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Bookkeeper blogs clearly demonstrate the value your services provide to clients

Bookkeeper blogs have become more and more popular in recent years.

Professionals in the sector use blogging to explain to potential customers in plain English what the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant is.

There is definitely confusion out there among your potential client base.

Many prospective customers think that their accountant already provides them with bookkeeping services by granting them access to packages like Xero or QuickBooks.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Blogs dispel the generally held myths about bookkeeping services by providing clarity and by explaining in detail.

Bookkeepers provide their client with two distinct advantages – specifically:

  • your clients’ accountants have the quality of records they need to reduce taxes to a minimum and
  • the insights a bookkeeper provides into a company’s financial and operational health gives business owners the real-time information they need to make better decisions.

Use bookkeeper blogs to share this information and demonstrate the benefits with prospective new clients.

Investing in bookkeeping services blogs

Pay per click is expensive and, once you’ve stopped or paused your campaign, the leads suddenly stop until you start spending again.

By investing in authoritative, actionable, Google-optimised blogs and articles which answer the questions business owners are actually searching for online, you benefit from the following four significant advantages:

  1. the volume of visitors to your site increases dramatically,
  2. you demonstrate the value of your distinct services and the breadth of your knowledge through your online content
  3. more visitors means more opportunities to capture potential clients’ contact details – stay in touch with them on social media and by email newsletter, and
  4. the creation of your own online marketing channel delivering strong, regular, and closeable leads to your practice.

The more content you post, the more your website and all of the pages on it are valued by Google for relevance, credibility, and authority.

You’re rewarded for that with much higher search engine rankings which deliver you much greater volumes of online traffic for months and years to come.

And that’s even if you stop or pause your content campaign temporarily, unlike pay per click.

We’re happy to come up with all of the blog topics we’ll write about for your site although we always strongly encourage clients to share with us the topics they want us to write about.

Tell us your bookkeeping blog ideas – we’ll write extensively on all of the issues you want us to cover and on the services you wish to promote the most.

Find out more

We’d really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about building a library of high-quality content for your website to make sure that:

  • it’s easy for clients to find you and
  • business owners understand the value that your services add to their companies.

Please call one of our account managers on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Bookkeeper blogs and bookkeeper articles – the benefits

Pay-per-click advertising versus bookkeeper blogs – which is more cost-effective?

Online pay per click advertising is effective however, whenever you stop or pause your spending on these campaigns, the business owners you’re targeting no longer see your website when they search.

And, just so you know, Google does not show favour to websites which buy or have bought pay per click advertising in the past.

With bookkeeping blogs, you pay for each article once and you never have to pay for it again.

Once you’ve built up a significant library of articles on your site, the increase in traffic to those pages and to your website as a whole is long-lasting.

Continuing to maintain and add to your blog will only further increase your visibility, your presence, and your advantage over your competitors.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to speak to one of our account managers on planning an effective and commercially-driven bookkeeping blog posting schedule.

Ask us about the accounting and bookkeeping blogs we already provide to clients and how we helped them to achieve the maximum and quickest return on investment in us possible.

What is the true commercial value of regularly-updated bookkeeper blogs?

Bookkeepers’ websites with regularly-updated blogs are much easier to find than those without a blog.

This is because Google ranks very highly those websites which contain information that:

  • people search for and
  • people stay and read.

Your website and all the pages on it will finish much higher on Google’s search results pages if it has a regulary-updated bookkeeper blog on it full of high-quality, actionable information written in an engaging way.

The articles we create for your bookkeeping blog answer the questions which your prospective clients are actually asking.

They’re written to grab attention so that your visitor stays on your page and they read the page in full.

Our articles give them the information they need to know in a way that they understand – in plain English.

At the end of each article, we invite the reader to get in touch with you to find out more about how you can help them with the issue they’re having.

Bookkeeping clients now usually search for answers online before picking up the phone

Please remember that people now generally search first for answers to their questions before they search for the companies which can help them.

If you can answer a potential customer’s question and help them all on the one page, you give yourself a real chance of getting a strong enquiry from them.

In addition, we strongly encourage you to reuse your blogs by:

  • posting links to them on social media and
  • sending the pieces out by email to your list of email subscribers.

When you get in touch with us, ask us how to do that.

What are the best bookkeeping blogs on the internet at the moment?

Bookkeeper blogs are beginning to grow in popularity and some of the best examples are:

The content on these sites makes them some of the best bookkeeping websites on the internet.

The articles are well-written and friendly – they provide answers to the most common searches carried out by business owners.

Many bookkeepers themselves also appreciate the value of blogs and articles related to their line of business – the two best examples being the International Association of Bookkeepers and The Freelance Bookkeeper.

The value of a regularly updated bookkeeper blog goes well beyond the additional traffic your website will enjoy as a result.

We write your blogs with the aim of turning as many visitors as possible into actual enquiries.

A business with a bookkeeper has an added advantage

Here at More Than Words, we use an independent bookkeeper ourselves whose service we rely on.

We fully understand the value she delivers to our business and how what she does differs to what our accountant does.

A great bookkeeper not only provides a client’s accountant with the accurate, timely, and categorised information they need to quickly complete a client’s year ends, VAT, and more.

What a great bookkeeper does is provide business owners with the real-time information and the interpretative skills they need to better understand their cash flow, viability, efficiency, and profitability.

Information makes the difference – a great business can run aground if its owners use out-of-date or inaccurate information to make decisions.

The companies most likely to survive and grow are the companies whose management teams have the latest financial, trading, and operational performance information.

Most accountants only see occasional snapshots of their clients’ financial performance.

Bookkeepers spot problems and identify opportunities long before an accountant has had the chance to spot them.

Bookkeeper marketing – FAQ on blogs and articles

Most of our bookkeeping clients ask us to create a general SEO plan for long-term promotion of the services they’re keenest to sell.

The plan we present you with will include suggested topics and keywords so that we can optimise each article for Google.

However, it’s your blog and you’re in control so.

Please share with us your ideas and suggestions and we’ll make sure that they’re included prominently in our content plan.

We tend to write articles of around 1,500 words because that’s what Google likes the most.

Ours is a commercially-driven service whose aim is to deliver much greater levels of traffic to your website.

How do we convert that traffic into leads?

To make each blogs as easy to read and as digestible as possible for prospective clients, we use plain English and a method of splitting up the pieces using narrative-driven sub-headlines so that visitors can skim-read the content if they’re in a hurry.

We provide images with every bookkeeper article we write because we think it makes your articles more relatable and easier to understand.

In addition, using images on blogs is a very useful way of increasing the authority of the page in the eyes of Google – this helps even more people to find your site.

You’re always in control with More Than Words’ bookkeeping blogging service.

We want each article we write to sound like your company and to provide the information you want – your tone is part of your brand and it’s part of why your existing customers value you.

We keep redrafting your articles until you’re completely satisfied.

Originality is very important in making sure that your bookkeeping blog articles rank as highly as possible.

Prior to sending each article to you, we run them through CopyScape – CopyScape checks each article to make sure that there is nothing else like your article on the Internet.

Yes – the tone and language used in your articles has to sound like you or one of your colleagues wrote them.

Consistency in your blogs, in your emails to clients, and on the phone is important to clients looking for a long-term partnership with a bookkeeper.

It normally takes us a couple of articles to master just how you want us to write but, when we’ve got it, we’ve got it.

Our two top priorities when writing your bookkeeping blog posts are:

  • plain English, understandable, engaging, and actionable articles which provide your visitors with the information they need straight away and
  • to write the highest quality content on the topic so that Google recognises the article & your site as a source of reliable and trustworthy information.

Each bookkeeper is different and the best way for us to deliver the results you want for your business is to find out more as much as we can about you.

Call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us at to start the conversation between us.

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    Bookkeeper blogs – interesting links and more information

    Although the number of bookkeeper blogs are quite smallat the moment, there is plenty of information online about the benefits of using blogging as part of a wider successful marketing strategy to find brand new clients and maintain existing accounts –

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