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Email newsletters for accountants – our managed service

The four major benefits of sending regular, high-quality email newsletters for accountants are:

  1. increased loyalty from your existing clients lowering the chances of their leaving your service,
  2. repeated exposure to decision makers who have not used your services yet (sometimes known as “prospects”),
  3. regular opportunities to establish and consolidate your practice’s professionalism, expertise, and experience in the minds of clients and prospects, and
  4. the ability to pitch your higher-value services direct to your existing clients and prospects.

What is an email newsletter?

An email newsletter is a way of communicating regularly with your practice’s customers and prospects.

More Than Words dictionary – your “prospect” list is your database of the people and companies previously in touch with you but where no purchase has yet been made.

You send your newsletters to clients and prospects at a regular interval (weekly, fortnighly, or monthly) and they contain a mixture of:

  • links back to certain pages and articles on your website,
  • important news (regulatory, market sector-based, or company) you wish to share with your audience, and
  • information of particular services you wish to promote.

Email newsletters for accountants – our service

Give us the opportunity to sell you, your services, your insights, and your partnership every week, fortnight, or month to your clients and to your prospect list.

Within just seven days of contacting us, we can be sending out your first email.

Before that, we’ll work with you on a content plan so that your accounting newsletters:

  • share information of genuine value to your customers and
  • promote the services you want to promote

Accounting firm newsletter – copywriting only service

We’ll write one email every week, fortnight, or month for your practice to be sent to your clients and prospects.

Each email will contain actionable information for recipients written in an engaging and compelling way and in plain English.

Our goals when writing your email newsletters are to:

  • demonstrate the continued value you bring to your clients and
  • promote the higher-value services you want clients to purchase more of.

As with the best email newsletters, we won’t make your audience disengage with you by treating every contact them as a sales pitch.

There’ll be more “telling” than there is “selling”.

You have full creative and content control over your email newsletters.

We’ll draft each email and send it to you for feedback.

We’ll keep on working on every email until you’re 100% happy with it.

Email newsletters for accountants – copywriting plus dispatch service

In addition to the above service, we’ll dispatch your newsletters to the companies on your client and/or prospect database(s).

If there are any direct enquiries about a service mentioned or promoted in a newsletter, we’ll let you know straight away.

Three days after dispatch, we’ll email you a detailed report containing information on which recipients opened or clicked through from your email and how many times.

Many of our clients have generated further leads and sales from the information contained in their campaign report – ask your account manager how to do this.

Find out more

Please get in touch with us to let us know about the clients you currently serve and the range of higher-ticket, value-added services you’d like to sell more of.

We’ll then create an accounting and tax email newsletter content plan which is most likely to achieve the commercial and revenue goals you’ve set us.

Please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us.

If you wish to market to target companies not on your client or prospect list, please ask your account manager when you call about our:

Email newsletters for accountants' practices - four key points

Email newsletters for accountants increase client loyalty and defeat the dreaded churn

When writing email newsletters for accountants, our marketing team knows and understands;

  • what new business newsletters can generate for clients as well as
  • how newsletters can prevent clients from signing with another practice.

Did you know 36% of clients want to leave their current accountant? Why is that?

It’s because clients often feel like they’ve been forgotten about.

Customer churn is a real concern for the industry – just ask the experts

The CEO of CCH Accounting, the firm which carried out the survey which found that 36% of customers were deeply unhappy, stated that:

“ensuring the accounting firm client connection remains strong requires a continuous commitment.

“Firms need to have the right staff, the right processes, and the right technology to ensure there are no boundaries to their ability to understand and meet clients’ current and evolving needs.”

An email newsletter doesn’t mean that you won’t lose any clients at all.

However, a potential annual level of 36% client churn should be a real concern for every accounting firm wanting to protect its revenue stream.

Investing in an email newsletter campaign will prevent much of this potential churn as well as presenting you with new revenue opportunities.

What do accounting clients really want?

When asked by ClearBooks, clients stated that they value regular communication from their accountant more than anything else.

Clients said valued regular communication more than receiving advice on and assistance with:

  • Business Strategy – 32%
  • Budgeting – 24%
  • Payroll – 14%
  • General advice – 10%
  • Business Service – 9%
  • Tax – 4%

What ClearBooks’ survey also demonstrates is that clients want regular communication and proactice advice from their accountants on:

  • better ways to run their businesses and
  • how they can increase their companies’ profitability.

Over the course of your email newsletter campagin with us, our copywriters create a sequence of emails which address and answer your clients’ most pressing concerns.

You’re more than just an accountant to your clients – or you should be

To your clients, you’re a person whose finger is on the pulse of local business and the wider economy.

You’re someone who has a lot of valuable advice that you can share on the issues which matter to them.

Why do they think that?

If your practice has 100 or 200 customers, for example, you’ll know each of these businesses and their owners very well.

You’ll have shared their highs and lows.

You’ll probably have helped most of them get out of a difficult situation more than once.

From dealing with your more successful clients, you’ll know how the decisions they took have shaped the growth and stability of their firms.

Your clients really want access to that knowledge.


For many of them, they would agree that they have learned more from their failures than they did from successes.

However, personal growth through failure is over-rated – they’d rather you just show them the short-cut to success instead.

Get in touch with us.

Let’s share your experiences and insights to give clients a whole new reason to stay with you.

Email newsletters for accountants – FAQ on delivery, copywriting, and design

The most successful regular newsletters “tell” more than they “sell”.

Would you open an email from a supplier of yours if you knew that every email was just pitching you for more business?

No – the best accountant-client relationships are built upon the knowledge you have of your clients’ businesses and how you support your clients in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Email newsletters which share important news, information, and insights of use to your clients makes yours an authoritative and trusted voice.

By sharing your thoughts and experiences with clients on a regular basis, they will start to trust you more than any other source of information on tax, business development, personal finance, funding sources, and more.

You should send newsletters either once a fortnight or once a month.

You should make sure that, whatever the frequency, your clients will expect your newsletter on a certain day – for example, the first and third Wednesday of the month.

Sporadic or unpredictable delivery schedules may inadvertently imply a lack of organisation within your practice.

Yes, however for GDPR purposes, you should not include sole traders or partnerships in any email newsletter dispatch unless you can prove that you have permission from them to send them newsletters.

For limited companies and other types of organisation (charities, schools, public sector, and so on), you should include them in your email newsletter dispatch so that they continue to recognise your practice by name and because they will build up trust in you over time as you provide them with quality, actionable, and inclusive newsletters.

It may be that, when they left their details with you, it was just a tentative enquiry at the time.

Make sure your practice is a contender when the recipient is in the market to switch their accountants.

In a subtle and understated way, you should ask recipients in each newsletter to:

  • give their opinion on topics covered
  • raise any concerns they have in general direct
  • visit your site to read your latest blog posts
  • follow you on social media platforms.

To achieve the maximum return on investment on sending email newsletters to clients, you need to commit to at least twelve months.

If you have not been in touch with clients regularly before now, you need time to make the newsletter an important part of your clients’ experiences with you.

In a short time, the value you deliver to clients with your newsletter will begin to translate into much greater and more regular two-way interaction which both;

  • strengthens your working relationships and
  • presents opportunities to sell your additional services to your clients.

We design your emails for you. More than two-thirds of emails are now received on mobile devices.

The email newsletters we design for you will be “responsive” – they will look good and be consistent with your brand on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

We send emails out in MIME format so that a text-only version is presented on devices where graphical emails have been blocked by an IT administrator.

Before any email is sent out, we seek your approval and we make any and all changes you specify to both the design and written elements of your email.

Consistency in your branding on your email newsletters is important – your logo, the fonts, and the colours you use.

So is the voice used in your email – we want to make the email sound like it was written by you to your clients to reinforce the personal nature of email newsletters.

Email newsletters written in engaging plain English reinforces and deepens the relationship and trust your clients have for you.

Regular communication is service feature which clients want the most from their accountants.

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    Accounting newsletter ideas, topics, and campaigns – interesting links and more information

    Given the ability of email newsletter to build and maintain strong relationships with clients, it’s surprising that only a small number of accountants in the UK despite their proven worth for all kinds of professional services firms.

    If you want to read more information on using email newsletters for accountants before you get in touch with us, we’ve chosen the five most helpful articles from the web which reflect our approach below:

    Well-written, engaging, informative email newsletters strengthen the bonds between you and your clients.

    They can also re-open doors previously shut to you from clients who have lapsed or left your service.

    The team working on your email newsletter also has extensive experience in creating content for accounting websites and ongoing bookkeeping newsletter campaigns.

    To find out more about managed email newsletter campaigns for your accountancy practice, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us.