sizeable number of their clients will have found them because of their regular blog uploads.

By investing in their website and taking full ownership of the opportunities offered by content marketing, these companies’ websites generate leads from high-interest, self-qualified buyers close to the point of making a decision.

Better still, the effects of regular blogging for social media marketing is cumulative.

As your library of content grows, so does Google’s assessment of the relevance, credibility, and authority of your company.

Each new article adds extra value to every other page and article on your site meaning incrementally higher rankings on search engine results pages for every page on your site.

Social media blogging is a virtuous circle for the companies investing in it.

The case for investing in high-quality articles covering all aspects of social media marketing for business

Rather than spending up to a five-figure sum on Google Ads every month only for the clickthroughs to stop if you choose to pause the campaign, invest in high-quality, SEO-optimised, response-generating social media marketing articles for your site instead.

The key to success with social media marketing articles is to make sure that all of your copywriters’ time and efforts are invested in producing content for the audiences you want to appeal the most to.

That content must promote in the clearest possible way the benefits of the social media services you want to sell to them to those audiences.

The way we’d write articles for companies promoting social media marketing to the hospitality industry is very different to those promoting B2B financial services.

You’ll receive well-written, authoritative, and engaging articles from us targeting the audience you want to target answering the questions they’re most likely to ask Google.

Please get in touch to speak with one of our copywriting account managers.

With them, discuss how building a library of superior, commercially-driven, lead-generation articles will create an exciting new stream of visitors and enquirers from your website as well as adding value to your company.

Also ask us about our other social media marketing copywriting services including:

Contact us for more information on the social media marketing blogs we write

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    Social media blogs and articles – interesting links and more information

    Marketing agencies should approach their target audiences using as many different channels as possible. While we strongly recommend content marketing and inbound marketing as a key strategy, there are plenty of other avenues that you can pursue.

    For your convenience, we have assembled nine links from third party sites for you to read on the subject. We think they’re great pieces and we share many of the philosophies and approaches mentioned in our business.

    To start building a substantial library of search-engine-friendly, engaging, and actionable articles to give your social media marketing agency a competitive edge, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.