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Everything you need to know about how to market an accounting firm…and more

Marketing for accountants – it’s the most effective strategy any practice has to make sure that you stand out from over 16,000 competitors.

The work we do for accountants not only finds new clients – we persuade clients to stay with you and purchase higher-value services from you too.

On this page, you’ll be able to read a lot more on the services we offer and the approach we take to working with accountants by scrolling down.

However, if you’re in a hurry for information, here’s a quick summary of the services we provide together with links to each individual service:

Content which is easily-found online and which sells to your website visitors

Accountant blogs – build a library of high-quality, SEO-optimised articles and blogs to answer the questions most asked by your prospective clients. Articles not only provide a significant boost to your website’s Google rankings but they’re also great at capturing prospect contact details and generating new client enquiries.

Websites for accountants – clients now want a can-do accountant who knows more about them, more about their businesses, and more about their lives. We create Google-friendly webpages and websites which build credibility, drive enquiries, and demonstrate to clients that you know exactly how to help them achieve the personal and professional financial goals they have set for themselves.

Bookkeeper blogs – business owners are often unclear about what a bookkeeper does which is different to an accountant. With a blog, show them how your services provide them with up-to-the-minute financial and operational knowledge of their own businesses and how that leads to better decision making. Also, explain how you help clients save as much as possible in tax with the accurate financial records you provide to their accountant.

Contractor accountant blogs – one of the most fierce online competitions for new clients is among accountants specialising in providing services to contractors. We write for some of the sector’s biggest names and we can provide the content you need to finish much higher on Google’s search engine result pages.

Landlord accountant blogs – there are over 2 million landlords in the UK and 1,000s of accountants wanting to service them. Take advantage of the current and surprisingly very low level of competition online between landlord accountants by adding one or two blogs a week to your website answering landlords’ accounting and other questions.

Social media for accountants – getting social media right takes time and effort but the long-term rewards are a significant number of followers from whom you can generate regular leads by providing actionable and relevant information.

Marketing to keep clients loyal and sell them higher-value services

Email newsletters for accountants – newsletters are one of marketing’s most misunderstood and underappreciated channels. Regular email newsletters from your practice to your customers and prospects solifidies clients’ existing loyalty to you as well as opening opportunities to sell more lucractive and specialist accounting services.

Direct marketing campaigns for accountants

Email marketing for accountants – using one of the UK’s most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate B2B email marketing databases, communicate with businesses in the areas and markets you serve with a 12-month email campaign.

Telemarketing for accountants – find new clients and keep in touch with existing ones by regularly communicating by telephone. Work with an experienced telemarketer, telesales manager, and script writer to generate new leads and enquiries for the services you wish to sell.

General copywriting and content services

Accounting writer – information on the leaflets, brochures, e-books, white papers, native advertising, and guest posting services we offer to accounting clients

Find out more about marketing for accounting practices

Would you like to speak with one of our niche marketing account managers about creating an online and/or offline marketing campaign for your accounting practice?

If so, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Website marketing for accountants

For a website for an accountancy practice to generate the greatest number of high quality leads, your potential clients must first be able to find it.

Second, the information you share on your website must be of genuine value to your visitors.

We work with practices across the UK to provide them with search-engine-friendly website copywriting which visitors understand, appreciate, bookmark, and respond to.

We can either reword your existing website to optimise it for Google or we can build you a brand new website from scratch – let us know which you’d prefer.

Many practices choose to build a library of high-quality, SEO-optimised, plain English articles answering each of the questions their clients ask them and which are asked most by Google searchers.

This type of article and blog content increases the authority and relevance of your website in the eyes of Google meaning that you benefit from a higher position on search engine results pages.

And the effect is cumulative – the more quality content you add, the more Google ascribes value to your website as a whole and every individual page on it.

In addition, article and blog content is a proven way of increasing the number of quality leads you receive as a percentage of your overall web traffic.

We create and maintain general accountancy blogs for clients as well as bookkeeper blogs, contractor accountant blogs, and landlord accountant blogs.

Online marketing for accountants

Online marketing for your accountancy practice not only generates new and high-interest-level business enquiries but it can be used to win higher-value business from existing clients.

Social media marketing for accountants is about getting the right balance between telling and selling.

It’s about building an audience and sharing with them information that’s both relevant and actionable to them.

With regular posting of high-quality content, your value to your followers increases.

With that increased value, you can then achieve significant results by promoting your services to them, especially your niche services.

36% of clients want to leave their current accountant. Why is that?

It’s because clients feel that their accountant has forgotten about them.

Email newsletters are proven to:

  • generate loyalty and win new business from your existing clients and
  • prompt prospects who have left their details with you but who have not signed up to your service yet to get in touch.

Use email newsletters so that you can continue to share your experience, insights, and news with your clients and give them a whole new reason to stay with you.

Direct marketing for accountants

Telemarketing is a response-driven, two-way form of marketing ideal for:

  • prospecting new customers,
  • upselling to existing clients, and
  • building brand loyalty in an increasingly fickle marketplace.

Over a 12-month period, email marketing delivers a steady stream of high-quality enquiries from established limited companies looking to switch.

With a third of clients unhappy with their current accountant, a phone call or email from you might arrive just at the right time to generate a face-to-face meeting at which you could sign up your newest client.

Our approach to creating successful marketing content for accountants

As unfair and unfeasible as it sounds, clients and prospects want to believe that your practice is focused solely on them and their issues.

They want to strongly believe that you understand them and that you’re as much on their journey as they are.

Clients and prospects aren’t particularly interested in the fine detail of your solutions you provide them with.

They just want to know that you can help them and that you have experience in getting your other clients out of the same tight stops they often find themselves in.

They want to know that you’re on top of your brief on cash flow management, inheritance tax, due diligence, stamp duty, IR35, and more.

They also want general business advice and insight from you – in their minds, you’re one of the few people who understands what they’re going through.

They particularly want straightforward action plans on how to overcome the obstacles that others place in their way – be that their customers, their suppliers, their employees, the banks, HMRC, and more.

A prospect is much more likely to switch to your service when they feel that what’s important and urgent to them is equally as important and urgent to you.

And this is what we focus on when we’re finding new clients for you.

Advertising for accountants in the digital age

To maximise the number of clients you work with, we encourage you to take two different approaches – a digital approach and a direct approach.

Digital marketing for accountants is fast becoming the main source of new work and revenue for the sector.

There are many great websites for accountants online but how do you make yours more visible and more compelling than your competitors’?

We all know creating a library of high-quality blogs and articles is important for generating enquiries.

But, if you don’t have the time to write them yourselves, where can you go for Google-optimised online content for accountants?

Advertising for accounting firms should also include an element of direct marketing.

Unlike with digital marketing where you wait for the enquiries to come to you, direct marketing is when you choose the companies you wish to target and then make initial contact with them – often by email or telephone.

Direct marketing finds the third-or-so of clients who are unhappy with their current accountant giving your firm the opportunity to open a dialogue with them.

Combining these two approaches will deliver a constant stream of high-quality and ready-to-deal sales leads on a monthly basis to your firm.

Website and online marketing for accountants seeking new clients

Inbound marketing for accountants works so well because you connect with your potential future clients at those times they need help.

You provide your website visitors with free actionable and usable information, advice, and support when they’re actively looking for it online.

Inbound marketing is a long-term investment in:

  • a search-engine-friendly website,
  • a regularly updated high quality online blogging and article library, and
  • a strong social media presence where your voice is heard and your opinion and insights valued.

How do accounting clients find information they need online?

When a potential client has an urgent accounting or business question, they usually use Google to search for websites containing the advice, support, and guidance they need to help them.

They will normally do this before they pick up the phone even to the accountant they’re already with.

People are now more likely to turn first to Google for answers than contact a professional – this change is affecting every sector of business, not just accounting.

With inbound marketing, you build a library of quality content on your site which answers the questions most likely to be asked by accounting clients.

The goal is that yours is the practice which will be the practice providing a solution to a client when they’re having a particular issue.

Once they’re on your site, you can then encourage interaction with your visitor.

You can ask them to:

  • leave their contact details for you to do a follow up,
  • leave their email address so that they can receive your regular email newsletter, and/or
  • follow you and your practice on social media (especially LinkedIn).

What terms do clients actually use to search for answers?

People don’t really search for “accountant” anymore.

Instead, they search for terms like “SA302 help”, “salary dividend split”, “local business grants”, and so on.

Your website needs to be the website existing and potential clients find when they’re searching for this information.

The content on your site needs to have a positive and direct impact on visitors’ lives and their businesses.

By doing this, you virtually ensure that it’s your practice they turn to when their current accountant lets them down again or takes two weeks to respond to an email.

Telemarketing and email marketing for accountants seeking new clients

Outbound marketing is a more traditional form of marketing.

Instead of cultivating a long-term relationship based upon regular positive online impacts as with inbound marketing, you ask for the business straight away and you attempt to establish your practice’s credibility in days, not in months.

With outbound marketing, you establish an immediate interest in a potential client first and then use these interactions with a prospect to demonstrate your ability and to persuade them to switch over to you.

The outbound marketing services we offer for our accountant clients include:

  • telemarketing for accountants – an experienced and professional telesales rep phoning up your clients and/or the prospects you want to connect with to make an appointment
  • email marketing for accountants – contacting target companies by email over a 12-month period to generate immediate leads and to quickly build up recipients’ knowledge of and trust in your areas of expertise.

Outbound marketing offers accountants more control over lead generation because:

  • it is direct,
  • you choose when it happens,
  • you choose who is contacted on your behalf, and
  • the communication it generates is two-way.

Although direct marketing does produce immediate results, its longer-term benefit is that, over time and as with inbound marketing, the confidence of the people we contact in your practice’s professionalism and capabilities increases through repeated exposure.

Marketing for accountants – creating the right marketing plan for your practice

Each accountancy practice we work with has their own commercial goals which they want us to help them achieve.

Some want to increase the number of clients paying them by monthly subscription for general company and personal accounting services.

Others want to be able to sell more higher fee-generating services to their existing client base.

Whatever you wish to achieve for your practice, please get in touch with us to speak to one of our accountant marketing team.

After we’ve listened to what you want, we’ll then come back later to you with a structured and costed plan.

What we suggest to you is what we believe will offer your practice the greatest chance of achieving success as you define it at the best possible price over the shortest space of time.

Successful lead generation for accountants – get in touch

We offer a variety of different approaches when marketing for accountants all of which increase our clients’ visibility online and offline in their target markets.

On our team are experienced copywriters who create over 2,000 pieces of the highest-quality content for accountants every year.

Our copywriters, just like our other accountant marketing specialists, are on a mission to explain and convince.

They see their role as successfully explaining to and convincing both your existing and potential clients that:

  • you have their best interests at heart and
  • you add real value to their personal and professional financial affairs.

They do so by creating marketing materials which demystify the services you provide in plain English and which justify the costs of your services.

We’ve found that, for accountancy practices, the best way to win new clients and to maintain their accounts is to put “the client” first in all of your communications, especially your marketing communications.

The most successful communication strategies for accountants:

  • reflect the experiences, aspirations, and pain points (those things that keep a businessperson up at night) of your clients and prospects,
  • offer clients and prospects solutions that they understand and carry out, and
  • are expressed in plain English – this is of significant importance.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about providing a range of marketing solutions for your practice.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know the commercial goals you have for your practice over the next 12 months.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

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