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Why copywriting is more important for accountants than it is for nearly every other profession

An accounting writer is like a translator.

And, in our experience, most accountancy practices need a translator to communicate clearly and successfully with the outside world.

Of course, there’s no need for a translator when you talk to other accounting professionals.

That’s because you all use a shared language to talk about the same actions and concepts when you’re communicating with each other.

But you do need a translator to really connect well with both existing and potential clients.

What accountants do is complex.

We understand that it’s hard for many accountants to describe what you do for your clients without using industry jargon.

This creates a problem – the value you add to your clients’ lives and businesses can be unclear for even the savviest businessperson.

This is where our services help.

Bridging the language gap with plain English

Nearly all of the accountants we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past few years have made a conscious effort to make their language they use as clear and inclusive as possible so that their clients don’t glaze over with confusion.

The problem is that, in most cases, you still have to simplify it even more.

The language you use needs to be even more basic but without sounding patronising.

Tell clients what they really want to hear in language they appreciate

There is another important consideration too.

Many clients really believe that their accountant should be sharing far more with them than just their accounting knowledge.

They want to work with an accountant who proactively helps them make the right decisions so that they can achieve both their personal and professional financial goals.

They want you to be very generous with your knowledge, experience, and insights.

When we’re creating marketing content for your practice, we want you to come across as the friendly, approachable, knowledgeable tax professional and business expert your clients want you to be.

And, when we get that right, you see an immediate improvement in the way your practice relates with your existing clients and the clients you’re targeting.

Our range of copywriting services for accountants

Each accounting writer at More Than Words has experience in creating the highest-quality:

Our accounting writers use language to build a connection with your target markets

Setting up in business is scary.

Building a property portfolio is scary.

Leaving full-time employment to become a contractor is scary.

Your clients might not want a boss any more but they do want a knowledgable guide and friend on their journey with them.

It’s nice for business owners, landlords, and contractors to feel that there’s someone watching over them who has their best interests at heart.

Working with the right accounting writer, you can create the connection you need with your target audiences to prompt them to get in touch with you and sign up for your services.

Four more accounting writer specialities we offer

Copywriting for accountants – our approach

More Than Words directly employs a number of copywriters with experience in writing for accountancy customers.

With all of the work we do for you, we carry out all necessary general and specialist research required when writing your copy.

White papers for accountants generally tend to be 2,500 to 10,000 words long.

White papers are informative long-form articles designed for both the:

  • early part of the buying cycle – when a client has realised that they might need a particular service that you offer and
  • later part of the buying cycle – when a client is near the point of purchase.

E-books generally tend to be more than 10,000 words long and are used at the early stages of contact.

Both e-books and white papers are very popular and widely deployed marketing tools across a wide range of different professional service sectors.

Yes – please send us information about what you want us to write and where it’ll be appearing.

If you want us to write a post which will appear on a website or in a publication that you don’t control or own, we follow that editorial guidelines provided to us so that your piece will be accepted.

For situations where the guidelines of the website or the publication are not clear, we let you know.

At this point, we either ask you to send our questions to the editor or we ask for your permission to contact them.

We believe that accountants provide a service of a particularly high value to their personal and professional clients.

However, we also believe that, because of the complex nature of the work you do and the prominence of jargon in accounting, there is a communications barrier.

This barrier prevents clients from really understanding the full range of services you provide and the value those services deliver.

Our role is to communicate with new and existing clients using plain English and structured in such a way that the client will fully understand the article and the importance of the information contained in it.

Yes – we do carry out extensive keyword research in all of the work we do for accountants which appears online.

We research both short- and long-tail keywords so that Google can better understand what your article is about so that it can list it as highly as possible in its rankings.

When we use both the short- and long-tail keywords in your article, we use them in a natural way – we don’t “keyword stuff”.

Keyword stuffing affects the natural flow of your article and, following successive Google algorithm updates, they are now much better at spotting it.

If they do spot keyword stuffing, they penalise the article with a lower ranking.

You do have to sign off the copy we provide to you as completed.

The reason for this is that we want you to be 100% happy with the work we’ve done for you.

You should feel that what we have written for you is:

  • in the tone of voice that you want,
  • that readers will be able to easily understand it and engage with it, and
  • that the information provided in the article is complete and correct.

If not, please let us know and we’ll continue working on a piece until you’re ready to sign it off.

Your copy will be 100% original – we use the CopyScape tool to ensure that there is no other article or piece of content on the website like yours.

When we provide you with the first draft of your copy, we will also send you the CopyScape score for your peace of mind.

To order copywriting for your accountancy practice, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Let us know what you want us to write for you and we’ll get back to you with a timeframe and a quote.

Send us what copy you already have so that our accounting writers can review it for you

Do you have work that you need doing now?

Or would you appreciate a professional copywriting with years of experience in creating inbound and outbound marketing content for accountants to look at what you’ve already got and to come back with feedback and suggestions?

Our team has worked with hundreds of different accountants over the years.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to see if the services we offer would improve the perception of your firm both to your existing clients and to prospects who are in the market for a new accountant.

Speak to our specialist accountant copywriting team

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    We work on all aspects of copywriting for accountants and we’d appreciate the opportunity of speaking with you to find out how we can work together so that you win new and keep your existing clients.

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