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Sell sector-specific services
Reduce PPC spending
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How do telemarketing blogs help you to generate far greater numbers of enquiries from your website?

You either know telesales…or you don’t. The people who write the high-quality, SEO-optimised telemarketing blogs for clients at More Than Words team do – they all come from a telesales background.

Telemarketing and telesales is in the blood.

It’s really hard to explain just how persistent, creative, and talented the very best telemarketers and telesales professionals are to outsiders.

For those with no experience in the industry, they share a number of different and often contradictory opinions:

  • “it’s just ringing off a dialler reading a script”
  • “it’s a numbers game – the ability of an individual telemarketer doesn’t matter”
  • “I never buy anything off a cold call but there was this time that I really got on with someone selling me ‘x’ and I ended up buying it”
  • “Telemarketing doesn’t work – telemarketing is dead”
  • “All of my bigger competitors have a telesales team”

Within the minds of most business owners, there is a feeling that they should be getting more enquiries.

They probably also feel that the way to get more leads in would be to use a greater number of marketing channels than they are now.

And that’s why “telemarketing” and other telemarketing-related terms are searched for thousands of times a month by British business owners.

There are hundreds of outsourced telemarketing agencies whose websites are competing to be seen by business owners.

The big problem is that there’s normally never more than 10 results on Google’s home page.

And people really only click through in great numbers to the top 5 websites.

How do you give your website the best chance of getting into the top 5?

By building your own online library of focused, high-quality, SEO-optimised telemarketing blogs and articles.

Our telemarketing blogs writing service

Our copywriters will create a content schedule for your blogs and articles based around the questions, search terms, and keywords used by your target audiences when they’re searching for information on telemarketing.

When they write the articles, they have the following four aims:

  1. to generate substantial additional traffic volumes to your website from decision makers with the responsibility and budget for purchasing telemarketing services,
  2. to provide accurate, honest, in-depth, and actionable information in plain English to visitors which builds credibility, authority, and trust in your brand,
  3. to capture contact details of decision makers for inclusion on your email newsletter or to encourage them to follow you on social media if they’re not at the point of purchase yet so that you can stay in touch, and
  4. to persuade decision makers near or at the point of purchase to make meaningful contact with your company straight away.

As your library of high-quality online content grows, so does the value which Google attaches to your site.

This means that, as time goes on, every new telemarketing blog you upload improves the search engine rankings of your website and every page on it.

Even if you stop or pause uploading new telemarketing blogs, you will still continue to recieve extra traffic and leads for months and years to come.

This is unlike pay per click advertising where the extra traffic and leads stop as soon as you pause your campaign.

Investing in telemarketing blogs is an investment in creating a brand new lead generation channel for your business.

Find out more

Make sure that your telemarketing agency is seen at all stages of a prospective client’s decision making cycle.

Build prospective clients’ confidence in your company and win their trust by providing them with the information, insights, and facts they need about telemarketing.

Let us know more about you, your company, its specialities, its target markets, and commercial objectives for the next 12-24 months.

We can then work together to put together a full content plan to give your telemarketing agency a distinct online advantage.

For more information, please call one of our account managers on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

The commercial advantages of investing in well-written, informative, Google-optimised telemarketing blogs

Decision-makers search for general telemarketing information on blogs before they search for telemarketing providers

Decision makers generally only contact outsourced telemarketing agencies when they feel that they have enough information to speak with confidence about the subject.

To gain that confidence, they’ll search for answers to questions about telemarketing and how it works.

Frequently used ssarch terms about telemarketing include…

  • “b2b telemarketing companies”
  • “b2c telemarketing companies”
  • “how telemarketing makes money”
  • “telemarketing how many calls an hour”
  • “how to telemarketing sample scripts”
  • “what is telemarketing advantages and disadvantages”
  • “what are telemarketing services”
  • “why telemarketing works”
  • “telemarketing questions to ask”
  • “what are telemarketing strategies”

Once decision makers feel they understand telemarketing, they search for information specific to their sector

Directors and business leaders then start to search for knowledge about whether telemarketing works for their particular industry.

4,300+ searches a month are made by Google users seeking information on:

  • “telemarketing appointment setting”
  • “telemarketing for accountants”
  • “telemarketing for construction”
  • “telemarketing forex”
  • “telemarketing for small business”
  • “telemarketing for charities”
  • “telemarketing for business brokers”
  • “telemarketing for insurance agents”
  • “telemarketing for financial advisors”
  • “telemarketing for cleaning services”
  • “telemarketing for roofing companies”
  • “telemarketing for janitorial services”
  • “telemarketing script for business loans”
  • “telemarketing for it companies”
  • “telemarketing fundraising for non profits”
  • “telemarketing script for health insurance”
  • “telemarketing script for hotels”
  • “telemarketing script for home improvement”
  • “telemarketing companies for hire”
  • “telemarketing calls for home security system”

Competition for these search terms is generally low

Most of your competitors will simply upload a brochure website describing their products and services in general terms and not much else.

Very few of them will write an in-depth articles about “why telemarketing works” and “telemarketing for cleaning companies”.

This is where your opportunity lies to gain a distinct and long-lasting competitive advantage.

Google particularly values high-quality content of 1,500-2,000 words or more.

There are certain keywords and phrases which Google expects to see in this content.

They also like external linking (linking to other websites) and images on posts.

Let us build up a substantial library of the highest-quality articles for your website

Over the weeks and months following the launch or re-launch of your blog, Google’s algorithm will begin to appreciate the authority, credibility, and relevance of each of these articles.

It will come back more often to thoroughly index all of your content.

And, as each new article is added, your site and all the pages on it will benefit.

Every page on your website will receive a boost with each original bit of content we upload to your site.

Once the blogs are written, you never have to pay for them again unlike you do with Google Ads or other pay per click advertising.

Better still, yours will be the company answering in-depth and transparently all the questions that your target audience are asking about your service.

They’ll search for the information first and it’s your site and your information they’ll find.

And, when they’re at your site, they’ll find out what they want to know and we’ll prompt them to pick up the phone or email you to start a business conversation with you.

Only a handful of companies currently use telemarketing blogs well

There are a few companies in the sector which are using telemarketing blogs in a particularly effective way:

Although they may also use pay per click advertising as part of their marketing strategy, the presence of so many well-written articles answering potential clients’ questions will draw hundreds or thousands of visitors to their sites which they don’t have to pay Google for.

Frequently asked questions about telemarketing blogs and articles

We write two types of articles:

  • articles to stimulate general traffic and
  • articles to be found by the types of clients who you want to find you.

For those clients who you want to find you, we develop a robust search-engine-query-driven content plan to rank highly on those topics.

For example, you may specialise in telemarketing to specific sectors – we would create a content plan designed so that you’re easily found by companies targeting the sectors you specialise in.

For general traffic articles, we write generic content based upon the questions company owners ask the most about telemarketing .

We are happy to come up with all of the topics but we equally welcome all suggestions from clients.

No matter which type of article we’re writing, each one is thoroughly researched and fully optimised for Google.

More Than Words’ in-house creative and production team consists of copy writing professionals, telemarketing professionals, email marketing experts, and content marketing planners.

Your articles will be written by a copywriter with over 20 years’ experience in B2C and B2B telemarketing who switched to full-time writing in 2016.

In addition, we run telemarketing campaigns for clients ourselves, primarily targeted at B2B lead generation and market research.

We already successfully run the types of campaign you ask our team to write about.

Does this create a conflict of interest?

No – less than 10% of our turnover comes from telesales campaigns and we normally only provide telesales campaigns to clients when it’s part of a suite of services we’re offering them.

We don’t actively try to sell telemarketing campaigns on their own.

We are a content marketing and distribution company first and foremost and our marketing efforts are concentrated on providing these services.

The articles we write for you will be between 1,500 and 2,000 words long.

Google prefers longer content – the articles which feature the highest on the search engine tend to be of this length.

We will also link externally to high authority sites – this is highly effective technique in adding extra credibility to the articles we create for you in the eyes of Google.

More and more web visitors choose to skim read articles so, to grab maximum attention, we break up the text into descriptive sub-headlines, short paragraphs, and short sentences telling the reader what’s in each section.

By writing the articles in this way, we give our clients the best opportunity that the visitor who has found your site will go back to the start and read the article in full.

Including images in your article will increase the number of visits to your article by 94%.

Images are also useful for search engine optimisation – we’ll prove you with the “alt” tags that we suggest your designer uses when uploading the article.

To provide you with a variety of different images for use on your blogs, our designers will build a portfolio of up to 20 different templates – this will give your articles added visual impact.

If your company uses brand guidelines, please send them over so that the images we produce for you are consistent with company’s branding.

If you don’t work to brand guidelines, we’ll design the templates based upon your company colours, the fonts you use, and your logo.

Yes – we would really welcome the opportunity to work with you on building a brand new telemarketing website for you.

We suggest that, for your brand new telemarketing website, you think of it as a two-stage project.

The first stage is that we plan, design, and write your information pages, your credibility pages, your home page and your contact page.

Then, for the following 6-12 months, we produce a content plan for the production of articles, blogs, and other content to be posted twice a week to your website.

We want to build up your library of high-quality articles which answer searchers’ questions directly.

Within a few weeks of going live, your website will rank highly on dozens of different popular and related searches related to telemarketing.

We welcome feedback from you on every piece of content and we continue working on each piece until you’ve told us that you’re completely happy to sign an article off as completed.

For the text on each of your article, we confirm their complete originality with the CopyScape plagiarism platform.

Our copywriter will also send you the results from each CopyScape interrogation so that we can prove the originality of every single piece of content.


To speak with one of our copywriting account managers about ordering telemarketing blogs for your website, please get in touch.

Let us know as much as possible about your company, the types of telemarketing campaigns you provide for clients, and the type of business you want to win more of over the next 12 months.

To contact us, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Compete for high Google search placings by building a library of online telemarketing blogs

The telemarketing companies whose websites and articles appear on the first page of Google search results account for 92% of all related internet traffic.

The most effective marketing strategy for telemarketing companies is to be found throughout a client’s decision-making journey providing them with clear and actionable answers the questions they have.

Be the telemarketing company which delivers the information they want and need to make a decision.

We’ll make sure that they’re heavily prompted and encouraged on each page to get in touch with you.

Build a unique collection of the very highest quality and SEO-friendly articles on telemarketing and how your telemarketing services help your clients achieve their business goals.

When you speak with us, please ask us about our other copywriting services for telemarketing companies including:

  • copywriting for your email newsletter,
  • marketing downloads (including white papers and e-books),
  • securing guest posts on other websites your target audience is likely to visit,
  • social media marketing and search engine PPC campaigns,
  • website copywriting and more.

Telemarketing blogs – samples available

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