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Why are contractor accountant blogs now so important in the fight to find new clients?

It’s because the 2 million self-employed professionals in the UK (seven of eight of whom are full-time) carry out tens of millions of online searches every year to find answers to the questions they have about tax, IR35, competing for contracts, and more.

They discover the information they want on contractor accountant blogs.

And the contractor accountants investing in a library of high-quality articles enjoy four distinct advantages over their competitors:

  1. theirs is the firm providing prospective clients with the information and insight they need and this builds credibility and trust,
  2. when prospective clients are on their website, this is an opportunity to ask for their valuable contact details,
  3. their cost per customer acquisition is much lower because they don’t rely on pay-per-click advertising to get prospects to their websites, and
  4. unlike pay per click advertising which stops delivering leads when spending is paused, contractors can easily find quality online content years after it was first written.

On this page, we describe the real advantages and savings that our contractor accounting clients make over the long-term by investing in blogging.

If you’re in a hurry though, please see a quick summary of our service for contractor accountants below.

Our contractor accountants blogs writing service

We create a content plan containing the blog and article topics we propose to write for you based upon the specific services you want to promote and the questions asked most frequently online about those services.

As the number of high-quality, SEO-optimised articles we write and upload grows in number, your practice benefits in four substantial ways:

  1. a far higher number of contractors will visit your website for information and insights,
  2. the high-quality and actionable content we write for you will significantly build your credibility among your target audience,
  3. you have the opportunity to capture the contact details of potential clients not yet ready to make a decision and you’ll be able to use those contact details to stay in touch by email newsletter and by social media, and
  4. you’ll benefit from a consistent, regular supply of high quality leads from contractors ready to choose an accountant to work with.

Find out more

We’ve written and continue to write very high-ranking content for some of the UK’s largest contractor accounting firms and we’d like the opportunity to write for yours.

To speak with one of our account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

The main commercial benefits of investing in contractor accountant blogs

Contractor accountant blogs versus pay per click

The highest-quality, well-written, search-engine-friendly contractor accountant blogs provide a significant return on investment for years to come.

Pay per click advertising provides your firm with immediate exposure.

The main problem with pay per click is that, once you’ve stopped spending money with Google on your campaigns, you go from being visible to being invisible.

Your website just disappears from view.

Competition is now so high between contractor accountants that the cost per click you have to pay now is unlikely to produce profitable new clients for your firm.

Contact More Than Words as soon as you can to talk with one of our copywriting account managers.

We will work on a plan with you so that your website will be easily found by contractors looking for answers to their questions for years to come.

If they’re searching, that means they’re in the market for advice and many of them will be at the point of making a decision on which contractor accountant to use.

By giving prospective clients the advice and support they need online when they need it, you give your company the best chance of recieving a phone call or an email enquiry.

Contractor accountant blogs are the most successful, affordable, and sustainable long-term marketing solution

Compared with pay-per-click advertising, contractor accountant blogs deliver real value.

How? With Google Ads, the average cost per click is £20.55 for the term “contractor accountant”.

The average industry conversion to customer rate is 2.5% meaning that each new contractor accounting client will cost you £822 in Google Ads charges.

£822 is the likely charge you’ll pay for finding a new contractor customer with pay per click advertising.

So, if a contractor accountant is paying £822 in customer acquisition costs and they are charging contractors £80 a month for their service, it won’t be until month 11 that they’ve recouped the money.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll make profit from the contractor at that point because we haven’t factored your other fixed and variable costs into our calculation.

To find their first 500 customers at this rate, a contractor account using Google Ads will burn through £411,000 in advertising charges plus all of the usual expenses in running the business.

Contractor accountants have to spend big on Google Ads to get big

Google Ads – and pay per click marketing in general – is never going to be a viable way for contractor accountants to make money because the cost of buying visitors to your site is so high.

Other than the great services they offer to their contractor customers, there is a reason why a few very large contractor accountants have achieved dominance they enjoy in the sector.

It’s because they have a strong SEO plan and they post quality content to their blogs on a regular (sometimes daily) basis.

Which contractor accountants have figured this out already?

Regularly-updated contractor accountant blogs containing the highest-quality, SEO-optimised articles have helped these five companies dominate the sector:

The investments they’ve made in their website, their SEO strategy, and the quality of their blogs have meant that these firms now have over 10,000 contractors on their books each.

These impressive firms do not appear to be doing much advertising with pay per click marketing.

This means that each clickthrough to their website is not costing them £20.55 – there is no cost other than the one-off cost of having each article written.

They’re certainly not paying £822 in pay per click fees to Google to find a new contractor to sign up.

Lower marketing budgets, higher profitability.

You can apply the same model to your business by following their strategy.

Contractor accountant marketing – FAQ on blogs and articles

Google like all articles – they strongly favour websites which are updated regularly with quality information.

However, they particularly like longer-form articles – most top-ranking articles are around 1,200 words.

Each article we write for you will be around 1,500 words to take advantage of Google’s preference.

External links (links to other websites) work very well particularly if you’re linking to a source which it considers an authority.

We also place at least 5 or 6 external links in your article as well as at least 1 customised and branded image with the correct “alt tags” – they tell Google what’s on the images.

We can be as narrow or as broad as you need us to be with the topics of the articles.

When we start working together, tell us as much about your business as we can and then we can create an SEO plan to provide the articles you need to achieve your goals.

Liaise directly with your copy writer and your account manager.

If you have specific topics you wish us to write about, please let us know so that can research them for SEO optimisation.

Your blogs will read exactly how you want them to read.

Tone of voice, the words we choose, and the structure of the articles we use for your contractor accounting firm form your “brand voice”.

For most clients, we perfect the brand voice by the 3rd or 4th article meaning that everything we produce for you sounds and reads just the way you want them to sound and read.

Blogging does not deliver immediate results – there may be a 2- or 3-month time lag between the production and posting of the first article and the first signs of significant SEO success.

During your time with us, we constantly monitor your website and how it’s performing.

When it’s a success, you’ll notice with increased email newsletter sign-ups, direct enquiries, and conversion into new sales.

Each contractor accountant blog we write for you needs to be signed off before the work is complete.

As soon as your copywriter has finished the article and their colleague has proof-read it, we’ll send it to you for approval.

If you need us to make any changes, please let us know and we’ll carry on making amends until you’re completely happy.

Next to the quality and the accuracy of your article, Google values originality.

Because many of our contractor accountants ask us to write about the same topics, we assign a different copywriter to your project if your existing copywriter has written about the subject before if possible.

For extra certainty, all articles we write on your behalf are CopyScape-certified.

To order contractor accountant articles for your website, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Let us know what you want to achieve with your blog and we’ll work with you to draw up a plan to deliver success.

Why do contractor accountant blogs add so much value?

What the companies whose websites appear in the list above have understood is that contractors actually rarely search for “contractor accountants”.

When these contractors do use Google, they use search terms like:

  • “How to avoid IR35”,
  • “IR35 risk assessment”,
  • “contractor take home pay calculator umbrella”,
  • “how much do contractors make UK”,
  • “consulting rates by industry”,
  • and so on

They’re not trying to find “contractor accountants” – they’re actually searching for answers to their questions.

Contractors, just like everyone else, will seek the answer they need first on Google before finding someone to help them.

Making sure your firm has adapted to the way contractors are actually searching

Contractor accountant blogs provide specific, detailed, plain English answers to the questions that contractors are searching for.

Both parties win.

The contractor finds the answer they want and the contractor accountant benefits with extra exposure to their brand and to their services.

The greater the number of high-quality articles you have on your blog, the higher Google indexes those pages.

If you write enough of those pages, this is the rising tide that lifts all boats – your entire website and every page on it benefits and that benefit lasts for months and years.

More Than Words is one of the UK’s most experienced contractor accountant blog writing services and we’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about working with your practice.

Contractor accountant blogs – let us send you our latest articles

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