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How landlords choose their accountants

The most successful and affordable way to reach landlords online is to invest in landlord accountant blogs for your website.

There are 2,594,720 landlords in the UK.

This is a significant market generating hundreds of millions of pounds a year in accounting fees.

So why is blogging the best way to increase the number of landlords you work with?

To understand why blogging delivers the results it does, you need to understand how landlords use the internet.

When a landlord has got a financial question that they need answering, only 390 of them search for “landlord accountant” on Google every month.

Barely 1,900 use “property accountant”.

Surely 2,594,720 landlords search for information online more than 2,290 times a month?

You’re right but when they’re searching, they search in a very particular way.

Landlords search for answers to specific questions like “capital versus revenue for landlords” if they’re trying to work out whether they can deduct the costs of refurbishing the kitchen in one of their properties from their annual profits.

The way you become visible to landlords is by providing answers to the questions they actually ask Google.

More Than Words note if you click that search link just above, three of our articles appear on the first page – and our clients on page one don’t even specifically target landlords. We have the Google Featured Snippet, two of the top three search placements, and we’ve even beaten the mighty AccountingWeb into second place.

Very few accountants, even those specifically targeting landlords, have invested in quality content.

There’s an opportunity here and this is how we propose that you take advantage of it.

Our landlord accountant blogs service

We’ll create a content plan containing the highest-quality, SEO-optimised articles and blogs based upon:

  • the services you want to offer to landlords and
  • the search terms landlords themselves use in relation to your services.

We’ll then create one or two articles a week for your website.

Over a short space of time, you’ll begin to benefit from the following:

  • the number of landlords visiting your website will increase substantially,
  • landlords will engage with your content and trust the information you’re sharing with them building up the credibility and authority of your firm in your target audience’s minds,
  • many more landlords leave their contact details for you so that they can receive regular email newsletters from you and follow you on social media, and
  • landlords looking for an accountant now will contact you straight away.

Find out more

Our role is to increase your website’s visibility to landlords and to cut your new customer acquisition costs substantially.

We’d appreciate having the opportunity to do that for your practice.

To speak with one of our account managers, please give us a call on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

The short- and long-term gains from investing in landlord accounting blogs

How to be seen by landlords when they’re searching

Search for most terms relating to landlords and letting out houses and what you’ll find is that you’ll be linked to large websites with dozens of articles on topics of all aspects of being a landlord appear.

There are very few accountants which make it onto the first page of Google.

If you want to sign up as many landlords to your service as possible, the cheapest way to do so is to regularly post very high-quality landlord accountant blogs and articles on your site.

Not only that but, given the permanence of highly-ranked articles over expensive pay per click campaigns, blogging is the more cost-effective route for the long-term too.

Use your blog to answer every conceivable question landlords have

This lack of competition presents a landlord accounting firm like yours with an opportunity to claim significant market share, particularly if you can service landlords across the whole country.

You’ll be following the same model used by the major contractor accountants – and they are truly dominant in their field.

This blogging model has resulted in tens of thousands of clients paying a monthly fee to contactor accountants for their services with no additional advertising costs.

The same result can be achieved for landlord accountants using the same strategy.

The articles we write for you answer every single imaginable landlord question related to not only their accounts and finances but to the lifestyle of landlords themselves.

Landlords don’t search for accountants first – they look for answers

And, if they find the answer on your site, you can use your blog articles to encourage them to get in touch with you.

Once a conversation has started between you and your visitor, that’s when you have the best chance of winning the business.

Let us work with you on a plan for your website to be the destination they find first for the advice, support, and guidance when they need it.

Once landlords are on your site, we can get them signed up to your email newsletter or enquiring for immediate help.

What are the best landlord blogs on the internet at the moment?

There is a high number of landlord websites with regularly maintained blogs which appear on the first page of Google.

Below, you can see links to what we consider to be the five very best examples:

On each of these sites, the blog articles are well-written and friendly – they provide detailed, plain English answers to the most common searches carried out by business owners and landlords.

But on many of the most common searches, there is not a great deal of competition according to website statistics aggregators like SEMRush.

This is your opportunity.

Landlord accountant marketing and why blogs matter for this audience

If you are a good match for our service and we can help you, we’ll first put together an SEO plan for creating a series of blogs which gives you the best chance of getting the results that you want.

Our service is commercially-driven – we’re here to deliver results for you.

You’ll have your first article to approve within a few days of agreeing your SEO plan.

The topics we write about for your blog will be the ones which we agreed to write in the SEO plan.

If you do want to deviate from the plan with an additional “on-topic” article (something in the news, for example), please let us know and we’ll turn it around as quickly as possible.

The more you can let us know about what you want from your unscheduled article, the better – it helps us to produce the result you’re looking for.

The SEO techniques we use to achieve the highest possible rankings for your blog posts (and your site in general) are all the latest, current, “white-hat” techniques.

We definitely do not “keyword stuff”.

Google values high-quality articles of a certain length (our pieces for you will be around 1,500 words) with a number of external links (links to other websites) of high authority in the text.

We also provide at least 1 high-image, custom graphic or image for each piece – Google likes images a lot.

The “sound” of an article is the voice you hear in your head when you’re reading an article.

When an article “reads” well, it has a simple structure and intuitive and natural flow.

How your articles sound and read is an integral part of your “brand voice” – this is so important because it’s how you communicate with your customers.

We’ll provide you with the brand voice you want – for additional impact, we use plain English, short sentences/paragraphs, and engaging and compelling headlines and sub-headlines.

You can definitely ask for changes with all of your articles – customer feedback is very important to all copywriters.

You’ll find that, with the first 2 or 3 articles, you’ll make more amends on those because we’re trying to perfect your “brand voice” – the way you address your readers.

After that, the number of changes you ask us to make will be minimal.

No article is ever considered completed or “signed off” until you have told us that you’re happy with it and no (further) changes are needed.

We believe that you should provide the most informative, engaging, and actionable articles on accounting for landlords possible.

However, being a landlord is a lifestyle and a job – being a landlord is more than just the numbers on a spreadsheet.

People buy from people who understand them – demonstrate you understand the highs and lows of being a landlord by providing great content on topics of interest to them.

It’s a great way to establish credibility with landlords as well as resulting in significantly higher rankings on the search engines.

We can absolutely guarantee that your articles are original.

Even if we have written before about the topic we’re writing about for you, Google will consider the text we’ve used to be original.

To be absolutely sure of this, we run all articles we write through CopyScape before we send them to you for feedback.

CopyScape is used by web owners to check that no-one is reusing text on their website without their permission.

Marketing agencies like More Than Words also uses CopyScape to reassure its clients that they are getting just what they’ve paid for.

Before we take any order from a client, we speak with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve and then we’ll tell you if we’re the company that can deliver that for you.

To start your conversation with us, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can email us at

Investing in your own library of landlord accounting articles

If you choose pay per click marketing (like Google Ads) to advertise your landlord accounting services, the benefits you receive from it will disappear when you stop or pause your campaign.

It’s also very expensive.

Likewise, as we’ve seen, far more landlords search for answers to their accounting questions than they search for actual accountants.

If you only buy pay per click marketing to be placed at the top when someone searches for “landlord accountant”, you’re only being exposed to a small fraction of the demand for information from your target market.

The highest-quality, search-engine-friendly, engaging, and informative articles we’ll write for you will generate brand new leads and enquiries for a long time t come.

One major firm noticed that 90% of the leads they generated came from blog posts which were published longer than six months ago – some of their best producing articles were years old.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about our landlord accounting blogging service.

When you speak with one of our copywriting account managers, we’ll then start to put together a content plan for your practice.

Our aim is to ensure that you have the very best chance of finishing in prime position when landlords are searching for answers to questions you can help them with.

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    Landlord accountant blogs – interesting links and more information

    By investing in plain English, actionable, and informative content, the companies behind the following websites will be seen collectively by up to hundreds of thousands of your core audience every month:

    And the investment they’ve made in that content will continue bringing them new leads, enquiries, and clients for the months and years to come.

    To find out how, with proper investment, you can achieve a similar result, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.