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“Accountants often dismiss social media as something to do when there is room in the budget…”

…according to Accountex’s review on the popularity among professionals in the sector of social media for accountants.

Not in our experience though.

The accountants we work with regard social media as a particularly effective platform to:

  • demonstrate their commercial knowledge & experience and the value they deliver to clients and
  • be seen as an expert on particular subjects – for example, IR35, R&D tax credits, inheritance tax, and more.

What stops many from taking social media seriously, other than the budgetary issue mentioned by Accountex, is that:

  • it takes a lot of time to plan and create the substantial amount of linguistic and visual material required to make it a success and
  • you don’t have a lot of time to plan because you’re very busy anyway and linguistic and visual creativity really isn’t your thing (as many of you tell us!)

Let us do it for you instead.

Social media digital marketing for accountants – our services

We offer two social media marketing services for accountants – social media profile creation and social media management.

For the social media profile service, we create your personal and company profiles for each of the social media platforms you want to be on.

With your profiles, we present you and your company’s areas of expertise in a compelling, benefits-led, and engaging way with your target audience.

We want your profiles to encourage interaction from the people who see them – whether that’s messaging you directly or simply following you on the platform.

With this service, we focus particularly on the copy we use in your profiles, the photo and banner designs we create, and privacy settings to make your profiles as easy to find as possible.

Our social media management service is intended to:

  • develop you and your company’s online branding (visual and linguistic),
  • promote you as an expert in the fields you wish to highlight to your target audience through the creation and sharing of high-quality, subject-specific content,
  • increase the number of existing and prospective clients following you online through paid for and organic marketing campaigns, and
  • convert as many of your online followers as possible into high-interest enquiries.

We also create downloadable and shareable content for your practice so that you can capture more decision maker contact details for follow-up.

Find out more

Take advantage of the opportunities to engage with and persuade existing and potential clients on social media.

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Social media for accountants – our service

Understanding how social media for accountants works is key to achieving the highest return on investment

Despite what you might think, social media is not a new sales channel – it’s actually a sophisticated and evolving marketing channel.

The most successful social media marketing for accountants doesn’t consist of post after post pitching your services.

Think about your own social media use – let’s say that you decided to follow a company or individual on LinkedIn.

If, nearly every day after you subscribed, you saw nothing other than advert after advert from that company in your newsfeed, you would be much likely to unsubscribe from or unfollow that company.

Social media marketing for accountants is about getting the right balance between telling and selling

Social media is difficult to get right.

If you’re doing it yourself, it requires a lot of your creative time and effort.

To achieve a return on investment, you not only have to create posts – you have to create supporting material for those posts.

And you have to create lots of content before your social media account gains momentum.

Only then will it start delivering you lots of new followers who might want one, some, or all of your accountancy services.

The posts and supporting material you share must offer either relevant advice or something which was probably unknown to your followers to be considered valuable.

When you do this consistently, your followers come to greatly value your contributions.

And the more your contributions are valued, the higher the returns you’ll recieve from your promotional posts.

Social media for accountants – the benefits and opportunities

When you do get it right however, it’s a cheap, accessible way of sharing positive, useful, and constructive messages to a wide number of interested decision-makers.

These messages will begin to deliver a constant and steady flow or leads and enquiries to your practice.

These leads can then be turned into appointments at which there is a real opportunity to convert a prospect into your newest client.

Social media posts, adverts, and content for accountants

Ideally, the content you share with followers on social media should consist of a mixture of the following:

For paid social media campaigns, each advert should contain the promise of useful information and a strong call to action – whether that’s asking prospects to visit your website, subscribe to an email newsletter, or to fill out a contact form.

The increasing effort you now need to make to make a meaningful contact with a prospect

Recent marketing statistics have shown that it can take up to 13 “exposures” to your company name before a prospect will leave their details so that you can get in touch with them.

You need to make sure that every advert they see – every exposure you accumulate – builds your practice’s credibility so that, when the time comes for a social media follower to make a decision, there’s a much greater chance of them getting in touch with you.

How social media marketing overcomes the fear of changing accountants

This is particularly important if you’re trying to convince a client to leave their existing practice to come over to yours.

Change is difficult for all companies because, in the minds of decision makers, a new accountant may not be as good as their current one, even if they are dissatisfied with the current accountant.

The “touches” you make through social media marketing must “de-risk” the idea of choosing your practice over their current one.

Building up your online following of existing and potential clients

To start, our accounting marketing team will suggest that you and your colleagues include links on your website and in all of your outbound emails so that readers and visitors can visit your social media profile with just one click or touch.

“Reaching out” on social media

Who should you then reach out to? Anyone you can offer real value to and anyone who can offer real value to you.

Ideally, you should also try to make 10-15 outbound connections a day with people and companies of value to you – prospective clients, your existing clients, people in the industries you’re targeting with a large number of connections, and more.

Returns on investment with paid advertising on social media

The quickest way to achieve growth in the number of your followers is to pay to be seen in their newsfeeds.

Compared with traditional direct marketing lead generation costs, successful social media advertising on LinkedIn can produce qualified leads for £20-£80.

With Facebook, the cost is lower (£10 to £50 a lead) however you may find closing leads from Facebook slightly more challenging than leads you get from LinkedIn.

However, the targeting on Facebook is more precise than the targeting on LinkedIn.

Of the three main social media platforms, Twitter is the least effective for lead generation but it offers real advantages for brand building.

Depending on the types of follower you want to connect with, you can reach 5,000 to 10,000 targets with your message on Twitter for as little as £20.

More Than Words carries out both organic and paid-for social media advertising for our accounting clients.

Social media for accountants frequently asked questions

As mentioned earlier, social media (even LinkedIn) is not a selling platform – it’s a marketing and PR platform.

A series of Facebook posts will not deliver you actionable and closeable leads on its own – what it will deliver you is a connection to the audience you want most to sign up to your services.

Different companies come in and out of the buying cycle at different points and what social media marketing does is to build your credibility within that target audience over an extended period of time.

This means that, when a target is ready to buy or close to that point, your relationship with them that you have online is what you use to book an appointment with them.

With the exception of Twitter where you can achieve a better return on investment by more frequent posting, you should not post on LinkedIn or Facebook more than once a day (unless you’re replying to someone else’s post).

Social media should be used to keep you in the mind of your potential target – overexposure may actually work against you.

Posts to LinkedIn and Twitter should be, most of the time, informative where you share your insight, knowledge, or experience with your followers.

Useful and actionable posts are more likely to be shared and this increases the value of your post.

Posts whose aim is to sell should not constitute more than 10-20% of your contributions.

There are accountants on Instagram but, at the moment, the demand from users to following accounting firms on Instagram is limited.

The in-house accounting writer assigned to your campaign creates all of the downloadable content for accountants and platform-specific posts for your social media marketing.

They will also produce supporting images for each post – images can nearly double the amount of engagement your posts benefit from.

We would also want to work with you to produce content to share with your followers – this content might be blog articles or downloads.

Using blog articles or downloads gives us the opportunity to take people off the social media network and onto your company’s website.

The person who visits your website will then be given an opportunity to leave their details with you which can either be followed up or added to your email newsletter list.

Generally, Facebook works better for targeting smaller companies where LinkedIn works better for firms with £100,000+ turnover.

Facebook can be a very productive platform for accountants wanting to build up a large following of interested sole traders, partners, limited company owners, and landlords.

The best accounting Facebook pages include a mixture of general advice and information for your followers with occasional promotion of your services to encourage  followers to enquire directly to you.

Facebook posts for bookkeepers take much the same approach but the content we would create for you would focus more on tradespeople, very small retail, and very small food & drink providers.

Tax preparer Facebook ads and content plans tend to focus more on self-employed contractors and umbrella contractors.

To speak with one of our social media account managers about running both organic and paid-for campaigns to increase your visibility to your targets and to establish you as a trusted industry voice to that audience, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

Please let us know what it is you want to achieve and then we’ll present you with a plan (including letting you know of the types of social media post ideas for accountants we create), timeframe, and costings.

Gaining visibility, measuring results

Although more and more accountants are joining social media platforms individually and on behalf of their practices every month, it has always been difficult to precisely measure return on investment on social media platforms.

The social media platforms do not share a great deal of information with you on who exactly is interacting with you.

We will however provide you with progress reports for each platform each month showing you the number of decision makers interacting with you and the quality of those interactions.

Our two aims are to:

  • steadily grow your follower base with the types of prospects you want to connect with and
  • provide your followers with a stream of useful, actionable information and offers to build trust in your practice.

This means that, when they are in the market for one or more of your services, a follower is more likely to contact your practice than one of your competitors.

Social media for accountants – speak to our team

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    Social media strategy in accounting – interesting links and more information

    With the move to inbound marketing, best demonstrated by the growth of B2B social media campaigns, accounting practices making a determined and decisive move to social media using a structured and prospect-led content strategy will benefit from a predictable stream of incoming enquiries in the short- and long-term.

    If you want to find out more about social media for tax professionals and accountants from other sources before you contact us for a personalised plan, please see below the eight articles we believe will be the most helpful to you.

    From optimising your profile to planning your posting content & schedule, it’s important to have a clear goal from the start and to commit your practice to social media marketing for at least six months.

    We’d love the opportunity to discuss your accounting firm social media strategy – please contact one of our social media account managers on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.