Contact brand new prospects
Build existing client loyalty
Warm up old/lapsed leads
Book face to face meetings
Gather market information
Invite to events you’re hosting/attending

Reach valuable prospects in your target sectors with our telemarketing for accountants service

In the past twelve months, more practices than ever before have used our telemarketing for accountants service to:

  • find brand new clients,
  • sell higher-valued services to new and existing customers, and
  • to keep their existing clients with them.

We recommend that accountants use telemarketing once or twice a year to:

  • demonstrate your ongoing value and commitment to your existing clients,
  • contact prospects who have been in touch with you but to whom you’ve not sold any of your services yet,
  • book appointments with lapsed clients to see if you can win their business back, and
  • canvass specific businesses whose accounting needs would match your specialities (for example, targeting companies like to invest in R&D)

Agreeing commercial objectives for the campaign

Generating valuable extra revenue for our clients is one of our two main goals when we’re telemarketing for accountants.

The second main goal is securing you for just the type of work you want.

So, when you first speak with us, we’ll need to know both your commercial and revenue goals for your campaign.

In partnership with you, we’ll then create a plan to give us the best chance of delivering:

  • as many prospective clients as possible with a need for the services you’ve told us you want to sell more of and
  • the return on investment you’ve targeted us with.

Choosing who we contact

When the objectives for the campaign have been agreed, we then need to decide together who we’re going to contact on your behalf.

Cold calling

If you want our telemarketing team to call businesses with which you have no current relationship, we’re able to source the data required for the campaign from three of the UK’s leading DMA-affiliated B2B database owners we partner with.

You can choose prospects by:

  • purchasing responsibilities,
  • line of business,
  • geographical area, and
  • size (based on turnover and/or number of employees).

Once you’ve specified the companies you want us to get in touch with, we’ll come back to you normally within one working day with a full breakdown on the number of targets identified on the database.

You can then refine the list further so that we are only speaking to companies and the decision makers who you consider to be the absolute most valuable prospects.

Warm calling

If you wish to use our telemarketing services to contact companies already using you or which have contacted you in the past but not purchased services from you yet, please send us your database (we’re very happy to sign an NDA if required).

Prior to calling, we’ll cleanse the database to make sure that the contact details and decision maker information are correct.

The more accurate the data we’re calling from, the more productive your campaign will be.

The team working on your campaign

Now that we know which companies we’re targeting and the results you want from the campaign, we then build the team responsible for carrying out your campaign.

There are four people who will be involved:

The telemarketer – we’ll select an experienced telemarketer to work on your campaign

The scripter – in conjunction with you, a professional telesales script writer will create the script and structure your telemarketer uses on your calls including the opening, objection handling, and closing techniques

The manager – your manager trains your telemarketer on the services you’re offering, the goal of the campaign, and on the script.

They then manage the telemarketer during the campaign ensuring that the calls made on your campaign are of the very highest quality.

The reporter – you will be able to see your campaign being worked on in real time over the internet. The reporter’s job is to make sure that the reporting system is stable and accessible to you at all times.

Booking hours

We then book the hours during which your campaign will be conducted.

We make an hourly charge for the service and the minimum service we provide on campaigns is 40 hours.

We do not charge set up fees.

When your campaign is underway

Your manager will alert you within 30 minutes if we have spoken with a prospect who requires immediate follow-up.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to track the campaign in real time over the internet.

Find out more

To speak with one of our telemarketing managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us.

If you’re interested in finding brand new clients for your practice, please ask your account manager about our email marketing for accountants service when you call.

If you want to stay in regular touch with your clients and prospects, you should also ask for more information on our email newsletters for accountants service.

Telemarketing for accountants – the benefits

What’s behind the recent rise in the use of telemarketing for accountants

Many accountants have recently allocated greater proportions of their advertising and promotional budgets to inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing techniques (including accountant blogs, email newsletters for accountants, and social media for accountants) are proven and successful ways of delivering the types of leads and enquiries practices want over the longer term.

This type of marketing approach, often referred to as content marketing, relies on:

  • prospects finding your website and social media feeds,
  • appreciating and valuing the content you’ve created and uploaded,
  • building trust and confidence over multiple online exposures in your practice and its services, and
  • keeping you in mind for the time when they’re ready to buy a service that you offer.

It works very well but, for many practices wanting a sustained and immediate boost in revenues and client numbers, it can seem a bit passive.

Outbound marketing, like telemarketing and email marketing for accountants, is very different to inbound marketing.

Outbound marketing relies on making proactive approaches to the clients you’ve selected without waiting for them to find your website.

The vast majority of prospects we contact on your behalf by telephone will have no need for your service at that point.

We won’t be able to make an appointment for you to see them or to book them in for an event you’re hosting or attending.

There are two distinct advantages to outbound marketing however and they are:

  1. the opportunity to generate a much longer-term return on investment by building your own email newsletter list and
  2. the chance to make immediate appointments with decision makers in the market right now.

1. Building your own email newsletter list

We let each decision makers we speak to know about your practice and what you do.

We also attempt to sign them up to your email newsletter service.

These sign-ups are very important because the email newsletters you send to these decision makers will give you the chance to build up your practice’s credibility and experience in their minds over time.

It’s the beginning of a relationship – a relationship which means that your practice is much more likely to be the practice they select if they want to move accountants or they want to use one of your specialist services.

2. Find decision makers at or near the point of switching accountants

As few as one in eighty prospects we contact will have an immediate need for what you’re offering.

On average, we’ll find a company ready to switch accountants or to invest in one of the services you want to sell more of every 4-5 hours of calling.

These decision makers are ready to talk now – ready to have conversations about how you can help them.

We can either:

  • make an appointment for you to see them on your behalf or
  • notify you straight away that you or a colleague will need to follow up the decision maker’s interest immediately.

Telemarketing for accountants – main service benefits

Although more and more interactions between accountants and clients now take place online, the vast majority of new accounts still require a face to face meeting.

There’s real value in our telemarketing team booking appointments for you to see potential clients looking to switch or existing clients wanting to purchase additional services.

People love to talk about their own business. Find out about the businesses of the prospects you visit and make your services as relevant and value-adding as possible.

By speaking with clients and prospects about their professional and personal finance circumstances en masse, you’re better able to determine:

  • which of your services you should be selling more of and
  • which new services you can add to your portfolio to meet growing client demand.

If there is sufficient demand for a new service with a low marginal cost in your providing it, this service could become a major profit centre for your practice.

With over 16,500 accountants in the UK servicing 5.7 million businesses, your practice is operating in a crowded market.

There is one practice for every 345 businesses.

Promoting your practice to give it maximum market visibility is difficult.

By cherry-picking just the types of business you want to target, you can use telemarketing to build awareness of your company within your desired sectors quickly and cost-effectively.

Events can be particularly effective ways of winning new recurring-payment clients for your practice.

Choose a topic for your event or presentation likely to attract as much interest as possible within your target sector – raising finance, inheritance tax planning, property portfolio management, business loans and grants, and so on.

Once you have selected a date and a venue, our telemarketers will contact high-value attendees most likely to be interested in your event or presentation.

Whoever and for whatever reason we’re calling on your behalf, we always ask the people we’re speaking to for referrals.

Many accountants still find new clients through word of mouth and, by asking for referrals when we’re speaking to your clients or prospects, telemarketing can greatly speed this process along.

When we receive a referral, we’ll let you know and, with your permission, contact the referral on your behalf to arrange an appointment for you to visit them.

More Than Words has partnered with three of the UK’s largest data houses all of which are members of the Data and Marketing Association.

GDPR came into force in 2018 and, for email marketing, the law disallowed data owners from collating lists of email addresses of sole traders and partners.

For telemarketing purposes, we can still target sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies by phone as long as they are not registered with the TPS or the CTPS.

We also access data for limited companies, LLPs, charities, and more.

All calls made on your behalf during your campaign are recorded.

To find out how to listen to these calls, please contact your account manager who will be happy to guide you on how to use the system.

When your telemarketers are calling out on your campaign, they update a central database hosted online with information on each call they’ve made.

When your campaign begins, we’ll send you a link to the database and the password so you can track the campaign in real time if you wish.

To speak with one of our telesales account managers about our telemarketing for accountants service, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

We’ll find out more about your practice and what you want to achieve and we’ll then get back to you with a full quote to let you know timings and costs.

Your telemarketing for accountants campaign manager

After your telemarketing rep has confirmed a prospect’s appointment or their attendance at your event, this is only the beginning of the process.

Statistics and experience have shown that, within an hour of booking an appointment or confirming their attendance, up to one in three prospects will experience regret for doing so.

That’s why your campaign telemarketing manager will call the prospect back to qualify that prospect’s actual level of interest.

How we ensure the highest level of engagement and readiness to proceed on each appointment

During the same phone call, we attempt to obtain permission from the prospect to add them to your email subscriber list (if you have one).

We also send out an email confirming the date, time, and location of their appointment together with an option to cancel or reschedule.

In addition, we will try to find the prospect with whom we’ve made an appointment on social media and then send them your details so that you can connect with them (together with a suggested message to send them).

Finally, on the day prior to the appointment or the event, we call them once last time to check that they are still interested and that it is convenient for them.

If there is a hesitancy in the prospect’s voice or the prospect says something which makes the manager believe that the interest is not strong, we will cancel the appointment but let you know of the conversation we’ve had.

Telemarketing for accountants – speak to our team

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let’s discuss how telemarketing can retain your existing client’s loyalty and unlock new billing and sign-up opportunities.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our marketing for accountants team by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There’s lots of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk away from North Shields Metro station.

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    Telemarketing for accountants – interesting links and more information

    Accounting is one of a handful of services which every business really needs to have – like electricity, telecommunications, internet, premises, and more.

    However, many accountants do not yet appreciate that accounting services can be successfully sold over the phone and that the connections you make with prospects via telesales can be just as strong as through any other marketing channel.

    In the last three years, we have taken an increasing number of instructions from practices to run telemarketing campaigns on their behalf.

    Below, we have included three links to articles from other accounting and marketing professionals about the value of the channel:

    Please call us today on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

    You can discuss with us your practice’s commercial goals over the coming 12 months and, together, we can devise a successful strategy incorporating telemarketing (and other routes to market) so that you achieve the outcomes you want.